MAIDSTONE and Neighbourhood 1851


Maidstone, the town on the Medway, is a borough, the assize town of Kent, and the capital of West Kent.  It is 34 miles from London by the high road, and 56 by railway, 8 miles south of Rochester and Chatham, 13 east-north-east of Tonbridge, 18 miles south of Seven Oaks, 13½ from Cranbrook, 33½ from Rye, and 17 south-west from Canterbury.  It is on the river Medway, and the road to Hythe, and it is a terminus of the South Eastern Railway.  It is a borough returning two members to Parliament, and the election place for West Kent.  Maidstone gives name to the Hundred and the Union, and is in the lathe of Aylesford.  The town is governed by a mayor, 6 aldermen, and 18 town councillors, and is divided into 6 wards.  It has a separate quarter sessions, and a court of pleas held every alternate Tuesday. 

The parish contains 4,420 acres, assessed to the Land Tax, in 1815, at £37,244, and, in 1842, at £87,781.  The population, in 1801, was returned at 8,027, and, in 1841, at 18,086.  The town carries on a great local traffic, being at the head of the navigation on the Medway, the aggregate tonnage, passing Allington lock, in the year being 120,000 tons, and the tolls £26,000.  There are one large oil mill and several large paper mills, the latter employing 800 hands.  The town is thriving, and has much improved of late years. 

In 1554 the town took part in Sir Thomas Wyatt’s insurrection.  In Queen Elizabeth’s time a number of Flemings settled.  Fairfax took the town by storm in 1648, when it held out against parliamentary forces. 

The parochial church is dedicated to All Saints, and is a large and ancient structure.  The benefice is a rectory, valued P.R. at £770, in the gift of the Archbishop.  Trinity church was built in 1819, at the cost of about £13,000; the living is in the gift of the Archbishop.  St. Stephen’s church is in the hamlet of Tovil, and will accommodate 600 persons.  St Peter’s was formerly a chapel to an ancient hospital, and recently restored and enlarged; it is capable of accommodating 800 persons.  There are nine dissenting places of worship. 

The Free Grammar school enjoys considerable reputation, and is well endowed; it has two exhibitions to University College, Oxford.   The College school was opened in 1846, under the superintendence of the Canterbury Diocesan Board of Education.  There are five Charity schools.  The almshouses accommodate 19 inmates.  The Town Hall is a neat building.  The Vestry Room contains a parochial library.  The County Lunatic Asylum is large, containing 250 persons.  The County Jail is a very capacious and well-constructed edifice, built in 1818, at a cost of £200,000, the front forming a commodious range of rooms where the assizes are held, and has accommodation for 450 prisoners.  The Barracks form a grand cavalry station and school, and contain about 400 men.  The West Kent Infirmary is a small, but useful, institution.  The Corn Exchange is a very commodious structure. 

The Model school is under the superintendence of the Canterbury Diocesan Education Society.  The Blue Coat school was founded in 1711, and provides education for 53 boys and 43 girls.  The Green Coat school is for 12 boys and 12 girls.  Sir Charles Booth’s school is for 35 boys and 35 girls.  The Brown Coat school is for 24 boys and 24 girls who are clothed, and for 200 boys and 100 girls; this is a dissenting establishment. 

The Savings’ Bank receives large deposits.  The palace of Archbishop Courtenay is now in ruins.  A College was founded by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the time of Richard II.  The revenues at the dissolution were £159 7s 10d; ruins still remain.  The Music Hall is near the Cavalry barracks.  There are gasworks and also water works.  The market, which is one of the largest in the county, is held for hops and corn on Thursday, and for general business on Saturdays.  A cattle market is held on the second Tuesday in each month; and annual fairs on the 13th Feb., 12th May, 20th June, and 17th Oct., which latter is the great hop fair.  The neighbourhood of Maidstone is a great hop district, 4,500 acres being planted with hops.  Penenden Heath is the grand place for county meetings, and has been so for centuries.  Part of Maidstone parish is detached, 5 miles south, at Loddington, containing a population of 62.



Allen Thomas William, esq. Bower ter

Allen Miss, West Tree vil. Tunbridge rd

Allnutt Henry, esq. Bower ter

Argles Mrs. Upper Stone street

Arkcoll John, esq. Bower ter

Ashdown Mr. Samuel, Bower place

Bailey William, esq. London road

Balston Mrs. Springfield

Balston Richard E. P. esq. Springfield

Balston William, esq. Springfield

Bayley Rev. George, M.A. Boxley road

Beadle Mr. John, Ashford road

Beale Richard Whatman F. esq. King st

Beale William, esq. King street

Best Misses, Ashford road

Brenchley Mrs. Albion place

Brenchley John, esq. Barming heath

Brown Mr. John, Albion place

Burr Misses, Albion place

Busbey Mr. James, Church street

Buttanshaw Rev. Fras, B.A. Tunbridge rd

Case John, esq. High street

Castle Captain, Week street

Chamberlayne Captain, London road

Cooper Miss, London road

Davey Rev. George, B.A. St. Peter st

Day Mrs. Priory

Day Thomas, esq. Ashford road

Dobney Rev. Henry [Baptist Minister], Marsham street

Dove Capt. Henry, R.N. Bower place

Eley Captain, Marsham street

Ellis Charles, esq. Rocky hill terrace

Fielding George, esq. M.D. Tunbridge rd

Finch Miss, Ashford road

Fleetwood Thos. Perrior, esq. St. Faith st

Ford Rev. John, B.A. Rocky hill

Fowler Mrs. Barming road

Francis William G. esq. St. Peter street

Fry Frederick, esq. High street

Godden Henry, esq. Summerfield house

Gordon Capt. James Gabriel, Fant pl

Green Thomas, esq. High street

Griffis Captain, Albion place

Griffiths Lieut.-Colonel, Rocky hill

Harrison Rev. John B. M.A. Orchard st

Harrison Rev. Thomas, M.A. King st

Hawkins Capt. William, Bower place

Haywood Chas. Widgeon, esq. Albion pl

Hazell Stephen Link, esq. Mill street

Heath Mrs. Ashford road

Hills Mr. Walter, Clarendon place

Hoar Charles, esq. Ashford road

Hoar Edward, esq. King street

Hollams Mrs. Sommerfield terrace

Hollingworth John, esq. Turkey mill

Hollingworth Thomas, esq. Turkey mill

Horne Mrs. King street

Hughes Edward, esq. High street

Hunter Mrs. Bower place

Huxley Jas. esq. M.D. Barming heath

Hyde Thomas, esq. Manor house

Jeffery George, esq. Clarendon place

Jinkings Rev. Edmund [independent minister], Week street

Lee Mrs. Clarendon place

Lewin Mrs. Bower terrace

Lowry James, esq. Earl street

Lushington Edmd. Henry, esq. Park ho

Mares Misses, Somerfield terrace

Marsh Mrs. Upper Stone street

Mason Mrs. Suffolk place, Tovil road

Mason Rev. Richard, M.A. Tovil

Matthews Mrs. West Tree villas, Tunbridge road

Mercer John, esq. Rocky hill terrace

Middleton Col.[commandant], Barracks

Monckton John, esq. King street

Morgan Charles, esq. Earl street

Peale John, esq. Knightrider street

Peene Wm. G. esq. M.D. Clarendon pl

Peene Miss, Bower terrace

Phillips John, esq. Stone street

Pine Misses, Ashford road

Pine Thomas, esq. Ashford road

Pingree Rev. Richard [minister Huntingdon connexion] Holland terrace

Plane Mrs, Clarendon place

Plomley Francis, esq. M.D. High street

Pope Mrs. Fant house, Bower place

Porter Henry, esq. Knightrider street

Poste Rev. Beale, Tovil

Powell Mrs. Ashford road

Power James Joseph, esq. M.D. Stone st

Pybus Charles, esq. Boxley road

Randall Alexander, esq. Ashford road

Ranger Henry, esq. Tovil

Reader Samuel G. esq. Stone street

Riddell Lady Frances B. Palace

Romney the Earl of, Mote

Rowley Miss, Rocky hill terrace

Rugg Robert, esq. Sumner place, Bower

Ruse Mrs. Albion place

Saxby Mrs. Bower nursery, Rocky hill

Scott Capt. Edward, Upper Stone st

Scudamore Charles, esq. [ex-mayor], Week street

Scudamore Fredk. Esq. Stone ho. Stone st

Scudamore Miss, Stone house, Stone st

Seath Mrs. Ashford road

Seaton Misses, Earl street

Seaton Mrs. Earl street

Short William, esq. Clarendon place

Sibbald William, esq. M.D. Palace

Simpson Mrs. Rocky hill terrace

Smythe Clement Taylor, esq. Brewer st

Smythe Mrs. London road

Smythe Capt. John Disney, Brewer st

Springett John, esq. Bower place

Spurgin Rev. John, M.A. Earl street

Stacey Edwin, esq. Stone street

Steinmetz Wm. Thos. Esq. Rock house, Rocky hill

Stephens John C. esq. Week street

Stevens Rev. Wm. [Unitarian minister], Bower house

Sutton Misses, London road

Sutton Mrs. London road

Sweetlove Mrs. Mote road

Tassell Robert esq. London road

Tassell Thomas, esq. King street

Taylor George, esq. M.D. King street

Tootell Joseph, esq. [mayor], Stone st

Topping Charles, esq. Albion place

Tyssen Mrs. Foley ho. Penenden heath

Vallance Rev. William, M.A. Mote road

Walker David, M.A., FGS College, Mill street

Walker Richard, esq. Bower place

Warde Mrs. & Misses, Holland terrace

Warwick Mrs. King street

Whatman James, esq. Vinters

Whatman James, esq. Rocky hill terrace

Wheeler Benjamin, esq. Albion place

Whichcord John, esq. Brewer street

Wildes Henry Atkinson, esq. St Faith st

Wilson Francis, esq. Tovil

Winch Mr. Richard, Romney place



Abbott John, confectioner, Week street

Acres George, currier, Week street

Acres Thomas W. bootmaker, Week street

Adams Robert, bootmaker, High street

Allcorn Edward, tinman & brazier, Watery lane

Allen William Hart, chemist, Gabriel’s hill

Allison William, grocer & provision dealer, Stone street

Allman Edward, baker, King street

Allman John, baker, Union street

Allnutt & Son, paper manufacturers, Ivy mill, Loose & Tovil mill

Allwork Charles Long, surgeon, King street

Amies Joseph, sen. Paper mould maker, Mote road

Amies Joseph, shopkeeper, King street

Antrum Richard, ‘White Horse,’ London road

Antrum William, ‘Wheatsheaf,’ Loose road

Appleton Henry David, ‘Windsor Castle,’ Week street

Arkcoll John & Charles, wholesale grocers & merchants, Stone street

Ashenden Edward, bootmaker, High street

Ashenden Mrs. Marianne, milliner, High street

Ashdown Mrs. Harriett, baker, Ordnance place

Ashdown Levi, plumber & oil & color warehouse, Stone st

Assiter William, builder & statuary, Union steet

Athawes Peter, straw bonnet maker, stone street

Austen Ambrose, printer, bookbinder & bookseller, Week st

Avrey James, bootmaker, Astley street

Ayers William, beer retailer, Water side

Back Thomas, toydealer, Week street

Baily Mrs. Catherine Ann, glass & china dealer, King street

Baker Charles, collector of property, income, land & assessed taxes, Marsham street

Baker Charles, brush & toydealer, Bank street

Baker Charles, jun. cooper, Bank street

Baker Edward, shopkeeper, King street

Baker George, fruiterer, High street

Baker George, linendraper, Week street

Baker Richard, farmer, Barming heath

Baker William, bootmaker, Pudding lane

Baker William, bootmaker, Tovil

Baldwin, Godden & Holmes, brewers & malsters, Medway brewery

Baldwin Edward, bootmaker, Mote road

Baldwin Josiah, teadealer, Brunswick road

Ballard Henry, grocer & tallow chandler, Stone street

Balston William & Richd. Paper manufacturers, Maidstone mills

Barling Joseph, watchmaker, silversmith, engraver & jeweller, High street

Barnard Robert, upholsterer, Bank street

Barnett John, ‘White Hart’, Westborough

Barnett Mrs. Sarah, ‘Jolly Waterman’, Earl street

Barnett Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, Westborough

Barr Robert, baker, Upper Stone street

Barrow Miss Ann, ladies’ boarding school, Albion place

Bartholomew William, shopkeeper, George street

Bartlett & Son, watchmakers, Week street

Bartlett Daniel, grocer, Week street

Barton James, hosier & haberdasher, Bank street

Barton James, jun. ready made linen wareho. Bank street

Barton Jesse, confectioner, Stone street

Bayfield & Son, chemists & druggists, & sole proprietors of the balm of Lucca for the hair, Gabriel’s hill

Beale William, solicitor & clerk to the committee of visitors of the Kent Lunatic Asylum, King street

Beecher Henry, tailor, Marsham street

Beer James, tailor, Market buildings

Bell Francis, beer retailer, West Borough

Bellchambers Stephen, bricklayer, Queen Ann road

Bellchambers William, tailor, Union street

Bennett John, bootmaker, Upper Stone street

Bennett William H. grocer, Week street

Bensted William Henry, coal & Kentish ragstone merchant, & quarryman, St. Faith street

Bentlif & Son, curriers & bootmakers, High street

Benzie George, confectioner, King street

Benzie John, jun. grocer, Brewer street

Benzie Robert, coal merchant, Union street

Betts Thomas, butcher, Week street

Bidlake James, academy, Portland place

Biggar Wm. & John, linendrapers silkmers. & hatters, Week street

Binskin Henry, teadealer, Gabriel’s hill

Binskin William, coffee rooms, Week street

Birch & Martin, grocers, King street

Birchall Charles, tobacco pipe manufacturer & segar merchant, Earl street, & Calverly place, Tunbridge Wells

Bishop George, beer retailer, Upper Stone street

Blinkhorn George, corn dealer, King street

Blinks Richard, butcher, High street

Blott Daniel, chemist, Week street

Bodkin Samuel, farmer

Bodkin Thomas, carman & wheelwright, Upper Stone street

Bonner Francis, dairyman, King street

Bonny & Sons, butchers, gabriel’s hill

Bonny Edward, shopkeeper, Ashford road

Bonny James, butcher, Week street

Boorman John, wheelwright, Market street

Bow William & S. G. builders, plasterers & modellers, & artificial stone manufacturers, County road

Bow Edward, builder, statuary, artificial stone manufactr. & cement merchant, Knightrider street

Bow Spencer George, ‘Marquis of Granby’, High street

Box Gibson, tailor, Church street

Boyce John, bootmaker, Knightrider street

Bradshaw Watson, carpenter, Wyatt street

Brann Mrs. Ellen, tobacco pipe maker, market place

Brann John, fruiterer, High street

Brenchley, Stacey & Brenchley, brewers, Stone street

Brenchley Stephen, baker, Sandling road

Brewer Jonah, bootmaker, King street

Bridge John, builder, Wheeler street

Bridgland William, ‘Unicorn’, Earl street

Bridgland William, tailor, Week street

Briggs John Charles, fruiterer, King street

Brissenden Edmund, baker, Havock street

Bristow William, baker, Upper Stone street

Britter William, ‘Seven Grays’, St. Peter street

Britter William, shopkeeper, Upper Stone street

Brock Miss Jemima, milliner, Earl street

Brook Thomas W. corn, coal & licseed cake merchant, Upper Stone street

Brooke Wm. Bricklayer, Queen Ann road, & King street

Brown Cornelius, bookseller, High street

Brown George, beer retailer, Sandling road

Brown John, bootmaker, Bank street

Brown John, bootmaker, Rose yard

Brown Joseph & Sons, pump makers, Market street

Brown Joseph, baker, Week street

Brown Joseph, printer & bookseller, Week street

Brown Thomas, watchmaker, Week street

Bruster John, beer retailer, Ordnance place

Bruster William, shopkeeper, Ordnance place

Bryans Samuel, ‘Haunch of Venison’, High street

Bryant John, seedsman, Gabriel’s hill

Buckingham Emanuell, baker, Wyatt street

Buckingham Stephen, tailor, Queen Ann road

Buckland Joseph, blacksmith, Water side

Bugden Henry, beer retailer, Paradise row

Bulmer Martin, architect & surveyor, West borough

Bunyar John, miller, corn & coal merchant, & dealer in foreign & English cake, Stone st

Bunyard James & Son, nurserymen, London road

Bunyard Thomas, ‘Ancient Druid’, Wheeler street

Bunyard Thomas, farmer, Cherry ground, Loose road

Burch Robert, watchmaker, Stone street

Burch William, watchmaker, Bank street

Burgess Francis, shopkeeper, Queen Ann road

Burn James, beer retailer, Havock street

Burrell John T. fruiterer, Sandling road

Busbridge Thomas, bricklayer, Loose road

Bushnell Joseph, ironmonger, Week street

Butcher & Dolby, linen & woollen drapers, Week street

Button John, bootmaker, Mill street

Calver John, bootmaker, Upper Stone street

Cantan Thomas, tailor, Upper Stone street

Case John, solicitor & clerk to the Borough magistrates, High street

Catlin Mrs. Miriam, milliner, Wheeler street

Cave Thomas, chemist, druggist & agent to the Globe life & fire assurance company, High street

Chambers George, builder, Union street

Champion Mrs. Mary, ham & beef shop, Week street

Champion Miss Mary Ann, ladies’ school, County road

Chantler James, fruiterer, West borough

Chaplin Miss Eliza, coal dealer, Pudding lane

Charlton Charles, baker & malster, High street

Chittenden George, cabinet maker, Pudding lane

Chittenden James B. tailor, Gabriel’s hill

Chittenden John, builder, Upper Stone street

Chitty Thomas, shopkeeper, Union street

Clapson George, ‘Blue Door’, Sutton road

Clark James, farmer, Sandy lane

Clay Bennett, chemist & druggist, dentist, & proprietor of the Belvoir Hunt sauce, King street

Clayton & Birch, linendrapers, King street

Cleaver John, tailor, Union street

Clements Matthew, fishmonger, King street

Clifford James & Richard, rope & twine spinners, sailcloth, sack, hop bag, mat & matting manufacturers, brush & turnery warehouse, Bank street

Clifford Robert & Charles, blacksmiths, Union street

Climpson Edward, blacksmith, Bones alley

Clinton John, colt breaker, horse dealer, & ‘Britannia’, George street

Clout Stephen, seedsman, Sandling road

Clout Thomas, timber dealer, Ashford road

Coatsworth William, beer retailer, Upper Stone street

Cobb John, statuary, stone & marble mason, Knightrider street

Cobb William, builder, Marsham street

Cobb William, jun. malster, King street

Cocks Burton, beer retailer, Camden street

Cocks William, bookseller & stationer, Bank street

Cole Edmund, corndealer, Upper Stone street

Cole John, shopkeeper, Fair meadow

Collens James, farmer, Week street

Colling William, ironmonger, Gabriel’s hill

Collings Thomas, saddler, Upper Stone street

Collins James, farmer, Willington street

Collis Mrs. Mary, builder, Stone street

Conibeere & Allsup, glass & china warehouse, High Street

Constable William, tobacconist, King street

Cooe Joseph, colt breaker, Romney place

Cook Daniel, ‘Canteen’, Barracks

Cooke Mrs. Susannah, shopkeeper, King street

Cooke Thomas, baker, Havock street

Cooker Mrs. Mary, ‘Turk’s Head’, Rose yard

Cooper William, farmer, Willington street

Copleston John, baker, Union street

Copleston Thomas, plumber, Union street

Copping William, beer retailer, Brewer street

Coppins Thomas, beer retailer, King street

Corke Henry N. linendraper, Bank street

Cornell George, tailor, King street

Cornford Arthur, linendraper, Stone street

Couchman William, engraver & printer, Earl street

Coulter James, fruiterer, Stone street

Court Thomas, bootmaker, Week street

Court Thomas, plumber, Brewer street

Craddock George, blacksmith, Upper Stone street

Craft William, confectioner, High street

Craig William, shopkeeper, Camden street

Crandall William, linendraper, Week street

Crisfield Henry, baker, Marsham street

Crispe John, cabinet maker, upholsterer, appraiser, paperhanger & undertaker, Gabriel’s hill

Crispe William Henry, butcher, High street

Crouch John, grocer, Sandling road

Crouch William, butcher, Westborough

Crowhurst William, bootmaker, Wheeler street

Crowther Richard, beer retailer, Wheeler street

Crundwell James, cooper, Upper Stone street

Crundwell James, plumber, Upper Stone street

Cruttenden John, plumber, Week street

Cruttenden John, jun. portrait painter & daguerreotype artist, Week street

Cuckow james, brickmaker, Perseverance place

Cullum John, accountant, Mote road

Cutbush, Whiting & Cutbush, printers, proprietors & publishers of ‘Maidstone & South Eastern Gazette’ newspaper, Week street

Cutbush Robert, plumber, King street

Dally Frank Fether, solicitor & coroner for the boro’, Week street

Danells John, grocer & ‘Bower Inn’, Tonbridge road

Dann Benjamin, gasfitter, Week street

Dann George, brazier, High street

Dann George, farmer, Loddington

Dann James, fruiterer, Mill street

Dann William, clock & watch maker, Week street

Davis George, plumber, High street

Davis John, beer retailer, Week street

Davis William, bootmaker, Romney place

Dawes Josiah Wise, nurseryman, Albion place

Dawson John, bootmaker, Week street

Dawson William, bricklayer, Loose road

Dawson William S. confectioner, Week street

Day Misses Sarah & Elizabeth, corndealers, High street

Day Miss Ann, milliner, Stone street

Day Miss Emily, ladies’ boarding school, Rocky hill

Day Robert John, bootmaker, Stone street

Day William, corndealer, Week street

Day William, upholsterer & agent to the County fire & Provident Life assurance offices, High street

Day William, jun. furniture broker, Stone street

Dean Edward, carman, Wheeler street

Dear William R.D. butcher, Week street

Dell Thomas, ‘Monk’s Head’, Stone street

Delo George, basket maker, Bank street

Dennis Mrs. Ann, beer retailer, Mote road

Dickson Keziah, pork butcher, Sandling road

Dingley Richard L. chemist, Week street

Diprose Thomas, wheelwright, Medway street

Doe John, butcher, High street

Doe John, jun. butcher, Brewer street

Doe Richard, tobacconist & fruiterer, High street

Dold Alexander, clockmaker, Astley street

Down John & Charles, brickmakers, stone merchants & bricklayers, Wheeler street

Down Francis, ‘Prince of Wales’, Westborough

Down James, beer retailer, Knightrider street

Dray Edward, teadealer, Market buildings

Dray James, carman, High street

Driver Charles, hairdresser, Mill street

Driver John, hairdresser, King street

Drowley John, beer retailer, Week street

Dungey William, fruiterer, Upper Stone street

Dunmill William B. saddler, Gabriel’s hill

Dunk Charles, saddler, Gabriel’s hill

Durrant John, tailor, High street

Eastham Mrs. Ann, berlin wool warehouse, Week street

Edmett George, woollen draper & clothier, High street

Edmett Thomas, upholsterer, High street

Elliott James, blacksmith, Market buildings

Ellis Charles, cabinet maker, Pudding lane

Ellis Charles, wholesale ironmonger, Gabriel’s hill

Ellis Edward, greengrocer, Union street

Ellis William, beer retailer, Mill street

Elphee & Jackson, linendrapers, silk merchants & undertakers, Week street

Elvy William Henry, tailor, Tovil

Eman Thomas, collector of Inland revenue, Boxley road

Epps Read, shopkeeper, Tovil

Epps William James, seed merchant & florist, High street & the Bower, Rocky hill

Evernden Thomas, builder, Week street

Fardon Thomas, chemist, Stone street

Farley William, fishmonger, Week street

Farroll John (late Dale), chimney sweeper, coal & wood merchant, Rose yard

Fauchon James, farmer & hop planter, Upper Stone street

Feakins James, ‘Plough’, Upper Stone street

Feakins John, beer retailer, Tufton street

Fearn John, poulterer, Marsham street

Ferguson Alexander, saddler, Upper Stone street

Field John Edwin, professor of music, Bower place

Field Michael, ‘Artichoke’, Ashford road

Field Samuel, carpenter, Tovil

Finch John, bootmaker, Westborough

Finch William, beer retailer, Wheeler street

Fleet Richard, ‘Rose Inn’, Tovil

Fletcher John, blacksmith, Water side

Flinn Henry John, pawnbroker, King street

Foster Edward M. surgeon, King street

Fowle Thomas, grocer, Earl street

Fowler Mrs. Ellen, seminary, Union street

Fowler William, surgeon, Brewer street

Franks Thomas, blacksmith & bellhanger, Sandling road

Freeman John, brewer, St. Faith street

Freeman John, ‘Queen’s Head’ commercial inn, High street

Freeman Thomas, confectioner, Sandling road

French & Son, watchmakers, King street

French Edward, surgeon, Stone street

French Stephen, music seller, King street

French Thomas, fruiterer, Stone street

Fry Frederick, surgeon, High street

Fulleck John, solicitor, King street

Fulljames Robert, grocer & provision dealer, High street

Furminger John, ‘Town Arms’, Stone street

Gambier William, bootmaker, Sandling road

Gandy William, confectioner, Week street

Gardner Henry, baker, Union street

Garrett Balls, ironfounder, steam engine & agricultural implement maker, millwright, Stove-range & grate maker, Medway iron works

Gascoine George, coal merchant, Queen Ann road

Gegan James, carver & gilder, Bank street

Gibbons Misses Ann & Frances, ladies’ school, Romney place

Gibbons James, collector of poor rates, Medway terrace

Gibbons Richard, farmer & hop planter, Gold’s court

Gibson James, professor of music, Marsham street

Gilbert George, rope, line & whipcord manufacturer, horse & fishing net, hop bag, sack & sacking, cocoa matting, door mat, hair cloth & kentish matting manufacturer, Gabriel’s hill

Giles John Scott, watchmaker & bookseller, Mill street

Goad John, beer retailer, Bridge foot, High street

Godfrey Thomas Hearnden, beer retailer, Watery lane

Golding George H, gasfitter, Union street

Good John, agent to the Industrial & general life assurance company, Union street

Goodchild Robert, boot & shoe maker, St. Faith street

Gooden Thomas, retail brewer, Wheeler street

Goodenough Charles F. grocer, Sandling road

Goodhew Mrs. Lavinia, straw bonnet maker, London road

Goodwin John, bricklayer, Marsham street

Goodwin Mrs. Sarah, milliner, High street

Goodwin Thomas, organ builder, Marsham street

Goodwin William, poulterer & game dealer, High street

Gould Thomas, pork butcher, Week street

Gower Misses Mary & Mercy, milliners, Earl street

Gower Wm. Cornfactor & seedsman, Bridge foot, High street

Gray Charles, beer retailer, Woollett street

Gray John S. blacksmith, Upper Stone street

Green John, paper mould maker, Mill street

Green Miss Louisa, ladies’ school, Ashford road

Green Samuel, paper manufacturer, Hayle mill

Green Stephen, beer retailer, Wyatt street

Green Stephen, wood turner, Upper Stone street

Green Thomas Bowyer, law stationer, St. Faith street

Griffin John Robert, boot & shoe maker, Bank street

Grigsbey Stephen, ironmonger, Stone street

Gurney & Haynes, manufacturers of improved ranges & stoves, general & furnishing Ironmongers, & agents for Kent’s patent knife cleaning machine, Week street; & King street

Hadler Robert, bricklayer, Tovil

Hadlow William, butcher, Union street

Hadlow William P. butcher, Upper Stone street

Haffenden John, seedsman, Union street

Haffenden Thomas, pastrycook & confectioner, Gabriel’s hill

Haffenden William John, grocer, Union street

Hair Quintin Burns, dentist, Week street

Hall J.V. & Son, booksellers & stationers, & publishers of ‘Maidstone Journal’ Newspaper, Bank street

Hall Curtis John, wharfinger, Wharf lane

Hall John, farmer, College farm

Hammond William, straw bonnet maker, Week street

Harding John, baker, Upper Stone street

Hards John, farmer, Tovil

Hardy Luke, baker, Woollett street

Harris Charles, fruiterer, Pudding lane

Harris George, boot & shoe maker, Brewer street

Harris Peter George, butcher, Gabriel’s hill

Harrison Basil, clerk to the County treasurer, Brewer street

Harrison George, coal merchant, Water side

Harrison James, surveyor, Camden street

Hart & Kipping, solicitors, Week street

Hartnup John, farmer, Tunbridge road

Hazell David, boot & shoe maker, Sandling road

Hazell Stephen L. secretary to Savings’ bank, Mill street

Headford William, hatmaker, King street

Hearnden John H. leather gaiter & glove manufacturer, Gabriel’s hill

Heathorn Charles, lime burner, Boxley road

Heming Thomas, clothier, High street

Henty William, shopkeeper, Pudding lane

Herd Daniel, teadealer, King street

Hepburn George, beer retailer, London road

Heyburn Thomas, beer retailer, St. Faith street

Hewlett Ebenezer, plasterer & modeller, Portland place

Hickmott William, baker, King street

Hickmott William, beer retailer, Upper Stone street

Hickmott William, ‘Castle Inn’, Week street

Higgins William, baker, George street

Hill Mrs. Ann, ‘Nag’s Head’, Week street

Hills Misses Sarah & Maria, berlin wool repos. Week street

Hills Mrs. Sarah & Sons, bakers, Stone street

Hills Alfred, butcher, Westborough

Hills Francis, beer retailer & grocer, Mote road

Hills John Hyde, tailor & woollen draper, Week street

Hills Richard, tailor, Pudding lane

Hills Thomas, ‘Red Lion’, High street

Hills Walter, plumber, Stone street

Hills William B. collector of paving rates, Brewer street

Hoadley Mrs. Caroline, milliner, High street

Hoadley John Charles, berlin wool warehouse, Week street

Hoar, Beale & Hoar, solicitors & clerks to county magistrates, King street

Hoar & Brenchley, surgeons, Stone street

Hoar John, basket maker, Union street

Hobbs William, stationer, Stone street

Hockley Mrs. Mary, coffee & dining rooms, Westborough

Hodges John, beer retailer, Bower place

Hodges Mrs. Sarah, beer retailer, Jeffrey street

Hodgskin & Son, grocers, King street

Holden George, boot & shoe maker, Week street

Holden Mrs. Mary Ann, pawnbroker, St. Faith street

Hollands Mrs. Frances, shopkeeper, Mote road

Holliday William, boot & shoe maker, Sandling road

Hollingworth Thomas & John, paper manufacturers, Turkey mills & Otham mill

Holloway John, beer retailer, Sandling road

Holloway John, baker, Wharf lane

Holloway John, ‘Bricklayer’s Arms’, Wheeler street

Holloway Philip, baker, Astley street

Holloway Samuel, baker, Sandling road

Holloway Thomas, beer retailer, Wharf lane

Holloway William, builder, Wheeler street

Holloway William, furniture broker, Market street

Holloway William B. grocer, Sandling road

Holmes Richard, glass & china dealer, & registrar of births, deaths & marriages, High st

Homer Charles, ‘Market House inn’, Earl street

Honess William, baker, Pudding lane

Honey & Hammerton, grocers, teadealers & provision merchants, Westborough

Honey & Tolputt, grocers, teadealers & provision merchants, Gabriel’s hill

Honey James, grocer, Upper Stone street

How Charles, carman, Earl street

Howard George Rchd. Chemist & druggist & dentist, Week street

Howard John, boot & shoe maker, Wheeler street

Hughes Edward, secretary to Kent fire & life assurance company, High street

Hulburd & Son, linendrapers, Week street

Hulburd George, hatter, Week street

Hunt E. & Mellersh, wharfingers, hop, corn, seed cake & general merchants, Canal Wharf

Hunt Edward, farmer, Harbour land

Hunt Henry, tabacco pipe maker, Upper Stone street

Hunt Richard, dealer in marine stores, Upper Stone street

Hunt Mrs. Siberia, register office for servants, Week street

Hunt Thomas, beer retailer, Week street

Hyde Thomas, hop bag & bagging maker, Rose Yard

Hyles James, plumber, painter & glazier, oil, lead & color warehouse, Earl street

Isaac John S. saddler, High street

Jacobs Jacob, corndealer, Week street

Jarrett Frederick, butcher, High street

Jarrett James, boot & shoe maker, Upper Stone street

Jarvis Stephen, hairdresser, Union street

Jecks Alexander, clothier, general salesman & hatter, & agent to the Defender fire & life offices, Sandling road

Jeffery George, solicitor, Clarendon place

Jeffery John, grocer, Union street

Jeffery William, baker, Camden street

Jeffery William, hatter, Week street

Jennings John, currier & leatherseller, Stone street

Jessel Michael, hardware dealer, High street

Jewell John, tailor, Week street

Johnson Thomas, engineer, lamp manufacturer, brass & cock founder & gas fitter, High street

Jones & Bell, dentists, Week street

Jones Edward, cooper, Sandling road

Jones Robert W. grocer, Bank street

Jones Stephen, beer retailer, Sandling road

Joslen Jonathan P. wholesale stationer, Earl street

Jukes William, beer retailer, Medway street

Jury Edward, ‘Lord Nelson’, St. Faith street

Jury Geo. Tailor, woollendraper & post office mstr. Gabriel’s hill

Jury Henry, ‘Bull Inn & Commercial hotel’, Gabriel’s hill

Kemp James, linen & woollen draper, High street

Kendall Moses, ‘Ship’ inn, Gabriel’s hill

Kennard Mrs. Elizabeth, tinplate worker, Bank street

Kennett Bishop, coach proprietor, High street

Kennett Mrs. Catherine, ‘Dog & Bear’, King street

Kennett George, butcher, King street

Kent Fire, Life & Annuity Assurance Company (chief office), Edward HUGHES, esq. Secretary, High street

Kettle Nathaniel, boot & shoe maker, King street

King John, patten & clog maker, Gabriel’s hill

King Knowles, solicitor, Mill street

King William, wheelwright, Perryfield cottages

Kingman William, carman, Upper Stone street

Kippin Henry, furniture broker, King street

Kirk Robert, tailor, Upper Stone street

Knight & Cumming, ironfounders & engineers, Water side

Knight Daniel & Co. wharfingers, coal & stone merchants, Hopkin’s wharf

Knight Mrs. Ann, teadealer, Marsham street

Knight Charles, wholesale brush manufacturer, Stone street

Knight George, baker, Sandling road

Knight Henry, blacksmith, Tovil

Knight James, hairdresser, Week street

Knight Robert, gardener, Well road

Knight Thomas, coal dealer, Wheeler street

Knight William, hairdresser, Earl street

Knowler Robert D. boot & shoe maker, Upper Stone street

Knowles Edward, ginger beer maker, King street

Laker George, plumber, painter & glazier, Union street

Laker John, beer retailer, Brewer street

Lampard Mrs. Mary Ann, fruiterer, Week street

Lancefield & Co. timber & coal merchants, Pybus’s wharf

Large & Brislee, blacksmiths, Knightrider street

Larking Charles, fishmonger, Gabriel’s hill

Larking John & William G. general carriers by railway & van to all parts of the kingdom, Pudding lane

Larking John, boot & shoemaker, Week street

Laurence & Hodsoll, grocers & provision merchants, High street

Law George, beer retailer, Wharf lane

Leney George, surgeon, Earl street

Lincoln James, saddler, Upper Stone street

Lingham Henry, beer retailer, Upper Stone street

Litchfield Edwin, cabinet maker, King street

Loader Francis, shopkeeper, Bower place

Lockyer Robert, ‘Three Compasses Inn’, Week street

Loder Geo. & Francis (late Bluet), coach builders, Water side

Logan James, machine ruler & stationer, High street

Logan William, baker, High street

Lomas John, grocer, Sandling road

London & County Joint Stock Bank (Thomas GREEN, manager), High street

Lonsdale James Martin, glass & china dealer, & Birmingham & Sheffield warehouse, Union street

Lowdell James, beer retailer, George street

Lucas John William, shopkeeper, Tunbridge road

Lurcock John, news agent, Earl street

Mackellow John, watch & clock maker, King street

McNeille James, draper & teadealer, Earl street

Maidman Robert, butcher, King street

Maidstone Journal & Kentish Advertiser Newspaper Office, Edward Pickard HALL, Publisher, Bank street

Maidstone & South Eastern Gazette Newspaper Office, CUTBUSH, WHITING & CUTBUSH, props. & publishers, Week street

Manwaring Richard, watch & clock maker, Earl street

Marchant & Son, clothiers, Gabriel’s hill

Mares, Argles & Duke, wholesale & retail chemists & druggists, Bank street

Mares Misses, dressmakers, Union street

Marriott Thomas, greengrocer, High street

Marsh John, boot & shoemaker, & agent for Smith & Gibb’s patent Euknemida, High street

Marshall Henry, furniture broker, Upper Stone street

Marshall Henry, fancy repository, King street

Marshall Mrs. Sarah, milliner, King street

Martin James & Son, hatters & coach proprietors, High street

Martin Benjamin Green, cook & confectioner, High street

Martin Charles, beer retailer, High street

Martin Edwin, retail brewer, Havock street

Martin Mrs. Eliza, shopkeeper, Ordnance place

Martin Miss Elizabeth, milliner, King street

Martin John, timber dealer, Havock street

Martin John, umbrella maker, High street

Martin John, upholsterer, High street

Martin William, beer retailer, Knightrider street

Maskell John, baker, St. Peter street

Mason Allen, brewer, Water side

Mason Miss Eliza, greengrocer, Week street

Mason Richard, beer retailer, King street

Masters William & Son, hop, corn, seed, coal, guano & rag merchants, malsters & Wharfingers, Albion Wharf

Masters George, grocer, Week street

Masters Henry Joseph, currier, Bank street

Masters William, butcher, Stone street

Masters William, grocer & provision dealer, Marsham street

Masters William Miller, brewer & malster, Earl street

Mead Henry, baker & grocer, King street

Meades Samuel & James, wire workers, Union street

Mee Miss Elizabeth C. tobacconist, Sandling road

Mercer John, cooper, Pudding lane

Mercer William, hairdresser, Mill street

Merrall John, coach builder, Upper Stone street

Merrony George, wood & coal merchant, King street, & ‘Rising Sun’ inn, Marsham street

Millen Thomas, farmer, Thornhills

Miller William, tailor, Havock street

Milligan James, beer retailer, Gabriel’s hill

Mills William, egg merchant, Wheeler street

Misson William, ‘Union Flag’, Union street

Mitson Richard, shopkeeper, Camden street

Monckton John, solicitor & town clerk, King street

Monckton Walter, lithographer & printer, Gabriel’s hill

Montgomery James V. shopkeeper, Stone street

Moore John, blacksmith, Union street

Moore John, blacksmith, Market street

Moreton Thomas, ‘Duke of Marlborough’, Union street

Morfill William, music seller, Week street

Morgan Charles, solicitor & clerk to the Leeds society for the prosecution of felons, Earl street

Morley George, beer retailer, Tovil

Morris Henry, auctioneer, Week street

Morris Samuel, basket maker, Upper Stone street<

Morton John H. grocer, Week street

Moseley George, cooper, Gabriel’s hill

Munn Mrs. Ann, plumber, Upper Stone street

Munn John, plumber, Stone street

Muruss Edward, ‘Star Inn’, High street

Nash Edward, wheelwright, Well road

Naylor Mrs. Sarah, fruiterer, Upper Stone street

Neve Charles, farmer & hop planter, Shepway court

Newing Edward, hairdresser, Week street

Newman Misses, Elizabeth & Judith, ladies’ boarding school, Church street

Newman John, ‘Fortune of War’, Upper Stone street

Newport Thomas, confectioner, Sandling road

Nickels Joseph, bootmaker, Sandling road

Nurse Charles, plane & tool maker, Mill street

Nye George, cabinet maker, Gabriel’s hill

Oakley Tom, saddler, High street

Oliver Edward & James, butchers, High street

Oliver James Ash, linendraper, High street

Oliver Miss Sarah, milliner & dressmaker, Upper Stone street

Oliver Thomas Overy, baker, Earl street

Oliver William, currier & leather cutter, Week street

Ongley Thomas, ‘Sun’ inn, High street

Orford Mrs. Ann, staymaker, Mill street

Ostler Charles, bookbinder, Union street

Otley John, surgeon, High street

Ottaway Edward S. ‘Three Tuns’, King street

Ottaway Robert William, tobacconist, Week street

Pack Richard, boot & shoemaker, King street

Packham Mrs. Ann & Miss Mary Ann, stay & corset makers, King street

Packham John & Orlando, truss & bandage ma.& manufrs.of the improved opposite-sided slide spring truss, King street

Paine, Everden & Lewis, wholesale & retail linen & woollen drapers, silk mercers & undertakers, High street

Paine Joseph, hairdresser, Week street

Pankhurst & Munn, clockmakers, bellhangers & whitesmiths, Gabriel’s hill

Paris Thomas, boot & shoe maker, Stone street

Parker Job, boot & shoe maker, High street

Parks Thomas, wood turner, George yard

Parks Thomas, baker, King street

Parsons Charles, shopkeeper, Ordnance place

Parsons Thomas, butcher, Mill street

Parton Henry & Joseph K. corn millers, Mill street

Pattenden George, butcher, Sandling road

Pattenden Robert, butcher, Week street

Pattenden Robert, butcher, King street

Pearce Edward, ‘King’s Arms’, Earl street

Pearse Charles R. hairdresser, High street

Pearse Nathaniel, hairdresser, Knightrider street

Pearson Henry, blacksmith, Westborough

Pearson Robt. House agent & collector of market tolls, Week street

Peckham John, surgeon, Albion place

Peene William Gurden, physician, Clarendon place

Pell George, cork manufacturer, stone street

Pell Thomas, carpenter, Ashford road

Pellatt William, boot & shoe maker, High street

Pelling George, ‘Queen Ann’, Queen Ann road

Penfold Henry, shopkeeper, King street

Peppercorn & Co. wholesale furnishing & general ironmongers, whitesmiths, bellhangers, tinmen & agricultural machinists, lead & oil merchants, High street

Perry Henry, greengrocer, Stone street

Peters Alfred, grocer, Wyatt street

Peters Robert, grocer, Tovil

Phillips John, surveyor of taxes, Stone street

Philpot Charles, farmer, Ashford road

Philpot Charles, professor of dancing, Albion place

Philpot Charles, wheelwright, Upper Stone street

Pickford & Co. general carriers, High street

Pike John, ‘Swan’, High street

Pike Robert George, grocer & provision dealer, Week street, Upper Stone street

Pine Mrs. & Miss. Rebecca, gents. Preparatory boarding school, Earl street

Pine Thomas, beer retailer, George street

Piper Edward, blacksmith, Wharf lane

Piper Henry, millwright & engineer, Havock street

Piper Philip D. ‘County Arms’, Woollett street

Piper Mrs. Sophia, seminary, Mill street

Piper Sylvester, blacksmith, Woollett street

Piper Thomas, millwright, Brewer street

Pitfield Hatton, boot & shoemaker & beer retailer, Union street

Plater William, china & glass dealer, King street

Plimpton Misses Judith & Jane, ladies’ boarding school, High street

Plimpton Samuel, corn dealer, High street

Pobgee Mrs. Ellen, straw bonnet maker, Gabriel’s hill

Poole Mrs. Elizabeth, staymaker, Week street

Poolly Thomas, lime burner, Boxley road

Potts & Franklyn, wine & spirit merchants, Market buildings

Pound Edward, boot & shoe maker, Earl street

Pound William, shopkeeper, Upper Stone street

Power James J. surgeon, Stone street

Prance James C. surgeon, High street

Prebble William, baker, Paradise row

Prentis George, wine & spirit merchant, Earl street

Price Thomas R. watch & clock maker, Week street

Prior Alfred, grocer, Upper Stone street

Punnett George, ‘Rodney’s Head’, High street

Quinton George, shopkeeper, Stone street

Railton Thomas Robert, hatter, Bank street

Randall & Mercer, bankers, Kentish bank, Bank street

Randall & Son, boot & shoe makers, Gabriel’s hill

Randall William, glass & china dealer, Week street

Randall William, New inn, & coach office, Week street

Ransley James, boot & shoe maker, Earl street

Rawlings William, Roebuck inn, Week street

Rayfield James, butcher, & post office, Tovil

Rayfield Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, Tovil

Reader John, clothier, Earl street

Reader Joseph, baker, Stone street

Reader Samuel Godding, solicitor, clerk to the Hollingbourn union, & registrar to same union, Stone street

Reeves William Thomas, auctioneer, High street

Relf Edwin George, butcher, Earl street

Relf Joseph, boot & shoe maker, High street

Reynolds Thomas, ‘Oak & Ivy’, Upper Stone street

Reynolds William, patten maker, Romney place

Richards Thomas, beer retailer, St. Faith street

Richardson Henry, George Commercial inn, Gabriel’s hill

Ring William, ‘King’s Head’, Bridge

Roberts John P. carver & gilder, Gabriel’s hill

Roberts Robert, beer retailer, Week street

Rogers George, beer retailer, Tunbridge road

Ronan James, boot & shoe maker, Pudding lane

Rowe William, straw bonnet maker, Mill street

Ruck Benjamin, sen. Valuer & appraiser, Week street

Ruck Benjamin, jun. builder, Week street

Ruck James, parish clerk & registrar of births & deaths for East Maidstone, King street

Ruck Joshua, timber & deal merchant, Market street

Ruck William, analytical & dispensing chemist, wholesale & retail cattle medicine Warehouse, Medical Hall, Market place

Russell George, plumber, Queen Ann road

Russell George, shopkeeper, Perryfield cottages

Russell William, linendraper, Upper Stone street

Sait John, saddle & harness maker, St. Faith’s green

Sanders George, surgeon, St. Faith’s green

Sanders Mrs. Sarah, clothier, High street

Saneto Edward, carpenter, Mill street

Saneto Johnston, carpenter, Watery lane

Saunders William, beer retailer, Sandling road

Sawer Joseph Pobjoy, cabinet maker, upholsterer, paperhanger & undertaker, County road

Scudamore Charles & Frederick, solicitors, Week street

Scudamore Charles, county clerk for Kent, clerk to county court for Maidstone division, & solicitor to Kent fire & life insurance company, Week street

Seager George, builder & agricultural machine manufacturer, Earl street

Sedgwick William, surgeon, Stone street

Semark William, wholesale & retail linen & woollen draper, silk mercer & millinery rooms, Gabriel’s hill & Week street

Sergeant Richard, oil & color warehouse, window glass cutter & dealer in British wines, Week street

Sharp Joseph, gunmaker, King street

Sharp Mrs. Martha, beer retailer, Mote road

Sharp William, builder, Marsham street

Shearman David Selby, architect & surveyor, Week street, & at Boxley

Sheen Thomas, currier, Week street

Shields Joseph, tailor, Wyatt street

Shinner William, linendraper, Week street

Shoesmith James, beer retailer, Sandling road

Short George, hatter & glover, Bank street

Short James, coal dealer, Ordnance place

Short James, fruiterer, Earl street

Shrubsole George, blacksmith & beer retailer, Westborough

Sibbald William, physician, Palace, Mill street

Sills John, farmer & stone merchant, Sandling road

Sills John, jun. stone dealer, Boxley road

Sills William, ‘Paper Mill’, Tovil

Simmonds & Flint, hop, corn, seed & general merchants, importers of guano & Wharfingers, Bridge wharf

Simmonds Charles, tailor & woollen draper, King street

Simmons Stephen, butcher, Stone street

Simmons Thomas, brazier, Upper Stone street

Simmons Thomas, gunmaker, Bones alley

Simmons Thomas, ‘Royal Oak’, King street

Simpson James, surgeon dentist, King street

Sinden Edward, greengrocer, Sandling road

Slaughter & Plomley, veterinary surgeons, Earl street

Small Thomas, butcher, Pudding lane

Smallman Thomas, baker, Bower place

Smith & Son, printers, booksellers, stationers, bookbinders, & berlin wool repository, Week street

Smith Charles, pork butcher, Stone street

Smith Mrs. Charlotte, wholesale confectioner, High street

Smith Henry, pork butcher, King street

Smith James, basket maker, Mill street

Smith John, furniture broker, King street

Smith John, jun. furniture broker, King street

Smith John, sub-distributor of stamps, Week street

Smith John, tailor, Mill street

Smith Sml. auctioneer, & officer to the sheriff of Kent, King street

Smith Thomas, beer retailer, Mill street

Smith Thomas, fruiterer, King street

Smith Thomas, grocer & provision merchant, & dealer in British wines, Week street

Smythe William, timber, deal & slate merchant, Bridge wharf

South Francis W. beer retailer, Week street

Southon Owen, linendraper, Week street

Spencer Richard R. & George, wine & spirit merchants, & agents to the Sun fire & life Offices, Week street

Spencer Abraham, Mitre tavern, family & commercial hotel, High street

Spicer Mrs. Mary, beer retailer, Wyatt street

Squier Henry David, pork butcher, Sandling road

Stacey Samuel, tailor, Sandling road

Standen Thomas, beer retailer, Pudding lane

Standen William, beer retailer, Pudding lane

Stanger Joseph & Co. upholsterers, Week street

Stanger John, cab, fly, post horse, hearse & mourning coach proprietor, Rose yard, High street

Stanley Mrs. Elizabeth, butcher, Week street

Steer James, tallow chandler & melter, High street

Steinmetz William Thomas, seed crusher, Oil mills, Tovil

Stephens John Cribb, solicitor & commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, Week street

Stevens James, tailor & woollen draper, Bank street

Stevens William, cooper, King street

Stokes Mrs. Emma, clothier, Union street

Stokes John, hairdresser, Upper Stone street

Stone Alfred, farmer, Loddington

Stone Levi, beer retailer, Boxley road

Stonestreet William, boot & shoe maker, Pudding lane

Streetfield Miss Mary, ladies’ school, Romney place

Streetfield William, accountant, Romney place

Streeton Benjamin, shopkeeper, Havock street

Strobridge William, boot & shoe maker, Pudding lane

Stubbersfield John, cooper & basket maker, Gabriel’s hill

Sturgis John, baker, pastrycook & confectioner, Week street

Styles George, ‘Huntsman’, Ashford road

Summerfield Richard, surveyor, Week street

Sutton & Walters, builders & brick makers, Tunbridge road

Sutton George C. coal dealer, Westborough

Sutton John, statuary, stone & marble mason, Tunbridge road

Sutton Joseph, beer retailer, Perseverance place

Sweetlove David Tanner, solicitor, Brewer street

Swinfen Spencer Bow, Bell commercial inn & posting house, Week street

Swinfen S. B. ale & porter stores, & wholesale manufacturer of ginger beer, Week street

Swinnock Joseph, hairdresser, Sandling road

Swinnock Robert, shopkeeper, Sandling road

Syckelmoore & Hooker, curriers & leather sellers, Gabriel’s hill

Syckelmoore Robert, boot & shoe maker, Gabriel’s hill

Syckelmoore William, bookseller, printer, stationer & bookbinder, High street

Tanner Benjamin & Edward R. woolstaplers, fellmongers & tanners, Bank street

Tassell Thomas & Co. mahogany & timber, slate & stone merchants, brick makers & lime burners, Westborough

Tate James, silversmith, High street

Taylor Clement, chemist, High street

Taylor George, physician, King street

Tendall Henry, corn measure manufacturer, timber merchant & saw mills, Marsham str

Terrill Collin, tailor, Week street

Terry Henry, carman, Union street

Terry Thomas, fruiterer, Mote road

Thomas Edward, tinplate worker, Bank street

Thomas William H. tailor, King street

Thompson George, boot & shoe maker, Week street

Thorner Thomas, greengrocer, Upper Stone street

Tilby Charles, hairdresser, Brewer street

Tolhurst Henry, professor of music, Stone street

Tolhurst Thomas George, grocer & teadealer, High street

Tolhurst William Henry, boot & shoe maker, King street

Tootell Joseph, surveyor, auctioneer & estate agent, & agent to the Alliance fire & life Assurance office, Stone street

Townsend Richard, dining rooms, High street

Trendall Mrs. Mary Ann, printer & bag maker, Water lane

Trice William, fruiterer, Week street

Trice William, ‘Two Brewers’, Week street

Twitchell Mrs. Sarah, working jeweller, King street

Tyler John, boot & shoe maker, Week street

Upton John, bricklayer, Loose road

Usborne George, carman, Knightrider street

Usmar Draper, tinman & brazier, King street

Usmar George, ‘Rose & Crown’, High street

Usmar Horatio, ‘Lamb’, Waterside

Usmar Russel, pork butcher, Week street

Vane John, fruiterer, Mote road

Varty Robinson, academy, Upper Stone street

Vidler Richard, beer retailer, Bridge

Vincent John, iron, rag & bone merchant, St. Faith st. wharf

Vinten Mrs. Frances, straw bonnet maker, Puddling lane

Waghorne James, general repository, Gabriel’s hill

Wakefield George, butcher, Stone street

Wakeford George, dealer in marine stores, Knightrider street

Waller William, shopkeeper, Union street

Walter Richard, jun. plumber, painter & glazier, Bower place

Waters James, tailor, Upper Stone street

Watson William, surgeon, Bower place

Wattell & Son, coach buildres, King street

Watts Edward & Co. grocers & provision merchants, High street

Watts James & Edward & Co. linen & woollen drapers, High street

Weeks James, White Lion inn, Stone street

Weeks John, coal & wood merchant, Mote road

Weeks William, millwright & engineer, Mote road, & Upper Stone street

Weller Charles, butcher, Week street

Welling Mrs. Louisa, dressmaker, Pudding lane

Wells Henry, coal dealer, Wharf lane

Wells Thomas, tailor, Gabriel’s hill

Wenman William, tailor, Stone street

West Benjamin, cabinet maker, Church street

West George, ‘Phoenix’, Sandling road

West William, cabinet maker, Romney place

West William, printer, bookseller, stationer & bookbinder, High street

Weston Mrs. Margaret, coffee & dining rooms, High street

Whatman & Joy, surgeons, Gabriel’s hill

Wheatley John, ‘Fountain’, Week street

Whichcord & Son, architects & surveyors, Week street

Whichcord John, surveyor to the county of Kent, Week street

White James, fruiterer, Week street

White William, grocer, Week street

White William, printer, Union street

Wickenden Robert, ‘Royal Oak’, Westborough

Wickham & Son, booksellers, stationers, printers & sub-distributors of stamps, Week str

Wicks Thomas, livery stable keeper, Earl street

Wickstead William H. boarding school, London road

Wildes, Son & Fleetwood, solicitors, St. Faith street

Wildes Henry Atkinson, deputy clerk of the peace, & clerk to the lieutenancy of the county, St. Faith street

Williams Mrs. Mary Ann, beer retailer, High street

Williams Walter, shopkeeper, Havock street

Wills Mrs. Mary & Son, painters & japanners, Stone street

Willson George, baker, Stone street

Wilson David, shopkeeper, Tovil

Wilson George, baker, St. Faith street

Wilson George, cabinet maker, Gabriel’s hill

Wilson John L. tailor, Wyatt street

Wilson John William, corn miller, Tovil

Wilson William, corn miller, Tovil

Wimble Edward & Francis S. chemists, Week street

Winser Edward, linendraper, Gabriel’s hill

Winter George, butcher, Union street

Winter Joseph, tailor & woollen draper, High street

Wise Samuel, beer retailer, Upper Stone street

Wood & Finch, coal merchants, wharfingers & dealers in cake & guano, Mason’s wharf

Wood James, blacksmith, George yard

Wood Joseph, beer retailer, Upper Stone street

Wood Robert Henry, scale, weight & weighing machine manufaturer & cutler, High str

Woodward Thomas, clothier, Gabriel’s hill

Woolcott John, surgeon, Marsham street

Woollett Charles, cooper, Upper Stone street

Woollett George, ‘Grasshopper’, Sandling road

Woolley Philip James, dyer & scourer, calenderer, hotpresser & fancy shawl cleaner, Pudding lane

Wraith Hart, grocer & cheesemonger, Week street

Wray Thomas, coal dealer, Perryfield cottages

Wright Charles, coal merchant & corn factor, High street

Wright Henry, wharfinger, coal merchant & dealer in linssed cake & guano, Town wharf

Wright John, hardwareman & dealer in wool, sheepskins, & foreign & English manures, High street

Wright William, grocer, Sandling road

POST OFFICE, Gabriel’s hill. – George Jury, postmaster.

Money orders are issued & paid from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.

Receiving houses:-- C. Hills, Westborough; Rt Maidman, King street; Thos. Paris, Stone street; J. Jewell, Week street.

Letts can only be posted at the above receiving houses to ¼  to 11 a.m. ½ past 6 p.m.  Letters from London, &c. arrive by cross post from Rochester by night mail & dispatched at 10 p.m.  Letters may be posted till 10 p.m.  Also from ½ past 9 till 10 by extra stamp.  From London by day mail, arrive ½ past 2 & delivered at 3 p.m., are dispatched ¼ past 11 a.m. sun. ex.  Letters may be posted till 11 a.m., & from that time till 5 min. past 11 by extra stamp.  Letters from Ashford arrive ½ past 7 p.m. dispatched 10 min. past 5 a.m.  Letters from Malding, arrive ¼ before 7 p.m. dispatched at 6 a.m.  Letters from Headcorn, at 7 p.m. dispatched at 6 a.m.  Letters from Yalding, arrive at ½ past 7 p.m. dispatched 6 a.m.  Letters from Mereworth & Wateringbury, arrive 8 p.m. dispatched 6 a.m.  Mail between Staplehurst station & Rochester, arrive ½ past 8 p.m. from Staplehurst with letters from Romney, Dymchurch, Rye, Staplehurst, the whole of Sussex, the Weald & west of Kent at ½ past 7 p.m.  Letters received till ½ past 6, & by extra stamp, till 20 min. past 7.  Letters from London, Rochester, for the above places, are dispatched 45 min. past 4 a.m.


Mercer, Randall & Mercer, Bank street; draw on Masterman & Co. London

London & County Joint Stock Bank (Thomas Green manager), High street; draw on Head office, 71 Lombard street

Savings’ Bank, Middle row, High street, open on thurs. morn. From 10 till 12, & sat. even. From 6 to 8; Alexander Randall, esq. treasurer; James Watts & John Smith, auditors; S. L. Hazell, esq. secretary


Alliance Fire & Life, Joseph Tootell

Atlas Fire & Life, George Nye, 19 Gabriel’s hill

British Empire Mutual Fire & Life, W. Syckelmoore, High street

Church of England Fire & Life, John Monckton

County Fire, William Day, High street

Farmers’ & General, John Smith, Week street

Guardian Fire & Life, Thomas George Tolhurst, High street

Kent Fire & Life, Chief office, High street, Edward Hughes, esq. secretary

London, Edinburgh & Dublin Life, S. Bartlett

Minerva Life, Samuel G. Reader, Stone street

National Provident Institution, George Smith

Norwich Union Fire & Life, Hall & Son, 83 Bank street

Royal Exchange, George Philpot, Stone street

Scottish Union, Samuel Plimpton

Star Life, Charles Baker, sen. 67 Bank street

Sun Fire & Life, R. R. & G. Spencer, week street


A.J.B. Hope, esq. Arlow house, Connaught place & Carlton club;

G. Dodd, esq. F.S.A. 26 Montague square




Mayor – Joseph Tootell, esq.

Ex-Mayor – Charles Scudamore, esq. Week street

Recorder – Sir Walter Riddell, bart


Thos. Franklyn, Stone street

Edwin Stacey, Stone street

Alex. Randall, Ashford road

Chas. Hoar, Rocky hill

Thos. Day, Ashford road

John Mercer, Rocky hill


John Watts, High street

Wm. Johnson, Somerfield ter

Henry Argles, Ashford road

John Brenchley, Barming hth

Charles Wright, Earl street

Henry Simmonds, jun. Ashford road

Charles Simmonds, King street

Richard Hart, Week street

Thomas Potts, Wheeler street

John Whichcord, Week street

Wm. Haynes, King street

John Smith, Week street

David S. White, Tovil

Chas. Scudamore, Week street

Joseph Tootell, Stone street

Wm. Masters, Romney place

Wm. Wickham, Rocky hill

Thos. Tassell, London road


Chaplain – Rev. John Spurgin, M.A.

Treasurer – William Beale

Auditors – C. Simmonds, King street; J.P. Joslen, Earl street; T. Clayton, King street

Revising Assessors – George Hulburd & Charles Morgan

Assessors – High street ward, James Poole & Joseph Brown; King street ward, William Cobb & David Southon; Stone street ward, Edward Russell Tanner & Henry Ballard; Westborough ward, Robert Cooper & W.H. Bensted

Borough Magistrates.

Sir Walter B. Riddell, bart. Recorder

Chas. Scudamore, esq.

John Mercer, esq.

Thomas Day, esq.

Charles Ellis, esq.

Thomas Hyde, esq.

Thomas Edmett, esq.

Alexander Randall, esq.

Thomas Franklyn, esq.


Coroner, Frank Fether Dally, Week street

Clerks to County Magistrates, Hoar & Beale

Clerk to the Borough Magistrates, John Case

Town Clerk, John Monckton, King street

Clerk of the Peace & High Bailiff to County Court, Clement Taylor Smythe, Brewer street

Commissioner for taking Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women, John C. Stephens, Week street

Deputy Clerk of the Peace & Clerk to the Lieutenancy of the County, Henry Atkinson Wildes

County Surveyor, John Whichcord

Surveyor of Taxes for Aylesford, East & North & Upper South & Dartford, John Phillips

Clerk to Trustees of the Poor, Registration of Maidstone Union, Richard Holmes

Superintendent Registrar for the Maidstone District, including all the Parishes of the Union, W. N. Ottaway, Staplehurst

Registrar of Births & Deaths, East Maidstone District, J. Ruck, King street

Registrar of Births & Deaths, West Maidstone District, Richard Holmes;

Loose District, William Streatfield, Bearstead;

Marden District, Nathaniel Walter, jun. Marden;

Yalding District, John White, Yalding



County Court, James Espinasse, esq. judge; Charles Scudamore, esq. clerk; C.T. Smythe, esq. bailiff

Maidstone Cavalry Depot, Colonel Middleton, commandant; Lieutenant-Colonel Griffiths, assistant ditto; Major L.C.A. Meyer, riding master; Lieutenant Swinny, acting adjutant; Captian Castle, paymaster; John Swindley, quartermaster; Charles Brett, vetinary surgeon; Dr. Marshall, M.D. barrack master; James Clephane Minto, surgeon; Rev. T. Harrison, A.M. chaplain

West Kent Infirmary & Dispensary, Earl of Romney, president; John Edward Elam, house surgeon; Dr. William Sibbald & Dr. Taylor, physicians; Frederick Fry & William Hoar, surgeons; Mrs. Homewood, housekeeper & nurse

Opthalmic Hospital, Church street, J.H. Puleston, house surgeon

Customs (Inland Revenue Office), principal officers of Customs:-- William Henry Webb, Wheeler street; Thos. Eman, esq. collector, Stone street; Thomas Coulson, clerk, 19 Albion place; George Salmon, supervisor, Marsham street; William Herring, division officer, Wheeler street; David Genn, first ride officer, Union street; Edmund Barham, second ditto, Loose; Thomas Miller, third ditto, Union street

South Eastern Railway, Westborough, Thomas Simmons, station master; Frederick John Hiller, manager goods department

Stamp Office, John Smith, 10 Week street, & Phoebe Wickham, Week street, sub-distributors

Maidstone Visiting Provident Society, Rev. William Vallance, president

Maidstone Agricultural Association, R. Summerfield, hon. Secretary

Benevolent Society, S.L. Hazell, treasurer

Child Bed Linen Society, Miss Burr, treasurer

County Lunatic Asylum, Barming heath, Rev. F. Buttanshaw, chaplain; Dr. James Huxley, medical superintendent; William Sibbald, M.D. physician; James Whatman, surgeon; William Beale, clerk to the committee

Horticultural Society, the Earl of Romney, president; J.G. Smith, hon. Secretary

County Prison, Joseph Bone, govenor; Valentine Brown, clerk; Rev. John Winter, chaplain; James Whatman, surgeon; Sarah Ravenell, matron

Maidstone Union Workhouse, Coxheath, John Jarman Dovey, master; Rev. William Vallance, M.A. chaplain; Godfrey Sanders, John Otley, Maidstone; H. Pout, Yalding; J. Penkevill, Staplehurst; C. Kennett, East Farleigh; R. Perry, Marden, medical officers & vaccinators;  Wm. Nash Ottaway, clerk; T. Patten, Rochester, auditor

Alms Houses (Sir John Banks’), six houses, Faith street, for six poor men & women; (E. Hunter’s), six houses, Mote road, for six poor men & women; (J. Brenchley’s), four houses, King street, for old men & women; (Mrs. Duke’s), three houses, King street, for females; (Corrall Charity’s), six houses, College lane, for men & women

Assembly Rooms, Upper Week street

Billiard Rooms, Mitre hotel, ‘Bull’, ‘Star’, & licensed rooms, Week street

Gas Works, Chas. Beaumont, sec. St. Peter st. Westborough

Literary & Scientific Association, Mill street, George Burgess, librarian

Mechanics’ Institution, High street

Police Station, King street, Thomas Faucett, superintendent; T. Faucett, jun. inspector

Town Hall, High street

Theatre, High street


All Saints’ Church, Rev. William Vallance, M.A. incumbent; Rev. __ Hodgson, Rev. G.W. Corker, B.A. Rev. J.B. Harrison, M.A. curates; James Ruck, clerk

Trinity Church, Rev. Thomas Harrison, M.A. minister; Rev. G. Bayley, M.A. Rev. H.F. Newbolt, B.A. curates; John Smith, clerk

St. Peter’s Church, Rev. George Davy, B.A. incumbent; Rev. J. Ford, B.A. curate

St. Stephen’s Church, Tovil, Rev. Richard Mason, M.A. minister; W. Ashdown, clerk

Baptist Chapel, King street, H.H. Dobney, minister

Bethel Chapel, Union street, Daniel Cranbrook, minister

Independent Chapel, Week street, Rev. E. Jinkings, minister

Providence Chapel (Calvinistic), Mote road, Rev. J. Slim

Primitive Methodist Chapel, Orchard street

Quaker, Wheeler street

Unitarian Chapel, Earl street, Rev. W. Stevens, minister

Wesleyan Chapel, Union street, Rev. John Geden, minister

Zion Chapel (Countess of Huntingdon’s), Brewer street, Rev. R. Pingree, minister


Free Grammar, Rev. John Spurgin, A.M. master

Agricultural & Commercial College, David Walker, M.A. head master

Blue Coat, Knightrider street, Gregory Page, master; Miss Shute, mistress

Sir Charles Booth’s, Edward Gandy, master

National (boys), Charles Jennings, master; (girls), Miss Shute, mistress; (infants), Mrs. Martin, mistress

School, St. Peter’s Church, Miss Payne, mistress

Model National, Rd. Floyd, master; (infants), Miss Daymond, mistress

Tovil Day & Sunday, Town hall, Mrs. Epps, mistress

Sunday (for girls), Mrs. Prance

Sunday, St. Faith’s (infants), Miss Stevenson, mistress

Infants, Upper Stone street, Miss Jane Walter, mistress

British (for girls), St. Faith’s green, Miss Mary Ann Coleman, mistress

British (for boys), Wheeler street, Wm. Henry Catlin, master


Maidstone Journal & Kentish Advertiser, Edward Pickard Hall, publisher, 83 Bank street

Maidstone & South Eastern Gazette, Cutbush, Whiting & Cutbush, publishers, 27 Week street


S.B. Swinfen, Bell hotel, Week street; Edward Muruss, Star  hotel, High street



LONDON – Martin’s Tally Ho! From the Swan inn every morn. (sun. ex.) at 8 morn., returns from the ‘Golden Cross’, Charing cross, at 2 aft., calls at the ‘Bolt in Tun,’ Fleet street, & Blossom’s inn, Lawrence lane, at ½ past 2 aft. & 98 Borough, ¼ to 3 aft.  Coach through Wrotham, &c. from the ‘Haunch,’ High street, daily at 3 aft. in winter & 4 aft. in summer (sun. ex.)

ASHFORD, through Harrietsham & Lenham – Omnibus from ‘Haunch,’ at 3 aft. daily (sun.ex.)

CANTERBURY – Omnibus, every aft. at 4, through Sittingbourne, from ‘Haunch of Venison’, High street

CRANBROOK & STAPLEHURST – Omnibus from ‘Haunch,’ at ½ past 2 aft. daily (sun. ex.) meeting conveyance to Tenterden, Rye & Hawkhurst

GRAVESEND – Omnibus at various hours to meet the steam-boats, through Chatham, Rochester, &c. from Randall’s New inn, arriving in time for the steam vessel leaving for London & Blackwall

HASTINGS & STAPLEHURST – Smith’s Omnibus, daily, at ½ past 11 morn. Returning to Maidstone 3 aft. from the ‘Haunch of Venison,’ daily at 10 morn. To castle hotel, Hastings.  Stickell’s passenger van, through Staplehurst, Cranbrook, Hawkhurst & Battle, at ¼ to 11 morn. (sun. ex.)

MALLING – Omnibus from ‘Haunch,’ daily (sun. ex.) at 5 aft.

ROCHESTER & CHATHAM – Omnibuses to Strood to meet all the trains, from the ‘Haunch,’ calling at the ‘Mitre,’ High street & New inn, Week street.  Kennett’s Omnibus to Strood station, ½ past 4 aft. every day, from the ‘Swan’

TUNBRIDGE WELLS – Ray’s Omnibus, at ½ past 4 aft. from the ‘Swan,’ High street



Simmonds & Flint, Bridge wharf, by South Eastern railway to Maidstone, Marden, Staplehurst, Headcorn, Tenterden, Cranbrook & all parts of Kent & Sussex;  London office, 289 High street, Borough;  General Country office, Staplehurst station

John & Wm. G. Larking, to London by railway, also by van to London, daily at 5 aft. from offices, Pudding lane, Maidstone;  returns from the George inn, Aldermanbury, at 6 even. & George inn, Borough, at 7 even. (sun. ex.)

Pickford & Co. to London & all parts of the north by railway; offices, High street, Maidstone, & Castle inn, Wood street, Cheapside, London


BENENDEN – Austen, from ‘Ship,’ fri.; Hickley, from ‘Castle’, tues.; Drury, from ‘Castle’, tues

BIDDENDEN – Levett, from ‘Town Arms,’ tues. & thurs.; Palmer, from ‘Town Arms,’ tues. & thurs

BOUGHTON MALHERBE – Hodges, from ‘Castle,’ tues. & sat

BOUGHTON MONCHELSEA – Rouse, from ‘Rose & Crown,’ tues. thurs & sat

BREDGAR – Sage, from ‘Bull,’ sat; Mercer, from ‘Castle,’ tues. & fri

BRENCHLEY & MALFIELD GREEN – Joy, from ‘Rose & Crown,’ tues, & fri

BURWASH & HURST GREEN – Manwaring, from ‘Castle,’ tues

CHARING – Wilson, from ‘Haunch’, tues. thurs & sat

CRANBROOK & STAPLEHURST – Williams, from ‘Castle’, tues. thurs & sat

DEBTLING – Knight, from ‘George’, thurs. & sat

DODDINGTON & FAVERSHAM – Record, from ‘Rose & Crown’, thurs

EGERTON – Harris, from ‘Lamb’, thurs.; Coppins, from ‘Bull’, tues. thurs. & sat

EWHURST – Fisher, from ‘Castle’, wed. & fri

FARLEIGH, EAST & WEST – Ashdown, from ‘Queen’s Head’, tues. thurs. & sat

FRITTENDEN – Burton, from ‘Ship’, mon. & thurs

GOUDHURST – Dobell, from ‘Haunch’, tues. & fri

HADLOW – Beale, from ‘Star’, fri

HASTINGS – Osborn, from ‘Castle’, wed

HASTINGS & RYE – Mercer, from ‘Castle’, tues. & fri; Richardson, from ‘Castle’, thurs

HAWKHURST – Chainey, from ‘Castle’, tues. & fri

HEADCORN – Wood, from ‘Haunch’, mon. thurs. & sat

HIGH HALDEN – Lendridge, from ‘Town Arms’, thurs

HOLLINGBOURN – Honey, from ‘Royal Oak’, tues. thurs. & sat

HORSMONDEN – Neale, from ‘Queen’s Head’, thurs. & sat

IDEN – Bennett, from ‘Castle’, daily

IGHTHAM – Knight, from ‘Rose & Crown’, wed. & fri

LENHAM – Ware, from ‘Castle’, mon. tues. thurs. & sat.; Record, from ‘Rose & Crown’, thurs.; Wilson, from ‘George’, tues. thurs. & sat.; Chapman, from ‘Rose & Crown’, thurs.; Hughes, from ‘Haunch’, tues. thurs. & sat

LEWES – Manwaring, from ‘Castle’, tues

LIVERTON – Hodges, from ‘Castle’, tues. thurs. & sat

MALLING, EAST & WEST – Bromley, from ‘Rose & Crown’, daily; Pankhurst, from Bridge tavern, tues. thurs. & sat.; Billinghurst, from ‘Castle’, tues. thurs. & sat.; Small, mail cart from Pudding lane, daily

MARDEN – Russell, from ‘Sun’, mon. & fri.; Sharp, from ‘Ship’, tues. thurs. & sat.; Osborne, from ‘Haunch’, tues. thurs. & sat

MEREWORTH – Roser, from ‘Rose & Crown’, thurs

MILKHOUSE STREET – Williams, from ‘Castle’, mon. wed. & fri

PECKHAM, EAST – Smith, from ‘Rose & Crown’, mon. wed. & fri.; Mills, from ‘Sun’, tues. thurs. & sat

PEMBURY – Homewood, from ‘Sun’, thurs

ROBERTSBRIDGE & HAWKHURST – Funnell, from ‘Rose & Crown’, tues

ROLVENDEN – Kennett, from ‘Castle’, tues. & fri

SANDHURST – Mercer, from ‘Castle’, tues. & fri.; Gladwish, from ‘Castle’, tues. thurs. & sat

SEDLESCOMBE – Osborn, from ‘Castle’, wed

SEVENOAKS & SEAL – Knight, from ‘Rose & Crown’, wed. & fri

SEVENOAKS – Wigzell, from ‘Haunch’, fri

SITTINGBOURNE – Gibbons, from ‘Haunch’, tues. thurs. & sat

SUTTON VALENCE – Collins, from ‘Maquis of Granby’, daily; Ashdown, from ‘Haunch’, tues. thurs. & sat.; Giles, from ‘Rose & Crown’, thurs

TENTERDEN – Roberts, from ‘Rodney’s Head’, tues. & sat

TICEHURST – Stanbridge, from ‘Rose & Crown’, fri

TICEHURST & TUDELEY – Joy, from ‘Rose & Crown’, tues. thurs. & sat

TUDELEY – Mills, from ‘Rose & Crown’, tues. thurs. & sat

TUNBRIDGE WELLS – Sparks, from ‘Haunch’, mon. & thurs

TROTTERSCLIFFE – Bromley, from ‘Rose & Crown’, thurs

ULCOMB – Collison, from ‘Haunch’, thurs.; Hodges, from ‘Castle’, tues. & sat.; Thomas, from ‘Mitre’, sat.; Ledger, from ‘Rose & Crown’, thurs

WATERINGBURY – Manser, from ‘Mitre’, tues. thurs. & sat

WITTERSHAM – Bennett, from Larking’s booking office, Pudding lane, daily

WOODCHURCH – Beeching, from ‘Castle’, thurs

WROTHAM – Baldwin, from ‘Mitre’, sat

YALDING – Roff, from ‘Haunch’, tues. thurs. & sat.; Shoebridge, from ‘Haunch’, tues. thurs. & sat.; Middleton, from ‘Castle’, wed. & fri


Hunt & Mellersh, barges to & from Bull wharf, Upper Thames street, every tues. thurs. & sat

Wood & Finch’s hoys tp & from Brook’s wharf, Queenhithe, Upper Thames street, sat.; John Graham, wharfinger

W. Master & Sons’ barges, from Albion wharf every tues. thurs. & sat. to & from Three Cranes wharf, Up. Thames street

Simmonds & Flint’s barges from Bridge wharf, every tues. thurs. & sat.  to & from West Kent wharf, London bridge

H. Wright’s barges to & from London twice a-week, to Phoenix wharf, London bridge

D. Knight & Co.’s vessel in the coal & stone trade, from Maidstone to North of England


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Maidstone Directory 1851
Created by Maureen Rawson