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Mowrystown and Two Nearby French Cemeteries Project
is the product of two goals:
One, to restore interment records lost over the years for the Mowrystown Cemetery;
and two, to find and record French ancestors and their descendants.

We gratefully acknowledge the work of David and Jane McBride,
Cemetery Inscriptions of Highland County, Ohio
used with permission of the Southern Ohio Genealogical Society,
for inscriptions from broken, illegible or missing stones.

Index to the Mowrystown Cemetery, Mowrystown, Ohio
To facilitate use of this information, please keep these points in mind.
Names – the most common spelling of a surname is used throughout the index and genealogy.  Other forms may occur in the transcription.

Gravestones – all stones were read.  Some were broken, lost or illegible so some information was confirmed or found in Cemetery Inscriptions of Highland County, Ohio by David and Jane McBride (used with permission of the Southern Ohio Genealogical Society).  Since many of the names on old stones in the older sections also appear in this book, those names are indicated on the index with an “X.”

Index – if a name of a living person appears on a gravestone, it has been included in the index but with no genealogical information.  Names of more than 50 persons buried with no grave markers are included in the index. (Their burial in this cemetery has been verified but documentation is not posted.)

Index of women by MAIDEN names – unique but needs no explanation!
All known spouses have been included.

Dates – are shown in the index as they occur on the gravestones.  Many engraving errors exist, so the official dates are used in the genealogical information.
Every effort has been made for accuracy in this work.  However, with so much data, some errors are inevitable.  If correct information can be confirmed, it will be changed with gratitude to the submitter.