German Ancestors/GILCHER: from Essweiler to Syracuse

German Immigrant Ancestors
in Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York

GILCHERS from Essweiler to Syracuse

(Soundex code: G426)

The Excel graphic charts below appear courtesy of Friedrich H. Hüttenberger, with permission.
Email him at 320037891[email protected]

49N Lat., 7E Long.
NE of Kusel, SW of Lauterecken,
NW of Kaiserslautern
in Rheinland-Pfalz
(Kreis Kusel)
Postal zip code: 67754
Area: 810 hectares
Altitude: 363m / 1,190 feet
Today's population: 503

Willkommen in Essweiler:

Die Wandermusikanten:

Die Essweiler' Musikanten:
Michael Gilcher
by Heike Spohn of Essweiler
Essweiler area map
Map from used with permission.

The presentation below summarizes information collected and combined by Friedrich F. Hüttenberger (German information) and William Gilcher (German and U.S. information), a descendant of Michael Gilcher (email him at: william.gil[email protected], and is offered here with their permission. As with all genealogy, it is never complete, and we welcome corrections and new information. The numbering system used here by Herr Hüttenberger begins with the first child [1.] of the original ancestor (Hans Nickel Guelcher) and shows each descending generation added to the right of the decimal, each number segment between decimals denoting the birth order of that person in his family of origin (for example, 1.4.6 would refer to the individual who is the sixth child of a parent who was the fourth child of Hans Nickel Guelcher's oldest child).

To see if there is additional information available online for any of these people, try entering the name in the search engine for this website, visit the Onondaga County Genweb Message Board to see if an obituary or other public document has been submitted, and don't forget to try a search on Google and/or the German version of Alta Vista.

--Michelle Stone

CHART 1: From Hans Nickel Guelcher, Jr. of Wahnwegen to Hans Michael Guelcher [2.] of Nerzweiler:
(See chart on Friedrich H. Hüttenberger's site showing Hans Nickel Guelcher Jr.'s father and grandfather)

Hans Nickel Guelcher & 17th century descendants

CHART 2: From Johannes Guelcher [] of Essweiler to his son, Johannes Gilcher []:

CHART 3: Showing the family of Michael Gilcher []:

Family of Michael Gilcher []

CHART 4: From Michael Gilcher [] of Essweiler to his descendants in Syracuse/Onondaga County:

Essweiler/Syracuse Gilchers

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