1843 Wagon Train Pioneers

1843 Wagon Train Pioneers

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"The following list contains the names of every male member of that great train over the age of sixteen years. It was prepared by J W NESMITH when the train was organized, and preserved among his papers for a third of a century before given for publication.

(Publication was in TOPA [Transactions of the Oregon Pioneer Association] 1876, The Occasional Address of Hon J W NESMITH with this list appearing on pp 49-51.)
All reached the Willamette Valley, except a few, the exceptions being designated by marks and foot notes:"
--[The original published list was "corrected by Nellie B PIPES, Secretary, Oregon Historical Society" prior to publication in TOPA. The list below is re-alphabetized and notes included for this publication. I have also compared it name-by-name with the list published by Jesse A APPLEGATE in A Day with the Cow Column in 1843 [Chicago: Caxton Club, 1934], which lists the adult male immigrants on pp 195-201. Jesse APPLEGATE and William MARTIN split the Wagon Trail into two units, and Jesse led the group with herds of cattle.]

Please notify me of any errors, corrections, or links to other sites on these names -mjr]

JWN = James W NESMITH list
JAA = Jesse A APPLEGATE list
Oregon Genealogical Society, Pioneer Certificate Project Springfield/Eugene.

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