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Guy & Sadie Newcomer

My Grandparents:
Guy & Sarah (Sadie) (Gray) Newcomer

"To the Lineal Descendants of Ulrich Newcomer (Neukommet) through his son, Jacob Newcomer, who was born March 29, 1765, this Record is dedicated. To those through whose veins the same blood courses that courses through my own veins, is extended greetings of kindred Love, Charity and Respect."

James K. Newcomer, (1882)

Newcomer Plot, Wauseon, Ohio
John & Naomi (Debolt) Newcomer Family Plot. Wauseon Union Cemetery,
Wauseon, Ohio

Newcomer - Gray - Bavin - Britton

Williamson - Jidov

The top four family lines are my main lines and the focus of this genealogical data base. Williamson & Jidov are my wife Nancy's main lines.

Variations of the Newcomer name in the first generations in North America include Naycommet, Neukommer, Neukommet, Neukomm, Nieucomer, Nieuwkommet.

The most extensive and best discussion of Newcomer origins I've come across. is:
Early Newcomers of Lancaster County; Virginia N. Lane; Mennonite Family History; Vol II, No. 3; (July 1983). Reprints are available at: Mennonite Family History; Route 1, Box 20; Morgantown, Pennsylvania 19543-9701. I consider this article a must read for anyone researching a Newcomer family.

The Newcomer's in this database descend primarily from the Ulrich Newcomer who came to Pennsylvania in 1754 on the ship Phoenix. Our particular line from Ulrich also has a connection to the Christian Newcomer who came to Pennsylvania in 1750 on the ship Brotherhood. There are over 1,500 descendants of Ulrich Newcomer in this database.

A Record of One Branch of the Newcomer Family James K. Newcomer (Great Grand Son of Ulrich Neukommer) Urbana, Ohio, 1882 (Electronic facsimile reprint, A.D. 2000, by J. William Newcomer, Ada, Michigan)

Joan (Riehle) Ruse has done extensive research on the descendants of the above Christian and Ulrich Newcomer. Her primary interest and work has focused on the descendants of the 1750 Brotherhood Christian Newcomer from which her husband has descent. Out of respect for her labor and research, I've only included those descendants of Christian Newcomer that are of our direct line from him.

Owen Newcomer is a descendant of the Peter Newcomer who came to Pennsylvania about 1719. This Peter was the father of Wolfgang Newcomer and grandfather of Christian Newcomer, the Moravian missionary who was prominent in the beginnings of the United Brethren Church movement. At this time we are not aware of any connections between the family of this Peter Newcomer and the 1750 Christian or 1754 Ulrich. At one time Owen had his research available at the “Newcomer Family Home Page: Descendants of Peter NEWCOMER/NEUKOMMET Senior.”

Variants of the Britton name include BRITTON, BREADEN, BRETTUN, and BRITAIN. Our Britton line originates in New England, and is best identified as the New England, Westmoreland, New Hampshire, Britton family.

A Discussion on the Origins of Our Britton Family.

Since these pages were first published in December, 1996, I've received a lots of data and information from the following:

Contributing Cousins - Family Researchers

My sister Carol was the first real genealogist of the family. Most of the data on the Bavin - Britton lines has come from her research. She has done most of the hard digging.

My brother, John has contributed by researching some the National Archive records relating to our family.

Our sister, Joy, now deceased, gave us moral support along with some collaborating historical contributions.

I, Bill, get the fun of putting this all together on the computer and making it available here. I do what verification and cross checking I can, as well as WWW research.

Though the lines that flow to our immediate family are given priority, I'm also entering the data we have on the Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins from past generations so those who, though not of our direct lines, share in our genealogical heritage, may also find their roots.

Family Narratives & Pictures

The Lee & Gray Tintypes

Scanned copies of a series off 14 tintypes relating to the families of my Great-grandparents, Frank & Martha (Lee) Gray.

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I do not feel comfortable making my GEDCOM file available on the WWW. To many things change as more information becomes available. If after browsing the information on these pages, you have good reason to believe you have some connection to a part of our family tree, and would like a GEDCOM file of a particular branch of the family, feel free to send me a note. . since 27 July 1998.

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