1841 Census of Sandwich

Sandwich, Kent

1841 Census Extracts

Transcribed by Carol Gill
These are entries with strays, i.e. persons not born in Kent.

= separates households.


STRAND STREET Thomas PEARSON, 55, Publican, Kent Elizabeth PEARSON, 60, Kent Sarah DIXON, 30, Female Servant, Not Kent Sarah BACK, 20, Female Servant, Kent Henry CARLING, 35, Independent, Kent Henry HEDGCOCK, 20, Male Servant, Kent John WILLIAMS, 30, Shipwright I, Kent William HAYWARD, 40, Shipwright I, Kent William KING, 25, Shipwright I, Kent Stephen MILLER, 40, Shipwright I, Kent Charles TONNING, 35, Earthenware M, Not Kent = John HOILE, 60, Brewer, Kent Elizabeth HOILE, 25, Kent Margaret HOILE, 20, Kent Sarah HOILE, 20, Kent Hannah HOILE, 20, Kent Ellen HOILE, 13, Kent Mary ENSTON (EUSTON/EASTON), 40, Female Servant, Kent Sophia HARVEY, 25, Female Servant, Not Kent
GRAMMAR SCHOOL James LAYTON, 60, Cl. & Schoolmaster, Not Kent George LAYTON, 15, Not Kent Charles LAYTON, 15, Not Kent George DOWKER, 13, Scholar, Kent James DOWKER, 9, Scholar, Kent Mary BOWMAN, 30, Female Servant, Kent Jane SOUTHORFICH, 15, Female Servant, Kent
STRAND STREET William BOOTLAR, 65, Independent, Kent Elizabeth BOOTLAR, 55, Kent Luezad FENLEY, 5, Not Kent Richard CLEVELAND, 80, Ag.Lab., Kent = George MILLER, 35, Not Kent Elizabeth MILLER, 30, Kent George MILLER, 9, Kent Charlotte MILLER, 6, Kent
THE BUTCHERY John (Q)UESTED, 40, Publican, Kent Henrietta (Q)UESTED, 40, Kent Elizabeth (Q)UESTED, 9, Kent Thomas (Q)UESTED, 7, Kent William LADD, 50, Not Kent John MANNING, 40, Showman, Not Kent Ann DAVIS, 60, Not Kent George DAVIS, 55, Not Kent Aaron COMPADON, 25, Musician, Not Kent Lawrence CANOPY, 20, Musician, Not Kent Mary BRYANT, 40, Laundress, Not Kent Mary WHALE, 30, Not Kent James WHALE, 30, Carpenter, Not Kent John SMITH, 40, Watchm, Not Kent Anthony COMPLETE, 65, Not Kent Helion SEADMAN, 45, Scotland Ann DADD, 45, Scotland Jessy SMART, 30, Scale Bearman, Not Kent Margaret HOUSES, 55, Ireland Joseph CHAPMAN, 35, Bearman, Not Kent Sarah CHAPMAN, 30, Not Kent Sarah BACK/BUCK, 25, Kent George BACK/BUCK, 30, Rope M, Kent William ALEXANDER, 30, Tanner, Not Kent
HARNET STREET Henry STANDLEY, 45, Glass Man, Not Kent Sarah STANDLEY, 35, Kent Susannah ASHMAN, 70, Independent, Not Kent = Peter MATHEWS, 30, Basket M I, Not Kent Elizabeth MATHEWS, 25, Kent Adam MATHEWS, 4, Kent Mary MATHEWS, 2, Kent Alfred MILES, 7, Kent John MATHEWS, 20, Basket M I, Not kent Thomas POPE, 50, Potter I, Not Kent Thomas TAPSELL, 20, Potter I, Kent
GUILDCOURT LANE Richard CORNEY, 60, Shipwright I, Not Kent Sarah CORNEY, 55, Kent Susanna CORNEY, 14, Kent Richard CORNEY, 11, Kent
VICARAGE LANE John GROVES, 30, Clerk, Kent Percy GROVES, 65, Independent, Not Kent Frances GROVES, 55, Kent Francis EDGE, 35, Male Servant, Not Kent Jane GILLMAN, 20, Female Servant, Kent = Frances KELLY, 75, Not Kent David NOWNEY, 40, Coal Porter, Kent Mary NOWNEY, 35, Kent Sarah NOWNEY, 15, Kent Jane NOWNEY, 13, Kent David NOWNEY, 10, Kent Eliza NOWNEY, 9, Kent Ann NOWNEY, 6, Kent Margaret NOWNEY, 3, Kent Elizabeth, NOWNEY, 1, Kent
BOWLING STREET Jane LAMBORN, 55, Dealer in Marine Stores, Scotland = William RADDON, 55, Navy P, Not Kent Mary RADDON, 35, Kent Elizabeth RADDON, 15, Kent Mary RADDON, 7, Kent = Thomas FOSTER, 55, Fisherman, Not Kent Mary FOSTER, 60, Kent Mary CASSVALE, 55, Twine Spinner, Kent Thomas BROOK, 60, Bee Hive Maker, Kent Mary BROOK, 60, Kent Sarah ADRIAN, 30, Shantnam?, Kent Elizabeth THROND?, 40, Cook, Kent = Daniel MONTH, 50, Lab., Kent Sarah MONTH, 50, Laundress, Not Kent
DELF STREET William TORON/TOVIN?, 35, Sneif(s)e?, Kent Ann TORON/TOVIN?, 35, Kent Isabella TORON/TOVIN?, 8, Kent Caroline TORON/TOVIN?, 6, Kent William TORON/TOVIN?, 4, Kent James TORON/TOVIN?, 1, Kent Stephen PRITCHARD, 15, Male Servant, Kent William TRAPS, 10, Male Servant, Kent John GROOM, 40, Shepherd, Not Kent Sarah GROOM, 55, Not Kent George JONES, 15, Labourer, Kent Mary JONES, 20, Kent = Thomas HARVEY, 45, Mariner, Kent Charlotte HARVEY, 40, Kent George HARVEY, 14, Scotland William HARVEY, 10, Scotland Mary HARVEY, 7, Kent Jane HARVEY, 4, Kent Ann HARVEY, 1, Kent
MOAT SOLE Thomas BAKER, 65, Shoemaker, Kent Ann BAKER, 70, Kent Thomas BAKER, 35, Shoemaker I, Kent Ann BAKER, 25, Kent Elizabeth BAKER, 5, Kent Walter WHITNEY, 75, Carrier, Not Kent Margaret WHITNEY, 70, Kent
THE BUTTS Henry COLEMAN, 30, Watch Finisher I, Not Kent Mary COLEMAN, 30, Not Kent Henry BERRY, 20, Carpenter, Kent Charlotte BERRY, 20, Kent Henry ATKINS, 70, Labourer, Kent Sarah ATKINS, 75, Kent = William LAWRENCE, 75, Matchmaker, Kent Ann LAWRENCE, 65, Ireland CHURCH STREET (ST MARY'S) George BLAKE, 60, Cooper, Not Kent Sarah BLAKE, 30, Female Servant, Kent Henry TOMPSON, 12, Kent Ann HADLOW, 2, Kent = John BURTON, 45, Brick Labourer, Kent Hannah BURTON, 40, Not Kent William BURTON, 15, Kent Charles BURTON, 8, Kent George BURTON, 8, Kent Mary BURTON, 5, Kent = Joseph SPRATLING, 60, Labourer, Kent William ROBINSON, 45, Labourer, Scotland Mary ROBINSON, 45, Not Kent Frances ROBINSON, 20, Kent Thomas ROBINSON, 4, Kent = Priscilla TRIGG, 60, Milk Seller, Kent Catherine TRIGG, 20, Kent John TRIGG, 4, Not Kent Susan KAYE, 75, Independent, Kent = William EASTER, 45, Tanner I, Kent James EASTER, 15, Smith Ap, Kent George EASTER, 15, Tanner I, Kent Ann EASTER, 10, Kent Patience SPRATLING, 55, Independent, Not Kent Elizabeth SPRATLING, 35, Kent Jane WICKS, 40, Independent, Not Kent = Edward BARNET, 20, Gentleman, Kent Thomas BARNET, 20, Baker, Kent William BARNET, 5, Kent Mary BARNET, 40, Kent Mary BARNET, 20, Not Kent Mary BARNET, 14, Kent Elizabeth BARNET, 12, Kent
PARADISE GARDEN John EVANS, 60, Coal Porter, Not Kent Mary EVANS, 60, Kent
BUTTERMILK LANE John PAY, 60, Ag.Lab., Kent Sarah PAY, 55, Not Kent Henry PAY, 14, Kent Elizabeth PAY, 11, Kent


St Peter's is a large Parish in the centre of Sandwich. STRAND STREET Hannah FORSTER, 35, (occupation unreadable), Kent Frederick FORSTER, 5, Kent Stephen SOLLEY, 4, Not Kent Elizabeth NORRIS, 20, Female Servant, Kent = Edward SPAIN, 40, Pipe Maker, Kent Mary SPAIN, 40, Kent Edward SPAIN, 15, Kent Ann SPAIN, 13, Kent David DAVIDSON, 35, Shoe M, Not Kent Ann DAVIDSON, 40, Not Kent = John SPENCER, 50, Wool Sorter, Not Kent Mary Ann SPENCER, 40, Not Kent Frances SPENCER, 15, Not Kent Lucy SPENCER, 8, Kent = John EWELL, 55, Plumber, Kent Susanna EWELL, 50, Sham Felt M, Not Kent Mary EWELL, 30, (occupation unreadable), Kent Margaret EWELL, 30, (occupation as above), Kent Elizabeth EWELL, 5, Kent John EWELL, 10, Kent Willliam SPINOW, 15, Plumbers Ap, Kent = George IMPPLE, 40, Publican, Kent Sarah IMPPLE, 40, Kent Mary IMPPLE, 15, Kent Sarah IMPPLE, 11, Kent Henry IMPPLE, 9, Kent William IMPPLE, 6, Kent George POTTS, 45, Spinner?, Not Kent James CARSON, 30, Cabinet M, Scotland Sarah CARSON, 25, Not Kent Anna CARSON, 6, Not Kent Phoebe CARSON, 9mths, Not Kent Thomas STONARD?, 30, Labourer, Kent Sarah STONARD?, 40, Not Kent John ROACH, 30, Labourer, Ireland Mary ROACH, 25, Kent Sarah ROACH, 3, Kent James HICKERY, 55, Labourer, Ireland Mary HICKERY, 15, Not Kent
POTTER STREET John LE BACK, 60, (occupation unreadable), Kent Mary LE BACK, 60, Kent Mary LE BACK, 40, Kent Eliza LE BACK, 30, Kent Harriet LE BACK, 20, Kent Mary PORTER, 5, Not Kent
MARKET STREET William SNELL, 60, Independent, Kent Elizabeth SNELL, 65, Not Kent Sarah JAYMES, 80, Kent Fanny JAYMES, 50, Kent Edwin QUEENS?, 30, Slateman?, Kent Sarah QUEENS?, 30, Kent Augustus QUEENS?, 6, Kent Sarah QUEENS?, 5, Kent Elizabeth QUEENS?, 4, Kent Edwin QUEENS?, 2, Kent Emma QUEENS?, 1, Kent Elvira HISOLTON, 15, Assistant, Kent Emma FARRIER, 15, Female Servant, Kent = Vittore MASPOLI, 30, Silversmith, Foreign Parts John BAKER, 30, Cabinet M, Kent Jane BAKER, 30, Kent John BAKER, 12, Kent William BAKER, 10, Kent Jane BAKER, 8, Kent Richard BAKER, 3, Kent = Fanny HODGSON, 45, Banker, Kent Jane HODGSON, 25, Kent Clara HODGSON, 20, Kent Augusta HODGSON, 20, Kent Fanny HODGSON, 15, Kent Robert HODGSON, 15, Kent Ellen HODGSON, 15, Kent Emily HODGSON, 12, Kent Issobela HODGSON, 9, Kent Mary MARSH, 25, Female Servant, Kent Sarah SOLO, 20, Female Servant, Kent Ann LONGLEY, 20, Female Servant, Kent Mary SWEETLAND, 25, Female Servant, Not Kent (NB: This could be a house of ill repute! I am aware that at least one 'Madam' was also a moneylender.)
HARNET STREET Leonard ADAMS, 40, Tailor, Kent Sarah ADAMS, 40, Kent Sarah ADAMS, 20, Kent Eliza ADAMS, 15, Kent Susanna ADAMS, 3, Kent William ADAMS, 14, Kent Thomas ADAMS, 11, Kent Richard ADAMS, 9, Kent Robert ADAMS, 6, Not Kent = John K(unreadable), 30, Chemist?, Not Kent Sophie ???, 50, Kent Sophie ???, 20, Kent Catherine ???, 20, Kent Susanna ???, 12, Kent Agness BUCHARD, 75, Independent, Not Kent Alliss RIPLEY, 50, Independent, Kent Paulinia WILLIAMS, 50, Independent, Not Kent Susanna SOUTHEND, 15, Female Servant, Kent John WARRINGTON, 25, Solicitor?, Kent
DELF STREET Sarah LUDLOW, 70, Independent, Not Kent John HART, 80, Glover, Not Kent Hannah HART, 65, Kent
CATTLE MARKET William WATTS, 60, Ironmonger, Kent Mary WATTS, 65, Not Kent Elisa WATTS, 30, Kent Matilda WATTS, 25, Kent = John MUNDAY, 45, Publican, Kent Ann MUNDAY, 35, Kent John MUNDAY, 5, Kent William MUNDAY, 7mths, Kent William GILBERT, 40, Glass Dealer, Not Kent Sarah GILBERT, 40, Kent = John DAVIS, 50, Publican, Not Kent Elizabeth DAVIS, 45, Kent David PRIOR, 50, Upholsterer, Not Kent = John FACEY, 75, Kent Ann FACEY, 70, Nurse, Kent Rachel SMART, 85, Independent, Not Kent Edward BUSNASS, 75, Kent Elizabeth HUGHES, 45, Nurse, Kent Thomas HUGHES, 15, Fellmonger Ap, Kent John HUGHES, 11, Kent Hannah GRANT, 45, Independent, Kent Susanna CLEMENTSON, 3, Kent Charles FRIEND, 10, Kent John FRIEND, 20, Mariner, Kent = Jane HAWKINS, 75, Independent, Kent James LANGTRY, 75, Waiter?, Not Kent Margaret LANGTRY, 70, Not Kent Margaret LANGTRY, 30, Kent James LANGTRY, 5, Kent = William MOOR, 55, Maltster I, Not Kent Mary Ann MOOR, 50, Kent Mary Ann MOOR, 30, Kent Jane Ann MOOR, 14, Kent = William BLOWS, 60, Labourer, Not Kent Elizabeth BLOWS, 60, Kent = John MONTH, 55, Navy Pen, Kent Mary MONTH, 45, Laundress, Not Kent Sarah LAST, 65, Laundress, Not Kent Sarah DRAWBRIDGE/DAMBRIDGE, 65, Female Servant, Kent = Charles HARMEN, 50, Shoe m, Kent Sarah HARMEN, 50, Kent John HARMEN, 15, Kent Abram HARMEN, 15, Carter I, Kent William HARMEN, 10, Kent Jane HARMEN, 9, Kent John COLLINS, 85, Independent, Ireland = John MARTIN, 70, Labourer, Not Kent Ann MARTIN, 60, Charwoman, Kent William MARTIN, 20, Labourer, Kent Henry MARTIN, 15, Labourer, Kent Alfred MARTIN, 14, Labourer, Kent = Edward HUSHFIELD, 30, Tailor, Not Kent Susanna HUSHFIELD, 30, Kent Caroline HUSHFIELD, 10, Kent Edward HUSHFIELD, 9, Kent William HUSHFIELD, 7, Kent Frederick HUSHFIELD, 5, Kent Maria HUSHFIELD, 2, Kent = William CLAYTON, 25, Linen Draper, Kent Elisa CLAYTON, 30, Not Kent Mary Ann HENIKEN, 25, Independent, Kent Mary NEWPORT, 20, Female Servant, Kent John COLEMAN, 15, Linen Draper, Kent
NEW STREET George KENNETT, 60, Independent, Kent Ann KENNETT, 40, Kent William SNELLING, 75, Independent, Not Kent Frances SNELLING, 40, Independent, Kent Margaret MORRIS, 14, Kent = John WYBORN, 60, Navy H P, Kent Isabella WYBORN, 55, Not Kent Emily WYBORN, 20, Kent Helena WYBORN, 15, Kent Jane CHRILEY?, 45, Female Servant, Not Kent = William HOLLAND, 65, Gardener, Foreign Parts Sarah HOLLAND, 50, Kent Mary HOLLAND, 20, Kent Deborah HOLLAND, 15, Kent
GALLIARD STREET Susanna WOODROW, 50, Independent, Kent John WOODROW, 30, Independent, Not Kent
LUCKBOAT STREET John BEAN, 60, Independent, Kent Susanna BEAN, 60, Kent William GOSSARD?, 45, (occupation undecipherable), Not Kent = John PETTIT, 45, Grocer, Kent Elizabeth PETTIT, 35, Not Kent David PETTIT, 14, Kent James PETTIT, 5, Kent Matilda PETTIT, 3, Kent KING STREET Henry KEBLE, 55, Gasman?, Kent Ann KEBLE, 45, Not Kent Thomas KEBLE, 15, Gasman?, Kent Martha KEBLE, 12, Kent Elizabeth SPAIN, 15, Female Servant, Kent = Sarah STONE, 35, Seminuary, Kent Charlotte SMITH, 30, Teacher, Kent Georgina BENNET, 25, Teacher, Kent Hannah SMITH, 15, Teacher, Not Kent Betty AMOS, 15, Teacher, Not Kent Mary SAWYER, 15, Prefect, Kent Mary PAGE, 15, Prefect, Kent Emily CHAYRESS?, 13, Prefect, Kent Mary RIGDEN, 12, Prefect, Kent Susan RIGDEN, 10, Prefect, Kent Mary ELGAR, 10, Prefect, Kent Emma BASKET, 9, Prefect, Kent Hannah COLLARD, 8, Prefect, Kent Maria FULLER, 7, Prefect, Kent Eliza NETHERSOLE, 10, Prefect,Kent Eliza GILLOW, 7, Prefect, Kent James ANTHEM?, 5, Prefect, Kent John KINGSFORD, 14, Kent Sarah FARRIER, 20, Female Servant, Kent Mary MOUNT, 15, Female Servant, Kent = Mary BAKER, 50, Tailoress, Ireland Mary BAKER, 30, Kent Martha BAKER, 8, Kent Sarah BAKER, 5, Kent = John LOCK, 30, Linen Draper, Not Kent Elizabeth LOCK, 20, Kent Frances KEMP, 15, Female Servant, Kent = Mary DUM, 45, Independent, Kent George WANSTALS, 20, Blacksmith, Kent Eliza SIMMOND, 35, Dress m, Not Kent Eliza SIMMOND, 15, Dress m, Not Kent
JAIL STREET Thomas DUSBEN, 70, Show m, Kent Henry DUSBEN, 8, Ireland = William BUDDENDON, 70, Show asst, Kent Benjamin FOREST, 50, Butcher, Kent Mary COOK, 45, Kent Mary COOK, 15, Ireland Charlotte COOK, 11, Not Kent Sarah COOK, 10, Not Kent William COOK, 5, Not Kent


Thomas ARIS, 35, Keeper of Gaol, Not Kent Thomas ARIS, 8, Kent Emily ARIS, 25, Kent Emily Elizabeth ARIS, 6, Kent Hannah Middleton ARIS, 3, Kent Elizabeth Middleton ARIS, 5mths, Kent Harriot PITTOCK, 13, Female Servant, Kent John LASLETT, 55, Turnkey at Goal, Kent Thomas DRISCOLL, 40, Rope Maker, Ireland Thomas PARKER, 25, Labourer, Ireland Owen MAGRATH, 30, Plasterer, Ireland Michael McDONALD, 30, Labourer, Ireland Jane BRIGGS, 30, Kent Jane HARRISS, 15, Hawker, Kent Mary HOOKER, 15, Female Servant, Kent Sarah MILLER, 35, Kent Benjamin LOVELL, 15, Labourer, Kent Jacob MUMFORD, 15, Labourer, Kent Richard HARRISS, 40, Ag.Lab., Kent John MOOR alt CHIMPSON, 20, Blacksmith, Kent Thomas DRURY, 20, Tailor, Kent Stephen PEAKE, 45, Waterman, Not Kent Francis BAKER, 45, Waterman, Not Kent Daniel WAGHORN, 35, Baker & Pastry Cook, Kent Timothy FITZPATRICK, 20, Private Soldier 77th Reg., Ireland James (D)RAY, 40, Private Soldier 54th Reg., Scotland William JOHNSON, 25, Private Soldier 54th Reg, Not Kent George HOLLSCOMBE, 25, Private Soldier 54th Reg, Not Kent John SCOTTONS, 25, Private Soldier, 54th Reg, Not Kent William BAKER, 20, Private Soldier, 34th Reg, Not Kent Thomas BURKE, 20, Private Soldier, 34th Reg, Ireland James BROOK, 15, Private Soldier, 34th Reg, Not Kent Joseph ASTON, 15, Private Soldier, 34th Reg, Not Kent Timothy HIGGINBOTTOM, 15, Private Soldier, 34th Reg, Not Kent Thomas COTTON, 15, Private Soldier 34th Reg, Not Kent William WARD, 15, Private Soldier 34th Reg, Not Kent William HORNE, 20, Private Soldier 34th Reg, Not Kent Patrick HEELEY, 20, Private Soldier 34th Reg, Ireland Thomas OGDEN, 20, Private Soldier 34th Reg, Not Kent William HUDSON, 20, Private Soldier 6th Reg, Not Kent Daniel CAFFERTY, 20, Private Soldier 6th Reg, Ireland Mark HAGUE, 20, Private Soldier 6th Reg, Not Kent

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1841 census of Sandwich
Created by Maureen Rawson