John Troy


John J. Troy

Mary Jo Egoville thinks this is John Troy, but nothing was written on the picture and she was a young child when he died.  My Uncle John confirms it is him.
John Troy*
From Mary Jo Egoville

Nickname: Jack

Born  October 9, 1906 1

Died: January 29, 1944 (cardiac arrest) Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital in Upper Darby, PA 1

Residences: 1532 E. Walnut Lane, Philadelphia, PA 1 10

Religion: Roman Catholic


Career:  Insurance Underwriter 1 5

Father: James Troy 1

Mother: Anna Moran 1


Wife: Delores Steinbruckner, May 18, 1936 St. Helena's Church Philadelphia 1


Other Details:


  1. Marge Troy
  2. 1900 Census
  3. 1910 Census
  4. 1920 Census
  5. 1930 Census
  6. Interview with Mary Jo Egoville - Mary Jo believes that the two oldest sisters, Ellen (who changed her name to Helen) and Anna died of the flu.
  7. Holy Cross Cemetery Records
  8. SSDI 159-07-4596 and Funeral card
  9. SSDI 197-24-7560 and Funeral Card
  10. Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Interment files list John Troy's interment as Jan 28, 1944, age 37. Either this date or the date on the death certificate is clearly wrong.

* Mary Jo Egoville thinks these pictures are of John Troy but is not sure. My Uncle John (his son) confirms it is him.

John Troy with sister Betty*
From Mary Jo Egoville