Cemetery Inscriptions


Doonbeg and Clohanes, Killard parish, Co. Clare

This is not a listing of all the headstone inscriptions in these cemeteries, but rather some of those that were of interest to me.


(On main road)

MOLONEY: Erected by Catherine Moloney in memory of her husband James who died Aug 4, 1839 at 40 yrs. of age; and his son John Moloney who died Aug 20, 1870 aged 39

MOLONEY: in loving memory of Peter Moloney Derryard. Died 11th Feb 1964. His wife Anne Moloney died 16th January 1977 aged 90 years

NEYLON: Michael Neylon of [Tullycr...] who died on 13 Jan 1917; his beloved wife Margaret who died 21 Oct [1917 ?]

PURTILL: In loving memory of Sinon Purtill died 20th May 1924. His wife Catherine died 29 June 1919. Their son Michael died 24th June 1937. Also Margaret Purtill died 29th Oct 1945. Martin Purtill died 20 Oct 1981.


(about 3 miles north of Doonbeg village)

WALSH: Anna Mary Walsh, Parkduff Doonbeg died 2nd Dec 1986. Her father Michael Walsh died 19th June 1994 aged 82 yrs.

O'SULLIVAN: Patrick O'Sullivan, Clohanes Cree died 25th April 1990 aged 61 yrs.

HEALY: Laurence Healy, Doughmore Cree died 5 May 1982

O'NEILL: Mary O'Neill, Caherfeenick East Cree died 21st June 1982 aged 71 years

O'NEILL: Erected by Ellen O'Neill alias [M...] in memory of her beloved husband James O'Neill who died Nov 9, 1891 aged 76 years

WALSH: Bridie Walsh, Parkduff died Aug 19, 1961; her father Michael died Oct 30, 1959

O'NEILL: Pat O'Neill, Clohanes died 16th Dec 1940; his wife Bridget died 17 Nov 1948

WALSH, COTTER: Erected by Sinon Walsh in memory of his beloved wife Kate Walsh alias Cotter who died June 26 1899 aged 34 years

O'NEILL: Michael O'Neill, Caherfeenick died 22 Feb 1949 aged 72 years

MESCALL, HARVEY: Helena Mescall (nee Harvey), Kilkee died 29 May 1956. Her husband Sinon died 28th May 1968

SULLIVAN: Patrick Sullivan, Acres Cree who died April 1950 aged 62 years. His wife Mary died Dec 31, 1959 aged 86 years

O'SULLIVAN: Thomas O'Sullivan, Caherfeenick who died Feb 7, 1965

O'SULIVAN: ...memory of Patrick O'Sullivan, Clohanes died 27 Dec 1938 aged 47 years. His wife Delia died 25 Feb 1983 aged 85 years. Their son Joseph died 9 Jan 1933 aged 2 years

HEALY, NORMILE: Erected by Michael Healy, Ballynagun in memory of his beloved mother Mary Healy alias Normile who died Nov 4, 1873 aged 72 years.

WALSH: Erected by Patrick Walsh, Clohanes in loving memory of his mother Honour Walsh who died Jan 8, 1918 at age 80 yrs.  Patrick Walsh died on 21st Nov _?_, age 63

CAHILL, O'SULLIVAN, O'CONNELL: Ellen Cahill (nee O'Sullivan), Clohanes died Jan 31, 1922. Bridget Cahill (nee O'Connell) died Aur 1931. Her husband Patrick died June 29th 1950. Their son Christie died Feb 28, 1967

WALSH: Patrick Walsh, Caherfeenick Cree who died June 30, 1975 aged 93 years. His wife Nora who died Nov 18, 1974 aged 83 years

WALSH, CLOHESSY: Erected by John Walsh of Caherfeenick in memory of his wife Catherine Walsh alias Clohessy who died Oct 3rd 1917 aged 60 years

WALSH: Erected by Daniel Walsh in memory of his daughter Bridget who died Jan 21st 1901 aged 20

SULLIVAN, McMAHON: Erected by Margaret Sullivan alias McMahon in memory of her husband James Sullivan who died Aug 4, 1872, age 54

MESCAL: Honora Mescal who Dept. this ... Oct 18, 1826, aged 18 years. [Erected] by her father Matw Mescal

NEYLON: Erected by Patrick Neylon in memory of his father Thomas Neylon who died Feb 17, 1885 aged 75 years

BEHEN, NEYLON: Erected by Margaret Behen alias Neylon in memory of her husband Patrick Behen who departed this life June 5th 1844, aged 46 yrs.

O'NEAL, NORMILE: Erected by Catherine O'Neal alias Normile in memory of her beloved husband Sinon O'Neal who departed this life Sept 22nd 1852 aged 54

WALSH, CLANCY: Erected by John Walsh, Parkduff [in memory of] his wife Ellen Walsh alias Clancy who died May 28th 1903 aged 53 years

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