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Welcome to my web site. It is divided into two catagories.

The Neverending Story ..... Contains links to my ancestry pages

Life at Windy Corners ..... Photos of the grandkids and other family stuff

Train Pics.
Photographs of an Unidentified Train Wreck
In Pennsylvania early 1900's

In memory of those who died September 11, 2001
In support of the living who honor their memory

How can you explain an act that defies explaination? Understand a mind so twisted that somehow all this makes sense? What god, what religion is permitted by human kind to teach that this is justified? So far I have only questions to ponder. The answers have not come. Today, Thursday 5 Apr 2012. 8:30 AM

This is a touching true story
Though one of thousands told about
The events of Sept 11th 2001
Has personal signifigance to members of my family

On 9/12/01 I was a volunteer working at Ground Zero. While taking a break I was sitting up against the iron fence at St Paulís Church. The one thing I will always remember is that there was paper all over, it was everywhere. All I kept thinking to myself was that this is the only thing that survived. So as I sat there I reached my hand behind me through the fence that surrounded the Cemetery that was part of Saint Paulís. I pulled out a hand full of paper work. There were memos, little yellow sticky notes and some petty cash receipts. Then there was a business card it said Jean C. DePalma. At that moment I really felt something come over me. It was almost as if I knew right then and there that she was with God. My life has never been the same since that day. In all the years that have passed I have never forgotten her, I feel as if I knew her. God Bless You Jean.

Anthony Lombardo, Friend.
May 4 2011 2:48PM

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