Maidstone Summons


72 Summons for Pavement Repairs 1760

The probable date of these summons was 10 Nov 1760. The repairs were to be carried out by 25 December under a penalty of 6d per yard.
Source: Maidstone Quarter Session Files Md/jQr2/1756-66, LDS Film 1656699 Item 4

Surname              Forename         Address          Repairs               
Allen                Peter            Bullock Lane     3 yds plus rails     
Austen               John             Waterside        4 yds of wall        
Barr                 Richard          High Street      10 yds               
Baxter               James            Week Street      8 yds                
Bayley               John             Gabriels Hill    6 yds                
Bennett              Moses            Stone Street     10 yds               
Bensted              William          Bullock Lane     20 yds               
Blieth               John             Stone Street     4 yds                
Bloomer              Anthony          Bullock Lane     20 yds               
Cabbell              Robert           Week Street      4 yds                
Cole                 Samuel           Stone Street     4 yds                
Collins              Mary             Stone Street     6 yds                
Coomber              Daniel           Bullock Lane     30 yds               
Curteis              George           Gabriels Hill    8 yds                
Dane                 John, late       Week Street      4 yds                
Deas                 David?           Bullock Lane     8 yds                
Drewry               James            Week Street      4 yds                
Elliott              Joseph           Stone Street     10 yds               
Fowler               Ann              Week Street      10 yds               
Gatfield             James            Stone Street     8 yds                
Gilbert              William          Bullock Lane     3 yds                
Green                How              Bullock Lane     4 yds                
Hammond              Charles          East Lane        8 yds                
Hatch                William          Week Street      4 yds                
Hawkins              James            Bullock Lane     6 yds                
Hearnden             John             Stone Street     3 yds                
Hills                Robert           Stone Street     3 yds                
Hollingworth         John             Bullock Lane     10 yds               
Hollingworth         John             High Street      14 yds               
Holmes               Martha           High Street      1 yd                 
Homewood             John             Bullock Lane     6 yds                
Hope                 Elizabeth        Week Street      2 yds                
Houghton             William          East Lane        6 yds                
Hubbard              Richard          Week Street      8 yds                
Humphry              late             Week Street      30 yds               
Hurt                 Thomas           Week Street      8 yds                
Jury                 Hannah           Stone Street     7 yds                
Kent                 John             Week Street      6 yds                
Longley              James            Week Street      10 yds               
Martin               Joseph           High Street      3 yds                
Martin               Thomas           Gabriels Hill    6 yds                
Middleton            Elizabeth        Week Street      8 yds                
Munn                 John             Week Street      4 yds                
Olliver              Edward           Stone Street     6 yds                
Osborne              James            Stone Street     10 yds               
Page                 Stephen          Week Street      40 yds               
Pattenden            Mary             Week Street      8 yds                
Poole                William          Week Street      8 yds                
Pope                 Robert           Gabriels Hill    2 yds                
Potter               Joseph           Week Street      6 yds                
Punnett              Thomas           Bullock Lane     20 yds               
Read                 Norrod           Gabriels Hill    20 yds               
Read                 William          Week Street      30 yds               
Russell              John, Rev.       Bullock Lane     40 yds               
Shepherd             John             Stone Street     10 yds               
Smalwell?            Joseph           Gabriels Hill    30 yds               
Spratt               Walter           East Lane        6 yds                
Stevenson            Thomas           Stone Street     2 yds                
Stiles               William          Bullock Lane     10 yds               
Stonehouse           James            Gabriels Hill    6 yds                
Tassell              Samuel           Stone Street     6 yds                
Taylor               John             Bullock Lane     6 yds                
Thompson             Doctor           Week Street      12 yds               
Tomling              Thomas           Stone Street     5 yds                
Turner                                East Lane        20 yds               
Tyrrell              Richard          Stone Street     7 yds                
Walter               John             Stone Street     6 yds                
Weekes               Thomas           Week Street      6 yds                
Wells                Mary             High Street      8 yds                
West                 Peter            Bullock Lane     6 yds                
Wich                 John             Bullock Lane     8 yds                
Wilkins              William          Week Street      6 yds                

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Summons for Pavement Repairs 1760
Created by Maureen Rawson