Gravestone Records of Brookdale Reformed Church Yard
Gravestone Records from Brookdale (Formerly Stone House Plains)
Dutch Reformed Church Yard, Bloomfield, Essex County

Copied July 12, 1925, by Russell Brice Rapkin
Editor of the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey

Note: In the case of five stones damaged by frost, the information has been supplied from an earlier
copy in the library of the New Jersey Historical Society.  From the same source is given the recordsfrom
two stones which have since disappeared entirely.  Footnotes identify the records thus supplied.
 The asterisk (*) indicates that no stone was found for the individual so designated, his name
and relationship appearing on the stone of a member of his family.

1 Stone broken, year missing
2 Stone not found July 12, 1925
3 Inscription completely scaled off from James Sigler’s stone
4 Inscription partly scaled off from Fanny Speer’s stone
5 Stone not found July 12, 1925
6 Inscription partly scaled off from Isaac’s stone; and completely from Rynier's