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Feature Photos from Trish and Allan McCrae





B. Hugh Mould b 1637
in England

A. MOULDS IN CANADA From: "Shirley Mould"

A. John Mould

A. Moulds at Fowey





From the Archives Authority of NSW, AO Reel 1267. Colonial Secretaries Report of Vessels Arrived 1840, page 158:


Vessels name: Rajah

Tonnage: 352 tons

Master's Name Ferguson

From whence: London

When Sailed: 16 Dec.

Lading: Merchandise

Passengers' Names:

Dr G Mould

Mrs Mould

Miss C Vaughan

Mrs Jackson and Child

Rev'd J Platz/Platt

Rev'd M Ryan

Rev'd M Kearney

Mr Pochlman

Mr Garden

Mr Gillibraud

(Pattrick has photocopy)

John Arnold MOULD Surgeon (Brother of GY Mould?)

Arrived in Sydney on:

19 July 1843 on the "Margaret"

26th December 1844 on the "Sir Robert Peel"


No mention of the Moulds

Arrival of Rajah 28.04.1840, Page 2.

Thomas Rose, Death of at Appin, 04.03.1837, Page 2

Champion arrives 06.10.1840, Page 2.



Cooma-Monaro Express, Friday, November 21, 1958

Special Supplement - Hooks Pharmacy

Ninety-one years service to Cooma

The Vale Street Pharmacy now known as "Hook’s Pharmacy: was founded in 1867 by Dr. George Yonge Mould and has served the people of Cooma and district for 91 years.

Dr. Mould was one of the pioneers of the Cooma district and his life story is one of sterling service in the interests of medicine in a huge area at a time when the population was widely scattered and communication facilities and transport difficult and unreliable.

Dr. Mould was the sone of Captain John Rowe Mould and was born on 14th February, 1817, near Boconnoc Village, Devonshire, England. He graduated a Physician-Pharmacist at Dublin University in early 1839. Later in that year he married Maria Lanch at All hallow Staining Church, City of London.

They then sailed for Australia on a troopship, carrying some members of the 99th Regiment under Captain Armstrong. Dr. Mould acted as Medical Officer en route to Australia.

Shortly after their arrival, the Moulds set out for Monaro by wagon and were granted land, which is now known as "Boconnoc" near Middlingbank.

Dr. Mould carried out his services as a medical man on horseback, and became widely known, especially on the southern and wester Monaro.

Records state that in 1845 he rode his horse across the flooded Snowy River at Jindabyne where the low lever S.M.A. bridge is now erected to attend to a Mrs. Williamson, delivering the first white child born south of the Snowy River.

He tended the sick far and wide, often without recompense, and also assisted the settlers with veterinary problems.

In 1862 he purchased Stokes’ Store in Adaminaby, which he ran in conjunction with his medial services until 1866 when he sold out to George and Samuel Mackay.

Mrs. Mould died in July 1867, and In October of that year he opened a dispensary in the growing town of Cooma on part of the site now occupied by P.D. Murphy Pty Ltd., and conducted business there until he died on 1st January, 1883, leaving three sons and a daughter.

His descendants have now reached a fifth generation and many of them are engaged in pastoral pursuits on Monaro.

The oldest of these would be Mr. A.W. Mould, of Middling bank.

The dispensary was carried on by Mr. Harry Scott until about 1901 when Mr. W.J. Wiseman took over and carried out the duties until 1912 when he sold to Mr. C, Dawson and went to Wollongong where he conducted a pharmacy until about 1943.

Mr. Dawson conducted the pharmacy at Cooma until 1921 when he contracted pneumonia influenza and died suddenly.

Mr. Fred Rolfe then bought the business and stayed in Cooma until 1928 when he sold to Mr. J. Morris. Mr. Rolfe is still a practicing pharmacist at Queanbeyan.

Mr. Morris remained in Cooma for 4 years and then sold to Mr. C.N. Small and went to Nowra where he is still in business.

Mr. Small sold to Mr. Hook in 1938 and went to Wagga where he is always keen to meet old Cooma people who are visiting that town.

In 1945, Mr. Hook took over the opposition pharmacy and completed the like with the past history of Cooma.

In 1951 Mr. Roy McEwen joined Mr. Hook in partnership and the official name "Hook’s Pharmacy" was registered.


Photography is an important subject at Hook’s Pharmacy. More than £2,000-worth of stock in photographic lines is carried. So extensive are the supplies that a customer recently reported hearing about Hook’s photographic service in Sydney. He had gone into a Sydney store for an item which proved to be out of stock. He had been asked where he lived and on replying "Down on the Snowy" had been told to ask at Hook’s Pharmacy. They stock everything there for the photographer," they told him. Saved to biographies


From: Pat Raymond Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001
Pattrick. I saw in the Snowy Monaro Family History Journal where you are having a reunion next February. I am the research officer for the Bega Valley Genealogy Society and I was wondering if you will have a book on the Mould family for sale - or will this draft copy be completed after the Reunion? We consider Cooma/Monaro to be still in our local area and I try to obtain as much local content for our library as I can, so I would appreciate to know just where you are up to with publishing. Look forward to hearing from you. Pat Raymond Research Officer BVGS

To: Pat Raymond
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001
Hi Pat, We have a draft of most of the material but there is a big gap in our research on GY Mould between 1840 and 1858, we are hesitant to go further until we fill that, also from my experience of Reunions, that is where we will pick up new information and photos, so we will probably publish prior to the following reunion, maybe in 2005. We release new research etc as we go, I publish it on hard copy and also as a newsletter on the web. Have a look at our site, URL below. You would also be amused by out KYBEYAN group, accessible from the same site, that's a bit closer to you. The ROSE family site is also accessible from this site.
I have attached our reference library, probably nothing new to you there. Are you on the Rootsweb AUS-SE-NSW mailing list? I have picked up a couple of new books since - Stewart and McGufficke Histories. I am also trying to get hold of a copy of 'DISCOVERING MONARO' by WK Hancock, Cambridge Press 1972 ISBN 0 521 08 4393
Pat Raymond Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001
Pattrick, Thanks very much for all the info you sent. We have about 20 of the books you listed so there are a few for me to follow up. You say you don't have a lot of information from 1840 to 1858 - have any of the early Court Bench Books survived for the area where George was living? I have found the early Eden Bench Books hold so much information about the people of our area. A couple of years ago I had some correspondence with a lady whose grandmother was Augusta Emily Thicknesse. I don't know if you have been in touch with her. Her name is Isabel Wilkinson, and her address in 1999 was "Araluen" Plain Station Rd., Tabulam 2469 Thanks again - all the best for your reunion. Pat Raymond BVGS
To Pat Raymond <
[email protected]>
Please keep in touch about the books etc What are Court Bench Books? Where do I find them? Thanks for passing on Isabel Wilkinson's name, yes, she is a very active member of our research group. Best Regards Pattrick Mould
Pat Raymond Sent: Wednesday, September 12,
Pretty sure that they are at the Archives at the Rocks. We have bought the two films that were available for the Eden Court House and they start at 1848 and go up to the 1870s. I think I've been told there is at least one film available of the Bombala Court House. They are made up of the "Letter Book of the Police Office, Eden" and have all outgoing letters that were written to Colonial Secretary, Attorney General, Superintendent of Convicts, Colonial Storekeeper, Treasurer etc. etc. In these letters there are lots of information about various people who were residing in the area. Then the majority of what is on the films is a transcript of all cases that came before the Courts. They quite often list the cases in great detail and everyone has their say - the accused, the police and quite often many witnesses. The witnesses say who they are, where they came from and what their occupation was - then go on to give the details of that particular case before the courts. You also have lots of information on the police. When they were sworn in, when they were dismissed - then when they were reinstated - where they were transferred to, when they were fined - mostly for drinking etc. etc. I have found these two films contain the best information on the very early days that I have come across - for our area anyway. It depends on who was the Clerk of the Court though - sometimes the handwriting is so terrible that it's impossible to work out. I would suggest that you give the Archives a ring to see if any of the Bench Books for the Cooma area survived and have been microfilmed - maybe they have their holdings listed on the internet. Must admit I don't have a lot of time to go searching different sites. Anyway keep your fingers crossed that some of the Cooma records did survive. If they did, I am sure you'll find something in them. Regards Pat


From: Pattrick
Kathryn Barnett
Kathryn, Thank you very much for the copy of the will and your research Information. I look forward to your transcription of the will, I am not very good at old English.
I don't doubt any of your information, the material I have is all supplied by other people, I haven't had the time to prove any of it. I would be very interested in a decadency chart of what you have, (or a gedcom file if available). I am afraid I am not in a position to ring you, I am an Invalid Pensioner and my budget is blown. I will pass on your details to John Pattrick he may call you. Looking forward to hearing from you.Best Regards Pattrick Mould
Kathryn Barnett
Sent: Friday, April 12, 2002
Hello Pattrick, Yes, I had seen your website with those details. Unfortunately, I have a bit of a problem with some of it. And I hope you don’t mind me putting in my two cents worth! Please let me know if you dispute anything that I have. I have already provided some info to David Cranch as he had been given incorrect info re Richard/Anna Maria. I’ll copy in an email from April of last year that I sent on a couple of subjects. I have personally viewed the films of the actual parish entries quoted below. But firstly, let’s get back to this will..... I will endeavour to transcribe it (as much as I can) over the next couple of days. Then maybe we can toss more ideas back and forth. From my initial somewhat cursory glance, the most important thing for me is that he confirms my theory that he is from Totnes and that his father’s name is Richard also. Mary Maria Payne was Richard’s second wife and interestingly has the same surname as his daughter-in-law -- I continue to wonder if there is a link between them, or mere coincidence. Richard (son of Richard and Anna Maria, b 1812) m. Elizabeth Payne 3/11/1836 Christ Church Greyfriars, Newgate Elizabeth Payne lists her place of birth as Bethnal Green, and I am convinced that the Parish entry for Mary Maria’s marriage has the bride and groom’s ‘from’ details reversed. So, both women were from Bethnal Green and had the same surname. There has to be a link and we will uncover it!
<<Copy of email from K Barnett to David Cranch sent 5/4/01
Hello, David, Here I am with some transcriptions of the entries in the All Hallows Register........some of which are at odds with what you were told by your researcher. If you paid for the research and got incorrect details - I’d say you would have every right to be disappointed. Should you want a copy of any of the filmed entries, just let me know and I will arrange for them to be sent to Sydney for copying, then I’ll scan them and e-mail them over. That might take a week or so.

LDS Film - 0374335 All Hallows (London Wall) City of London
Parish Register M.S. 5088A Vol 1
Register of Baptisms
1813 No 1
10th Jan Richard Richard Cranch Attorney 9 Union CrtBroad St Born 6/12/1812 Anna Maria (Isaac Hill - Curate)
1816 No 98
19th May Maria Richard Cranch Attorney Union CrtBroad St. No 9 Born 19/4/1816 Anna Maria (A.P. Poston)
1823 No 311
3rd July Mary Richard Cranch Solicitor Union Crt Born 14/3/1823 Mary Maria (A.P. Poston)
LDS Film - 0374336 All Hallows (London Wall) City of London
Parish Register M.S. 5089A Vol. 1 Register of Marriages - 1813 -1832 Page 58
1821 No 174
Richard Cranch Esquire of the Parish of St Matthew Bethnal Green, Widower and Mary Maria Payne of this Parish, spinster were married by licence this 23rd August 1821 by me, A.P. Poston, Curate Both signed In the presence of: Fredk. Payne and [J?] Payne
( My note: Now call me an old ‘kill joy’ if you like - but even this might be entered incorrectly.!! He was ‘of this Parish’ - his address never varies from Union Court which is a stone's throw from the church - and I suspect that it was she that was from Bethnal Green. Therein might be the link to Elizabeth Payne, who gives her place of birth as Bethnal Green)
LDS Film 0396259 St Leonard’s Shoreditch - Parish Registers MS 7498 Vol. 25
Register of Marriages 1806 Page 54 No 161
Richard Cranch of this Parish, bachelor and Mary Pennington of the Parish of Godstone in the county of Surrey, spinster were married in this church by licence 24th January 1806 by me Henry Plimley, Vicar Both signed In the presence of : Sarah Broomfield and George Limming (My note: George was the Parish Clerk)
LDS Film 0396259 St Leonard’s Shoreditch - Parish Registers MS 7498 Vol. 25
Register of Marriages 1808 - 1810 1808 Page 124 No 370
Richard Cranch of this Parish, bachelor and Anna Maria Cranch of this Parish, spinster were married in this church by banns 12th December 1808 by me Tho. White Curate Both signed In the presence of : James Cranch and Elizabeth Cranch
(My note - Anna Maria did not have a sister called Eliz nor did any brother marry an Eliz that I have yet found. Richard Cranch born 1779 in Totnes had both mother and sister called Elizabeth. Which gives more weight to our theory of where he came from.)
I do hope that all this doesn't put too many moggies amongst the pigeons........... and I hate to say it but........... I think my second marriage theory for Richard m. Anna Maria, then m. Mary Maria is holding water. When I find out when Anna Maria died, you'll be the first to know. Didn't see her on a cursory look at the All Hallows Burials today - will look in depth as soon as I can. but there is always the chance that she went back to St Leonard's to be buried - and I don't have the burials for St L's. St Leonard's is such a large church with so many comings and goings that the records are on hoards of films, each one pretty specific and for a short time frame. I ordered the one containing Richard/Anna Maria's marriage in the hope that it might have a clue to his origins. No such luck! Will be in touch soon, Kathryn>> End quote
Now, as you can see, the records for St Leonard’s Marriages show that some of the info you have looks ‘slightly wobbly’. If you will excuse my frankness!
On the descendant line you have for James CRANCH and Sarah GRAHAM,
a) there aren’t enough kids, and
b) their Richard married Mary PENNINGTON
Anna Maria CRANCH was the daughter of James and Sarah and married her cousin Richard CRANCH from Totnes.
And Richard and Mary Maria married at All Hallows according to the Parish records. Their first child Mary was also Bapt at All Hallows but the other 3 (two Emmas and Anna) were bapt at Brixton.
My hypothesis has been that Richard CRANCH and James CRANCH are these indicated below. This is now taken one step closer by this new will.
Descendants of: Richard Cranch
1 Richard Cranch b. <1710> Dev m. 26 Aug 1733 Diptford, Dev Susanna Tucker
2 John Cranch b. 1734 Totnes, Dev
2 Richard Cranch b. 1738 Totnes, Dev
2 Richard Cranch b. 1743 Totnes, Dev (Bailey's Dir 1784 calls him Richard Cranch jnr.) m. Elizabeth ?surname
3 John Cranch b. 1781 Totnes, Dev
3 Elizabeth Cranch b. 1782 Totnes, Dev
3 James Cranch b. 1780 Totnes, Dev
3 Richard Cranch b. 1779 Totnes, Dev m. Anna Maria Cranch
2 James Cranch b. 1745 Totnes, Devon m. Sarah Graham
2 Mary Cranch b. 1747 Totnes
2 Robert Cranch b. 1748 Totnes, Dev
2 Josiah (?Joseph) Cranch b. 1752 Totnes, Dev
Cranch, Richard junior(Male)
Address(es): Totness, Devonshire
Date: 1784
Occupation(s): dyer, dyeing/colouring(a)
Listed in Bailey's British Directory [for 1784]; or, Merchant's and Trader's Useful Companion for the year 1784 ... in 4 Volumes ... Volume 1. London; Volume 2 The Western Directory; Volume 3 The Northern Directory; Volume 4 The Eastern Directory. The First Edition, 1784, BAILEY. London
Printed by J. Andrews, Little Eastcheap, and to be had of the Author, No. 53, Basinghall-street; No. 4, Queen-street, Cheapside; Mr. Long, Optician, Royal Exchange, and of every Bookseller in Town and Country
Interestingly, I have these refs in the Index to Will Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1750 -1800 vol 3 ch 9 :
1791 Cranch, James Middx Jul 324
1784 Cranch Richard Dev Jun 316
1786 Cranch Susannah Dev Nov 558
These wills might also tell us something - I’ll have to find out how to access them.
Would you like a Descendant Chart forward from James and Sarah? Let me know and I’ll do one up.
If you want a chat about anything here rather than email, my home number is: 08 8165 0239 - I’d be happy to discuss CRANCH info with you.
Until next time, Kathryn
Kathryn Barnett Adelaide South Australia Email : KathrynBarnett@


Thank you very much for the copy of the will and your research information. I look forward to your transcription of the will, I am not very good at old English.

I don't doubt any of your information, the material I have is all supplied by other people, I haven't had the time to prove any of it. I would be very interested in a decadency chart of what you have, (or a gedcom file if available). I am afraid I am not in a position to ring you, I am an Invalid Pensioner and my budget is blown. I will pass on your details to John Pattrick he may call you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards Pattrick Mould

From: Pattrick To: Kathryn Barnett

Thank you very much for the transcript of the will, you certainly did much better than I did. I am very interested in the amount left to Maria and the stipulations. GY MOULD need not appear to have any assets until he purchased the Adaminaby store, a boarding house, other building blocks and the 5000 acre property 'Boconnoc', these purchases all appear to have occurred between 1858 and 1862. So I would be interested to know when Richard died, when the will was probated, and when Maria's money was forwarded to her. This information could resolve a few mysteries and put new light on a lot of other information. I am very grateful to you for the work you have done on Richard Cranch. Have you been in touch with [email protected] in regard to this information? Best Regards Pattrick Mould

From: Kathryn Barnett
Will update
Further searching has solved one more problem word on that will. Regarding his lands in Totnes, he says: "All those my freeholds and leaseholds messuages and lands situate and being at Totness " I was in doubt about the 'messuages' - but have just found that it is a legal term for 'dwelling house with a outbuildings and land assigned to its use' .....I should have checked the Oxford first!! I know! Cheers! Kathryn

To: Pattrick
Re: Will update
Pattrick, As far as I can tell, Richard died in the last Qtr of 1840. GRO Ref: Cranch Richard London 1840 December Qtr, Vol. II, Page 135 This probate was granted 25th Sept 1841 - as in the last paragraph of the transcription - which should read: On the 25th Sept 1841 Admon * with the will annexed of the goods chattels & credits of Richard Cranch late of London ......... The 'Admon' has a line above the m which I thought was a tt - anyway, my advice from a lawyer suggests that it is a tilde or a mark used to show an abbreviation. The complete word would be 'Administration'. So further back in the document what I could only decipher as 'adettor' is actually 'admor' - short for administrator! Thank heavens for modern lawyers! He also suggests that the court might have had a problem with the will as it was granted as an Administration with the will annexed. I've had another crack at a couple of words and after I've heard from David Cranch with anything he has, I might re-send the updated transcription.

From: Kathryn Barnett
Will - final copy
Hello, again, All revisions with David are complete - so here is the final draft of the Will transcription ......... this is as complete as we can make it, but there are still a couple of words we can't read. Will you pass it on to John Pattrick? or shall I ? Will be in touch soon, Kathryn

Will of Richard Cranch, 1840

Transcribed by Kathryn Barnett, assisted by David Cranch, April 2002, from a scan of the document held in the Public Record Office, London.
(PRO Catalogue Reference: PROB 11/1951, File Reference: 81 )

(Note by K. Barnett - there is no punctuation in the original document. To assist reading, I have taken the liberty of adding full-stops where a new sentence is indicated by use of an upper-case letter in the original. Where a word is difficult to read, I have placed my best guess in square brackets, thus [ ]. Where a letter or letters within a word cannot be deciphered, I have placed a dash, thus -.)

I Richard Cranch of London Street in the City of London Gentleman do hereby revoke all wills and other testamentary dispositions made by me at anytime heretofore and declare this to be my last will and testament.

I direct my debts funeral and testamentary expenses to be in the first place paid and discharged and I request that I may be buried though in a devout manner with as little expense as possible. I declare my will and mind to be that in consideration of the residuary bequests hereinafter contained in favour of my son Richard Cranch that he my said son do and shall pay to my wife Mary Maria Cranch the yearly sum of one hundred and fifty pounds until my youngest daughter who shall live to attain her age of twenty one years shall arrive at that age for the support of herself and the maintenance and education of my children Mary Anna and Emma or such of them as shall live to attain the said age of twenty one years. I give devise and bequeath unto John Bentall of Angel Court Throgmorton Street in the City of London Stockbroker and Josiah Graham Lowe* of Goldsmith Street Cheapside in the said City Ribbon Weaver their heirs executors admors and assigns. All those my freehold and leasehold messuages and lands situate and being at Totness in the County of Devon and all other the premises which were devised to me by my late ffather Richard Cranch deceased with their respective appurts. To hold the same unto and to the use of the said John Bentall and Josiah Graham Lowe their heirs executors admors and assigns according to the different natures of such estates respectively. Upon trust that they my said trustees do and shall when at such time as they in their discretion shall think fit absolutely sell and dispose of my said freehold and leasehold messuages and lands at Totness aforesaid and all other the premises which were devised to me by my said father as aforesaid as either entirely or in parcels by public auction or private contract to any person or persons willing to become the purchaser or purchasers thereof respectively for such price or prices or sum or sums of money as they my said trustees shall deem reasonable. And for promoting and facilitating such sale or sales do and shall enter into make and execute all such contracts covenants agreements acts deeds matters and things which to my said trustees shall seem reasonable. And do hereby declare that the receipt or receipts of my said trustees for all monies to be paid to them by virtue of this my will shall exonerate the person or persons paying the same from any liability to see to the application thereof or any part thereof respectively. And I do hereby declare that my said trustees shall stand and be possessed of and interested in all the money to arise from the sale or sales hereinbefore by me directed to be made of my said freehold and leasehold estates as aforesaid. Upon trust to lay out and invest the same on the parliamentary stocks or public funds of Great Britain or at interest on ------ or real securities in England or in Wales and do and shall from time to time alter vary and transpose the same for other stocks funds and securities of the like nature as they in their discretion shall think fit and do and shall stand possessed of such trust & land and of the rents and profits of the said freehold and leasehold estates until such sale or sales shall take place as aforesaid. Upon trust to pay the annual sum of fifty pounds part of the accrual income thereof by equal half yearly payments unto my said wife Mary Maria Cranch for the purposes hereinbefore expressed as to the other provision made for her by this my will and in augmentation thereof until my youngest daughter shall attain the age of twenty one years and upon trust to pay the residue of such last mentioned income during the minority of my youngest daughter as aforesaid unto and between my son Richard Cranch and my daughter Maria the wife of George Yonge Mould of Sydney New South Wales M-- equally between them share and share alike as tenants in common the share and interest of the said Maria Mould to be for her own sole and separate use and so that the same shall not be liable to the control of her [husband] or any future husband with whom she may intermarry and that her receipt alone not withstanding coverture shall be sufficient discharges for the same. And upon further trust when and as soon as my youngest daughter shall attain her age of twenty one years to pay and divide the said trust monies and premises unto and amongst all and every of my children the said Richard Cranch Maria Mould Mary Cranch Anna Cranch and Emma Cranch equally between them share and share alike as tenants in common ( the share for Maria Mould to be for her separate use as aforesaid). I bequeath unto my said son Richard Cranch all that my leasehold household premises in London Street wherein I now reside with all the furniture and effects therein and also all my share and interest in the business of an attorney solicitor carried on by me in partnership with my said son and also all debts and sums of money which may be owing to me by any person or persons whomsoever of --- also all the Residue and Remainder of my personal estate and effects to hold the same leasehold house furniture effects debts and premises unto the said Richard Cranch his exors admors and assigns for his and their own use and benefit provided always and I do hereby direct that my said son Richard Cranch shall pay unto my wife Mary Maria Cranch the annual sum of one hundred and fifty pounds until my youngest daughter shall attain her age of twenty one years she my said wife herewith (together with the other provisions made for her by this my will) maintaining and educating my said daughters Mary Anna and Emma until the youngest of them shall attain her age of twenty one years the said last mentioned yearly sum to be paid to my said wife by equal quarterly payments at Christmas Lady Day Midsummer & Michaelmass in every year the first of such payments to be made at the first of any of the said times as shall happen next after my demise. And I do hereby declare that the said residuary bequest to my said son is made by me on the express condition of his making the said allowance of one hundred and fifty pounds per annum to my said wife until the coming of age of my youngest daughter and I do hereby declare that in case my said son shall not duly and regularly pay the said allowance to my said wife in the manner I have hereintofore directed the same to be paid that then the said residuary bequest to my said son shall be void and I direct that the said leasehold house furniture effects debts and premises comprised in the said residuary bequest shall be sold by my said trustees upon the like trusts as are hereinbefore declared in respect of my freehold and leasehold estates hereinbefore directed to be sold by them. And I give and bequeath the same to my said trustees accordingly and I do hereby declare that the provisions hereinbefore made for my said wife shall be in lieu of and full satisfaction for any power she may be entitled to out of any freehold estate belonging to me and directed to be sold as aforesaid. I give devise and bequeath all the estates vested in me on any trusts or by way of mortgage with their appurts unto my said trustees their executors admors and assigns according to the nature & quality thereof respectively upon trust to dispose of the same in the manner in which they ought to be disposed of pursuant to the said trusts and to convey or assign the same accordingly provided always and I hereby declare that if the trustees hereby appointed or to be appointed as herein after is mentioned or any of them or ---- or any of their executors admors and assigns shall die or desire to be discharged from or refuse or decline or become incapable to act in the trusts hereby in them respectively reposed as aforesaid before the said trusts shall be fully executed then and so often as the same shall happen it shall and may be lawful to and for the surviving or continuing trustees or trustee or the executors or admors of the last surviving or continuing trustee by deed to nominate or appoint any other person or persons to be a trustee or trustees in place of the trustee or trustees so dying or desiring to be discharged or refusing or declining or becoming incapable to act as aforesaid and upon the appointment of any such new trustee all the trusts estates monies and premises then subject to the trusts aforesaid shall be thereupon with all convenient speed conveyed assigned and transferred in such manner and so as they the same shall and may be legally and effectually vested in the person or persons so to be appointed as aforesaid either solely or jointly with the surviving or continuing trustee or trustees as occasion shall require to the uses upon and for the trusts interests and purposes hereinbefore declared and contained of and concerning the said trusts estates monies and premises or such of the said uses trusts intents & purposes as shall be then subsisting undetermined and capable of taking effect and every person so to be appointed as aforesaid shall have all the powers and authorities of the trustee in whose room he shall be substituted provided always and I hereby lastly declare that the said several trustees hereby appointed and to be appointed as aforesaid & each and every of them and the heirs executors admors and assigns of them each and every of them shall be charged and chargeable for such monies only as they respectively shall actually receive by virtue of the trusts hereby in them reposed notwithstanding their or any of their giving or signing or joining in giving or signing any receipt or receipts for the sake of conformity and any one or more of them shall not be answerable or accountable for the other or others of them or for involuntary losses and also that it shall be lawful for them with and out of the monies which shall come to their respective hands by virtue of the trusts aforesaid to retain and to reimburse themselves respectively and also allow to their cotrustee or cotrustees all costs charges damages and expenses which they or any of them shall or may suffer sustain expend disburse [be at] or [be put] unto in or about the execution of the aforesaid trusts or in relation thereto. And I hereby nominate and appoint John Bentall and Josiah Graham Lowe to be Executors of this my will. In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my hand this twentieth day of May one thousand eight hundred and forty.

Rich Cranch Signed and declared by the said testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us present at the same time who in his [presence] and at his request have subscribed our names as cowitnesses thereto - Willm. Murray London St - Geo Clay his clerk.

On the 25th Sept 1841 Admon with the will annexed of the goods chattels & credits of Richard Cranch late of London Street Fenchurch Street in the City of London Gentleman [dec’ed] was granted to Richard Cranch the son & residuary legatee (upon the conditions therein mentioned) named in the said will having been first sworn duly to administer John Bentall & Joseph Graham Lowe the executors named in the said will having first [anounced] the probate & execution thereof (as by acts of Court appears).

(* Note by K. Barnett - Josiah Graham Lowe was the son of Joseph Lowe and Catherine Graham (sister of Sarah Graham) and therefore was Richard Cranch’s cousin.)

Messuages = dwelling house with outbuildings and land assigned to its use

Admors = administrators

Admon = administration

Appurts = appurtenances

Sorry this has taken so long to get to you. I am waiting for a will for Joseph CRANCH from Totnes who I presume to be James CRANCH's brother. I had hoped to get it sooner and be able to update a few things, however - that is obviously not meant to be!

Let me know if this Desc. Chart, attached, is suitable.

INTRO: James CRANCH was the son of Richard CRANCH and Susanna TUCKER of Totnes in Devon. Several of the family were in the textile industry and James left Devon to live in London where he traded as a weaver in Moorfields, in the City of London. James' nephew Richard CRANCH, an attorney, later also left Devon for London and married James' daughter Anna Maria CRANCH. Regards Kathryn Barnett

Descendants of Richard CRANCH and Susanna TUCKER

1. Richard Cranch born ?, Dev, married 26 Aug 1733, in Diptford, Dev, Susanna Tucker.


i John Cranch bpt: 11 July 1734, Totnes, Dev.

ii Richard Cranch bpt: 3 July 1738, Totnes, Dev.

2. iii Richard Cranch.

3. iv James Cranch.

v Mary Cranch bpt: 10 June 1747, Totnes, Dev.

vi Robert Cranch bpt: 31 Aug 1748, Totnes, Dev.

vii Josiah (?Joseph) Cranch bpt: 15 Jan 1752, Totnes, Dev, died pre 1815, Totnes, Dev.

Second Generation

2. Richard Cranch bpt: 3 Aug 1743, Totnes, Dev, occupation Dyer, married Elizabeth ( ? Jackson).

Bailey's Dir 1784 calls him 'Richard Cranch jnr.'


4. i Richard Cranch.

ii James Cranch bpt: 24 Sept 1780, Totnes, Dev.

iii John Cranch bpt: 27 Sept 1781, Totnes, Dev.

iv Elizabeth Cranch bpt: 29 Oct 1782, Totnes, Dev, married 1 Feb 1813, in Totnes, Dev, John Browne Paige, born Slapton, Dev, occupation - 1851 - Mercer.

3. James Cranch bpt: 19 June 1745, Totnes, Dev, occupation - Weaver, married 10 May 1770, in St Martins in the Fields,Westminster, London, Sarah Graham.

James died 1790/1791, London.

1770 - Hooks & Cranch(Company),20, Middle Moorfields, London Purpose(es): gauze weavers, textiles.

Listed in Kent's Directory for the Year 1770. 38th edn., 1770, Address(es): No.10, Middle Moorfields, London. Occupation(s): weaver, textiles.

Listed in The Complete Pocket Book, or Gentleman and Tradesman's Daily Journal for ... 1776, 1776. London Printed by J. Johnson and J. Payne

Listed in Wakefield's Merchant &Tradesman's General Directory for London, 1790


i Sarah Cranch born 27 Nov 1771, London, bpt: 20 Dec 1771, Saint Leonards, Shoreditch, London, married 28 Nov 1793, in Saint Leonards, Shoreditch, London, Peter Grant.

ii Susannah Cranch bpt: 31 May 1773, Saint Leonards, Shoreditch, London, married 18 Feb 1792, in Saint Leonards, Shoreditch, London, John Henry Grellier.

iii Catherine Cranch born 18 June 1774, London, bpt: 15 Aug 1774, St Leonard's, Shoreditch, London.

5. iv James Cranch born 21 Sept 1776.

v Mary Cranch bpt: 27 March 1781, St Leonard's, Shoreditch, London.

6. vi Richard Cranch born 27 Aug 1782.

vii George Graham Cranch born 19 June 1784, London, bpt: 23 July 1784, St Leonard's, Shoreditch, London.

7. viii William Graham Cranch.

8. ix Anna Maria Cranch born 20 May 1788.

x Edward Graham Cranch born 20 Oct 1789, London, bpt: 12 Nov 1789, St Leonard's, Shoreditch, London.

Third Generation


4. Richard Cranch bpt: 11 May 1779, Totnes, Dev, occupation - Attorney/Solicitor,

married (1) 12 Dec 1808, in St Leonard's Shoreditch, Anna Maria Cranch, born 20 May 1788, London, bpt: 22 June 1788, St Leonard's, Shoreditch, London, (daughter of James Cranch and Sarah Graham) died 1820, buried: 9 June 1820, St Leonard's, Shoreditch, London,

married (2) 23 Aug 1821, in All Hallows London Wall, London, Mary Maria Payne.

1813 - 1823 - address : 9 Union Court, Broad Street, London

Children by Anna Maria Cranch:

i Richard Cranch born 6 Dec 1812, Old Broad St, London, bpt: 10 Jan 1813, All Hallows, London Wall, London, occupation - Solicitor,

married (1) 3 Nov 1836, in Christ Church Greyfriars, Newgate, London, Elizabeth Payne, born 2 March 1814, Bethnal Green, Middlesex, (daughter of Rev. George Payne and Ann Shooter) died 28 Nov 1872,

married (2) 24 March 1874, in St Werburgh, Derby, UK, Louisa Santy, born 1836, London. Richard died 1st Qtr 1881, Derbyshire.

1851- Hackney - Piece1504 Folio 35V pg 244

Louisa: 1881 - Cavendish Cottages (House), Wirksworth, Derby, PRO Ref RG11/ 3419 Folio 86 Page 27

ii Maria Cranch born 19 April 1816, Broad St London, bpt: 19 May 1816, All Hallows, London Wall, London, married 26 Sept 1837, in All Hallows Staining, London, George Yonge Mould, born 26 March 1817, Stoke Dameral, Devon.

Children by Mary Maria Payne:

iii Mary Cranch born 14 Mar 1823, Broad St London, bpt: 3 July 1823, All Hallows London Wall, London.

iv Emma Cranch bpt: 21 Apl 1825, St Matthews Brixton.

v Anna Cranch bpt: 26 May 1825, St Matthews Brixton, married 1856, in Parramatta, NSW Australia, James John Pattrick.

vi Emma Cranch bpt: 24 Feb 1832, All Hallow's Staining, London.

5. James Cranch born 21 Sept 1776, London, bpt: 28 Oct 1776, St Leonard's, Shoreditch, London, married Ann ?.


i Mary Ann Cranch bpt: 8 Dec 1806, St Leonard's, Shoreditch, London.

6. Richard Cranch born 27 Aug 1782, London, bpt: 20 Sept 1782, St Leonard's, Shoreditch, London, married 24 Jan 1806, in St Leonard's, Shoreditch, London, Mary Pennington, born ? Godstone, Surrey, died 1849?, London. Richard died 1856?, London.


i Richard Cranch bpt: May 1806, Romford, Essex, occupation - Wine Merchant,

married (1) Unknown, and De- Facto, Sophia Sneed.

Richard died 1865, Westminster, London.

ii Sarah Cranch born 1808, Romford, Essex, bpt: May 1808, Romford, Essex, 1881 - spinster, died 3rd Qtr 1881, Marylebone, London.

1881 -John Street 9, St Marylebone, London, Middlesex, PRO Ref: RG11/0161 Folio 68 Page 52

iii Mary Cranch bpt: Feb 1810, Romford, Essex.

iv James Cranch born 1811, Romford, Essex, bpt: 27 Sept 1811, Romford, Essex, occupation - Butcher, married Hannah ?, born 1818, Chard, Somerset, occupation - Dressmaker.

James died Qtr 4 1882, Marylebone, London.

1881 - John Street 9, St Marylebone, London, Middlesex, PRO Ref RG11/ 0161 Folio 68 Page 52

v William Pennington Cranch born approx 1814, Unknown, occupation - Mariner, married 13 March 1850, in Parish Church Launceston, Tasmania, Aus, Mary Ann Fowler Pike, born 1823.

William died 26 March 1851, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

vi Joseph Pennington Cranch bpt: 14 Feb 1819, Talgarth, Brecon, UK.

vii Mary Cranch bpt: 30 April 1821, Talgarth, Brecon, UK.

viii Agnes Cranch bpt: 16 June 1823, Talgarth, Brecon, UK, married ? Fisher.

7. William Graham Cranch bpt: 11 June 1786, St Leonards, Shoreditch, London, married 23 Dec 1812, in Dunsfold, Surrey, Harriett Sadler, born <1793>, Sydenham,, died Qtr 4 1864, Lambeth.

William died Qtr 1 1846, Lambeth.

Harriett: 1851 - 2 Commerce Place, Lambeth - Annuitant PRO Ref: HO107/1573 En 26 Folio 645 Pg 2 Sch 8


i Harriet Cranch born 1814, bpt: 18 March 1814, St Andrew's by the Wardrobe, London, died 1826, buried: 9 May 1826, Dunsfold, Surrey.

ii Sarah Maria Cranch bpt: 30 April 1815, St Andrews By the Wardrobe.

iii Thomas Cranch bpt: 2 Nov 1821, Dunsfold, Surrey, married 1st Qtr 1844, in Lambeth, Surrey, Ann Cloke. Thomas died Qtr 4 1889, Croydon, Surrey.

iv Clara Cranch bpt: 2 Nov 1821, Dunsfold Surrey.

v Catherine Cranch bpt: 6 March 1825, St. Alban, Wood St, London , married 9 Apr 1855, in Saint Giles, Reading, Berkshire, England, Thomas Groves.

1851 - 2 Commerce Place Lambeth PRO Ref: HO107/1573 En 26 Folio 645 Pg 2 Sch 8

vi James Cranch bpt: 12 Sept 1828, St Mary's, Lambeth, Surrey.

vii Mary Cranch bpt: 2 May 1830, St Mary, Newington, Surrey.

1851 - 2 Commerce Place Lambeth PRO Ref: HO107/1573 En 26 Folio 645 Pg 2 Sch 8

viii William Sadler Thomas Cranch born ?, ?, married Qtr 3 1849, in Lambeth, Elizabeth ?. William died Qtr 1 1854.

8. Anna Maria Cranch (See marriage to number 4.)

Gary R Bryant Tuesday, March 04, 1980

Pattrick my Mold line

Robert Molds b . abt 1784 (unknown) d .6/5/1847 Churchtown Devon married 17/8/1810 St Budeaux Devon Mary Manning b1791 Newton Ferrers Devon


George 1811 - 1876 m Ann Elliott

Ann 1812 - 1813

Christopher 1813 - m Nancy Lavis ( to Australia)

Mary Ann 1815 - 1838

Sally 1817

Thomasine 1820 - 1887 m John Bryant ( to Australia) my line

Sarah 1821 - 1895

m 1. Henry Dumble

2. Henry Gebedee Parker (to Australia)

3 . James Marshall

John 1822

William 1824 - 1873

Robert 1826 (Sailor)

Eliza Palmer 1828 m Joseph Elliott

Maria Elizabeth 1830 - 1864 m James Trace

Honour Jane 1833 - 1844

Mary Mold (Senior) remarried David Rouncefull 1858

Gary Bryant [email protected]

Hi Gary, I am very interested in your information. I have published it at:

This should create some inquiries for you. Best Regards Pattrick Mould


From: John Ross McLean

Sent: Monday, September 24, 2001 4:23 PM

Hi Pattrick, Saw a site in the LDS... I am the GGGGrandson of a John Mould who was from Newcastle upon Tyne in Northumberland. He was transported aboard Admiral Gambier to Sydney arriving Dec 1808. His wife Eleanor was transported some years later aboard Minstrel ariving Oct 1812. They possibly did meet in Aust. but John had formed an assoc. with another woman as was often the case and encouraged. They eventually settled in Port Dalrymple at Georgetown Tasmania where my line continued. Wonder if there is any connection. I have quite a lot on this family. Look forward to hearing from you in due course. Best wishes John Mclean in Avalon Beach, Sydney.

Hi John,

Sorry to take so long to get back to you, I have been down at Cooma organising the MOULD FAMILIES REUNION 2002 No doubt we are related, just a matter of a lot more research. If you send me all your information I will put a page up for you on the MOULD site. I already have two Australian MOULD families up and lots of English and American families, have you had a look at these?

Best Regards Pattrick Mould


Mould, George arrived 10 July 1837 on the Mangles

1837 Muster

Number 18309, Mould, George, age 41, Arrived 1837, Master: Forster Thomas, District: Bush Farm. Page 47





From Ron Mould Viewforth, Stirling, FK8 2ET, email [email protected]

found your email on the net. attached is my line from wirksworth, derby, obviously a gap from the first f mould to myself. He was my gggggrandfather, i think! F mould was also my ggrandfather, moved from derby to berwick and then over the border into scotland. don't know if this ties in with any of your lines. Ron Mould

Ancestors of Ferdinand Mould

Generation No. 1

1. Ferdinand Mould, born December 29, 1797 in Wirksworth, Dbys, ENG. He was the son of 2. Ferdinand Mould and 3. Sarah Wheatcroft.

Generation No. 2

2. Ferdinand Mould, born April 04, 1768 in Ashleyhay, Dbys, ENG; died October 10, 1836 in Wirksworth, Dbys, ENG. He was the son of 4. Edward Mould and 5. Ann Potter. He married 3. Sarah Wheatcroft July 11, 1791 in Wirksworth, Dbys, ENG.

3. Sarah Wheatcroft, born July 19, 1769 in Wirksworth, Derbyshire, England; died April 18, 1837 in Wirksworth, Dbys, ENG. She was the daughter of 6. Edward Wheatcroft and 7. Lydia Hall.

Children of Ferdinand Mould and Sarah Wheatcroft are:

i. Mary Mould, born January 29, 1792 in Wirksworth, Dbys, ENG.

ii. Edward Mould, born December 31, 1794 in Wirksworth, Dbys, ENG.

iii. James Mould, born July 17, 1796 in Wirksworth, Dbys, ENG.

1 iv. Ferdinand Mould, born December 29, 1797 in Wirksworth, Dbys, ENG.

v. Francis Mould, born July 17, 1799 in Wirksworth, Dbys, ENG.

vi. William Mould, born September 11, 1803 in Wirksworth, Dbys, ENG.

vii. Ellin Mould, born September 09, 1804 in Wirksworth, Dbys, ENG.

viii. Samuel Mould, born December 29, 1821 in Wirksworth, Dbys, ENG.

ix. Catherine Mould, born Abt. September 1826 in Wirksworth, Dbys, ENG; died January 30, 1827 in Wirksworth, Dbys, ENG.

For Ron Mould's extensive family tree please go to:

B. Hugh Mould b 1637 in England

From: Barbara Lewis [email protected]

I am interested in any efforts at learning about England connections as this is the only way I might establish that I am related to the US Moulds. Perhaps some not to this effect might be put in the newsletter in case someone knows more about my Mould connection: Hugh Mould b 1637 in England. Died 1692. Shipbuilder in New London Conn. Married Martha Coit (daughter of John and Mary Jenners), b 1648 in New London, d 1730 in Middletown. Only son died in infancy. Daughters: Susannah b 1663 married Daniel White; Mary b 1665 married Joseph White b 1667; Christiane b 1670 d 1719 married William Savage (my direct line); Martha b 1674 d 1743, married Daniel Stocking; Ester b 1681 d 1750 married Samual Stow. Many thanks. Barbara Lewis 10918 Sunshsine Dr Littleton, CO 80125Barbara Lewis, Did you check Hugh Mould on my site: You are welcome to ad your information to this page, I am happy to do that for you, I am sure you will get inquiries from that. I will also put your message in the Newsletter. Pattrick Mould.



A. MOULDS IN CANADA From: "Shirley Mould'
Subject: re: Canadian Mould's
Hi, I was doing some research for my grandson when I came across your
web page. Here is some info you might be interested in:
James Mould July 20th, 1819
Sarah Mould Nee Clemens April 27, 1821
William Mould
Frances Mould
Mary Ann Mould
Elizabeth Clemens Mould
Sarah Clemens Mould
Kate MouldJane Smallman Mould
Martha Mould
Emma Mould
James Mould November 14th, 1863
Edward Hubert Mould
James Mould
married Julia Susannah Tapper
Janes Stanley Mould May 27th, 1888
Henry Clemens Mould
Edward Herbert Mould
Raymond William Clemens Mould
Gwendoline Violet Clemens Mould
James Stanley Mould
married Reta Leah Gover
Geoffrey James Julien Mould February 1st, 1923
Gerald Baylis Mould
David Kenneth Mould
Clifford Reginald Gover Mould
Geoffrey James Julien Mould
married Elvina Carrie Sagnes
James David Mould April 26th, 1943
John Clifford Mould
Gerald Mould
Yolanda Mould
James David Mould
married Shirley Muriel Burke
Susan Annette Mould
Steven James Mould
Carol-Lynne Mould
I have so much more if you are interested. Our Mould family came from
England, and the rest of us are in Canada.
I would love to hear from you on a personal level, not just on a
genealogy level.
:):) Shirley Mould (Burke) Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Hi Shirley Mould,
Thank you very much for getting in touch with me.
I am very interested in the MOULD family in Canada, my father visited
relatives there during WW2, alas he has passed away with the information. I
believe there is a large family of Moulds their that came from the same
family as mine in Devon.
I am very interested in the information you have sent. Are the dates
birthdates? If you could send me more information ie dates, events and
places; I would be happy to put a webpage up for you on the MOULD site.
Looking forward to hearing from you, Pattrick Mould


Hello Pattrick, I contacted you nearly a year ago now, and then lost the use of my PC, but now I am back online and I thought I would just send you this file with my family tree on my fathers side. It's not as detailed as it could be but my father created it from memory. Don't know if it will be of any interest. Peter Craig Mould 30 The Croft Cam Nr Dursley Gloucestershire England UK 44 01453 519385

Morning Peter, Thanks for your informative email received on the 27th. If you wouldn't mind typing that material up for me I will create a web page for you, am put the material in the MOULD newsletter. As you would appreciate, it is a bit difficult doing that with a JPEG file. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Pattrick Mould,




John Mould

From: hope barwick

Hello Patrick, My name is Hope Barwick. John Mould is my ggggrandfather. His son Hasley Wood Mould had 5 daughters. One of them was named Anna she is my ggrandmother. I have to say that I am very impressed with the research you have done. Please email me and let me know what I can do to help and maybe swap some info. I will tell you now that I have very little and I may not be able to help you much. It is nice to have family and I would like to talk to you if possible. I hope you email me back Thank you for your time and energy. Hope Barwick

[email protected]

From: hope barwick

Sent: Monday, November 19, 2001 8:46 AM

Hello Pattrick, I turned on the computor this morning hoping and praying you would answer. I was on so late last night, so excited about finding you guys.

Well, I am not sure how many John Moulds are out there. All I have is a letter that Anna Mould wrote. My grandmother typed it and slaughtered a lot of the information. Thanks for some research that was already done for my ggrandfather Frederick Lee Coffin I was able to narrow done the spelling of the last name. I had Mole, Mould, and Mold as spellings. The sad part was that Anna wasn't that far back. My grandmother and mother died 10 years ago and left me the mess to figure out. I am not complaining, I just wish they were here to help me.

Anna is one of 5 daughters born To Hasley Wood Mould. Hasley married Libby Gilchrist. Hasley is the son of John Mould who married Mary Beeman (I have spelling of Beams, Beaman, and Beeman. I have also seen Beman) Here is a letter that Anna wrote:

The Mould side of the family, written by Anne Coffin

John Mould was born in 1821 in historic Banbury England. At 22 years of age he came to America and located in Northhampton, Fuldton Co. New York. He was married Oct. 24, 1841 to Mary A Beeman, In 1853, he moaved to Ralston Spa New York. He died Jan 18, 1892, His wife Mary died Sept 18, 1900. They h;ad six sones, one of these was Halsey Wood Mould. he married Libby Gilchrist on Nove. 27, 1872, at Ballston Apa N.Y. They had five daughters Minnie L., Sadies S., Ruie (?)., Anna N., Alien L,.

Andrew Gilchrist born in North Ireland in Nov. 25, 1819. Died in Big Rapids, Mich Jan. 9,1894. Came to America when 3 years old. Sarah S. White born in town of Salem N.Y. Aug 27, 1821.

Okay Pattrick, I am not that poor at my grammer (althought I am bad) I hope you noticed that it was Written by Anne and yet There is no Anne Mould, Just Anna. I believe it was slaughtered by my grandmother and not by Anna. I sure Anna would know how to spell her name. I have to my lineage if you are interested. I would like to know what you have. If you don't mind.

My husband was in Australia for two years back in 1989 abt. He is at work right now or else I would find out the time difference. I am in California, Northern part. In a little town called Oroville. My husband and I are planning a trip to Australia for our 10 year anniversary (which is in 4 years). You are more than welcome to give me a call when ever you would like. I have a in home business and am able to be home all the time. Please call me. (530) 534-8403. I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for you time Hope Barwick

From: Pattrick To: hope barwick

Hi Hope, Thanks for your reply. As you have seen on the WebPages at:

I am keen to collect as much MOULD material as possible, in the hope that it will all join together one day. If you send me all your material I will put up a WebPages for you. Send a photo. You will get enquiries from this page - you never know what you might find. The most popular MOULD forum I have found is the MOULD mailing list at ROOTSWEB, go to and select surnames M - MOULD. Sometimes it is a bit slow. Write asking for information about your John Mould.

I am afraid I find it difficult phoning overseas as I am an invalid pensioner, very, very, limited resources. But would be happy to speak to you if you rang me. The best time to contact me is 8-11am most days, (about 5pm your time I think) or set up a time via email. Best Regards Pattrick Mould


A. Moulds at Fowey

From: "Di Gibbs" <[email protected]>

Hi Pattrick, Seasons Greetings. I have no connection with the MOULD family, but I notice a birth place recorded as LODE. That is likely to be St. Martins by LOOE. hope it helps. Di
Lesley Isaac

Subject: Lanteglos by Fowey

Hi Pattrick,

I recently sent for a CD of the baptism from Lanteglos by Fowey Parish Church for the period 1716-1841. There are only 3 Mould/Moulds and no Mold.

1)William Mould bapt 9/11/1743

2)Nicolas Moulds bapt 20 5 1746

3)Mary Mould bapt 4/2/1748

The parents of all three are John and Elizabeth.

Hope this little bit will help for the time. Lesley [email protected]

From: "susanjn1" <[email protected]>
Subject: [CON-GEN] A Christmas offer
I have been "hunting and gathering" the Cornish names of our forefathers and foremothers for some time now. The list has been SO VERY KIND to me, I want to share. I started off doing HUGO (et al) and ended up doing Cornwall itself. My database is quite large. If anyone requests a surname, I will check my own base for the data on that name. I might only a marriage or just christenings, but I am willing to share. It might not be perfect, but I might have a missing link. The data will only come from my computer, no other sources other than the Phillimore. So consider this offering as a Christmas present without the Red Ribbon and fancy "to and from" card. I am simply sharing MY research. I don't know how many people will be taking me up on this, so please be patient. So line up alphabetically please <vbg>. I will answer with an attachment of either a gedcom (fingers crossed on that one) or an EXCEL .xls file. Sue
Dear Sue, Thank you for our generous offer, I am looking for MOULD throughout Cornwall and would be grateful for anything you have. Could you tell me what period Phillimore's covers, please? Best Regards Pattrick.
From: "susanjn1" <
[email protected]>

Subject: MOULDs of Cornwall unite... with the other spellings

Hi Patrick... and Merry Christmas, Please do yourself a favor and check out on the site for the surname of MOLE - MOLES - MOULDER MULLES . You might find something there. MOYLE is also suspicious.
I have NO MOULDs at all. One MOULTON. Okay, lets see what I can do for you. Looking at the IGI in front of me (I have my own set), the marriages will be Checked. No, I don't have copies of all (sigh!).

FOWEY Phillimore 1568-1812. Most Phillimore end at 1812 with very few
exceptions. They start when the registers of parish begin or lasted through out the history of that parish.
John SAUNDERS [Sandry], barber, and Elizabeth MOULD 29 Dec 1701 Fowey
BLISLAND 1539-1812
Henry MOLD and Margery EDWARDS 3 Aug 1715 Blisland
Robert MOLD and Jone HOSKIN 5 March 1716 Blisland
Geo. CHAPLE and Margery MOLD 27 May 1721 Blisland
Roger MOULD and Jane PEARSE 18 April 1665 Blisland
William MOULD and Mary PERKIN of Trevalga 7 July 1751 Blisland
BODMIN 1559-1812
John RABY and Agnes MOLD 4 Aug 1608 Bodmin
John MARSHAL and Ann MOLDER [Moldes] 18 Dec 1764 Bodmin
St. MINVER 1559-1812
Thomas MOYLE and Johan GUY 12 Jan 1570
Clement MORISH and Richo MOILE 30 Nov 1567
Christofer MOYLE and Agnes RAWLING 5 Feb 1577
Ralf MOILE and Isabel MARTIN 2 March 1589
Richard OLVER and Rosie MOYLE 22 Dec 1599
John MOLD and Rosie ffick 4 Sept 1595
Christopher MOYLE and Kateren COLMAN 20 Jan 1596
John POPE and Winifryde MOULD 2 Sept 1605
John MOULDE and Mary PADDON 16 July 1607
Thomas MOYLE and Mary HAMETT 15 Jan 1620
LUDGVAN 1563-1812
Gabriel QUICK and Elizabeth MOULD 15 Nov 1761 Ludgvan
St. SAMPSON otherwise GOLANT 1568-1812
Ezekiell MOULD, of Fowye, marriner, and Mrs. Agnes BLACHFORD, lic 13 May 1729
MADRON 1674 - 1812 (Penzance marriages are included in this one)
Robert MOULD and Elizabeth THOMAS 25 July 1751
Samuel MAULE and Joan GRANKEN 18 Oct 1749
BOYTON -= two registers 1568-1812 + 1754 - 1812
Thomas KARKEET and Susanna MOULD 16 Apr 1700
John LEIGH, gent, of Dartmouth, and Mary MOULD, lic. 6 April 1758
St. BREVARD 1558-1812
Stephanus MULLIS and Catherina JEELE 11 Feb 1597
Samuel MICHEL and Catheren MULLIS 14 Oct 1639
Henry KERNICK and Alse MYLL Feb 1641
Christopherus DAVYE and Johanna MOULD 3 Feb 1662
Robertus MOULD and Florence HENDER 12 Oct 1685
MICHAELSTOW 1548 - 1812
lots of MULLES are here.
Edy PARSONS and Joan MOULD 7 June 1710
Good luck ... and please check those other spellings. Sue

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