Kilmacduane marriages


These selected marriages from the RC parish of Kilmacduane (Cooraclare), in Co. Clare were copied from microfilm #P2485 at the National Library in Dublin. The microfilm covers the period May 1, 1853 to Nov. 29, 1867.
Callinan, John Sullivan, Mary 17 Mar 1855  Sullivan, John Callinan, Thomas Kilmacduane (Cooraclare) home of bride
Duggan, John Corry, Mary 12 Nov 1859  Corry, John Collins, Mary Kilmacduane (Cooraclare) .
Duggan, Patrick Sullivan, Norah 27 Feb 1854  Kelly, Thomas Kelly, James Kilmacduane (Cooraclare) .
Lillis, Michael Sullivan, Bridget 21 Feb 1860  Duggan, Patrick McGuane, Bridget Kilmacduane (Cooraclare) .
McCormick, Patrick Donnelly, Bridget 19 Feb 1855  Donnelly, Patrick Duggan, John Kilmacduane (Cooraclare) .
McInerney, John Sullivan, Catherine 04 Feb 1865  McInerney, Patrick McInerney, Anna Kilmacduane (Cooraclare) .
Morgan, Patrick Sullivan, Mary 02 Feb 1856  Sullivan, Conor Duggan, Michael Kilmacduane (Cooraclare) mar. in Cree church
O'Dea, John Sullivan, Margaret 27 Jan 1858  Chambers, Patrick Duggan, John Kilmacduane (Cooraclare) .
Robertson, Thomas O'Dea, Mary 26 Feb 1857  O'Dea, Joseph Sullivan, Thomas Kilmacduane (Cooraclare) Cooraclare
Sullivan, Michael Holoran, Mary 01 Feb 1864  Madigan, Timothy McMahon, Margaret Kilmacduane (Cooraclare) .
Sullivan, Thomas McGrath, Margaret 11 Feb 1855  McGrath, Thomas Sullivan, Catherine Kilmacduane (Cooraclare) Caherfeenick

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