Mayors and Sheriffs of Cork

Mayors and Sheriffs of Cork
1610 - 1699
1700 - 1799
1800 - 1861

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Mayors and Sheriffs of Cork 1610 - 1699

Taken from " The History of the County and City of Cork" by Rev. C.B. Gibson, M.R.I.A., published London, 1861, Volume II. On page 388 he writes: "I cannot vouch for the perfect correctness of the following list of mayors and sheriffs, but it is as correct as I can make it:- "

(transcriber's notes - 1. additional dates, which presumably relate to date of election, date of taking office etc. have been deleted for the sake of brevity. 2. It is likely that the many 'Fitz-' prefixes are used simply for additional clarification, meaning 'son of'; in present day terms, the surname is the name that precedes the Fitz prefix, but may be useful in genealogical terms. 3. The first name is the mayor, followed by the Sheriffs)

1610 Edmond Gallwey, Edward Roche, Henry Gould Fitz-Piers
1611 George Gold Fitz-Edmond, Dominick Tyrry Fitz-Edmond, Andrew Gallwey
1612 Domk. Tyrry Fitz-Edmond, Stephen Miagh Fitz-Garrett, Patrick Lawallyne
Dominick Gallwey, Nicholas Roche, who died in office and was succeeded by
Ed. Roche Fitz-John
1613 Wm. Skiddy Fitz-John, George Lombard, George Morrogh
1613 Patrick Tyrry Fitz-William, John Collinayne, Maurice Kynt
1614 D. T. Fitz-David, Edmond Gold Fitz-George, Philip Pounch Fitz-John
E. T. Fitz-Edmond, Adam Gold Fitz-Patrick, Christopher Gallwey
1615 W.G. Fitz-George, Edmond Gold Fitz-Henry, Nicholas Lombard Fitz-James
1616 G.T. Fitz-Edmond, Dominick Roche Fitz-James, John Gallwey, James Gold
John C. Fitz-John, Maurice Roche, Fitz-James, Thomas Martell Fitz-Philip
1617 Patrick Tyrry, John Coppinger Fitz-John, William Gallwey Fitz-Edmond
1618 W.G. Fitz-George, Thomas Morley, Lancellot Teape
1619 J. Coppinger Fitz-John, Robert Glover, Richard Cooke
1620 W.T. Fitz-Richard, John Ghilbert, Robert Myntren
1621 A. S. Fitz-William, Henry Roberts, Richard Rowse
1622 J. Coppinger, Jun., John Addis, John Tucker
1623 J. R. Fitz-Patrick, Richard Connell, Edmond Murphy
1624 J.Roche, James Lombard, James Kearney
1625 H. Gold Fitz-Adam, John Miagh Fitz-Henry, Richd. Hallyn Fitz-Robert
1626 E. M. Fitz-Philip, Stephen Martell, David Lombard Fitz-James
1627 Wm. Hore, John Gold Fitz-James, James Mathew Fitz-James
1628 D. T. Fitz-Edmond, Stephen Gould, James Fitz-Gerald
1629 Jas. Murroghe, Maurice Roche Fitz-Patrick, Melcher Lavallin
1630 Thomas Ronayne, W.T. Fitz-George, T. Fitz-John-Gerald
1631 Maurice Roche, Micholas (sic) Skiddy, Patrick Drady
1632 J. G. Fitz-Patrick, Richard Tirry, John Drady
1633 W.R. Fitz-Dominick, Robert Coppinger, Edward Gould
1634 Richd. Roche, Robert Verdon, Dominick Tirry
1635 Thos. Martell, James Roche Fits-Patrick William Kearney
1636 Robert Miagh, William White, Dominick Morrogh
1637 David Meade, Patrick Arthur, William Verdon
1638 Patrick Lavalin, Aug. 18, 1637
1639 T. Sarsfield, James Fitz-Patrick Sarsfield, James Fits-David Gould
1640 T. Fitz-Geo. Goold, Stephen Coppinger, John Fits-Maurice Roche
1641 Melcher Lavallin, George Tirry Fitz-William, Philip Martell Fitz-Edward
1642 M.R. Fitz-Patrick, Francis Roche, Edmond Roche
1643 John Roche Fitz-Maurice, R. Galway, P. Roche; the latter having died
before he was sworn, R.T. Fitz-Robert was elected, on the 13th day of
October in his stead
1644 Robert Coppinger
1645 James Lombard

For ten years there were no civil magistrates, it being the period of
Cromwell's Usurpation. In the year 1655, Sir William Fenton, and four
others, who were ancient freemen of the city, met together and elected John
Hodder, Mayor, and William Hodder and Philip Mathews, Sheriffs. Since this
time all the offices of the Corporation have been filled by Protestants.

1656 John Hodder, William Hodder, Philip Mathews
1657 William Hodder, Richard Covett, Timothy Tuckey
1658 Philip Mathews, Richard Basset, John Bayley
1659 Jonas Morris, Richard Lane, Noblet Dunscombe
1660 Chris. Oliver, Thomas Farren, John Flynn
1661 Walt. Cooper, Christopher Rye, Nicholas King
1662 Rich. Covett, Robert Williams, Thomas Crook
1663 James Vandeluer, William French, Richard Purdon
1664 Rich. Basset, James Finch, Mathew Deane
1665 Noblet Dunscombe, John Newenham, Patrick Ronayne
1666 Thos. Farren, John Hawkins, Timothy Tuckey
1667 Christopher Rye, Thomas Mill, George Wright
1668 Christopher Rye, Thomas Kitchenman, Robert Fletcher
1669 Matthew Deane, William Field, Richard Harvey
1670 James Finch, William Wren, Thomas Walker
1671 Jn. Newenham, Jonathan Perry, John Bayley
1672 John Hawkins, Thomas Franklin, John Terry
1673 Thomas Mills, James Mills, Thomas Wills
1674 John Bayley, Robert Rogers, William Hull
1675 Geo. Wright, John Wright, Edward Webber
1676 William Field, Edward Youd, John Sealy
1677 Timothy Tuckey, William Allen, Christopher Crofts
1678 Thos. Kitchenman, William Maleborne, Richard Terry
1679 John Bayley, William Ballard, William Howell
1680 Robert Rogers, Randal Hull, Henry Gerald
1681 William Alwin, Thomas Croneen, Stephen Cook
1682 Richard Covett, William Charters, Eleazer Layers
1683 John Wright, Zachariah Coke, Samuel Bayley
1684 Edward Webber, Edward Hoare, John Bayley
1685 Christopher Crofts, Daniel Crone, John Champion
1686 Edward Hoare, Thomas Browne, Edward Tucker
1687 William Ballard (Ignatius Gould was also mayor this year, for James II); William Coppinger, William White
1688 Patrick Roche, Bat. French, Thomas Morrough
1689 Dominick Sarsfield, Patrick Meade, Patrick Nagle
1690 William Ballard, William Roberts, William Green
1691 Daniel Crone, Peter Renew, Samuel Love
1692 William Charters, John Whiting, Richard Slocomb
1693 William Howell, James French, Simon Dring
1694 Peter Renew, John Raynee, William Goddard
1696 Samuel Love, Ed. Knap, Jonathan Tressilion
1696 Jas. French, Theoph. Morice, Ferd. Penington
1697 William Roberts, Richard Crab, Thomas Kinsmell
1698 William Goddard, William Andrews, Edward Yeamans
1699 Theo. Morris, Barth. Taylor, John Allen

Mayors and Sheriffs of Cork 1700 - 1799

1700 John Sealy, Joseph Ruddock, Fr. Cotterel
1701 Simon Tiring, Joseph Franklin, Bern. Poye
1702 John Whiting, William Masters, Abraham Watkins
1703 Edm. Knapp, Mathias Smith, Edward Brown
1704 William Andrews, Daniel Perdriau, Rowl. Delahoyde
1705 Fras. Cotterel, William Cockeril, Daniel Pierce
1706 Bernard Poye, Noblet Rogers, Patrick Hamilton
1707 Jos. Franklin, Edward Hoare, John Hawkins
1708 Row. Delahoyde, William Lambley, James Morison
1709 Noblet Rogers, Richard Philips, Samuel Wilson
1710 Edward Hoare, Thomas Barry, Samuel Ablin
1711 Richard Philips, John Terry, Richard Abdis
1712 Daniel Perdriau, Philip French, Anthony Goss
1713 John Allen, Abraham French, Joseph Lavite
1714 Edward Browne, John Morison, Hugh Millard
1715 Philip French, John Morley, Francis Power
1716 William Lambley, Thomas Shears, Thomas Brown
1717 Abraham French, William Hawkins, Charles Cotterel
1718 John Morley, Edw. Brocklesby, Joseph Austin
1719 John Terry, John Maunsel, George Fuller
1720 Joseph Lavite, Samuel Croker, James Farrcaut
1721 William Hawkins, William Ougan, Augustus Carré
1722 Dan. Pierce, Robert Atkins, George Bennet
1723 Ed. Brocklesby, Amb. Cramer, James Hulet
1724 Geo. Bennet, Francis Rowland, Thomas Pembroke
1725 Amb. Cramer, William Bustead, John Franklin
1726 Robert Atkins, James Crook, Ambrose Jackson
1727 Thomas Brown, John Atkins, William Lane
1728 Hugh Millard, Dan. Engane, Thomas Austin
1729 John Atkins, Francis Healy, Harding Parker
1730 Joe. Austin, Whetenhal Hignet, John Baldwin
1731 James Hulet, James Piercy, Robert Travers
1732 Sam. Croker, Wm. Newenham, Adam Newman
1733 Thomas Pembroke, Robert Dring, Walter Lavite
1734 Geo. Fuller, Thomas Farren, Wm. Delahoyde
1735 Amb. Jackson, William Fuller, Thomas Brown
1736 Thomas Farren, Daniel Crone, Richard Bradshaw
1737 John Baldwin, Christ. Carleton, Hor. Townsend
1738 Adam Newman, Randal Westropp, Nath. Barry
1739 William Fuller, John Terry, Noblet Philips
1740 Harding Parker, George Fuller William Clarke
1741 Richard Bradshaw, William Taylor, William Winthrop
1742 Wm. Owgans, Mathias Smith, Hugh Millard
1743 Randle Westrop, Robert Wrixon, William Harding
1744 William Winthrop, Sir Richard Cox, bart., Usher Philpot
1745 William Lavite, Nicholas Ford, David Bruce
1746 William Taylor, Phineas Bury, William Holmes
1747 Hugh Milliard, William Busteed, George Hodder
1748 Dan. Crone, James Chatterton, Hugh Reily
1749 William Holmes, John Webb, John Swete
1750 Robert Wrixon, Sir J. Freke, bart., R, Newenham
1761 William Busteed, Francis Carleton, Hugh Swayne
1752 Mathias Smith, John Wrixon, Stephen Denroche
1753 Sir J. Freke, Bart., John Cossart, Kevan Izod
1754 George Hodder, John Smith, Joe. Witheral
1755 John Reily, Samuel Maylor, Godfrey Baker
1756 Wm. Harding, Thomas Newenham, John Roe
1757 Usher Philpott, Boyle Travers, P. Westropp
1758 John Swete, W. Parks, Christ. Collis
1759 Phineas Bury, Andrew Franklin, Dan Connor
1760 Joseph Witheral, H. Harding, Thomas Owgan
1761 Andrew Franklin, W. Fitton, James Morrison
1762 John Wrixon, Walter Travers, Robert Lane
1763 John Smith, Francis Rowland, William Cole,
1764 Boyle Travers, Henry Wrixon, William Butler
1765 William Parks, Sam. Rowland, W. Wilcocks
1766 Sam. Maylor, John Travers, John Harding
1767 Jas. Chatterton, S. Twogood French, H. Lawton
1768 Noble Phillips, Sober Kent, Richard Lloyd
1769 Godfrey Baker, Benjamin Bousfield, Richard Kellet
1770 Christ. Collis, Peter Cossart, Jasper Lucas
1771 John Webb, John Wrixon, Henry Puxley
1772 John Roe, Richard Harris, John Franklin
1773 Francis Rowland, Kingsmill Berry, Francis Carleton, jun.
1774 John Travers, Thomas Fuller, Philip Bennet
1775 William Butler, W. Lawton, M R. Westropp, C. Denroche
1776 Hugh Lawton, John Day, William Leycester
1777 Thomas Owgan, Thomas Harding, Richard Lane
1778 Palms Westropp, Christopher Lawton. Richard Purcell
1779 John Harding, Michael Busteed, Vesian Pick
1780 Frs. Carleton, James Kingston, Aylmer Allen
1781 Walter Travers, R Hutchinson, Peter Dumas
1782 Sober Kent, John Thompson, J. Lindsay
1783 Richard Kellet, John Shaw, Thomas Waggett
1784 James Morrisson, Philip Allen, Humphrey Crowley
1785 Sir John Franklin, William Lumley, Henry Sadleir
1786 Sir Samuel Rowland, Christopher Allen, Christopher Waggett
1787 James Kingston, Rowland Morrisson, Jeff. Piercy
1788 Richard Purcell, J. Herbert Orpen, Paul Maylor
1789 II. Harding, died, succeeded by Humphry Crowly, Thomas Harding, jun., N. Johnson
1790 Richard Harris, C. Ferguson, Sir H. B. Hayes
1791 Henry Puxley, James Sadleir, Thomas Dorman
1792 John Shaw, William Clerke, John Forster
1793 William Wilcocks, Charles Evanson, William Lane
1794 John Thompson, David Perrier, Knighted while in office, Henry Bagnell
1795 Jasper Lucas, Strettel Jackson, Michael Wood
1796 V. Pick, Knighted while in office, Thomas Gibbings, Edward Allen
1797 Kingsmill Berry, Robert Harding, John Cuthbert, jun.
1798 Philip Bennett, Abraham Lane, Isaac Jones
1799 Michael Busteed, Thomas Pope, Richard Digby

Mayors and Sheriffs of Cork 1800 - 1861

1800 Philip Allen, Henry Hickman, William Lane
1801 Michl. R. Westropp, John George Newsom, J. N. Wrixon
1802 Richard Lane, Thomas Dunscombe, Christopher Cole
1803 C. Allen, died, succeeded by T. Waggett; John Cotter,jun., William Busteed
1804 Charles Evanson, Peter Besnard, George Knapp
1805 Rowland Morrison, Richard N. Parker, Richard Maguire
1806 John Day, Richard Lane, Charles Cole
1807 Thomas Harding, Joseph Leycester, George S. Waggett
1808 John Forster, Wm. Jameson, Jun., Anthony Perrier, Knighted while in office
1809 Noblet Johnson, Thomas Harris, John D. Church
1810 Paul Maylor, Robert Deane, J. Besnard, jun.
1811 Thomas Dorman, Edward Newsom, James Lane
1812 Peter Dumas, Bartholomew Gibbings, Francis Hodder
1813 Sir D. Perrier, knt., Joseph Garde, Henry Bagnell, jun.
1814 John Geo. Newsom, Henry Bennett, William Johnson
1815 Henry Sadleir, Thomas Deane, William Lucas
1816 Edward Allen, Charles Perry, Charles Evanson
1817 Thomas Gibbings, J.W. Newsom, Samuel Lane
1818 Richard Digby, H.B. Westropp, T. F. Harrison
1819 Isaac Jones, William Preston White, George Atkins
1820 Sir A. Perrier, Lionel J. Westropp, T. P. Boland
1821 Edward Newsom, Isaac Morgan, R. Leycester
1822 Henry Bagnell, John Saunders, Julius Besnard
1823 Barthw. Gibbings, William Crofts, Robert Lawe
1824 J. N. Wrixon, Edward Colburne, John Bagnell
1825 T. F. Harrison, George Newsom, Andrew Spearing
1816 Richd. N. Parker, John Wallis, William J. Jones
1827 Thos. Dunscombe, Robert Evory, Osborne Savage
1828 Thomas Pope, Samuel Perry,jun., J. J. Cummins
1829 George Knapp, James Wallis, Nicholas Vincent
1830 Joseph Garde, George W. Foott, Thomas Deane, Knighted while in office
1831 John Besnard, Aylmer Richard Martin, William John
1832 Joseph Leycester, Charles E. Hardy, Wm. Lumley Perrier
1833 Charles Perry, Randal Howe, Aylmer Allen
1834 Richard Lane, died. Succeeded by A. Spearing; William White. Knighted while in office. George Foott
1835 Peter Besnard, William Rogers, J.B. Ballard
1836 John Saunders, James C. Perry, Richard B. Tooker
1837 John Bagnell, Robert Vincent, George F. Sadleir
1838 Lionel J. Westropp, Thomas Exham, Nicholas Cummins
1839 James Lane, George Newsom, William Harris
1840 Julius Besnard, Ben. Deeble, Jas. Dowman
1841 Thomas Lyons, (no names given for sheriffs)
1842 F. B. Beamish, Sir George Goold, bart.

The practice of electing two sheriffs for the city was abolished by 3 & 4
Victoria, and the appointment of one vested in the crown.

1843 (No name given for Mayor), James Morgan
1844 William Fagan, William Kissane Rogers
1845 Rd. Dowden (Rd.), James Morrough
1846 Andrew F. Roche, David Leahy Arthur
1847 Edward Hackett, Jer. Stack Murphy
1848 William Lyons, Thos. Summerville Reeves
1849 Same. Knighted. Thomas R. Sarsfield
1850 John Shea, Wm. Wrixon Leycester
1851 James Lambkin, Sir Thomas Deane
1852 Wm. Hackett. Knighted. Francis B. Beamish
1853 John F. Maguire, Andrew G. Wood
1854 John N. Murphy, Francis Lyons
1855 John Gordon, Knighted while in office. North Ludlow Beamish
1856 William Fitzgibbon, Sir William Lyons
1857 Same, John Nicholas Murphy
1858 Daniel Donegan, Godfrey Thomas Baker
1859 John Arnott, William Horatio Crawford
1860 Same, Knighted. Francis Robert Leahy
1861 Same, William Johnson

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