Virtual Family Cemeteries
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After researching much of the family history (an effort that began in June of 2000), I decided to begin visiting parts of the country in search of the graves of our ancestors and their many descendents. The first leg of this tour began in Iowa and Illinois in May of 2001. Snapping photos at every opportunity, my uncle Dennis Mulford and I visited the first 3 cemeteries in Iowa: Maynes Grove Cemetery in Bradford, Hillside Cemetery in Sheffield and Rockwell Cemetery in Rockwell. My wife, Karen, daughter, Ashley, and I continued on to Illinois to locate the family buried in Trinity Lutheran Cemetery in Crete and Skyline Memorial Park in Monee. These two cemeteries primarily house my maternal grandmotherís side of the family whereas the cemeteries in Iowa contain my fatherís side.

During the same trip to Iowa and Illinois, I was planning to visit Little Rock, Arkansas to find the tombstone of my great-great-great grandfather, Thomas Mulford. My father, Floyd R. Mulford, knew that David Eastin (Marshaís son-in-law) had family around Little Rock and thought he might be able to help. So, before my trip to Iowa, Dad contacted him and David agreed to visit the National Cemetery in Little Rock in my stead. Davidís pictures of that cemetery and the headstone of Thomas Mulford are included herein. I owe David considerable thanks for saving me about 10 hours of driving on my 10 day vacation.

Later in October of 2001, I returned to Iowa and visited a number of the cemeteries I had missed. On that trip uncle Dennis and I visited Oakhill Cemetery in Bristow, Dumont Cemetery in Dumont, Union Cemetery in Iowa Falls and Eldora City Cemetery in Eldora. I also took a trip to Quasqueton, Iowa with my daughter Ashley in search of a more distant family connection on the Mulford side. What I found outside Quasqueton was Fairview Cemetery near Winthrop, Iowa.

In May 2002, Karen and I decided to visit her parents in North Syracuse, New York. While there I thought it might be interesting to verify some of the notes my great-grandma Amendt wrote about fatherís grandparents who lived in Westfield, New York. In her notes, she stated that her great-grandfather, William Strain, was buried in Westfield. She further indicated that his tombstone read "William Strain of Wood Grange, County Down, Ireland, died Jan. 10, 1871 age 72 yrs. 2 mo. 5 days."

Then in July 2002, my grandfather, the one who inspired me to take an interest in our familyís heritage, went to be with God.He was laid to rest in Florida National Cemetery.After grandpaís passing I continued to accumulate more information on the family.In 2003, I received photos from the Johnsons who had visited Bible Cemetery in Coshocton, Ohio where Henry Mulford and his wife Hannah Bible are buried.Henry was one of Thomas Mulfordís brothers. (Remember Thomas is buried in Little Rock). Later in March of 2004, I returned to Iowa with my grandmother to attend my cousin Timís wedding.During that visit I returned to Oakhill Cemetery as well as visited Hickory Grove Cemetery in Quasqueton, Iowa and UCC Salem Cemetery in Lena, Illinois for the first time.


In September of 2004, I returned to Illinois with my mother to visit my Aunt Sharon and some other family.On the way up, we stopped in Campbellsburg, Indiana and visited Hop Cemetery, Saltillo Cemetery, Cavetown Cemetery and Mt. Carmel Cemetery Ė all in and around the town.This archive contains images from 3 of the 4 cemeteries. Saltillo is excluded since I was unable to find direct family connections in that cemetery though I am told some are buried there.


Once we made it to Illinois, we visited Chicago Heights, Steger, Monee and Crete.In Steger we met up with Charles ďChuckĒ Noyes and his wife and visited Evergreen Memory Gardens.At the end of the week, I stopped at Chenoa Cemetery in Chenoa, Illinois and found more descendants of those buried in Campbellsburg, Indiana.


The virtual cemeteries below contain most of the photos taken during these visits. These cemetery records have been very helpful in verifying portions of the information contained throughout this archive.As you will see, many of the headstones are in wonderful condition, but others are not.I have been able to include over 165 stones below representing over 250 members of our family.Someday these photos may be the only available record of some of these headstones.If you have photos of headstones or pictures of family you would like included in this archive, please contact me at [email protected] I hope to add more cemeteries to this virtual archive as trips are taken in the future.


Maynes Grove Cemetery, Bradford, Iowa
Grave of Lydia Ann Croft Mulford, wife of Thomas Mulford
Grave of Nathan Mulford and wife Nettie F. Bird.†† Nathan is the son of Thomas Mulford and Lydia Ann Croft
Grave of William T. Mulford, son of Thomas Mulford and Lydia Ann Croft
Grave of John Croft and wife Lulu
Grave of Walter A. Croft
Grave of Hugh Jones and wife Goldie Croft Jones
Grave of Emery Merriss and wife Elmira Mulford, daughter of Thomas Mulford and Lydia Ann Croft
Grave of Gary Lee Mulford
Grave of Jacob L. Mulford and wife Pearl Boyington Mulford, Jacob is the son of Albert Mulford
Grave of Jonas Mulford and wife Addie, Jonas is the son of Albert Mulford
Grave of Minnard Mulford
Grave of Raymond Mulford
Grave of Emery T. Spears
Grave of Bertha Merriss Spears
Grave of George Stokes and wife Lucinda Mae Merriss Stokes
Grave of Ray Stokes and wife Maxine

Hillside Cemetery, Sheffield, Iowa
Grave of Harry Allison and Fern Mulford Allison
Grave of Alfred Roy Bird and Helen Bird
Grave of Alva Bird and Neva Bird
Grave of Charles, Lillian, Mable and Gladys Bird
Grave of Edna Heitland Bird
Grave of William Thomas Bird and Katherine Cornell Bird
Grave of Aley Kottman and Hannah Johansen Kottman
Grave of August Kottman with wife Anna and daughter Alma
Grave of Charley Kottman with wife Anna
Grave of Beatrice Merriss
Grave of Byron Merriss with wife Gertrude
Grave of Gerald Merriss
Grave of Mervil Merriss
Grave of Floyd Mulford with wife Marion LaVerne Nichols. Floyd is the son of Nathan Mulford and Nettie Bird
Grave of Eugene Nichols, father of Marion LaVerne Nichols
Grave of Harvey Steele and Gail Mulford.Gail is the daughter of Nathan Mulford and Nettie Bird
Grave of Robert Steele and Gladys

Rockwell Cemetery, Rockwell, Iowa
Grave of Charles Amendt, son of Sebestian Amendt and Wilhelmina Kottman.Charles was also second husband to Nellie Barr
Grave of Henry Amendt
Grave of D. Louis Amendt wife of Henry Amendt
Grave of Janet Amendt
Grave of Richard Amendt
Grave of Robert Amendt
Grave of Sebestian Amendt with wife Wilhelmina Kottman
Grave of George Asleson
Grave of Nellie Barr Asleson Amendt
Grave of Albert Diestelmier with wife Amelia Amendt and daughter Mabel May Diestelmie
Grave of Alvin Diestelmier with wife Elayne Baker and child Dale Diestelmier
Grave of Lela Kew
Grave of William Kottman with wife Emma
Grave of Caroline - Mother of Wilhelmina Kottman Amendt
Grave of Louise Amendt - Wife of William Kew
Grave of William Kew

Little Rock National Cemetery, Little Rock, Arkansas
Grave of Thomas Mulford, husband to Lydia Ann Croft

Skyline Memorial Park, Monee, Illinois
Grave of Frederick Sensel and Mercedes Kraemer.Mercedes was the daughter of Chester Otto Kraemer & Helene Engel Maria Ruhe
Grave of Willard Kraemer
Grave of Chester Otto Kraemer & Helene Engel Maria Ruhe
Marker for the future grave of Vernon Kraemer and grave of his first wife
Grave of Betty Jane Baumgardner Kraemer
Grave of Cheryl Kraemer

Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Crete, Illinois
Grave of Wilhelm Ruhe
Grave of Sophia Ruhe
Grave of Florence Edna Ruhe Seehausen
Grave of Dietrich Seehausen
Grave of Wilbert Ruhe
Grave of Louis Ruhe and Wilhelmine Hassberg, parents to Helene Engel Maria Ruhe
Grave of Louise Ernestine Amalia Matthias Ruhe
Grave of August 'Louis' Ferdinand Ludwig Ruhe and Engel Ellen Hattendorf
Grave of Raymond Seehausen
Grave of Sophia Seehausen
Grave of Heinrich Seehausen and wife - Emilie Heldt Seehausen
Grave of J. Heinrich Hattendorf with wife Louise
Grave of Henry Hattendorf with wife Lydia

Oakhill Cemetery, Bristow, Iowa
Grave of William Riley Nichols and wife Phebe, parents of Eugene Nichols
Grave of Elizabeth (Oxford) Nichols Rush, mother of William Riley Nichols


Dumont Cemetery, Dumont, Iowa
Grave of Marion Nichols Polk with husband Henry Polk
Grave of Charles Polk with wife Amanda Knoll
Grave of Eli Polk with wife Mabel Jamison

Union Cemetery, Iowa Falls, Iowa
Grave of Karl Allison and wife Mary
Grave of Robert Allison and wife Wava
Grave of Rosemary Allison
Grave of Arthur Mulford and wife Esther Marie Conrad
Grave of Bertie Mulford - wife of Walter Washington Mulford
Grave of Walter Washington Mulford, brother of Nathan Mulford
Grave of C. Ray Mulford and wife Thelma
Grave of George Mulford and wife Virginia Bell Pickens. George is a brother of Nathan Mulford
Grave of Irvin Mulford
Grave of Maud Mulford
Grave of Jonas R. Mulford
Grave of Lee Mulford and wife Christena
Grave of Leon Mulford
Grave of Nettie Mulford wife of Leon Mulford
Grave of Milo Mulford and wife Bessie
Grave of Walter Ray Mulford
Grave of Albert Nichols
Grave of Ida Mae Nichols wife of Albert Nichols
Grave of Clara Nichols
Grave of Eleanor Nichols
Grave of the infant sons of Albert and Ida Nichols

Eldora City Cemetery, Eldora, Iowa
Grave of Marcus M. Mulford - known as Mike Mulford in life
Grave of Julia Mulford
Grave of Donald Mulford
Grave of Garnet Mulford
Grave of Minnie Oldenburg Mulford, wife of Marcus Mulford
The family stone for Marcus Mulford's family

1900 Fairview Cemetery, near Winthrop, Iowa
Grave of John Thomas Mulford and wife Sarah Ann Roberts
Grave of Cecil Mulford
Grave of Clifford Mulford and wife Cora
Grave of Clyde Mulford
Grave of Don Mulford
Grave of Earl Mulford and wife Della
Grave of May Mulford

Westfield Cemetery, Westfield, New York
Grave of William Strain
Grave of Benjamin Strain
Grave of John Strain

Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, Florida
Grave of Robert Harold Mulford


Bible Cemetery, Keene Township, Coshocton, Ohio
Grave of Hannah (Bible) Mulford (Courtesy of
Mary Lou and Laurence G. Johnson)


Hickory Grove Cemetery, Just north of Quasqueton, Iowa

Grave of Albert Mulford

Family Marker for Albert Mulford and wife Elizabeth

Grave of Elizabeth (Miller) Mulford

Grave of Jacob Mulford


UCC Salem Church Cemetery, Lena, Illinois

Grave of Alvin Amendt and wife Elizabeth (Mast) Amendt

Grave of August Amendt and wife Sophia (Boedeker) Amendt

Grave of Nikolaus Amendt

Grave of Wilhelmina (Prasse) Amendt

Grave of Walter Amendt and wife Rose Mast

Grave of unknown Amendt

Grave of another unknown Amendt


Hop Cemetery, Campbellsburg, Indiana

Grave of John Howell and Martha Bloucher

Grave of Lester Jean and Silvie Gafney


Cavetown Cemetery, Campbellsburg, Indiana

Grave of Martha Angeline Fleming wife of Nathaniel Jean

Grave of William Fleming and wife Nancy Russell

Grave of Arthur Jean and wife Zetta Jenkins

Grave of Asa Jean and wife Phebe Roberts

Grave of Cecil Jean and wife Gayle Russell

Grave of Elmer Jean and wife Ollie Perdiew

Grave of Emily Angeline Jean wife of Hugh McFleming

Grave of Fletcher Jean

Grave of Frank Jean and wife Ina Lee

Grave of Harry Jean and wife Stella Ollis

Grave of Hugh Franklin Jean

Grave of Hugh Mack Jean and wife Geneva Matthew

Grave of James Robert Jean

Grave of James Robert Jean

Grave of Joseph Washington Jean

Grave of Nathaniel Jean

Grave of Oscar Jean and wife Mary Nicholson

Grave of Sarah Jean

Grave detail of Sarah Jean

Grave of Walter Jean and wife Izora Rosenbaum

Grave of Wesley Jean

Grave of Wesley Jean

Grave detail of Wesley Jean and Fletcher Jean

Grave of William Jean

Grave of William L Jean

Grave of Harriet Jane Lynn wife of William Jean

Grave of Hugh McFleming

Grave detail of Barbara Porter wife of Joseph Washington Jean

Grave of Florence Wheeler wife of William Thomas Jean


Mount Carmel Cemetery, Campbellsburg, Indiana

Grave of William Lafayette Howell and his wife Manerva Duncan with sonís Julius, Charles and Thomas Howell.Also Permelia May (Mae) Booker, wife of Thomas Howell.


Evergreen Hills Memory Gardens, Steger, Illinois

Grave of Fred Hattendorf and his wife Minnie

Grave of Marty Jean and wife Jeanine

Grave of Courtney Kraemer and wife Flora Flowers

Grave of Deloris Kraemer with son Rodney Noyes

Grave of George Kraemer

Grave of Terence Kraemer


Chenoa Cemetery, Chenoa, Illinois

Grave of Mary Fleming wife of Millard Filmore Jean

Grave of Leslie Howell and wife Mary

Grave of Lloyd Howell and wife Rosemary with sons Donald and Robert

Grave of Clara Jean

Grave of Evelyn Jean

Grave of Mary Jean wife of Mr McClellan

Grave of Millard Filmore Jean

Grave of Nelson Jean

Grave of Rolla Martin Jean and wife Sophia

Grave of Stanley Jean