Dover Mayors

Mayors in Dover, Kent

Source: The Annuls of Dover.
Transcribed by Dorothy Holden

1606    John TOOKE

1607    Henry STEEDE

1608    Robert GARRETT

1609    Robert AUSTIN

1610    William LEONARD

1611    William LEONARD

1612    Edward KEMPE

1612    William WARDE         William Warde was Mayor 4 times

1614  ?
1615  ?

1616    Thomas FOORD         Thomas was Mayor twice (1625)

1617    Nicholas EATON       Nicholas was Mayor in 1617,1630,1631. He was a wealthy merchant

1618    William WARDE
1619    William WARDE

1620    John BROUNGER

1621    Robert GARRETT

1622    Henry STEEDE

1623    John WAADE

1624    John WAADE

1625    Thomas FOORD

1626    John PRINGLE         John Pringle was chosen Mayor in September 1626 and at the same time 
                             he was a burgess of Parliament

1627    Stephen MONIN        Stephen Monin was chosen Mayor 5 times in all
1628    Stephen MONIN
1629    Stephen MONIN

1630    Nicholas EATON
1631    Nicholas EATON

1632    Thomas TEDDIMAN      Thomas Teddiman was Mayor in 1632,1633 and 1640.
                             He was a Captain in the Navy during the Commonwealth.  After the Restoration
                             he was made what was called the Dover Admiral and in 1662 and 1664 he
                             distinguished himself in naval actions against the Dutch.  He was knighted
                             for his valour and his picture was painted by Lilly for the Duke of York.
                             In 1667 he was appointed Port Admiral of Dover.  In May 1668 he died in
                             London and was honoured with a public funeral.
1633     Thomas TEDDIMAN

1634    Luke PEPPER          Luke Pepper was of the same family as earlier and later Mayors of that name.
1635    Luke PEPPER

1636    Stephen MONIN
1637    Stephen MONIN

1638   Thomas DAY            Thomas Day saw a gloomy time.  In his first year the Plague visited 
                             Dover and in his last ( 1648) he had to proclaim the execution of the 
                             King to the inhabitants
1639     Thomas DAY

1640    Thomas TEDDIMAN

1641    Thomas CULLEN        Thomas Cullen was Mayor in 1641 and 1642.  During his second year 
                             Dover Castle was seized for the Cromwellian party
1642    Thomas CULLEN

1643    Luke BRAYLSFORD

1644    John GOLDER          John Golder was Mayor 4 times, he was a Doctor
1645    John GOLDER
1646    John GOLDER

1647    Nicholas ROBERTS

1648    Thomas DAY

1649    William RICHARDS     William Richards had a residence named the Green House at the Pier.  
                             Isaac MINET as a boy made a stay of two years in Dover and resided there in 1674-75

1650    John BROOME          John Broome was a Royalist who regarding the Commonwealth as a settled 
                             form of Government accepted office under it.  
                             He died during his year of office.

1650     Edward PRESCOTT     Edward Prescott took on the role of Mayor when John Broome died.  
                             He held the Manor of Guston as his ancestors and descendents did.  
                             The Prescotts have been Yeoman in the parish of Guston and
                             of Whitfield in the time of the War of the Roses.

1651     William CULLEN      William Cullen was Mayor 4 times.  He caused the Royal Arms to be taken 
                             down from the front of the court hall, and the Arms of the Commonwealth 
                             put in their place.
1652     William CULLEN

1653    Edward PRESCOTT

1654    Valentine TATNELL    Valentine Tatnell was very active in promoting good order.

1655    Thomas WHITE         Thomas White asked the Common Council to order that the 3 small maces 
                             should be sold and one large one obtained instead.  The small maces were 
                             sold but a larger one not obtained until after the Restoration.
1656    Thomas WHITE

1657    Nathaniel SMITH      Nathaniel Smith died on the 23rd August, a fortnight before his 
                             Mayoralty would have closed.

1657    William CULLEN
1658    William CULLEN

1659    Thomas BROOME        Thomas Broome was a Sergeant at Law.  At the time there was some 
                             expectation of the Restoration.  On the landing of Charles II at Dover 
                             Thomas Broome Esq. made a speech to his Majesty on his knees.  Mr John 
                             READING Minister of the Gospel presented his Majesty with a Bible.

1660    John LOOME           John Loome, the first Chief Magistrate, was a Royalist and had been 
                             on the Register of Suspected Persons during the Commonwealth.

1661    John GOLDER

1662    Richard JACOB        Richard Jacob was chosen 3 times - 1662, 1672 and 1673.  
                             He was a French Huguenot.

1663    William EATON        William Eaton was a Notary connected with the Custom House

1664    Nicholas EATON       Brother to William

1665    George WEST          Mayor in 1665, 1683 and 1687.  
                             He was a Malster and had also been on the Register of Suspected Persons.

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Dover Mayors
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