Black Market Adoption - Katherine Cole


Miami Herald
 December 26, 1993
 Author: Herald Staff
  * If you have any information that may help any of the "Cole babies," or information on Dr. Katherine Cole, please call Herald staff writer John Donnelly at 376-3441 any time. Leave a recorded message if he is away from his desk.
  The 19 "Cole babies" who have emerged, their birth dates, names on birth certificates and best leads or status of search:
  March 16, 1935, Sara Irene Martin: Still awaiting information on a state unclaimed trust fund list that has the name Sarah P. Martin and lists an address on Cole's old block.
  Aug. 29, 1936, Betty Jean Graham: Found birth father's family after 12 years of searching; now trying DNA testing with possible members of birth mother's family.
  Feb. 10, 1938, Annie Kay Harrison: Found birth mother, searching for birth father who owned a Daytona Beach business.
  July 16, 1938, Dolores Mildred Kost: Found first adoptive mother; from national telephone directory, checking the names Anna Kost and anyone with the last name Oehlke; mother was 19 at time of birth, possibly from Pittsburgh.
  Nov. 11, 1941, Loralea Elizabeth Heyder: No leads.
  Dec. 20, 1941, Elaine Dolores Clarke: Birth parents were of mixed race.
  Feb. 1, 1943, Michael Terrance McKown: Mother may have given birth to him at Victoria Hospital in Miami; he's tracking several names.
  March 3, 1946, Carole Ann Landis: Possible leads in Chattanooga, Tenn.; Georgia; New Jersey, and the Florida Keys have not worked out so far.
  Oct. 26, 1946, Deborah Anne McKown: Died this summer.
  Aug. 14, 1947, anonymous: Birth mother found him five years ago, but after a few meetings he ended all contact.
  Sept. 7, 1947, Barbara LaRiviere: Ruby Sutera helped arrange adoption; birth may have taken place at Jackson Memorial Hospital; mother had red hair, may have been from Chicago.
  March 14, 1948, Barbara Ann Walls: Cole said birth father had died.
  Sept. 1, 1948, anonymous: Mother was hair dresser, had some sort of physical affliction; father was older and married to another woman.
  May 16, 1951, Gary Henry Harper: Cole said father was killed in Korea and mother had two children, ages 6 and 7 at time of birth.
  June 6, 1957, Mark William Persky: No leads.
  Sept. 26, 1959, Mindy Harley Lerman: No leads.
  Feb. 9, 1961, Lori Jean King: Ruby Sutera arranged adoption; King appeared on Sally Jesse Raphael's show to make a plea for birth parents.
  March 19, 1962, Jeri Ilene Persky: Mother may have been a college student.
  Dec. 9, 1962, anonymous: Ruby Sutera helped arrange adoption.
  One birth mother has called:
  March 6, 1963, Donna Allen Hernandez: A son, weighed 6 pounds; she was 16 when she gave birth.