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Further Notes on American Morgans

Thomas Hunt Morgan (b. 1866, Kentucky) famous geneticist ([email protected])
Joseph Francis Morgan, b.Nov. 25, 1865; d. Apr. 11, 1936. Brooklyn, New York, manufactured the casket for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va. ([email protected])
Morgan books([email protected])


> Morgan was born in Kentucky in 1866, received his PhD from Johns Hopkins
University, and spent his life researching genetics, first at Columbia
University , then at Cal Tech. He received the Nobel Prize in 1933 for his
studies with the fruit fly, Drosophila. Any of you who have ever struggled
doing genetic experiments with Drosophila can thank Morgan for that.

Thomas Hunt Morgan was my second cousin, twice removed, and I have extensive
information about his Morgan line. Here is the direct line:

Thomas Hunt Morgan (1866-1945)
Charlton Hunt Morgan & Ellen Key Howard
Calvin Cogswell Morgan & Henrietta Hunt
Luther Morgan & Anna Cameron Dold
Gideon Morgan & Patience Cogswell
Samuel Morgan & Rachel Kibbe
James Morgan Jr. & Mary Averill
James Morgan & Bridget -----
Capt. James Morgan & Rachel Deming
James B. Morgan & Margery Hill

Thomas Hunt Morgan, eldest son of Charlton and Ellen Howard Morgan, graduated
from the State College of Kentucky in 1886 as valedectorian of his class and
sole recipient of a Bachelor of Science degree. He continued on to Johns
Hopkins University in Baltimore for a masters degree in biology, and in 1890 was
awarded his doctorate. He became Associate Professor of Bilogy at Bryn Mawr
College near Philadelphia which had been founded just a few years earlier in
1885. Bryn Mawr appointed him full Professor in 1895.

Morgan spent his summers doing experimental research at the Marine Laboratory at
Woods Hole, Massachusetts, and in 1897 he was elected a trustee of the Institute
which he remained until 1937; he continued his work there for almost fifty years
until his death.

In 1904 Morgan occupied the first professorship in experimental zoology at
Columbia University in New York City. The same year he became engaged to one of
his Bryn Mawr students, Lilian Vaughn Sampson (Class of 1891), whom he married.

On 1906 Thomas Hunt Morgan began his work on the genetics of fruitflies, using
the Phylloxera and Drosophila in a long series of experiments in the "Fly Room"
at Columbia which would lead to his important discoveries on heredity and
chromosome behavior. In 1927 he was elected President of the National Academy of Sciences.

After 25 years at Columbia, Morgan in 1928 accepted an offer to head the biology
division at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. In 1933 he was
awarded the Nobal Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work on the chromosome
theory of inheritance. He retired in 1942 and died in Pasadena on December 4,

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Morgan Family History Books

Here are some books I came across while seaching Amazon, Bibliofind,
Barnes & Noble and Abe. I usually searched using keywords like
Morgan history or Morgan family
( I don't know if the above URL works for non AOL users)

Most are special order, except the Diary of Sarah Morgan (of Louisiana, NC,
France) If anyone has them it would be great if they sent in the
genealogies. ~Paula~

The Civil War Diary of Sarah Morgan ~ Usually ships in 2-3 days
Charles East(Editor), Sarah Morgan / Hardcover / Published 1991. A diary much larger than it's pages! Sarah Morgan was an 18 year old girl who lived the most sheltered of lives the social aristocracy of deep south dictated before the war. We read as she grows up after the dueling death of a brother and the death by illness of her father as the Civil War began. She was a natural writer, later becoming one of the first women to get a by-line in a major American newspaper. Her adventures are many and some quite dangerous. Her concerns are frivilous and girlish. Her views are through the prism of bigoted class distinction. Yet you will come to see her as your sister. Intelligent by nature, ignorant by training these two selves are in constant conflict. Just a terrific piece of history!
Morgan : A History of That Branch of the Morgan Family Beginning With James of New London and Continued Through Line of Col Samuel and Sybil Huntingt. by C. W. Morgan

Morgan : A History of the Descendants of Henry Oscar Morgan and Ellen Jane Mandigo. James Raywalt / Paperback / Published 1992

On the Adirondack Survey With Verplanck Colvin : The Diaries of Percy Reese Morgan. Percy Reese Morgan, Norman J. Van Valkenburgh (Editor) / Paperback /
Published 1991

Bluegrass pioneers : a chronicle of the Hunt and Morgan families of Lexington, Kentucky, including their antecedents and descendants, most importantly genealogical information on the following families: Bolling, Brooke, Broome, Charles P. Stanton

Chips off the old block : a compilation of memories of the Morgan-Seymour family. Ruth Elizabeth Seymour Turpin

A colonial brickmaker's family : the story of George and Ann Morgan and their descendants. Paul R. C. Goard

David Morgan, 1833-1919 : the life and times of a master draper in South Wales. Aubrey Niel Morgan
Morgans East Texas Tales. Special Order: Ships 3-5 weeks. Kenneth Morgan / Paperback / Date Published: June 1997

The Morgan-Collins-Teeples Book: Idaho Pioneers. Special Order: Ships 3-5 weeks. Peg Palmer Morgan,George Collins Morgan / Paperback / Date Published: January 1992

Book No.: 91103. Price: $50.00. Author: Massey, George V.
Title: Morgan and Allied Families
Description: n.p.: Mrs. Walter Samuel Carpenter Jr., 1941, 117 pp., 1st, , blue stamped buckram with gilt lettering, 4to, VG+, . CONCERNING FAMILIES FROM MARYLAND, WITH A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF SOURCES COVERED, LIST OF PUBLISHED SOURCES, AND LIST OF PUBLISHED MATERIALA (91103)
Search Title using : Morgan
Julia Morgan, Architect of Dreams ~ Usually ships in 2-3 days Ginger. Wadsworth / Library Binding / Published 1990. Our Price: $25.26
>From Horn Book
Photographs. A simple, brief recapitulation of the life and ground-breaking achievements of the architect Julia Morgan, who died in 1957 at the age of eighty-five. The first woman to graduate from the architecture department of France's Ecole des Beaux-Arts, she is best known as the architect of the Hearst Castle in San Simeon. Bibliography, index. -- Copyright 1991 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.
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THOMAS MORGAN Indian Attack 1758 Virginia, Bedford Co

Library of Congress Website

Letters to Washington and Accompanying Papers. Published by the Society of the Colonial Dames of America. Edited by Stanislaus Murray Hamilton.--vol. 02 May ye. 8th. 1758

SIR With Sorrow I inform you that this Instant I was Pursueing the Indians we take to be our friend and meet Jno. Echoles who was a Comeing from Thos. Morgans who inform me that the Indians has taken all Thos. Morgans family and all are Carried away or killd. and all the Goods Carried away and destroyed and it is the opinion of the men that Some are Killd. by the Signs they Saw--and as you render the Good of your Self and Country beg youl Send men immediately without Calling them together and give Express or send orders for the men to march immediately out to our assistance as we have but about Seventeen men and they are thirty Large odd in Company and if men Comes directly to Pursue them make no doubt with gods assisting Power to relieve the Poor distressed Prisoners I shal directly Pursue them they made Signs at my house that all the rest of the Indians are a Comeing from Winchester and think it would be Proper to Send to other Countyes for assistance So with Expectation of your best Assistance Rest your obedient friend and humble Sert.


The Thomas Morgan family settled in what is now Morgantown, Berks County, PA. Thomas and Elizabeth Morgan applied for a Warrant of land in 1718 at the head waters of the Conestoga Creek. Eventually, Thomas owned over one thousand acres of land in the valley. He had four sons. William, Francis, John and Jacob. Jacob, a Col. in the French and Indian War served at Fort Augustus, now Juniata, PA. He also served in the Rev. War. He is responsible for the founding of the town of Morgantown.

His son and son-in-law, John Price, and other family members, were merchants, sugar refiners and importers and exporters. They owned plantations in Louisiana and shipped goods to Barbados and Europe.

These Morgans were also contemporaries of Squire Boone and may have some family connection to the Morgans that married into that family, but this has not been established yet.
If you have information about this family please contact Pam Shenk Archives Director of the Tri-County Heritage Society in Morgantown

Col John Hunt Morgan B. 1826

Hero of the Civil War and Founder of Lexington Kentucky, April 1868. The Morgans Men Association continues to meet today.

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