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By Michael Troy



This site contains genealogy research from all branches of my family. This is an ongoing project which more than likely contains technical as well as factual errors. I have tried to research the facts as best I could, but many sources are far from complete, often vague, and sometimes contradictory. I have tried to avoid pure speculation, but in many cases, I have made educated guesses that a record does in fact belong to a relative and not someone else by the same name. In other cases, I have relied on the research of other people where I have not yet had time to verify independently the information they have provided. Where facts are questionable or unverified, I have tried to make a note of that in the footnotes.

Where available, I have included scans of photos or original documents in order to pass along as much information as possible. Where there are no copyright issues, I have included some background information and maps that may be of interest to people in learning about our family history. I have also provided several programs that you might find helpful in your own research.

As far as I know, nothing protected by copyright. Feel free to copy and redistribute everything.

Aside from this site, I have made CDs of this project. The CD also contains information about living people that has been redacted here for privacy reasons. I am also working on a similar project for my wife's family, not publicly available yet. If you are a relative or have some other legitimate reason for wanting a CD, just contact me at the e-mail address below and I will send one to you.

I have tested pages only on Internet Explorer, it is quite possible that things may not display as I intended on other HTML readers. You may also find a few bad links among more recent people. This is due to redacting regarding people who are still alive. I apologize if some pages may load very slowly. I have included high quality images on many pages in case people wish to download them or zoom in to read the older documents.

The banner ads at the top and bottom of each page are inserted by my web host. This is the price I pay for free web space.

I hope you find this information, interesting and useful. I have been working on this project since the summer of 2004. It is far from being as complete as I would like. I plan to update this research on an ongoing basis. If you want updates or have questions about anything, or can add anything to what I have, please feel free to email me:

Michael Troy
[email protected]

I am especially interested in any pictures or other documents that anyone may have. If you don't know how to scan documents and would like help, I regularly drive all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware for work. I have a portable scanner and would be happy to help. I am more than happy to share copies of anything I have as well.

UPDATED JULY 2007. If you have been here before, you will see I have added considerably more names, particularly information about siblings of direct ancestors. I have also made some considerable revisions based on new research. Pictures and documents are now of better quality due to increases in my disk space limits.

How to find Stuff

I have created individual pages for all direct ancestors for whom I have information, as well as a few indirect ones where I found a significant amount of info. The buttons at the top of this page lead to pages which in turn link to individual pages. The "Family Tree" button is a diagram of all direct ancestors and tries to show their relationship. The "Name Index" is an alphabetical listing of all individual pages, including indirect relatives.

The final button contains links to some interesting background information written by others, as well as some maps forms and other useful research links. It also contains links to a few programs you may find helpful. You should find these buttons as the bottom of every page, as well as another button called "Start Page" which will return you here.

When you click on an individual's page, there should be links to his or her parents, children, or siblings, if a page has been created for them. There are also frequently links to documents that I have scanned or downloaded, such as marriage certificates, census records, or pictures of graves. There are also actual pictures of the person on many of the individual pages. If you click on any of the pictures, you should be able to see a full size copy of it, or an uncropped version of the picture.

If you get to a page can cannot click anywhere else, click on the "back" button on your browser's tool bar or press the backspace button on your keyboard to go back to the previous page.


There is no way this research would be anywhere as near as complete as it is without the help of many people. First and foremost, I would like to thank my grandmother, Sally Scheetz (formerly Ada May Raub) for all of her help. She provided me with access to hundreds, if not thousands of old photos, as well as other family documents. She also spent days providing me with oral family histories, driving around with me to graveyards and putting me in touch with other people who were a great help.

Special thanks to my Mother for providing information and answering all sorts of stupid questions about family history. I am most grateful to others who were so helpful in providing information: Marge Troy (my Uncle Paul's wife), Martha Bean (my grandmother Sally Scheetz's cousin), Ira Majo (my father's second cousin), Mary Jo Egoville (my father's cousin), Susan Walters (my mother's second cousin), and Vincent Scheetz (my mother's cousin). All of you have been so kind in providing me with invaluable access to family photos and other documents and for taking the time to help me with my research. There are, of course, many others who have provided research and other assistance that I have borrowed from liberally. I appreciate all of your help.