Ballyvourney baptisms

Ballyvourney Roman Catholic Baptisms
Co. Cork

Updated 12 Jan 2004

Transcribed from by Patty Pickett and posted here with her kind permission.

from Volume 11 O'Kief, Coshe Man, Slieve Lougher and Upper Blackwater in Ireland. some entries are missing dates, months, names and this is as they appeared.


5-18 Timothy son of Daniel Ryan and Mary Ahern, witnesses Timy Ryan and Ellen Don---
5-18 William son of Dan'l Donohue and Julianne Mullins, witnesses Ian? Lyhane and Cath Leary
5-? John son of Ml. Connell and Mary Sheehan, witnesses Timy Murphy and Mary Gallagher
5-27 Mary dau of Danl Cronin and Mary Connole, witnesses Jas S--- and Alay-- ---
-- Joan dau of Ml Galvan and Ellen Leary, witnesses Dl - and Cate Leary
___ Thos son of Ml Twomey and Hon Lyhane, witnesses Eug Sullivan and Julian Murphy
___ Ellen dau of D. Murphy and Ellen Lynch no witnesses
___ 3 no name child to Dl. Lynch and Mary Donohue, witnesses John Kelliher and Julian Kelliher
___3 E.Cate to Julian McCarty and ?____ witnesses Edm McCarty and Cat--- ---
___9 Mary dau of Timy Healy and Julian Lynch, witnesses Dan'l Bryan and Joan Sec----
___ Ellena dau of D. Dineen and Joanna Lynch, witnesses Thomas and Mary Lynch
___ Jerh son of T. Lucy and Ellen Lynch, witnesses Darlian---- + Hon Lynch
____ no name child to Dl. Dinan and ?, witnesses Dl. Mivy and ?
____ no name child to Tmy Herlihy and Mary Sullivan, witnesses Wm. Herlihy and Ellen Twomey
___ Mgt dau of M. Twomy and Ellin Casey, witnesses Mort Twomy and Cat Casey
___ Den son of Denis Lynch and ___ey Healy, witnesses John Healy and Mary Murphy
___ no name child to Cor Cookerry and Mary Shin, witnesses John Shin and Mary Kil----
___ Joonor? to M. Dineen and Honor Riordan, witnesses Darby and Joan Riordan
___ Corn son of Will Conghlan and Betty McCarthy, witnesses Dan'l McCarthy and Mary Casey
___ Mgt dau of D Connor and Ellin Coughlan, witnesses Jas. Din--- and Mgt. Galavan
___ John son of Darby Mullins and Honor Leary, witnesses Wm. Comeril and Julian Leary
___ no name child to M. Twomy and ? Quile, witnesses M. Crowly and Margt Twomy
___ no name chld to Dl. Tuomy and Joanna Buckley, Patrick and Mgt ___ witnesses
___ no name child to James Lihane only name listed
___ Honor dau of Cors Murnihy and Mary Horgan, witnesses Darby Horgan and Cate Sweeney
___ John son of John Casey and Honor Cronin, witnesses Mgt. Cronin and Darby Lynch
__- Ml son of John Hullisy and Joan Quile, witnesses Tmy Hearlihy and Mgt. Leary
___ Tos son of Humphrey Lynch and Joan Kelliher, witnesses John Lynch and Ellen Dineen
___ Mary dau of Mary Sullivan, witnesses D. Hearlihy and Joan Kelliher
___ Mich son of Den Callighan and Honor Tuomy,w itnesses John Kelliher and Mary Buckly
___ Darby son of Cors Kelliher and Mary Tuomy,witnesses Mat Twomy and Mary Kelliher
__ James son of D. Klliher and Brigt Roche, witnesses Jhn Cavanagh and Mary Rossenins
__ Cors son of Timy Tuomy and Mary Can--- witnesses Jam Roche and Ellen Lihane
___ Ellen dau of Patk Lynch and Ellen -, witnesses Cors Lyhan and Hon---
___ Joan dau of Jhn Timgan and Cath Lucy, witnesses Darby Kelliher and Joan Lynch
___ Corns son of D Buckley and ? witnesses -s Donohue and ?
7-22 Thomas son of Timy------ and Joanne Buckley, ? and Cath--- witnesses
7-22 John son of Cor Lynch and Julianna Murphy no sponsors
7-25 Patk son of Darby Hegarty and Honor Hullisy witnesses Wm. Ha--- and Mgt. Ri---
Aug John son of Darby Cronin and Mgt Lihane, witnesses Cors Cronin and Mary Lihane
Aug 10 Honor dau of M Murphy and Mgt Buckley, witnesses Darby - and Honor Casey
___ Mich son of D. Healy and Ellin Casey;, witnesses Wm. Casey and Ellin Lynch
__ Dl. son of Dan--- Desmond and Ellen Shihan, witnesses - Desmond and Cate Sullivan
___ Joan dau of Jn Connile and Brigt Connile, witnesses M. Mullane and Mary McCarty
___ Mary dau of D. Healy and Mgt.Cronin, witnesses Thomas Mullane and Hon -
26 Ellin dau of Dl Ryan and Mary Murphy, witnesses Jhn Killy and Mgt. Murphy
29 Cors son of Mooty Tuomy and Hon Tuomy, witnesses John Horgan and Joan --
___ Honor dau of Timy Dineen and Julian Horgan witnesses unknown.
next posting picks up with 1813- no 1811 or 1812

No entries for 1811 or 1812.


missing months in some cases, months and days in others. No sponsors are listed for some of the entries.
__ Mary dau of Darby Lyhane and Julian Keleher
__ Timy son of Cors Creedan and Mary Connell
___ 17 Mary dau of Michl Healy and Cath Healy
____ 17 Danl son of John Lynch and Johanna Lynch
_____ 20 Julian dau of Wm. Connell and Honor Kelleher
__ 30 Mary dau of Danl Lyhane and Mary Casey
9-12-1913 Mary dau of Darby Lyhane and Julian Keliher
___ Timy son of Cors Creedan and Mary Connell
____ 17 Mary dau of Michl Healy and Cath Healy
___ 17 Danl son of John Lynch and Johanna
_____ 20 Julian dau of Wm Connell and Honor Keleher
( Now you will notice that these first few entries are replicated and I do not know why they appear this way)
___ 30 Mary dau of Danl Lyhane and Mary Casey, James _ + ? sponsors
10-3 Matt son of Timy Tuomy and Ellen Tuomy
___ 7 Bridget dau of Wm. Hallisy and Ellen Lucy, sponsors Jhn ? + Mary ?
____8 Catherine dau of Jhn Quille and Johanna Keliher, sponsors Jhn Lynch and Mgt
___ 9 Cors son of Wm. Hallisy and Honor Quile, Cors + and Mary H sponsors
____ 10 Cors son of Wm. Casey and Joan Lyhane, Cors Casey and Mary Lynch sponsors
_____ Honor dau of Chas Callaghan and Mgt Lynch, sponsors Cors Lynch and Julian Lynch
______ Ellen dau of Danl Sweeny and Mary Riordan, sponsors ? and Mary Leehan
___ child no name or sex to Humphrey Lynch and Ellen Lynch, Darby Lynch and Ellen Dineen sponsors
____ 16 Johanna dau of Patk Grovay and Julian Currane, Wm. Hall and Julian ? sponsors
____ 17 Francis son of Patk Roche and Honor Leavy, Dennis ? sponsor
____ 19 Mgt. dau of John Tuomy and Cath Sheehan, Wm? sponsor
___ Mary dau of Wm Coghlan and Eliza McCarthy
___ Michl son of Patk Mullane no other data
No dates are given for any of the rest of these baptisms. In some cases even the child's name is missing.. These early years were hit or miss, sorry.
unnamed child to Dineen, sponsors Dennis Dineen and Mary Buckley
unnamed child to Dineen and Lynch, sponsors Humphrey Lynch and Julian Healy
unnamed child to Buckley and Healy, sponsors Jhn Casey and Ellen Lucy
unnamed child to Keleher and Twomy, sponsors Darby Keliher and Cath Keleher
unnamed child to Lyhane and Mgt. Sullivan, Michl Lynch and Julian Crowley sponsors
unnamed child to Horgan and Carrhane, sponsors Matt Horgan and Johanna Lynch
unnamed child to Lyhane and Lyhane, Randall McCarthy and Mary Twomy sponsors
unnamed child to John Connel and Mary Connel, sponsors Patk Connell and Mgt. Connell
unnamed child to Jhn Conlan and Mgt. Murphy, sponsors Darby Healy and Ellen Murphy
unnamed child to Danl Lyhane and Honor Lyhane, sponsors Cors Lyhane and Mary ?
Francis son of Humphrey Moynihan and Ellen Riordan, sponsors Danl Herlihy and Ellen McCarthy
Abigail dau of Darby Twomy and Johanna Buckley, sponsors Mat Twomy and Ellen Twomy
Cors son of Darby Lynch and Julian Lucey, sponsors Darby Lynch and Cath
Mary dau of Michl Scanlon and Joan Murphy, sponsors Jas Riordan and Julian
Mary dau of Darby Casey and Norry Murphy, sponsors Tim Coleman and Mary
Michl son of Morty Keleher and Mary Buckley, sponsors Timy Quily and Leary
no name child to Cors Lynch and Ellen Breen, sponsors Wm. Casey and Julian Roche
no name child to Danl Kelly and ? Buckley, sponsors Darby ? and ?
no name child to Lucy and ?, sponsors Danl Suicy and Cath
no data for years 1814, 1815, 181, 1817, 1818


2-6 Jhn son of Jhn Cronin and Mgt. Roche, sponsors Jhn Cronin and Norry Cronin
11 Cors son of Michl Moynihan and Betty Hallisey, sponsors Danl Hallisy and Ellen Lyhan
2-15 Humphrey son of Jhn Keleher and Mary Leary, sponsors Danl Riordan and Joan Leary
19 Mathias son of Tim Sweney and Cate Creedon, sponsors Bryan Swiney and Julian Herlihy
22 Patk son of Dennis Callaghan and Ellen Donoghue, sponsors Patk Keleher and Joan
27 Abigail dau of Patk Lyhane and Cate Keleher, sponsors Danl Lyhane and Cate Buckley
3-4 Julian dau of Cors Buckley and Joan Murphy, sponsors Mat Twomy and Norry Buckly
3-4 Mgt dau of Tim Cronin and Norry Kelleher, sponsors Pat Moynihan and Mary
9 Cath dau of Darby Cronin and Ellen Callaghan, sponsors Jhn Lynch and Mary Moynihan
11 Mary dau of Jhn Twomy and Mary Sheehan, sponsors Mary Riordan and ?
12 Patk son of Danl Lyhane and Julian Roche, sponsors Darby Quill and Mary Quill
14 Cath dau of Cors Murphy and Julian Crowly, sponsors Michl Murphy and Cath
16 Cate dau of Jas Keleher and Mary Lucy, sponsors Pat Keleher and Ellen Hallihy
no date, no name child of John Herlihy and Mary Laurence, sponsors Thos Luony and Ellen
no date no name child of John Lucey and ? , sponsors Thomas Gov--- and ?
no date Cath dau of Cors Lyhane and Norry Corcory, sponsors Danl Lyhane and Norry Keliher
4-1 Ellen dau of Tim Donoghue and Cate Leary sponsors Tim and Joan Galvan
4 Patk son of Tim. Dineen and Mary Riordan, sponsors Darby Lynch and Cate Keleher
8 Timy son of James Cronin and Mary Casey, Dennis Desmond and Mgt sponsors
9 Mary dau of Danl McCarthy and Julian Murphy, sponsors Morty Twomy and Mary Culley
11 Joan dau of Danl Lyhane and Joan Keleher, sponsors Jas Lyhane and Joan Conner
no date Mary dau of Cors Lucy and Mary Sullivan, sponsors Darby Ford and Cate Sullivan
4-25 Horgan son? of Bryan Sweeny and Mgt. Creedon, Michl Twomy and Cate Creedon sponsors
29 Anne dau of Wm Glees on and Julian Healy, sponsors Darby Herlihy and Norry Cro---
29 Joan dau of Jas Sullivan and Ellen Connell, sponsors Danl Crowly and Mary Donoghue
no date Danl son of John Casey and Ellen Leahy, sponsors Dan Casey and Joan Lynch
no date Cath dau of Jhn Moynihan and Ellen Twomy, sponsors Patk Twomy and Mary Twomy
no date Norry dau of Danl Quill and Julian Farrell, Dan Healy and ? sponsors
no date, no name child to Julian Lyhane and ? maybe illeg, sponsors James Lyhane and ?
month not given for the rest of these
6 Tim son of Jhn Twomy and Mary Quill, sponsors Michl Lucy and Mary Twomy
7 Joane dau of Michl Herlihy and Joan Riordan, sponsors Denis Herlihy and Mary Cronin
22 Mary dau of Wm. Riordan and Ellen Murphy, sponsors Thos Herlihy and Norry Coughlan
5 Jhn son of Darby Keleher and Biddy Roche, sponsors Michl Murphy and Mary Larnoe
7 Joan dau of Pat Casey and Mgt Lynch, sponsors John Cronin and Mary Buckley
8 Joan dau of Dan and Mary Lucey, sponsors Dan Lucy and Mary Murphy
13 Cath dau of Con Leary and Julia Lyhane, sponsors Con Keleher and Joan Leary
no date Tim son of Jas Riordan and Norry Murphy, sponsors Wm. Casey and Ellen Murphy
no date Ellen dau of Jhn Herlihy and Norry Lucey, sponsors Jhn Herlihy and Joan
no date Con son of Wm. Coughland and Mgt. Reardon, sponsors Tim and Julia Reardon
no date James son of William Hallipy and Norry Quill, sponsors Thomas Mullane and Ellen Hallipy.
no date Cat to ? Lynch and Ellen Lynch, Dan Keleher sponsor
no date Con son of James Buckley and Joan Creedan, sponsors John Twomy and Mgt. Hallipy
no date Denis son of Wm. Dineen and Mary Keleher, sponsors Michl Lynch and Norry Quillan
26 Pat son of Thos Herlihy and Norry Ryan, sponsors Tim Herlihy and Mgt. Coughlan
28 Honora day of Dan Lynch and Norry Lynch, sponsors Michael Murphy and Mgt. Leary
no date Cath dau of Owen Moynihan and Nelly Buckley, sponsors Sylvester Moynihan and Mary Moy-----


no date Norry dau of Michl Twomy and Julia Connell, sponsors Michl Lucy and Cath Lucy
no date Julian dau of Andrew Casey and Joan Lynch, sponsors, Cat Casey and Ellen Casey
no date Patk son of Dan Hely and Norry Curran, sponsors Michl Hely and Cath Curran
no date Joan dau of Darby Reardon and Mary Hely, sponsors Tim Twomy and Ellen Reardon
no date Joan dau of Pat Lyhane and Peg Lucy, sponsors Mich Twomy and Julia Cronin
no date Mary dau of Dan Hely and Cath Heley, sponsors Mat Hely and Cath
no date Ellen dau of Michl Twomy and Joan Lucy, sponsors Michl Lucy and Ellen Casey
no date Mgt dau of Thos Kelleher and Anne Allen, sponsors Jas Rupile-+?
Jan 15 Michl son of Pat Twomy and Mgt Lyhane, sponsors Mat Twomy (I think it was Mat, either that or Mgt) and Honora Twomy
Jan 15 Mary dau of Jhn Lehy and Ellen Cleary, sponsors Jhn Duffy and Ca---- Twomy
Jan 17 Mgt dau of Dan. Buckley and Mgt. Hely sponsors Mat Collins and Julian Collins
Jan 25 Danl son of Michl Dineen and Norry Riordan, sponsors Mat Lyhane and Cath Gla----
Jan 26 Tim son of Jerry Quill and Julian Donoghue, sponsors Jhn Quill and Mary P----cell
Jan 27 Pat son of Jas Moynihan and Julian Connell, sponsors Bart Roche and Mary Lucy
Jan 29 Ellen dau of Jerh Hurly and Ellen Galvan, sponsors Jhn Herlihy and Cath Keleher
Feb 4 Pat son of Darby Dineen and Norry Keleher, sponsors Pat Dineen and Mary Murphy
Feb 10 Denis son of Darby Lowery and Aby Cronin, sponsors Dennis Lowery and Joan Cronin
Feb 13 Dan. son of Jas Sullivan and Ellen Cormack, sponsors Michl Twomy and Cath
Feb 14 Abig dau of Wm Hallipey and Mary Curran, sponsors Jas Curran and Julian Curn
Feb 14 Con son of Dan. Lihane and Peg Twomy, sponsors Darby Quill and Mary Res---
Feb 14 Den son of Jhn Kelly and Mary Ryan, sponsors Darby Kelly and Mary Buckley
Feb 22 Pat son of Darby Cronin and Cath Lucy, sponsors Darby Lucy and Neley Cronin
Feb 25 Danl son of Denis Lucy and Norry Murray, sponsors Jhn Riordan and Joan ?
March 7 Honora dau of Dan. Hyde and Mary Keleher, sponsors Danl Kelleher and Mgt
March 7 Honora dau of Dl Buckley and Biddy Roche, sponsors Dan. Buckley and Biddy
March 14 Con son of Jhn Herlihy and Joan Leary, sponsors Andy Desmond and Mary Leary
March 14 Denis son of Pat Dineen and Joan Horgan, sponsors Dan. Horgan and Mary
March 14 Mary dau of Con Moynihan and Mary Quill, sponsors Michl Moynahan and Betty Herlihy
March 14 John son of Con Lucy and Mary Sullivan, sponsors Jas Lucy and Peg Lucy
March 17 Pat son of Darby Dineen and Norry Keleher, sponsors Pat Dineen and Ellen Con--- (NOTICE A ST PATS DAY BABY NAMED PAT!)
no date Mary dau of Darby Lucy and Abigail, sponsors Con Lucy and Mary Sullivan
no date John son of Tim Lucy and Mary Dineen, sponsors Darby Leary and Peg Lismore
no date Darby son of Darby Haly and Peg H----n, sponsors Jhn Hannagan and Abigail Ha--- (my thought was that all the missing names were Hannagan as well
no date Pat son of ? and Peg Murphy, sponsors Jhn Murphy and Cath
April 11 Con son of Pat Lyhane and Cath Lucy sponsors Con Lyhane and Mary Keleher
no date Jhn born to Darby Sullivan and Norry Quill no sponsors given
no date Mary dau of Dan. Connell and Nelly Haly, sponsors Darby Haly and Norry Haley
no date Pat son of Denis Dineen and Norry Lynch, sponsors John Lynch and Norry Moynahan
no date Mary dau of Pat Lynahan and Peg, sponsors John Brady and Mary Scannell
no date Cathe dau of Danl Collins and Mary Lynch, sponsors Edm Goold and Ellen Murphy
no date Denis son of Thomas Gleeson and Johanna Goold, sponsors Wm Gleeson and Joan Sir---
no date Joan dau of Darby Lynch and Mary Mullane, sponsors Denis Buckly and Ellen Mullane
no date Ellen dau of Edm Murphy and Joan Quill, sponsors Math Murphy and Joan
no date
Denis son of Dan. Lynch and Mary Leary, sponsors Jas Roche and Mgt. Lynch Mary dau of ? Quill and Juliana Reardon sponsors Dan. Desmond and Julia Fitzgerald
no date Mgt dau of ? Sheehan and Peg Callaghan, sponsors Dennis Lynch and Peg B-----
no date, no name no father's first name, last Moynahan and Cath Keleher, sponsors Con Moynahan and Mary
no date James son of Dan. Aherne and Mary Haly, sponsors Tim Herlihy and Peg Hallipy
no date Tmy son of Jerry Buckly and Joan Reardon, sponsors Mat Buckly and Mary
no date Michl son of Jhn Murphy and Cath Cronin, sponsors Pat and Bridget Murphy
no date Humphrey son of Peter Moynahan and Peg Keleher, sponsors Jhn Moynahan and Joan Keleher
no date Jhn son of Jas Lyhane and Mary Buckley, sponsors Jas Casey and Mary Holiy (name not a typo)
no date Cath dau of Denis Cartie and Joan, sponsors Danl Hickey and Mary Lucy
no date James son of ? Scannell and Ellen Galvan, sponsors Tim Scannell and Ellen ?
no date Denis son of no name Keleher and Mary Twomy, sponsors Tim Twohig and Mary ?
Honora dau of Dan. Lyhane and Jean Keleher, sponsors Michl Twomy and Joanne
no date Julian dau of Jhn Connell and Abigail Donoghue, sponsors Con Hallepy and Mary Lysmore
no date Joan dau of no name Capery and Ellen Dineen, sponsors no name Dineen and Julian no last name no date John son of no name Mullane and Johanna Sweeny, sponsors Darby Lynch +?
no date John son of Con Creedon and Cath Sullivan, sponsors Dan. Crowley and Ellen
no date no name, to Dan. Sullivan and Joan Connell, sponsors James
June 24 Joan to Mat Moynihan and Betty Hallepy, sponsors Dan. Lyhane and Julian Moyre
June 25 Ellen dau of Jhn Keefe and Joan Haley, sponsors Pat Haley and Nelly Herlihy
June 29 James son of Dan. Quill and Ellen Dineen, sponsors Mort Keleher and Mgt Herlihy
July 2 Jhn son of Mat Murphy and Mary Keleher, sponsors Jerry Cronin and Joan Murphy
July 2 Ellen dau of Darby Lynch and Mary Galvan, sponsors Wm. Connell and Ellen
July 3 Julian dau of Math Horgan and Mary Desmond, sponsors Matt Desmond and Ellen Horgan
July 9 Pat son of Pat Twomy and Mary Buckley, sponsors Thom Herlihy and Pat Sullivan
July 14 Peg, dau of Jhn Lucy and Julian Sullivan, sponsors Mat Lucy and Peg Kelleher
July 15 Dan. son of Dan. Murphy and Julian Herlihy, sponsors Darby Murphy and Mary
July 16 Pat son of Pat Kelly and Mgt Twomy, sponsor Julian Forde
July 18 Patk son of Darby Hely and Julia Dineen, sponsors Mat Lynch and Mary Donoghue
July 18 Julian dau of Jhn Twomy and Ellen, sponsors Darby Twomy and Julian
July 19 Mich son of Darby Lucy and Ellen Cartie, sponsors Mich Lucy and Ellen Sullivan
July 19 Abigail dau of Jhn Lyhane and Julian Lyhane, sponsors Darby and Joan Lyhane
July 20 Pat son of Pat Murphy and Julian Reardon, sponsors Michl and Mary Lucy
July 21 Cat dau of Con Lynch and Mary Cronin, sponsors Mat Lynch and Mgt
July 30 Jhn son of Pat Connell and Ellen Lynch, sponsors Darby Casey and Ellen Lynch
Aug 2 Darby son of Jhn Dineen and Norry Quill, sponsors Humphrey Lynch and Mary Dineen
Sept 13 Cath dau of Mort Keleher and Joan Quill, sponsors Denis Ryan and Mary Collins
Sept 13 Mary dau of Jas Kelliher and Joan Lynch, sponsors Mort Keleher and Mgt?
Sept 13 Denis son of Jerry Haley and Mary Horgan, sponsors Jhn Horgan and Joan Creedon
Sept 22 Jerh son of Denis Lynch and Mary Haly, sponsors Dan. Lynch and Helen Lynch
Sept 27 Norry dau of Pat Desmond and Mary Horgan, sponsors Jerh and Julian Desmond
Sept 28 Danl son of Dan. Lynch and Mary Donoghue, sponsors Humphrey Lynch and Honora
Sept 29 Michl son of Wm. Herlihy, and Ivan ????? Rogers, sponsors Pat Byrene and Barbara Quill
Oct 2 Jhn son of Pat Shea and Mary Manning, sponsors Owen Sullivan and Mary Hallipy
Oct 2 Julia dau of Matt Twomy and Mary Keleher, sponsors Pat Keleher and Mary
Oct 5 Julia dau of Chas Callaghan and Mgt Lynch, sponsors Thos Lynch and Honora
Oct 11 Danl son of Jhn Sweeny and Mgt Connor, sponsors Tim Sweeny and Joan Louery
Oct 14 Tim son of Tim. Callaghan and Cath Creedon, sponsors Jerry Lucy and Joan
Oct 14 Pat son of John Roche and Cath Dineen, sponsors Dan. Lynch and Honora Roche
Oct 18 Jhn son of Owen Sullivan and Joan Keliher, sponsors Dan. Sullivan and Honora Twomy
Oct 23 Cath dau of Jas Lyhan and Mary Lucy, sponsors Jhn Lehy and Ellen Lucy
Oct 24 John son of Danl Lucy and Joan Donoghue, sponsors David Byrne and Mgt Lyhan
Oct 25 Ellen, dau of Jerry Haley and Norry Murphy, Thos Herlihy and Julian Callaghan
NOV Nov 21 James son of Michl Mulley and Cath Lyhane, sponsors Pat Hulley and Mary Manning
Nov 27 Denis son of Thos Herlihy and Joan Buckley, sponsors Dan. Lynch and Joan Lowry
Nov 27 Edmd son of Jhn Brady and Norry Coughlan, sponsors Pat Sweeny and Ellen Brown
Dec 4 Julia, dau of Wm Casey and Mgt. Reardon, sponsors Jhn Reardon and Honor Murphy
Dec 5 Darby son of Michl Donoghue and Mgt. Callahan, sponsors Darby Dineen and Ellen Cullen
Dec 5 Tim son of Danl Reardon and Joan Sweeny, sponsors Con Lyhane and Julia Twomy
Dec 18 Mgt son of Michl Keliher and Mary Shean, sponsors M. Talagh ? and Mary Sullivan
Dec 20 Mary dau of James Lucy and Nelly Sullivan, sponsors Mich and Merry Tullig
Dec 20 Tim son of Tim Keliher and Julian Regan, sponsors Jas Keliher and Betty Harrigan
Dec 20 Julia dau of Tim and Joan Murphy, sponsors Roger Sweeney and Joan Buckley
no date Norry dau of Con Keleher and Mary Twomy, sponsors John Forde and ? Twomy
Dec 26 Mgt dau of Jerry Shehan and Cath Lucy, sponsors Jerry Munihy and Cath Sheehan
Dec 26 Richd son of John Cowel and Honora Lucy, sponsors Peter Connell and Hon Sheehan
Dec 27 Mary dau of Jerry Callaghan and Mgt Haley, sponsors Pat Haley and Mary
Dec 27 Mgt dau of Con Lynch and Joan Lucy, sponsors Darby Lynch and Ellen Murphy
Dec 29 Michl son of Pat Moynahan and Norry Twomy, sponsors Owen Sullivan and Mgt. Twomy
Dec 29 Pat son of Mich Lyhane and Ellen Hallipay, sponsors Dan. Hallipay and Mary Casey
that is it for Ballyvourney

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