James Troy


Bridget Fitzgerald

Married Name: Bridget Troy

Born: (Ireland)

Died: (Ireland) (before 1950)

Residences: Kildare / Stradbally, Laoighis, Ireland






Husband: James Troy


Other Details:


  1. James Troy's parents were determined through available Irish Birth records. In searching Irish Birth records at Familysearch.org, I found only one couple that was from that general area and who had children with pretty much the right names. I started with a search of "Robert Troy" because that only brought up six entries of I then searched all six sets of parents for a list of children. Only James Troy and Bridget Fitzgerald secured hits on siblings with the right names. I found:
    • Mary Troy: b. May 27, 1865, Stradbelly, Laoighis, Ireland
    • Patrick Troy: b. Aug. 20, 1867, Stradbelly, Laoighis, Ireland
    • Sarah Troy: b. Nov. 25, 1869, Stradbelly, Laoighis, Ireland
    • James Troy: b. Feb. 4. 1872, Kildare, Ireland
    • Robert Troy: b. Jan. 24, 1875 Ireland
    There were no records for John, Ellen, nor Bridget. The record for a "Sarah" (never mentioned by anyone else), and that the birthdays do not match any US records raised concerns. However, it is possible that Sarah died young and that the records are simply incomplete as to the others. The fact that Mary Jo independently confirmed that Robert was born in January fits with these parents. Stradbelly is right on the border with Kildare. Parents were confirmed by obtaining Robert Troy's Social Security Application which lists James Troy and "Brigid Fitzgerald" as the parents. I am not sure why the application lists March 17, 1887 as the birth date since that is more than a decade off from what clearly seems to be his birthday. It could be a mistake or perhaps there was some reason he wanted to be below the 65 retirement age when applying.
  2. 1900 Census
  3. Funeral Cards of James Troy, Patrick Troy, and Robert Troy
  4. Interview with Mary Jo Egoville. Names of siblings came from notes written by Mary Jo's mother Elizabeth. According to Mary Jo, Ellen changed her first name to Helen when she was older.