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Maidstone Paupers 1834

This is a list of some people receiving parish relief from Maidstone in 1834.
The original list contained names of other people for which there was no extra family information.

Families were often listed as, for example, W35 G9 B4, which translates as Wife aged 35, girl aged 9 and boy aged 4.

Source: Maidstone Parish Chest

Last Name First Name Age Address Notes
Alldridge Sarah 56 Earl Str. Wid of Benj'm, quarryman, sells green grocery in the market, Sep 24/34
Ashdown Frances 40 Week Str. (John Crouch's) Ill and has kept to her bed more than 3 yrs.
Ashown William 50 George Street Wife Eliz'th 47, G14 B12 G10 G8 B6 G4, bricklayer
Austen Jane 10 Willow Walk, Vauxhall, London Orphan
Austen Sarah 6 Willow Walk, Vauxhall, London Orphan
Baker Elizabeth 22 (b.1811) London G5, now wife of Fred'k Taylor, lab'r
Baldock Will'm 60 (b.1773) Waterside Lab'r, with son Edw'd, very lame - rheumatism - never able to work
Bow Thomas 72 (b.1761) Well Str., Loose Papermaker, cripple
Bradshaw James 40 (b.1793) Rose & Crown Yard W35, gardener, insane
Bridges Harriet 53 (b.1780) Waterside Singlewoman, cripple
Britcher Phoebe 60 (b.1773) Stour Str.? lives with dau's Mary & Phoebe opposite Mr Munks, Straw Bonnet maker
Britter William 36 (b.1797) West Boro' Cripple
Britter Sam'l 61 Stone Str. op Fortune of War W59, lab'r Javelin Man - subject to fits, unable to work Aug 22/34
Bunn Hannah 25 Mr Freeman's, King's Head, Water.... B4 (bastard), servant, Robert Collens the father.
Her child living with Joseph Bunn at Capel. Jul 16/34
Chambers Ann 45 (b.1788) Rose & Crown Yard G13 B7, now wife of Henry Elgar, lab'r
Clegg Eliz'th 56 Near Methodist Chapel, Union Str. Widow of David,
takes in washing, earns 1/6 or 2/- a week, a weakly woman Sep 24/34
Collings Thomas 67 (b.1767) Bonny's Passage, King's Str. W68, shoemaker, ruptured double, mends shoes,
cannot do much in consequence of his rupture Sep 24/34
Crisfield Jemima 60 Near Queen Ann, Union Str. Wid of W'm, G12,
takes in washing, has a dau takes in needlework, rent 4/- a week. Sep 24/34
Cutbush Maria 26 (b.1807) 35 Pudding Lane single, a cripple lame at the hip, frequently confined to bed
Davis Cath. 35 9 Parliament Str. Wife of Thomas a blacksmith run away, G13 G11 B9 B4 eldest subject to fits,
goes out charing, takes in or goes out washing and does needlework, rent 2/6.
Dawson Thomas 42 came from Tunbridge Wells 12 Sep run away and left children, B12 B6 G5 B2, Sep 17/34
Eaglesden Mary 67 Busby's Yard,High St Widow of Joseph, does a little washing, infirm, weak legs
Edmeads Will'm 16 Loose lab'r, bastard and a cripple, son of Wm Morton, papermaker of Maidstone
Etcher Ann 84 Nr Watch House Wid of W'm, lives with Edw'd Huckstep her son in law in Bedinden,
lately left Northfleet, Mr Mann of Gravesend paid the money. Dec 2/34
Flack Harriet 40 Colegate's Row, nr Barracks Wid of Thomas( a ... in 13th ..., died 21 Sep 1834), G20 G18 B14 B10 G8 G1 G1,
came out of Essex, she don't know what par, maiden name Harris, gained settlement
by living service with Mr Fowle on the Terrace for a yr & a half at 5/10/- a year
about 24 years ago. Nov 11/34
Goodwin Rich'd 79 Temple Co't, Week Str. Gardener, was a Beadle in the Workhouse, very infirm. Sep 29/34
Gurr Mary 65 Bower Road Widow of John,
ill of an asthma so bad she can hardly walk upstairs -she does a little needlework,
her dau Sarah Gurr keeps a little school and lives with her. Sep 25/34
Hammond Mary 66 Lucerne Str. Wid of Edw'd, very deaf, lives with her dau Birch
used to work in the mill but has been ill and unable to work for 12 months. Sep 25/34
Harding Susan 43 St Faith's Str. op. Nelson Wid of Edw'd (died 5 Jun 1834), B25 B21 B18 B15 B9 B8 B7 G1
Hold Mary 66 Wheeler Str. Tapills Rents Single, used to live with Mrs File,
has cost her 1/6 a week for Opium for 30 yrs ordered by Mr Haffenden,
goes out washing, gets 1/6 a day when out, not been out for 6 weeks. Sep 24/34
Honeysett Eliz'th - Liston Grove, London bastard son 10, married to John Hardy, policeman,
5 paid to place the boy in Capt. Brentons School. Jun 18/34
Jacobs Joseph 38 Bearsted W38, G13 G11 B6 B4 B2 B1, papermaker, a bastard born in parish,
mother's name Mary Holens? now Mrs Jacobs living in Union Str. May 31/34
Lewis Mary 29 Water Lane Wife of W'm Lewis who ran away from her 6 yrs. ago, G9
Martin Lidia 59 Waterside nr Nelson Wid of James, coachman, rent 1/- a week, takes in sewing,
goes out nursing children, has a hare lip, not a strong woman, often ill. Sep 24/34
Pain Mary Ann 10 with John Newton, Preston nr. Cant'y mother Susan Pain dead, father run away,
he has a dau married to a basket maker who travels the country, Sep 23/34
Paine Marg't - Dead B9 living with Wid Payne, Langley Row
Perkins Elizabeth 53 (b.1780) Upper Stone Str. Widow of James
Phipps Bene. 37 (b.1796) Staplehurst B13
Reeve Frances 6 Marden Bastard, living with Rich'd Humphrey,
her mother dead and child sworn 4th May 1830. 2/6 owed by Gen. Com. Dec 9/33
Richardson Sarah 62 (b.1771) Meadow Widow of Thomas
Richardson Sarah 11 (b.1822) Meadow Deaf and Dumb
Roberts Mary 53 (b.1781) Pudding Lane B10, widow of Will'm, blacksmith, partially infirm, takes in sewing Sep 24/34
Rose William 90 Penenden Heath Rd. with dau Ann Todd now Mercer
Rowe Will'm 34 Tovil Rd., West Boro Malster, a cripple, W34, G11, B9, G5, B5m, Aug 12/34
Seaby Ann 70 (b.1763) Kits Cot House Widow of Joseph
Seager Marg't 54 Kingsland Rd. No.5 Pleasant Row Wid of Thomas, family Edward 21, Jane 23, Martha 25
lives with dau Martha wife of Mr George Thompson, L in an attorneys office
her family at Rochester is her own brother, (Ref? by Mrs Thompson May 7/34)
Jane is very miopsical?, Mr Sanders attended her 2 years ago.
Sharp Sarah 66 (b.1767) County Rd. Widow of Thomas
Smith Benj'm 45 Brunswick Str. W45, miller, he a lunatic confined to his bed bet'n 2 and 3 yrs,
she a cripple and takes in a little needlework, obliged to keep a woman to do for him,
the woman helps her at needlework, rent 3/7, Oct 3/34
Stansby Hannah 25 7 Connsall Str.,
now at Mrs? Turnbull's
22? Farling? St., St George East
B7m, wife of Henry (transported 2 Aug 1834),
she and child removed from St Geo. Midd'x Oct 15/34
she works at staymaking, earns 4/- a week,
is allowed something from St George for a bastard child by her husband.
Stevens Sarah
Wheeler Str. Widow
Stevens Jane
St Faith Str. Blind
Stevens Sarah 28 Bone Alley Wid of George a blanket weaver, he died 19 Jun 1834, worked for Mr Charles
G11 G9 B6 G4 B18m, Jul 3/34
Stonestreet Sus'a 64 (b.1769) Otham at Woollett Widow of James
Streetan Susanna 69 (b.1764) Pest House Widow of Thomas
Streetan Mary Ann 27 (b.1806) Croydon G4, now wife of Abraham Shilling a labourer.
Strowbridge Ann 40 (b.1793) West Boro Widow, now wife of John Hale in Malling Madhouse
Strowbridge Susan 45 (b.1788) 8 Brunswick St. Wid of John, B12 G10 B7, the eldest boy will be 13 the 5th April 1834.
Tabrams Ann 60 West Borough Widow of John, waterman, has a bad leg,
obliged to give up Mr John Allen's washing in consequence, Sep 24/34
Terry Catherine 31 West Borough Wid of Robert (he died 26 Oct 1834), G11 G8 G6, Nov 11/34
Thomas James 53 George Str. Brazier, W52 B16 B15 G13 G8, her husband ran away in 1824
The wife works at Balstow Mill, the boy 16 at Mr Gilbert's. May 21/34
Todd Ann 47 Heath Rd. G11, Wid of Maurice, now wife of Wm. Mercer, a strong woman,
takes in a little washing, has her father Wm Rose age 90 to look after
He sits all day, has 2/- a week with his ...588? Sep 24/34
Trice Sarah 72 (b.1761) St Faith's Str. Widow of Thomas
Tyrrell Harriet 53 (b.1780) Sharps Yd., King Str. singlewoman, takes in sewing, an ailing weakly woman, weak in intellect. Sep 24/34
Waters Mary 57 Deans Yd.,Week St. Wid of James a letter carrier, a weakly woman afflicted with a narrow swallow,
takes in needlework, rent 2/- a week. Sep 24/34
Weeden Mary 78 (b.1755) Tovil Widow of John
Whealley William 40 Kippings Co. King Str. W40, chaff cutter
White Eliz'th

Wife of Michael - in Poorhouse
Williams John 72 (b.1761) Water Lane Lab'r
Willis Frances 36 (b.1797) Rose Yard Wid of John, B10 G9 B8
Willson Charles 57 Bone Alley Widower. Jul 7/34
Winser Sarah 57 (b.1776) King Str. Wid of Benj'm, B13 (in July 1834) G9
Wood Jane 44 (b.1789) West Boro Widow of Thomas, B10
Wood Eliz'th

Wife of John - run away supposed to have gone to America
Woodhams Ann 58 (b.1775) County Road Wid of David, G10 B8
Woollett Susan

Widow of Charles

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Maidstone Paupers
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