Names and addresses of people living in Cork City in 1832

Names and addresses of people living in Cork City in 1832
Co. Cork

Updated 25 Apr 2000

Submitted by Deirdra Sullivan to Cork City mailing list and posted here with her kind permission.

This is a listing of names and addresses of people living in Cork City in 1832.

This list comes from "Parliamentary Papers" which I copied while in Dublin this past February. It is a section of a much larger list of persons entitled:


Appendix, No. 11 Further return of the Names and Residences, specifying the Streets and Numbers of the Houses, of all Individuals in the Towns in IRELAND which return Members to serve in Parliament, who have made Application or received Excise Licenses for the Sale of Spirits in Premises under the Annual Value of 10., since 1st October 1832: So as to complete the Return made to the Committee in the last Session of Parliament.


Ashe, John		George's-quay		12
Ahern, Michael		Old market-place	1
Ahern, Edmond		Pump Lane		None

Barry, William		Sunday's-well		-
Barry, Catherine	Saddlerstown		-
Barry, James		Ballinamought		-
Barry, Mary Ann	Douglas-street		33
Bedworth, Margaret	Barracktown		None
Bodwin, Edward		Cattle Market-place	31
Brosnan, Andrew	Sunday's-well		None
Buckley, Cornelius	Bachelor's-quay	-
Bury, John		Blarney-cross		-

Callaghan, Timothy	Hanorver-street	-
Callaghan, John	Saddlerstown		-
Canavan, John		William-street		-
Carey, Michael		Old Market-place	29
Casey, Richard		Shannon-street		126
Clarke, Thomas		Douglas-street		29
Cogan, John		Douglas-road		none
Collins, Michael	Goal-road		-		*
Collins, John		Clarence-street	53
Conlon, Michael	Bandon-road		none
Connell, Henry		Patrick-street		124
Connelly, Nicholas	Fitton-street		none
Corker, William & Co.	Prince's-street	43
Corveorn, Margaret	Old Youghal-road	none
Cronia, Michael	Bohermahon		-
Cronin, Cornelius	Evergreen		-
Cronin, Sarah		Thomas-street		2
Crowly, John		Carrigrohan		-
Crowley, John		Pump-Lane		-
Cummings, Richard	Blarney-cross		-
Cunningham, John	Prince's-street	1

Daly, Catherine	Donovan-street		5
Daly, John		Dominick-street	none
Deyos, Mary		Mary-street		-
Dillon, Matthew	Robert-street		1
Divine, John		Grafton-alley		none
Donoghue, Catherine	Watercourse		-
Donovan, Jeremiah	Browne-street		-
Donovan, Ellen		Grafton-alley		-
Donovan, Michael	Ballinlough		-
Donovan, James		Ballinamought		-
Down, William		George's-quay		15
Doyle, Henry		Douglas-street		35
Draddy, Daniel		Evergreen		none
Driscoll, Jeremiah	Baracktown		-
Duff, David		Douglas-street		56
Duggan, Ann		Dunbar-street		none
Duggan, Cornelius	Fish-street		2

Evans, Catherine 	Douglas-street 	none
Evans, John 		Glanmire Road 		none

Fitzgerald, Catherine Pump-lane 		none
Flynn, William Old 	George's Street 	105
Flynn, William 	Cove Street 		none

Grace, James 		Old George's Street 	9
Grattan, Rebeca 	Barracktown 		none
Greamy, Timothy 	Blarney Lane 		45
Green, Joseph 		Grafton Alley 		none

Harrington, Ann 	Merchant's Quay 	none
Havies, Thomas 	Lavit's Quay 		none
Haurahan, Patrick 	Saddlerstown 		8
Healy, Edmond 		Barrack Street 	139
Healy, John 		Gaol Road 		none
Heffernan, Richard 	Saddlerstown 		none
Hegartly, James 	Dublin Street 		34
Hegarty, Thomas 	Evergreen 		none
Henley, Margaret 	Blackrock Road 	None
Hennessey, Elizabeth 	Fish Street 		1
Hickey, Maurice Gill 	Abby Street 		none
Hickey, John 		Fair Lane 		26
Hongan, John 		York Street 		67
Horgan, Timothy 	Ballintemple 		none
Hyde, James 		Fair Lane 		74

Jordan, John 		White Street 		7
Justin, Richard 	Merchant's Quay 	none

Kearney, William 	Fair Lane 		33
Kelliher, Jeremiah 	Blarney Lane 		29
Kenny, Patrick 	Evergreen 		none
Kegan, Michael 	Barrack Street 	none
Kirk, Charles 		Douglas Street 	92

Lacey, Patrick 	Mallow Lane 		115
Laude, Peter 		Lavit's Quay 		none
Lary, Mary 		Blackrock 		none
Lawton, John 		King Street 		none
Leahy, Thomas 		Douglas Street 	1
Leary, James 		Lough Lane 		none
Leniham, Mary 		Glanmire 		none
Lineham, Dennis 	Barracktown 		none
Loony, Timothy 	Bandon Road 		none
Lynch, Jeremiah 	Douglas Street 	none
Lynch, James 		Prince's Street 	22
Lyons, John 		Upper Glathan 		none
Lyons, Jeremiah 	Barrack Street

Mahony, John 		Bandon Road 		none
Mahony, Denis 		Barracktown 		none
Manning, Denis 	New-end 		none
Matthews, Joseph 	Upper Glathan 		none
Maybury, Augustus 	Mannix Street 		none
McCarthy, Mary 	York Street 		53
McCarthy, Mary 	Margaret Street 	4
McCarthy, James 	Dunbar Street 		4
McCartney, James 	Ballincollig 		none
McDonald, John 	Douglas Street 	46
McDonnell, Margaret 	Dublin Street 		31
McImmerney, Thomas 	Ballincollig 		none
McSweeney, Jeremiah 	Carrigrohan 		none
Meade, Robert 		Fair Lane 		33
Moore, Richard 	Barracktown 		none
Morris, Patrick 	Glanmire 		none
Morroh, Johanna 	Paul Street 		none
Mulholland, Richard 	Barracktown 		none
Mullins, Thomas 	Douglas 		none
Murphy, John 		Devonshire Street 	none
Murphy, William 	Bandon Road 		none
Murphy, Patrick 	Blarney Lane 		95
Murphy, Edward 	Drawbridge Street 	none
Murphy, Daniel 	Leemount 		none
Murphy, Patrick 	Ralphpeacon 		none
Murphy, Timothy 	Ralphpeacon 		none
Murphy, Patrick 	Douglas 		none
Murphy, Edward 	Evergreen 		none

Nagle, Margaret 	York Street 		24
Nagle, John 		Evergreen 		none

O'Brien, Daniel 	Bishop Street 		none
O'Brien, William 	Baily Lane 		1
O'Brien, Daniel 	Old George's Street 	12
O'Brien, James 	Mallow Lane 		none
O'Connor, Daniel 	Mallow Lane 		33
O'Donnel, Patrick 	Golden Grove 		none
O'Keiffe, John 	Clarence Street 	78
O'Keiffe, Michael 	Knap's Square 		none
O'Keiffe, Joseph 	Nicholas Street 	none
O'Regan, John 		Blarney Lane 		171
O'Shea, William 	Evergreen 		none

Peed, Richard 		Old George's Street 	98
Pickley, William 	Church Street 		1
Pine, Catherine 	Carragad 		none
Prescott, William 	Robert Street 		none

Quinlan, Mary 		Douglas 		none
Quinn, Penelope 	Barracktown 		none

Regan, Thomas 		Cattle Lane 		1
Regan, John 		Fair Lane 		66
Regan, Mary 		Old George's Street 	112
Reynolds, Benjamin 	Douglas Street 	91
Ryan, Patrick 		Barrack Street 	none

Scannell, James 	Warren's Place 	21
Sheehan, William 	Barrack Street 	none
Simmons, Johanna 	Blackrock 		none
Stack, Thomas 		Coach Street 		none
St. Kellett, Richard 	Catherine Street 	none
Sullivan, Patrick 	Barrack Street 	none
Sullivan, Timothy 	Blarney Lane 		185
Sullivan, Patrick 	Mallow Lane 		93
Sullivan, Patrick 	Evergreen 		none

Tighe, Mary Ann 	Blackrock 		none
Twomey, Daniel 	Ballintemple 		none

Wakefield, James 	Lough Lane 		none
Walsh, Thomas 		Millfield 		none
Walsh, Patrick 	Saddlerstown 		none
Walsh, William 	Coolan-milltown 	none
Walsh, Patrick 	Douglas 		none
Walsh, Patrick 	Evergreen 		none
White, Julia 		Fish Street 		10
Woodley, Frances 	Southmall 		84

Deirdra Sullivan

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