British Morgans: Henry II bastard son by Nesta Bluet

The Morgan bastard Henry II
Son of Nesta Bluet

We could have had a Morgan King

The Morgan who was the bastard of Henry II was the son of Nesta Bluet. Probably born in late 12th century, he became Provost of Beverley in Yorkshire.

He was nominated to be bishop of Durham (which at that time also meant the palatinate), probably in the early 13th century. This was apparently blocked by the pope, ostensibly because of Morgan's bastardy. A solution to this could no doubt have been found had Morgan's half-brother the king (John Lackland) not been under an interdict.

Possibly (probably?) because of this the pope decided to play awkward sods, and Morgan did not, therefore, get the job, and failed to become a historical figure (as "1066 and all that might have put it).

Bishop of Durham was, at the time, one of the most important posts of government, since the palatinate over which he ruled bordered on Scotland, and was therefore of great strategic importance.

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