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Of Morvah Baptised Madron 1723-1865
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Of Morvah Burial StJust 1633-1668
Of Morvah Burial Madron 1813-1900

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John Norden 1610 Gazetteer of Penwith

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John Norden 1610 Map of Cornwall Hundreds

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The Cornwall Coast (Morvah Extract) by Arthur L Salmon 1910

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My name is Heather Carbis and I am the OPC for the Parish of

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The Parish of Morvah is in the Deanery and Hundred of Penwith. To the north it is bounded by the sea and Zennor, to the east by Madron, the south by Madron and St. Just, the west by St. Just / Pendeen and the sea. Morvah lies on the north coast road of the extreme south west peninsula of Cornwall. The Parish includes the villages of Churchtown, Tregaminion, Trevowan and Trevean.

"Some say of the Cornish miner
His home is the wide, wide world,
For his pick is always ringing
Where the Union Jack's unfurled."

Herbert Thomas 1896

"By Ros-, Car-, Lan-, Tre-, Pol-, Pen-,
Ye may know most Cornishmen"

You can  Email me if you have any queries or would like a look up from the Registers making the word Morvah the subject line of your mail.

Morvah Parish Church

The Church was dedicated to Saint Morwetha in 1409 and built by the Knights of St John as a daughter church of Madron. Soon after it was dedicated to Saint Bridget of Sweden who formed the order of Bridgentines in 1373. The church we see today (with the exception of the tower) was rebuilt in 1828. A hymn was written for the occasion by the Rev. C V Le Grice
This well, which is about four feet square and three feet deep, lies in the corner of a field on Tregaminion farm, and is now entirely without building or protection of any kind. Near this well, in former days, stood a chapel in the same field; but no trace of this building now remains. The water is never used, but in years gone by it is said to have possessed most extraordinary healing qualities, and to have performed many miraculous cures. Tregaminion Chapel Well
Information from Ancient & Holy Wells of Cornwall 1894 Lilian M Quiller-Couch
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On this site you will find various records, articles and photographs connected to the parish either transcribed by myself or generously donated by others. Please feel free to use any of this information (with the exception of the aerial photograph of Chun Castle) in your own personal research.  All we ask is that you attribute anything that you do use back to this source.  However it must not be used for commercial purpose or gain in print, online, on CD, on DVD, or in any electronic or other format whatsoever.


Non Conformist
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Article on Henry Penneck Curate of Morvah
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Account of Penwith  Debtors Prison Published 1808

Account of Penzance Gaol Pubished 1804

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