Maidstone Victuallers

Victuallers in Maidstone in October 1720 - 67 licences

Source: Maidstone Quarter Sessions records Md/JQr/1720 on LDS microfilm 1656699.
Street          Public House                  Licencee
High Town:      Chequer                       Robt. Rigden
                Queen's Head                  Wm. Wall    
                Spread Eagle                  Margt. Willowby
                Crown and Sceptre             Tho. Hopper  
                Bird in Hand                  Sam. Jordan  
                White Horse                   Wid. Scotchford  
                Adam and Eve                  Geo. Dennis  
                Watermen's Arms               James Ward  
                Rose and Crown                Tho. Hall  
                Duke of Marlborough's Head    Dan. Comber, Richd. Day
                Eight Bells                   Tho. Oliver 
                Star                          Jno. Blaneyre?
                Haunch of Venison             Jno. Burwash
                Sun                           Tho. Upton  
                Angel                         Wm. Mercer  
                Coffee House                  Mrs. King 
                Brambles                      Nichs. Pierce
                Ball                          Tho. Bromfield
                Dolphin                       Tho. Allison  
                Coffee House                  Anne Baker
                Swan                          John Stringer 
                Coffee House                  Mr. Hollister

Stone Borough:  Plowe                         Anne Jordan
                Dolphin                       Jno. Brunyer

Week Street:    Lyon                          Tho. Swineyard
                Castle                        Wm. Ridgen  
                Bell                          Strickland Beadle
                Black Boy                     Wid. Mortimer
                Anchor and Hope               Tho. Owlet?
                Nagg's Head                   Wid. Simmonds
                Sun                           Tho. Purless
                Floar de Luce                 Tho. Carlton
                Hatchet and La??              Danl. Medhurst
                Dragon                        Wm. Moor     

Water Side:     Three Mariners                James Brook

Bullock Lane:   Speedwell                     Tho. Penvall
                Unicorn                       Edwd. Allen
                Red Cow                       Esther Burton

Gabriel Hill:   Bull                          Mr. Reeves
                George                        John Seawell
                Ship                          John Golding

Stone Street:   Towns Arms                    Anne Tilman
                Monk's Head                   John Whetstone
                Fountain                      Tho. Adams
                White Lyon                    David Webb
                Three Coneys                  Sam. Webb

Loddington:     Horseshoe                     Jno. Stephens
                Royal Oak                     Robt. Garner

Tovell:         Paper Mill                    Tho. Jordan

Night Riders Street:
                Globe                         James Mills

Mill Lane:      Wallnut Tree                  Mary Revell
                King Wm. on Horseback         Geo. Everriet

West Borough:   Shoemaker's Arms              Wm. Terry
                White Hart                    Tho. West
                Three Merry Boys              Wm. Brimsted

In The Meadow:  Hare and Hound                Vincent Beaker
                Ship                          Hugh Swain

Pudding Lane:   Canterbury                    Robt. Hooker

East Lane:      Coffee House                  Chas. Moreland
                Cock                          Wm. Baker
                Three Tuns                    Wm. Greenstreet 
                Dog and Bear                  Sarah Anderson
                Lamb                          Mary Pope     
                Windmill                      Tho. Mitchel
                Robin Hood and Little John    Wid. Hammond
                Queen Anne                    David Ford

Pickenden Heath:Woolpack                      Jers. Parker

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Maidstone Victuallers
Created by Maureen Rawson