Maidstone Oaths of Allegiance and Supremacy 1662

Initially jurats and councilmen were required to publicly take this oath and those that refused were removed from office and replaced. In October 1662 other men were called before Commissioners to take the Oaths and subscribe to a Declaration. There are 269 names on the lists but some are probably duplicated. The total population of Maidstone at this time was about 3000.

Source: 'Records of Maidstone' by K.S.Martin, 1926 on LDS Microfilm #0928607

Surname Forename Notes
Acton William
Allen James Jurat, removed
Archer Benjamin
Ayerst Henry
Bance Robert
Barefoote William
Barnet Edward
Barnett Edward Jr.
Barrett William Refused, leather searcher
Baseden Robert
Beale John
Beale John To be Jurat
Beaver Michael
Beckett Henry
Beeckman Daniel
Bennett Nicholas
Benson Thomas
Benson George
Bentley Henry
Best John
Bickford William
Bickford William To be councilman
Bickman Daniel To be councilman
Biggs Robert
Bills Richard
Blackman William
Blist Thomas
Blist Thomas To be councilman
Blythe John
Bodyam Nicholas
Bodyam David
Booker Thomas
Boone Humphrey
Bosville Edward
Brooke Robert
Brooke Robert To be Jurat
Brooke Robert
Brooke Edward
Burbedge John
Callant James
Callant Robert
Callant John Jr.
Callant John
Catlett William Refused to subscribe
Catlett Thomas
Chantler John Removed
Chantler John
Charlton William Refused
Cheese Robert
Clerke Daniell
Clerke William
Climpson Edward
Climpson George
Cobb Henry
Collins Daniel
Collins Cuthbert
Collins Daniel To be Jurat
Colvill Edmond Refused, councilman
Comber George
Cosford William
Couper Thomas
Covell George
Cox William To be councilman
Cox William
Cripps John Mayor
Cripps John Jr.
Crispe John Jr. To be councilman
Darbey Richard
Dawson Christofer
Dennis George
Dennis George To be Jurat
Doninge John
Double Abraham
Downe William
Eastrey Roger
Ellis John
Ellis Thomas
Farrance Richard
Farrance Richard Refused to subscribe
Feild Richard Refused to subscribe
Fleete Edward
Fletcher Thomas
Fletcher Thomas To be Jurat
Fletcher Samuel
Foster Robert
Fourd David
Francis Arthur
Francklyn Walter Esq.
Garland John
Godden John Tayler
Godden Robert
Gore John
Gore Robert To be councilman
Gore Robert
Gore John To be councilman
Gough Henry
Greeman John
Greene George
Greenhill John
Gyles Walter
Hales Mathew Refused
Hall Augustine
Hammon John
Harris Richard To be councilman
Harris Richard
Harris Arthur
Harris Thomas
Harrison Peter To be councilman
Harrison Peter
Hayler Robert
Head Thomas
Heath Robert Jurat, removed
Hely Gervas
Hely Gervas To be Jurat
Hills John Cordwayner
Hills Daniell
Hoad William Refused
Hoad John
Hoad William Jr. Blacksmith
Hoad William Cordwayner
Hoad William Jr.
Hodges Richard To be councilman
Hodges John
Hodges Richard
Holmes Bryan
Hope Thomas
Hope Thomas To be councilman
How John
How James
How John Jr.
How John Refused, aleconner
Howse Henry
Howting Thomas
Hubbard Richard Refused, borsholder
Hughes Alexander Refused
Hunt Henry
Huntley Richard
Hurt Robert
Hurte James
Jackson Edward
Jewry Edward
Jones David
Joy Robert Cordwayner
Kilburne Isaac
Kinge Thomas
Kinge Thomas Refused, councilman
Kinge Abraham
Kipps Thomas
Kitchenham John
Knight Edmond
Lake Robert
Lake Thomas Recorder
Lake Robert To be councilman
Lamb Francis Refused
Lambe Francis
Lanes John Removed, councilman
Lanes John
Lawrence Rowland Refused
Longley George
Longley James
Lutwicke John Removed
Lutwicke John
Maplisden Gervas Jr.
Maplisden Gervase Refused
Maplisden Michael
Marshall Thomas
Mason John
Maylam Francis
Medhurst James
Michell William
Michell Ralph?
Milway Ambrose Refused
Moone Robert To be leather searcher
Moone Robert Jr.
Moone Robert
Moore Thomas
Newnham James
Ongley George Jurat, refused
Pawle John
Peirce John
Peirce George
Peirce Richard
Pellam William
Pemberton Nathaniel
Pett Thomas
Pett Thomas To be councilman
Pollard Cornelius
Post William
Rawlins Nicholas
Raynolds Stephen
Roberts Henry
Roberts Nicholas
Roch James
Romney Lawrence
Ruse James Refused
Russell William
Salmon Caleb
Salmon Thomas
Sanders Thomas
Savage John
Savage John Removed, councilman
Saxby Thomas
Scott Gervas
Shipper Jonathan
Singer Thomas
Skilton Thomas
Smyth Thomas
Smyth Thomas
Sorrey Robert
Stanley Thomas
Swan Thomas
Symons Nicholas
Symonson Richard
Tarry John
Tayler Matthew
Terryll Thomas
Tilden John
Tomlyn George
Tonge John
Tonge John To be councilman
Tresse Francis
Troughton Jonathan Jurat, refused
Tupper George
Turner William
Venman Thomas To be councilman
Venman Thomas
Vernell William
Viney John To be councilman
Viney John
Walker Richard
Walker George
Walker George To be councilman
Walker George
Walker Thomas
Walker Richard To be councilman
Wall Thomas
Wall William Cordwayner
Wall William
Walter Thomas Refused
Ward Ralph
Ward Richard
Ward Walter
Warren Francis
Warren John
Weeks Stephen
Weldish William To be councilman
Weldish William
West Robert
Wharfe John
Whetstone Thomas
Whiteinge Clement
Wicken Richard Didn't subscribe
Wilcocke Edward
Wilcocke Edward
Wilkes John Refused
Willard William
Willard John
Willard William
Wilson Henry
Wilson Samuel
Wilson William
Wilson Christopher
Wolball James Refused
Wood Samuel
Wood Thomas
Wood Thomas
Woodfield John
Woodgate John
Woollet Walter

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Maidstone Oaths 1662
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