Halfhide Will 1843

Will of George Halfhide

of Lewisham, Kent

Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury Prob11/1988
Submitted by Ros Dunning
This is the last Will and Testament of me George Halfhide formerly of Coventry Street in the Parish of Saint James Westminster and now of Southend Lewisham in the County of Kent Esquire

I direct all my just debts my funeral expenses and the charges of proving this my Will to be paid so soon after my decease as may be
I give and bequeath unto my Son George Halfhide of Coventry Street Engraver three thousand five hundred pounds three pounds per centum Consolidated Bank Annuities now standing in my name in the Books of the Governor and Company of the Bank of England Upon Trust for him my said Son to receive the dividends thereof from time to time as they shall become due and to pay the same so soon after the receipt thereof as he conveniently can into the proper hands of my Daughter Mary Gibson but lately Mary Halfhide Spinster during her life for her sole separate and absolute use and to be at her disposal independent of her said Husband and not to be subject or liable to his debts control or engagements in any manner howsoever and to be paid upon her receipt alone notwithstanding her marriage and such receipt only and no other to be a discharge to my said Son

And from and after the decease of my said Daughter then Upon Trust for my said Son to pay apply and divide the said three thousand five hundred pounds Three per cent Bank Annuities unto and amongst all the children of my said Daughter if more than one in equal shares as they shall respectively attain the age of twenty one years for their respective uses and benefits absolutely
but if there shall be only one child then the whole of such fund to such child at twenty one years of age
and in the mean time to pay apply and dispose of the dividends of such fund in or about the support education and advancement in life of such children as he my said Son shall think most proper and entirely at his discretion

but if it shall happen that my said Daughter shall not leave any child living at her decease or if she shall leave and children or child and all shall die under twenty one years of age then I give and bequeath the whole of such said three thousand five hundred pounds three per cent Consolidated Annuities to my said Son George Halfhide for his absolute use and benefit

And I will and declare that my said Son shall be at liberty to deduct and retain out of the dividends of the said fund all such money as he shall pay expend or sustain in the execution of the above mentioned trusts and for advice and assistance therein and that he shall not be answerable or accountable for any loss of the said funds or the dividends thereof which shall not be occasioned by his wilful act or default

I give and bequeath unto my said Son George Halfhide all my ready money all my remaining money or Stock in any of the Government Funds of this Kingdom all my stock in trade book debts and all other debts of every kind whatsoever due to me leasehold property household furniture plate linen and all the Rest Residue and Remainder of my property and effects of what nature or kind soever that I may die possessed of or be entitled to at my decease To hold to my said son for his sole use and benefit absolutely for ever

And I make nominate and constitute my said Son George Halfhide the sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament set my hand and seal this ninth day of May in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty five _George Halfhide
(Attestation Clause)
J E Merrifield _ Richard Earnes both of the Registers Office Bell Yard Carey Street

This is a Codicil to and to be taken as part of and in addition to my last Will and Testament

Whereas I am possessed of or am entitled to a part or share or interest of or in or belonging to the Bridge across the River Thames from the Town of Fulham in the County of Middlesex to the town of Putney in the county of Surrey commonly called Fulham Bridge Now I do hereby give and devise and bequeath all the said part or share and all other my right and interest whatsoever of and in the said Bridge and the duties tolls revenues profits benefits and income thereof and of and in and to the ground and soil adjacent to the same and to the rights privileges and passages and ferries over the said Bridge and River and all the appurtenances to the same share part or interest belonging and all other my right share and interest of in and to the said Bridge with all the appurtenances thereof unto my Son George Halfhide of Coventry Sheet near the Haymarket Engraver her heirs and assigns To have and to hold to him my said Son George Halfhide his heirs and assigns for ever

In witness whereof I the said George Halfhide the testator have to this Codicil to this my last Will and Testament subscribed my name this fourth day of April in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty George Halfhide
(Attestation Clause)
Robert Hendrie 12 Tichborne Street St James Perfumer _ Richd Eames of the Register Office for Middlesex _ J.E.Merrifield

Proved at London with a Codicil 16 November 1843

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Will of George Halfhide
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