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    The Dissappearance of the Sloop Albany Sept 1853

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    I am looking for some information on Nancy Tatspaw. She was married to Joseph McDougal. You can find her family if you click on the McDougal line above. She is burried in the McDougal family plot at Spring Grove Cemetery Cincinnati Ohio along with a few other Tatspaw's. I am sure they are related but as yet I just do not know how.

    In the Israel line I am looking for Eliza Israel Lawson b. 1814 d. 1883. She was born in Philadelphia and her parents were Samuel and Mary Israel. I got this information from her Spring Grove Cemetery records. I suspect that Mary was her stepmother and her mother was Elizabeth Tagart as Samuel married twice. I just can't prove it. She married Fenton Lawson from Cincinnati Ohio around 1831 because her first child was born in 1832. So far I have not found any record of their marriage in Cincinnati and no record of her birth in Philadelphia.

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