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Parish Registers: Poland and Ireland

I have been transcribing selected baptismal, marriage and death records from parishes in Poland and in Ireland.  As  I am still transcribing, and the records principally relate to my own family, they are not all-inclusive.  For purposes of privacy, I have omitted references to anybody born after 1899. Scroll down past the "Poland" listing of parishes, and you will come to the "Ireland" listing.

1)  Poland

The records, and their transcriptions, are in Latin. However, I have used, in most cases, the Polish equivalents of the Latin first names.   [xxxx]  indicates a problem in deciphering the handwriting.     (.....)  indicates that the maiden surname was not given in the record
Jodlowa (and Dembowa) baptisms
Baptisms A...-Kita
Baptisms Ko-Z
Jodlowa (and Dembowa) marriages
Jodlowa (and Dembowa) deaths
Ryglice (and Uniszowa) baptisms
Ryglice (and Uniszowa) marriages
Ryglice (and Uniszowa) deaths

2)  Ireland

Co. Clare baptismal records
Co. Clare marriage records
Kilmacduane (Cooraclare)
St. Senan's, Kilrush
RC parish of Carn (civil parish of Templecarn); Donegal/Fermanagh border
Co. Tyrone: RC parish of Donaghedy or Dunamanagh
Co. Fermanagh: RC parish of Magheraculmoney Baptisms

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