Buckland Burials

Burials at St Andrew, Buckland, Kent


Transcribed by Dorothy Holden
From the records of St Andrews, Buckland, Dover


Joseph TURNPENNY  of Dover  8th January  aged 78
Sarah HALLON of Dover  10th January aged 67
Susanna STREETON of Buckland 9th February aged 87
Mary MOUNT of River  14th February aged 30
Edward HATTON of Dover  14th February aged 77
Richard GRIMSDELL of Buckland  1st March aged 5 weeks
Rev Alexander JAMES of Dover  March aged 88
Ann LEWELLWYN of Dover  27th March aged 67
Mary HATTON of Buckland 20th May aged 75
Willliam HATTON LOWD of Buckland  5th July aged 23
Sarah BENTLY of Buckland 28th July aged 3 months
Catherine CHAPMAN of Dover  29th December aged 79


Richard NEPHEW of Dover  no date aged 25
Richard PRESCOT of Buckland 24th April aged 73
Susannah SCOTT of Buckland 27th April aged 9 months
Thomas LUCAS of Charlton 3rd May aged 35
Rhoda DRATTON of Buckland  19th May aged 4 months
Elizabeth THOMAS of Buckland 14th May aged ???
Mary Ann GAMBRIL of Charlton  3rd June aged 15
Stephen HARRIS of Charlton 16th July aged 3 months
Thomas HATTON of Dover 22nd July aged 50
Susanna JEFFRIES of Dover 24th July aged 20
George CLARKE of River 21st August aged 84
James B KNOWLES of Dover 25th August aged 1 month
James INGRAM of River 15th September aged 47
Edward ROBBINS of Buckland 4th October aged 1 week 4 days
Elizabeth PILCHER of Dover 23rd November aged 25
Mary HORN of Charlton 13th December aged 69


Ann JAMES of Buckland January 1st aged 69
John HOGBIN of Dover  28th January aged 2
Thomas BOYS of Dover 13th February aged 6months
Lawrence POWELL of Dover 2nd April aged 67
A man unknown of Buckland 11th April aged 40
Harriet NEVINGTON of Dover 27th April aged 1 year 8 months
Elizabeth MUMMERY of Buckland 19th May aged 59
Sophia CHALK of Dover 22nd May aged 1 year 1 month
Mary Ann TALPOT of River 23rd Mary aged 3
Stephen FAGG of Buckland 30th May aged 10 months
John GURNER of Buckland 9th June aged 50
Henry HARMAN of Buckland 17th August aged 1year 8 months
Jane FOX of Buckland 14th September aged 3
Jane RATCLIFF of Buckland 12th October aged 8 months
Henry BENTLEY of Folkestone 11th November aged 6 months
William ROPER of Buckland 28th November aged 1 year 7 months
Elizabeth LAWRENCE of Dover 30th November aged 25
David SMITH of Buckland 4th December aged 1 year 6 months
Elizabeth HATTON of Dover 5th December aged 59
Thomas PRESCOTT of Dover 7th December aged 50
Mary POWELL of River 17th December aged 45
Richard SMITH of Buckland 21st December aged 3

Burials 1816

Mary BUTTER of Dover 10th January 1816 aged 54
George ROBINS of Buckland  5th February aged 10 months
Henry LAWRENCE of Dover  29th February aged 9 months
William JOHNSON of Dover 10th March aged 6 months
Elizabeth JAMES of Dover  4th April aged 4
Mary KNOTT of Buckland  7th April aged 22
Henry BADDEL of River  24th April aged 1 year 6 months
Lawrence POWELL of Dover  28th April aged 42
Susanna PRAGTRIGE (sic) of Dover 23rd June aged 5
Sarah LANES of Buckland  14th July aged 3
Ann REED of Dover 19th July aged 63
Stephen DODD of Dover  10th August aged 10 months
Elizabeth RIGDEN of Buckland 27th November aged 15 months
Susanna HATTON of Buckland  6th December age not given


Mary RICHARDS of Buckland 8th January 1817 aged 2
Mary JAMES of Dover 23rd January aged 36
Elizabeth PRESCOTT of River 28th January aged 45
William LAVENDER of Dover 20th February aged 11
William WICKES of Dover 27th February aged 1 year
Thomas JONCOCK of Buckland 2nd March aged 1 month
George ROPER of Buckland 15th March aged 10 weeks
-------   BOWLES of River  23rd March aged 8
Daniel DODD of Dover 25th April aged 3
John BETTS of Buckland 18th May aged 45
Hanah JAMES of Dover 20th May aged 7 months
Frances PEMBERTON ESKELTON * of Dover  28th July aged 40
* ESKELTON crossed out in register and ASHINGTON written instead - note at
side of register as follows:

It appears that the name written ESKELTON should have been ASHINGTON and as
a tablet to the memory of the deceased has the name ASHINGTON this
correction is made within one month of the discovery of the error in
accordance with the provisions of the Parish Register Act 1st William IV
Cap66 see 21 28th November 1680.  signed Tuberville EVANS.

Harry CLIFFORD of Buckland 25th August aged 48
Richard HOLT of Buckland 2nd October aged 16
George BROWN of Buckland 2nd October aged 55
Mary SMITH of Buckland 14th October aged 10
John KNOTT of Buckland 19th October aged 20
Eliza MUTTON of Buckland 8th December aged 10 months
Thomas KELSEY of Dover  30th December aged 72


Susanna HARRIS of Charlton  28th January 1818 aged 37
Sarah RICHARDS of Dover 3rd March 1818 aged 57
George HOY of Buckland 31st March 1818 aged 3 months
George BARRAM of Buckland 2nd April 1818 aged 3
George Harinton BROWN of Buckland 6th April 1818 aged 6
Thomas KNOTT of Dover 26th April 1818 aged 75
William MOCKETT of Dover 28th April 1818 aged 28
Henry BRAGAR of Dover 27th July 1818 aged 3 weeks
?? (looked like Nadine) KINGSFORD of Buckland 5th August 1818 aged 7 weeks
George JOHNSON of Dover 8th August 1818 aged 37
Margaret CLEARK of River 16th August 1818 aged 16
Sarah BOULDER of River 30th August 1818 aged 71
William Henry MOCKETT of Dover 2nd September 1818 aged 9 months
Susanna BROWN of River 2nd October 1818 aged 83
Thomas HATTON of Buckland 27th November 1818 aged 37


William F GAMPTON of Buckland 7th January 1819 aged 21 months
Mary ROPER of Buckland 11th January 1819 aged 73
Hannah BAKER of Ewell 17th January 1819 aged 5
Mary Ann HOPPER of Buckland 30th January 1819 aged 8
Mary COLEBACK of River 1st February 1819 aged 82
Elizabeth COCKETT of River 7th February 1819 aged 2 weeks
Edward LADD of Buckland 2nd March 1819 aged 94
Thomas ROBINGS of Buckland 1st April 1819 aged 75
Elizabeth ----- of Buckland 30th July 1819 aged 37
-----  LYONS of Dover 3rd September 1819 aged 51
Sarah PRESCOT of Buckland 7th September 1819 aged 77
Theophilus BOYS of Dover 8th October 1819 aged 44
Henry READ of Dover 18th October 1819 aged 3
John KENNENE of Dover 18th October 1819 aged 1 month
Ann HOLSAY of Charlton 27th October 1819 aged 48
Elizabeth -- of Charlton 17th November 1819 aged 2 months
John WITING of River 18th November 1819 aged 67


William BARKER of River 25th January 1820 aged 6
Mary Ann SMITH of Buckland 27th April 1820 aged 7 months
William HATTON of BUckland 14th May 1820 aged 65
Sarah LANGLEY of Buckland 26th May 1829 aged 70
Elizabeth NEWINGTON of BUckland 27th June 1820 aged 7 months
John HILLS of Eythorne House 21st August 1820 aged 4 Days
Susanna HORNE of Dover 6th November 1820 aged 60

Mary LOUD of Buckland 7th January 1821 aged 62
Frances KNOTT of Buckland 8th March 1821 aged 3 weeks
Sarah MILLS of Buckland 25th March 1821 aged 9 months
Stephen MAXTED of Buckland 24th April 1821 aged 1 and a half years
Elizabeth STEPHENS of River 6th May 1821 aged 76
John NORRIS of Dover 16th May 1821 aged 21
John COCKETT of Buckland 10th September 1821 aged 13
William NEWINGTON of Buckland 13th September 1821 aged 30
Mary HARRIS of Buckland 30th September 1821 aged 23
Sophia RICHARDS of Dover St Mary 30th September 1821 aged 8 months
George HARRIS of Dover St Mary 4th October 1821 aged 19 months
Jane DURTNAIL of Dover St Mary 20th November 1821 aged 6 months
Josias POCH of Buckland 26th November 1821 aged 39
Richard MARSH of Buckland 2nd December 1821 aged 9 weeks
James Frederick BUSHELL of Dover 20th December 1821 aged 15 months


Michael EPPS of River 14th January 1822 aged 84
Mary POWELL of Dover 26th January 1822 aged 76
Frances PHILPOT of Dover 8th March 1822 aged 22
Thomas FRANKLIN of River 24th March 1820 aged 45
Sarah ROBBINS of Buckland 26th May 1822 aged 34 days
Catherine ROBBINS of Buckland 22nd June 1822 aged 50
Susan PARTRIDGE of River 29th September 1822 aged 2
Mary PAGE of Buckland 24th October 1822 aged 75
Benjamin J WORTHINGTON of Charlton 2nd November 1822 aged 59
John WILLIAMS of River 4th November 1822 aged 56
Mary HOWE of Dover 15th November 1822 aged 5
Sarah BROWN of Buckland 8th December 1822 aged 72


Jane LAWRENCE of Dover St Mary 4th January 1823 aged 10
Sarah HOLLAND of Buckland 10th January 1823 aged 72
George SPAIN of Buckland 12th January 1823 aged 2 months
Margaret DODD of Buckland 29th January 1823 aged 4 months
Sarah Ann ROBBINS of BUckland 2nd February 1823 aged 9 days
James DOWELL of Buckland 2nd February 1823 aged 5 months
John HATTON of Dover 9th February 1823 aged 79
Thomas MILLER of Buckland 11th February 1823 aged 19
George DURTNAIL of Dover 25th February 1823 aged 6 monoths
James PHILPOTT of Dover 2nd May 1823 aged 62
Susanna PATESON of Dover 14th May 1823 aged 4
Thomas HAYWARD of Ewell 6th July 1823 aged 63
Mary BATHE of Buckland 9th July 1823 aged 47
Edward FARLEY of Dover St Mary 3rd August 1823 aged 42? (not clear)
John NEWMAN of Buckland 21st August 1823 aged 24
Busers CLARIS of Dover St Mary 30th August 1823 aged 22
Isaac NORRIS of Dover St Mary 17th September 1823 aged 50
George MARSH of Buckland 6th October 1823 aged 10
William TAYLOR of Dover St Mary 19th December 1823 aged 55
Sarah PRESCOT of Dover St Mary 23rd December 1823 aged 11 weeks
Mary Ann PARKER of River 21st December 1823 aged 12 days


Thomas HORNE of Buckland 8th January 1824  aged 70
John RATCLIFFE of Charlton 11th January 1824  aged 64
Charles WICKS of St Mary Dover 14th January aged 15 months
John HOLLIER of St Mary Dover 3rd March aged 57
Macey COOK of Buckland 6th March aged 53
Sarah EAST of Buckland 7th March aged 10 months
Elizabeth DERWENT of Buckland 21st March aged 2 years
Rhoda Louise CURLING of Buckland 24th March aged 6 months
James PAGE of Ewell 30th March aged 6 months
Richard GIFFORD of Dover 4th April aged 9 monoths
Robert John LANE of Buckland 7th April aged 9 months
Maria OSBORN of Buckland 13th April aged 39 years
Ann BUDDLE of Buckland 1st July aged 10 years
Augusta MANNERS of Dover 25th July aged 39 years
Mary MARPHIN of Dover 7th august aged 84
Mary BASS of Charlton 26th September aged 8
John CLARK of Dover 28th September aged 2
Luke FISH of Langley 5th October aged 74
Mary PRESCOTT of Dover 17th October aged 1 day
Richard DODD of Buckland 13th November aged 40


Rebecca STROOD of Dover 20th January 1825 aged 74
Sarah Wilkinson of Dover 26th January aged 49
John KNOTT of Buckland 26th January aged 9 months
John SHREWSBURY of Buckland 28th January aged 1 month
Thomas FAGG of Buckland 10th March aged 60
Mary WHITING of River Poorhouse 13th March aged 77
Thomas EAST of River Poorhouse 18th March aged 78
Ann TERRY of Buckland 3rd April aged 11 months
Mary ROSE of Buckland 20th April aged 15 months
Ann HARRIS of Buckland 26th April aged 16 months
John HARRIS of Buckland 4th May aged 24
William TAMMS of Buckland 8th May aged 84
Mary Hester SPAIN of Buckland 14th June aged 10 months
Thomas WALTON of Buckland 17th June aged 14
Richard BUSHELL of Dover 12th July aged 75
Benjamin Fuller STOWE of Dover  5th August  no age given
William CURLING of Buckland 21st August aged 10 months
George LANE of Buckland 24th August aged 8 months
George GREENLAND of Buckland 13th September aged 4 months
Ann NEWINGTON of River 10th October aged 18
Maria RATCLIFF of River 27th October aged 85
Jasper MOUNT of Buckland 30th October aged 38
Ann FRANKLIN of Dover 13th November aged 7
Elizabeth WHALEY of Buckland 23rd December aged 3
Richard BAKER of Buckland 24th December aged 50
Elizabeth GOLDER of Buckland 28th December aged 86


John CROSS of Dover 9th January aged 63
Edward WINTHROP of Dover 12th January aged 54
Johnston HATTON of Buckland 15th January aged 4 months
Mary VINCENT of Buckland 13th February aged 50
Belinda May BUSHEL of St Mary, Dover 16th February aged 6 months
James BAKER of Charlton 16th March aged 25
William BAKER of Buckland 26th April aged 74
William HATTON of Buckland 1st May aged 2
Stephen Taylor of Charlton 11th May aged 25
John HORNE of St James, Dover 10th June aged 74
Thomas FINNS of Buckland 22nd June aged 2
Lydia GRAVES of St Mary, Dover 8th July aged 79
Mary MARSHALL of Buckland 19th July aged 44
Richard LANGLEY of Buckland 21st July aged 80
George HODGE of Buckland 22nd July aged 4 months
Susanna LADD of Buckland 18th August aged 67
Phillip HORNE of Dover 29th August aged 43
Hannah LAST of Charlton Workhouse 3rd October aged 57
George MILLER of Buckland 8th October aged 15
Joseph DODD of Dover 11th October aged 47
Edward ROBINS of Buckland 12th October aged 2 months
Elizabeth FOORD of Dover 13th October aged 57
Emma HILLS of Dover 13th October aged 2 months
James ROBINS of Buckland 15th October aged 2
Ann FRANKLIN of Buckland 15th October aged 4
Mary SPAIN River Poorhouse 19th October aged 80
J T PRICE of Dover 2nd November aged 4
Arthur STOWE of Dover 25th November aged 19
------  READ ( no first name) of Buckland 26th November aged 3 days
Ann BEER of Buckland 26th November aged 20 months
William MUMMERY of Buckland 3rd December aged 15
Mary CLARK of River Poorhouse 5th December aged 95


DODD        William 1st January aged 52
REYNOLDS    Charlotte 5th January aged 52
RATCLIFFE   Elizabeth 4th February aged 90 of River
BAGLEY      Joshua 11th March aged 74 of Dover
FORSTER     Sarah 11th March aged 71 of River
RATCLIFFE   John 19th March aged 70 
NIGHTINGALE Charles 25th March aged 8 months
ROBINS      Ann 1st April aged 4 months
LOUD        Henry 11th April aged 77
PITMAN      Valentine 10th June aged 52
PILCHER     William 3rd July aged 36 of Hougham
RICHARDS    Elizabeth 25th July aged 72 of Charlton, Dover
LANE        Thomas James 28th August aged 6
BEER        William 9th September aged 5 months
TIRRY       Henry 17th September aged 18 months
CULMER      William 3rd October aged 18 months of St Mary, Dover
WHALEY      George Aaron 10th October aged 36 of Boulogne
MUTTON      Susanna 30th October aged 2 years
MOUNT       Mark 2nd November aged 18 months
SHREWSBURY  John 11th November aged 2 years of Dover
GANN        Sarah 18th November aged 11
SMITHET     William 29th November aged 64
KITE        Henry 22nd November aged 50
PAGE        William 29th November aged 6 months
GANN        George 29th November aged 4
BESTBEECH   Mary 9th December aged 58
HALL        Charles and Mary twins 9th December aged 10 days


DODD        Edward 13th February aged 23 of Dover
ROBINS      Mary 9th March aged 3 
CHURLIFF    Henry 12th March aged 71
----------  26th March aged 9 months of St Mary, Dover
ROPER       Eliza 15th April aged 11 months
JOHNCOCK    Thomas 16th April aged 67
BROWN       Francis Joshua 24th May aged 7 months of St James, Dover
TAYLOR      Mary Ann P 15th June aged 2
POWELL      James 6th July aged 52 of River
BURWILL     Jane 20th August aged 2 weeks of Charlton, Dover
HALL        Charles 21st September aged 52
GANN        Mary 9th November aged 35
SHARP       John 30th November aged 49
TAMS        Mary Anne 30th November aged 51 of St Mary, Dover
FINNS       Anne 7th December aged 58


ROBINS      Vincent 4th January aged 33
LAVENDER    Amy 25th January aged 52 of Dover
POUT        James 25th January aged 7
FREEMAN     William Dobb 15th Febraury aged 30
ROBINS      Jane 17th February aged 9
WENER       Barton 22nd February aged 3 weeks
HARRIS      John 23rd March aged 2 years of Charlton, Dover
WOOD        Anne 31st March aged 65 of Dover
HOLMS       George 1st April aged 14 months of Charlton,Dover
FINNIS      William 7th April aged 77
WATSON      Ann Popkiss 8th April aged 16 months of Charlton, Dover
LEE         Susanna 17th April aged 74
GOLDER      John 27th April aged 9 months of Dover
WICKES      Mary 16th June aged 67 of Dover
HARRIS      Anne 20th July aged 6
STANDON     Elizabeth 13th August aged 23
CURLING     Susanne 27th August aged 4
PRICKETT    Elizabeth 13th September aged 4
NEWINGTON   Elizabeth 16th September aged 78 of Dover
WORRELL     John 30th September aged 75
CHATWIN     Richard 4th October aged 4 of Charlton, Dover
BUSHELL     Elenor 6th October aged 6 of Dover
SHEPHERD    Anne 7th October aged 4
PAGE        Thomas 18th October aged 4 
RICHARDS    Susanne 18th October aged 4 of Charlton, Dover
EASTED      Louis 20th October aged 4
MUTTON      John 9th November aged 65
JEFFRIES    Sarah 10th November aged 69 of Dover
SMALL       Frederic 14th November aged 2 years and 8 months
HODGES      Edward 22nd December aged 26
DODD        Alfred Charles 22nd December aged 9 months
TAMS        Richard 27th December aged 13 


ROPER      Ann 6th January aged 9
YOUNG      John 9th January aged 61
DORKINS    William 17th January aged 36
WINSER     Jane 27th January aged 58 of Dover
FARLEY     Rebecca 11th February aged 20 of Dover
MILLS      Edward 14th February aged 69
BROWN      Elenor 17th February aged 79 of River Workhouse
HARRIS     Mary 21st February aged 79
BONNER     Elizabeth 21st February aged 78
ROPER      John 28th February aged 84
MUMMERY    Benjamin 7th March aged 3
SPAIN      Mary Ann 5th April aged 60 of Dover
JEFFRIES   Sarah Ann 24th May aged 3 weeks of Dover
BROMLEY    William 30th May aged 62
RATE       Ann 25th July aged 5
RICHARDS   Jane 22nd August aged 2 years 2 months
WOOD       William 17th September aged 72 of Charlton, Dover
PEPPER     Elizabeth Ann 24th September aged 34
PRESCOTT   Richard 28th September aged 60 of Buckland Workhouse
TAYLOR     William 12th December aged 19 of Dover
WILKINS    Samuel 17th December aged 56 of Guston
PEEL       James 31st December aged 63


DOORNE     Ellen Mary 1st January aged 61
LANE       Ann 19th January aged 57
SMITH      Elizabeth 23rd January aged 61 of Charlton, Dover
FREND      Richard 7th February aged 70
HATTON     Harriet 10th March aged 5 months
LANE       Sarah Lock Walker 13th March aged 37
BLACKMAN   Edward 16th March aged 19
WORRELL    Ann 1st April aged 76
LADD       Jane 19th April aged 29
HOLT       Henry Janes 13th May aged 1 year 4 month
PRESCOTT   Elizabeth 15th May aged 2 weeks
PAIN       Elizabeth 9th June aged 67 of Dover Workhouse
SLATER     Maria 28th July aged 47 of Dover
CLARKE     Richard Jame 30th July aged 10 months of Dover
MOUNT      Elizabeth 7th August aged 10 months
PILCHER    Mary 8th September aged 66 of Dover
ROBINS     John Vincent 10th October aged 3
SHADWELL   Sarah 7th November aged 2 of Charlton, Dover
HOGG       Sarah 7th November aged 10 months
CULLEN     Eliza 7th November aged 10 months
SHEPHERD   Martha 13th November aged 46
PRESCOTT   Mary 17th November aged 66 of Charlton, Dover
LANGLEY    Maria Ann 11th December aged 3 months
BURBEL     Jane Ann 18th December aged 7 weeks.


FREEMAN   Margaret    St Mary Dover    5th February aged 66
WALKER    Thomas Henry    8th February aged 3 months
STEVENS   James of River 8th March aged 87
PETTMAN   Sarah 9th March aged 61
KNOT      William of Charlton, Dover 11th March aged 61
WINDER    Thomas 11th March aged 1 month
ROBINS    Mary  6th April aged 2 years 9 months
OLDS      Richard 8th April aged 2
DAVIS     Alfred 22nd April aged 4
WILLIAMS  Mary 17th May aged 66
BUSS      Jane of Dover 7th June aged 25
PUDNEY    Major  14th June aged 19
MANSER    Edward Thomas of Dover 6th July aged 4 months
HAWKINS   Ann of Dover  26th July aged 65
BUSH      Jane of Dover 30th September aged 4 months
SPAIN     James of Dover 13th October aged 3
YOUNG     Ann Maria  5th December aged 2
FARR      Rebecca  11th December aged 24


JOHNCOCK  Susanna of River Workhouse  13th January aged 76
KNOTT     Ann of Dover 14th March aged 17 months
GOODE     William Lawson  6th April aged 4
HAYWARD   Edward of Ewell 14th April aged 28
RATCLIFFE Catharine of River Workhouse 14th April aged 76
CHATWIN   Frances of Dover  13th May aged 8 months
FOX       Robert of Charlton, Dover  19th May aged 63
HATTON    Robert  22nd May aged 15 months
POUT      Elizabeth of Dover  26th May aged 38
HUNTER    Edward  2nd June aged 31
HARRIS    Elizabeth of Charlton, Dover  4th June aged 15
STEDMAN   Elizabeth  16th June aged 8 months
FAGG      Stephen  3rd July aged 2 years 6 months
BEER      Henry  6th August aged 4 months
MORPHEW   George of Dover 28th August aged 41
FREND     Mary  20th September aged 7
HOLMS     George 15th December aged 3 months


WESLEY     Elizabeth 3rd January aged 5 months
COLE       Elizabeth 5th January aged 5 months
PARKER     James of River 15th March aged 64
CURLING    Thomas  3rd April aged 49
WOOD       Elizabeth of Charlton, Dover 7th April aged 80
LUCKHURST  Mary of St Mary, Dover  8th April aged 82
LANGLEY    Richard Francis  20th April aged 2 months
PARTRIDGE  Elizabeth Ann of Crabble 7th May aged 7 months
MOUNT      William 20th May aged 6
CHITTENDEN Elizabeth of Charlton, Dover  20th May aged 87
HODGES     Thomas  29th June aged 66
MILLEN     Sarah 1st July aged 13
SMEAD      Mary 2nd July aged 25
HORN       Catharine  13th July aged 27
SHEPHERD   Elizabeth  17th July aged 17
RICHARDS   Richard of Charlton Workhouse  18th July aged 72
WELCH      Richard Tomsett  26th July aged 11 months
SAYER      Elizabeth of Charlton  10th August aged 7 months
BEER       Elizabeth 24th August aged 35
PUDNEY     Elizabeth 13th September aged 18
PRICE      Phoebe Macawber 19th September aged 2 months
PRICE      Maria Ann 5th October aged 5 
PRESCOTT   Harriett of Charlton, Dover  5th October aged 1 
RICHARDS   John of Charlton, Dover  7th October aged 2
PRESCOTT   Ann of Charlton, Dover 21st October aged 2
DOWELL     Hannah of Charlton, Dover 2nd November aged 5
LAWRENCE   Sarah Jane 4th November aged 3
FREND      George of Charlton, Dover 14th November aged 3
BAKER      Elizabeth of St Margaret at Cliffe  7th December aged 84
FARR       John 14th December aged 3


HARRIS     Elizabeth  14th January aged 27
PHIPPS     Robert William 1st February aged 10 weeks
FINNIS     John 25th February aged 70
BEER       Rose 29th February aged 1 year 9 months
ROBBINS    Susan of River Workhouse 1st March aged 38
REYNOLDS   George 1st March aged 1 year 8 months
VINCER     Thomas of Dover 2nd March aged 66
REYNOLDS   Edward  5th March aged 5 years
BUSS       Jane of Dover  28th April aged 32
BUSHELL    Elizabeth of Charlton 28th May aged 79
FOX        James 16th July  either 63 or 69 years ( over written)
FINNIS     Thomas of Charlton  7th October aged 33
DAVIS      Henry 16th October aged 3 years 6 months
ROBBINS    Jane 25th October aged 3 months
HOLES      Sarah 2nd November aged 25
NEWINGTON  Joseph  15th November aged 33
HARRIS     Mary of Dover 27th November aged 31


NEWINGTON   Frances 3rd January aged 6
CULMER      George of Dover  6th March aged 12
VALENTINE   Richard 10th April aged 4 months
KELSEY      Elizabeth 24th April aged 78
WRAIGHT     Augustus 8th May aged 66
FINN        Mary Ann  9th June aged 8 months
NIGHTINGALE George 7th July aged 15
HODGE       Rebecca of Union Workhouse  8th August aged 66
JEFFRIES    Henry of Dover 17th August aged 39
LAWRENCE    Stephen 21st September aged 36
LAWRENCE    Stephen 30th September aged 5
BROWN       Susanna of Charlton, Dover  25th October aged 6 years 8 months
HUNT        William 25th October aged 1 year 6 months
HARRISON    George  27th October aged 52
LUCAS       Thomas of Dover 25th December aged 35


CHESTER     Arthur   1st January aged 10 weeks
DIXON       Catharine  1st January aged 25
GODDEN      Richard  9th January aged 78
ELENOR      Elizabeth of Union Workhouse, River  14th January aged 74
RATTAN      Ann    15th January aged 67
SHARPE      Emma  22nd January aged 2
HUNT        Frances  24th January aged 49
STEVENS     Mark 5th February aged 20
LANE        Charles  5th February aged 1
EMMINS      Eliza 5th February aged 7 months
HOILE       Mary of Union Workhouse, RIver  8th February aged 76
EVANS       Ann  6th March aged 78
RICHARDS    Alice 12th April aged 4
LANGLEY     Thomas 29th April aged 22
MERPHEW     Francis of Charlton 16th May aged 67
MILLEN      Alfred  25th July aged 11
DOWLE       Richard  6th August aged 11 months
TAMS        Esther of Charlton  6th August aged 58
GODDEN      Richard  ??  August aged 91
JOHNSON     Thomas Langley of St Mary, Dover  16th August aged 4 months
ROBINSON    William Richard of Charlton, Dover  29th August aged 1 month
HARRIS      John  29th August aged  61
MANNINGS    John 7th September aged 62
POPKISS     John Thomson  15th September aged 59
PILCHER     Benjamin of Buckland Union Workhouse 28th September aged 74
FULLER      Fanny  19th October aged 14 months

The Deaths should be recorded in the GRO Index from this date.

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Buckland Burials
Created by Maureen Rawson