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II have worked for the US Air Force for 15 years as a civil servant.  I started as a temp in the commissary at Kirtland AFB, NM and then became a GS 4 Supply Technician at Base Supply.  In 1985 I was offered and accepted an internship as an Industrial Property Management Specialist for the AF Contract Management Division.  I started at TRW in Redondo Beach, CA and worked with several programs, including DSP, TDRSS, Gamma Ray Observatory, and the Shuttle Programs.  I left there in August of 1987 and went to the AFPRO at Rockwell NAAO and worked on the B-1 program.  Also had some involvement in other aircraft programs there.  In 1990 I was transferred to SMC Det 4 at Schriever (then Falcon) AFB, CO, accepting a position as a Contracting Officer and Contract Property Administrator for the Site Activation Task Force.  I am now the Chief of the SMC Operating Location at Schriever.  I went from GS-4 to GS 12 in five years, thanks to the opportunity provided by the Air Force.  I am Certified Level II in Property Administration and Level I in Program Management.

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