Mullikine/Amuligane Clan Society

Membership Interest Survey

In an effort to determine the amount of interest in membership in the Mullikine/Amuligane Clan Society, we are surveying the general public for a period of several months to give us some idea of how many might be interested in joining our society. By registering below, you are under no obligation to join, but it will help us to project our costs and expenditures as we start up as an official non-profit society. After the initial sampling, we will compile additional information and by having your e-Mail address on file, we can keep you informed of our progress. e-Mail addresses will not be sold or distributed in any manner.

Initial plans are to publish a newsletter and maintain an open membership that encourages the exchange of information and queries to promote our individual interest and sharing of family information. We have not yet determined a membership fee, but will make every effort to keep it affordable.

Please register only once, and we will notify you when we are ready to offer charter membership in the Mullikine/Amuligane Clan Society.

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e-Mail address:

Outline your line of descent from your earliest known ancestor.
Any of the variant spellings of the surname are acceptable.
Include dates and places that help to identify your family line:

Please use the space provided below to provide any questions or concerns you may
have regarding society membership. We hope to be able to create a "Frequently
Asked Questions" (FAQ) Page based on these responses.

Thanks for your input

Please Note: If you've already registered and wish to send us additional comments or questions, please write directly to: [email protected]