The Ancestry of Hattie E. J. Bruce - the Badcock Family


GEORGE BADCOCK [#456], d. 1671, m. MARY _______.

Although the name is generally spelled Babcock nowadays, it was written in the early records as Badcock. Since the members of this family went by Badcock, that is the spelling used in this account. About 1650 George Badcock and his brother Robert settled in that part of Dorchester which is now Milton. George was the supervisor of highways for Dorchester in 1657 and died in 1671. He was possibly the son of David Badcock, who was a member of the church of Dorchester in 1640.[4/1]

George's will was dated Sept. 26, 1671. His sons Benjamin, Return, George, and Joseph were mentioned as was his brother Robert. Benjamin received land in Milton and Dorchester. Return was given the "Mill up at Dartmouth in Plymouth pattent". George received land at the going on to the horse neck at Dorchester, and Joseph was bequeathed land at a place known by the name of the Rockes at Dartmouth.[3]

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1. Mary, m. Daniel Allen
2. Benjamin, d. 1690, m. Milton, MA 11 Feb 1673-4 Hannah Daniel
3. Dorothy, m. Milton, MA 29 Mar 1672 John Daniel, d. 6 Oct 1718
4. Return, m. Milton 1 Dec 1681 Sarah Deneson of
5. Enoch, d. Milton 25 May 1695, m. Susannah (Gregory?)
6. George, b. Dorchester, MA 26 Feb 1658-9, d. young
7. Rachel, b. Dorchester 8 Mar 1660, d. 20 Oct 1732, m. Peter
   White, d. 3 Jan 1737
8. Leah
9. George, b. Milton 12 Jun 1665, d. 2 Sep 1695, m. 19 Nov 1691
   Ruth Ruggles
10. Samuel, b. Milton Sep 1668, probably died young
11. Joseph, b. Milton 13 May 1670

RETURN BADCOCK [#228], m. Milton, MA 1 Dec 1681 SARAH DENESON.

Return Badcock lived in Dartmouth and on 15 Jan 1691 sold 50 acres of land in Dartmouth to Thomas Tabor for ten pounds. "... the said fifty acres being a part of that half share of land given to me by my Hond. father George Badcock Deceased and also being a part of ye four Hundred Division Agreed upon at a meeting of the proprietors of ye Township of Dartmouth the 30th day of March 1682".[1/3:268]

"Returne Badcocke and Sarah Deneson of Milton were married by the Worship full William Stoughton Esqr Decr 1st 1681".[9] The ancestry of Sarah Deneson has not been ascertained, but it is likely she was related to the Deneson family of Roxbury, which was headed by William Deneson, who settled in Roxbury in 1631 with his sons Daniel, Edward, and George.[5/1278] She would be the right age to be a daughter to one of William's sons, the most likely of which seemed to be Edward, since he is known to have had a daughter named Sarah, born in 1657. Edward died before Sarah was married and so we are unable to get her married name from the probate records. However it appears that this Sarah married Thomas Robinson, who was born in Boston in 1652 and died there in 1700. The evidence coming from the mention in his will of his brotherinlaw William Denison as overseer to the will.[7/46] William was the only surviving son of Edward. Therefore another man would have to be her father.

Another possibility, according to one account that came "from an article that a LDS Cousin saw somewhere", was that Sarah was the daughter of Sarah Deneson, daughter of George, who was 15 at the time. It was said that at first Ann (Borodell) Deneson claimed her as her own, then she was given to a Milton family to raise - retaining her own name.[10] George Deneson, son of the immigrant William, moved to Stonington, CT in the 1640's. His daughter Sarah married in the late 1650's to a Stanton.

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Children (born in Dartmouth):

1. Mary, b. 16 Oct 1683, m. 3 Apr 1700 William Vose
2. Dorothy[11], b. 19 Jan 1684-5, d. aft. 1727, res. Lebanon, CT,
   m. Bristol, RI 9 May 1706 James Pineo (a.k.a. Jacques Pineaux),
   b. Lyons, France abt. 1667, d. Lebanon, CT bef. 10 Oct 1727
   Chil: 1) James Pineo, b. 19 Apr 1707, d. Bristol, RI 6 Jun 1707;
   2) James Pineo, b. 25 Apr 1708, d. 18 Apr 1789, m. Lebanon, CT
   16 Jun 1737 Priscilla Newcomb; 3) Elizabeth Pineo, b. Bristol
   22 Feb 1709, d. bef. 12 Dec 1764; 4) Sarah Pineo, b. 1712, d.
   1805; 5) Daniel Pineo, b. 28 Jul 1715; 6) Submit Pineo, b. Lebanon,
   CT 14 Oct 1717, d. Leyden, MA 12 Feb 1804, m. Lebanon, CT 5 Mar
   1739 Silas Newcomb; 7) Joseph Pineo, b. Lebanon 14 Jun 1720, d.
   8 Jan 1742; 8) Peter Pineo, b. Lebanon, CT 4 May 1723, d. Cornwallis,
   Nova Scotia 1810, m. Lebanon 20 Dec 1743 Elizabeth Sampson, b.
   Marshfield, MA 1730, d. 7 Aug 1772; 9) Dorothy Pineo, b. Lebanon
   6 Dec 1725, d. 1770
3. Sarah, b. 31 Jan 1686-7
4. Elizabeth, b. 5 Apr 1689, m. 2 May 1706 Benjamin Sumner
5. William, b. 27 Feb 168990
6. George, b. 21 Jun 1692, d. Dartmouth 7 Mar 1771, m(1)
   Jemima Spooner, b. Dartmouth 7 Dec 1700, d. 1727, m(2) int. 23
   Aug 1729 Elizabeth Waste
7. Benjamin, b. 12 Nov 1696
8. Joseph, b. 29 Dec 1698
9. Return, b. 23 Dec 1700
10. James, b. 22 Jun 1703, m. Dartmouth 4 Apr 1725 Lydia Jenne,
   b. Dartmouth 19 Jan 1703
11. Abner, b. 19 Mar 1706
12. Hannah, b. 4 Aug 1708, m. 9 Apr 1724 Simon Blake

GEORGE BADCOCK [#114], b. Dartmouth, MA 21 Jun 1692, d. Dartmouth 7 Mar 1771 ("in his 79th y.")[6], m(1) Jemima Spooner, b. Dartmouth 7 Dec 1700, d. Dartmouth 1727, m(2) int. 23 Aug 1729 ELIZABETH WASTE, d. after 17 Apr 1779.

57. Sarah Badcock
b. 4 Sep 1733

d. 22 Nov 1785

114. George Badcock
b. 21 Jun 1692 Dartmouth, MA
d. 7 Mar 1771 Dartmouth, MA
228. Return Badcock
b. ? d. ? prob. Dartmouth, MA
456. George Badcock ?-?
457. Mary ____ ?-?
229. Sarah Deneson
b. ? d. ?

115. Elizabeth Waste
b. ?
d. after 17 Apr 1779

From the Dartmouth vital records it is known that George's first wife was named Jemima. No record of their marriage has been found, but probate records reveal her identity as Jemima Spooner. Her father, William Spooner, in his will left five shillings each to his grandsons John and Benjamin Badcock.[1/6:268] William is also known to have had a daughter named Jemima who was not mentioned in the will. Being left out of a will was normally indicative of the child's death prior to the parent's writing the will. This was undoubtedly the case with Jemima and thus her father left a legacy to her children. John's birth record has not been found, but since he was mentioned first in the will, it seems likely that he was the older of the two boys.

The second wife of George was Elizabeth Waste as found in the intention of their marriage recorded August 23, 1729.[3] This record can be found in the Leonard Papers in the New Bedford, MA Public Library. The name Waste is a form of West and the two were used interchangeably in the early records. So far, the search for Elizabeth's parentage has been unsuccessful. At the same time there are some tantalizing, if not frustrating, clues. In 1765 George Badcock took the inventory of the estate of Charles Waste, who according to the Mayflower Families book on George Soule, was the only child of Richard Waste and was born around 1706. This would make him the right age to be Elizabeth's brother, but nothing has been found to confirm such a connection. The fact that she was not mentioned in Richard Waste's will would tend to indicate she was not Charles' sister. Nonetheless, some family relationship is likely. Another clue comes from the fact that Stephen Waste, Jr. of Dartmouth sold land to George Badcock in 1746[2/34:391] and 1754,[2/41:140] but no family connection was mentioned. Stephen was the son of Stephen West and Mercy Cooke. Stephen and Mercy were married about 1683 and had children born in Dartmouth from 1684 to 1701. They were of the right age to give birth to Elizabeth in the early 1700's, but again there is no proof. Mercy was, by the way, the grand daughter of the Mayflower passenger Francis Cooke.[7]

George Badcock's will, dated the 31st day of October 1765, mentions "my dear & well beloved wife Elizabeth", his sons John, Benjamin, and George, and his daughters Sarah Ball and Jemima. In this will he describes himself as George Badcock of Dartmouth, wheelwright. To the daughter of interest: "I give to my daughter one shilling besides what I have her already given.".[1] In 1758 she, as "wife of David Baul of Dartmouth", was given nineteen and a half acres of land in Dartmouth by her father George "for and in Consideration of Love Goodwill which I have and do bare Towards my Loving Daughter".[2/49:267] George died March 7, 1771 and the inventory of his estate was taken on April 3 of that year and amounted to 227.7.6.[1]

Elizabeth was living in 1779 for on April 17 of that year Elizabeth Badcock, "Widow Relect of George Badcock Late of Dartmouth Deceased", released her rights in a piece of land that belonged to her children, Eli and Jemima West.[2/65:530] The fact that she gave birth in 1747 must put some limit on her birth date, presumably not before 1700. Eli and Jemima moved to Wilmington, Vt., and it is very likely they took Elizabeth with them.

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Children (by Jemima):

1. John, d. btw. 8 Apr 1800 and 10 May 1804, m. Dartmouth 18 Jan 1749
   Rebecca Worden (dau. of Peter Worden and Rebecca Richmond), d.
   aft. 8 Apr 1800; res.: Cambridge, Washington Co, NY
   Chil. (order not certain): 1) Peleg; 2) John; 3) Jessy;
   4) Worden; 5) Anna, m. Gideon Worden, d. bef. 4 Apr 1800;
   6) Massy, m. Isaac Stoddard; 7) Rebecca, m. Job Peckham;
   8) Reliance, m. John Bliss; 9) Jemima, m. Stephen Waite;
   10) Sara, m. Loten Stileso
2. Benjamin, b. Dartmouth 16 Jun 1726, m. Dartmouth 24 Jul 1748
   Virtue Eastland, b. Dartmouth 10 Mar 1729-30

Children (by Elizabeth):

3. George, b. Dartmouth 17 Jul 1731, m. Dartmouth 4 Oct 1753 Lucy
4. Sarah, b. Dartmouth 4 Sep 1733, d. Wilmington, Vt. 22
   Nov 1785, m. Dartmouth 8 Nov 1753 David Ball, d. Somerset,
   Vt. 13 Feb 1805 or 1807
5. Jemima, b. Dartmouth 28 Nov 1747, d. Wilmington, Vt. 6 Feb
   1821 age 74, m. Dartmouth 21 Nov 1771 Eli Waste, bap. Rochester,
   MA 13 Jul 1746, d. Wilmington, Vt. 1 Sep 1833 age 87

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