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Well hello "Kybeyan Kids" and visitors,    

It's hard to believe that it's only a few of months ago (May 2001) that Peter put Bev in touch with me and since then, mainly through Bev's research, we now have 41 participants and a WebPages up with photos and biographies etc. The bottom line is that we are having a lot of healthy fun reliving and appreciating our fortunate childhood years. Please get involved.
If you wish to join the mailing list contact Pattrick at
If someone in their enthusiasm submits your name to this list against your wishes please let me know ASAP, I will fix the problem.
If you have photos or stories relevant to the Kybeyan, district from any era we will be happy to publish them for you. No stories on people living will be published on the web without their authority, but we are very interested in discussing whatever you may have.
 If you have any photos send them to me at  If you can't scan them yourself, mail them to me at the address below, I will scan them and get them back to you ASAP. Bev has volunteer to type up any stories for those like me that have difficulty typing, she will then send them to me to put up on the web, or if they are not suitable, to send out as email. Contact me or Bev for her postal address. Be aware that we can't publish on the web some of the great old stories as a lot of them could cause grief to some if not taken the right way, and some are just a bit rough (who said I did a striptease?). I don't want to end up in court on defamation charges for publishing 'harmless stories' !
Known as the 'Kybeyan History Group' (it has to be of historical significance to be hosted at this site), the site is hosted by rootsweb at: Thank you Rootsweb.
The site is part of a larger site on the history of the MOULD family that is maintained by Pattrick Mould. At the top of this page you will find links to the biographies and photos. If you have any problems navigating this site, or you find material that you think is incorrect or in bad taste, please let me know ASAP.
The Biographies
The index to the biographies is the list of all the people who have lived in the district (please add to it). Click on their name for biographies, there are biographies where the name is highlighted in blue. Not many yet, please contribute your memories.
The Photos:
At this stage I have created pages for the submitters of the photographs, I don't know how or when we will index them into subjects.

A couple of members have suggested that we should all get together for a reunion, the result was a magnificent get together in February 2002. Check out the photos

I would like to record our thanks to Bev Francis, Peter Goed and Rosanne Collins; whose prompt and enthusiastic involvement in those early weeks encouraged the rest of us to be involved.
To send an email to the group, send it to me at the address below, I will distribute it.  Please do not send photos to the mailing list as some people are not set up to receive or store large files.
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