Oklahomans in the Spanish-American War (published 1898)

  Edited by Rodney C. Murrow for online publication, October 2000. The only editing was to alphabetize the list of officers and enlisted men, in order to make online searches simpler. This booklet was purchased through the eBay online auction site.

C. M. Barnes, Governor. Report of the Governor of Oklahoma to the Secretary of the Interior for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 1898. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1898.

"Oklahoma in the War," pages 65-69.

Long before the actual declaration of war with Spain I began receiving letters from patriotic citizens of the Territory offering their services in defense of the nation, and almost simultaneously with the opening of hostilities the militia companies all offered to volunteer and my mail was loaded down with offers to enlist under the flag of freedom. In the first call for troops we were accorded but one troop of cavalry or special mounted riflemen, and so great was the rush to enlist that a regiment could have been filled as readily as was the troop.
After a rigid examination, 80 men were mustered in to become a part of the First Regiment of United States Volunteer Cavalry, since become famous as Roosevelt's Rough Riders. The officers commissioned for this troop and the men mustered in were as follows:

Huston, Robert B. captain.
McGinnis, Schuyler A., first lieutenant.
Schewizer, Jacob, second lieutenant.
Palmer, Orlando G., first sergeant.
Hill, Ira A., sergeant.
Hunter, Charles E., sergeant.
Randolph, Joseph A., sergeant.
Sands, George H., sergeant.
Webb, Gerald A., sergeant.
Hill, Calvin, corporal.
McClure, David V., corporal.
Norris, George, corporal.
Rhoades, John D., corporal.
Wetmore, Starr M., trumpeter.
Moran, Thomas, farrier.
Amrine, William D., private.
Bailey, William, private.
Beal, Fred M., private.
Beard, Lyman F., private.
Brandon, Perry H., private.
Brown, James T., private.
Burgess, George, private.
Byrne, Peter F., private.
Cashion, Roy V., private.
Cease, Forest L., private.
Chase, Leslie C., private.
Cook, Walter M., private.
Crawford, William S., private.
Crosley, Henry S., private.
Cross, William E., private.
David, Icem J., private.
Denham, Alexander H., private.
Douthett, Mathew, private.
Emery, Elzie E., private.
Faulk, William A., private.
Folk, Theodore, private.
Freeman, Elisha L., private.
Hill, EdwinM., private.
Hulme, Robert A., private.
Holmes, Thomas M., private.
Honeycutt, James V., private.
Hunter, Paul W., private.
Ishler, Shelby F., private.
Johnston, Edward W., private.
Jordon, Andrew M., private.
Joyce, Walter, private.
Loughmiller, Edgar F., private.
Love, Henry K., private.
Lusk, Henry, private.
Luther, Arthur A., private.
McGinty, William, private.
McMillen, Robert L., private.
Meagher, Henry, private.
Miller, Rosco V., private.
Miller, Volney D., private.
Mitchell, William H., private.
Muxlow, Lorrin D., private.
Newcomb, Marcellus L., private.
Norris, Warren, private.
Page, John F., private.
Palmer, William F., private.
Pollock, William, private.
Proctor, Joseph H., private.
Reay, Scott, private.
Russell, Albert P., private.
Scott, Cliff D., private.
Shanafelt, Dick, private.
Shipp, Edward W., private.
Shockey, James M., private.
Smith, Fred, private.
Staley, Francis M., private.
Stewart, Clare H., private.
Stewart, Clyde H., private.
Taner, William L., private.
Thomas, Albert M., private.
Vanderslice, James E., private.
Weitzel, John F., private.
Wilson, Frank M., private.
Woodward, John A., private.
Wright, William O., private.

These brave sons of Oklahoma were among the first American troops to land on Cuban soil, and they were in the thick of the fray at El Caney and La Quasina and acquitted themselves with honor. When the gallant Captain Capron (who had been a resident of Oklahoma for years and the first to volunteer to raise a regiment in the Territory) fell, the brave boys of Oklahoma and Indian Territory were close about, and dashing forward helped put the Spaniards to rout. Many were wounded in these fights before Santiago and several gave up their lives, but they shall live long in the memory of the people of the Territory, who honor them all for their patriotism and their bravery.

When the second call for troops was made, it seemed that Oklahoma would be left out entirely; but I visited Washington, presented the matter to the Secretary of War, and by hard work and the assistance of friends of the Territory finally secured the assignment of one full battalion of infantry to Oklahoma, the same to form a part of a regiment to be recruited from Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Indian Territory. The rush to enlist was as great as under the first call, and each one of the companies of the battalion had from 250 to 300 men enrolled r [sic] examination.

The officers commissioned and the men mustered into service were as follows:

Stone, John F., major.
Baker, William P., surgeon.
Ingram, Job, chaplain.

Barnes, Harry C., captain.
Neal, James P., first lieutenant.
Arrell, David B., second lieutenant.
Stewart, Charles N., first sergeant.
Filson, Karl J., sergeant.
Foster, Paul J., sergeant.
Garrison, Albert C., sergeant.
Laverty, Albert B., sergeant.
Arnold, Jesse H., corporal.
Arnold, Samuel E., corporal.
Burrell, Henry A., corporal.
Campbell, John M., corporal.
Eppinger, Gottlute, corporal.
Hill, Sherwood W., corporal.
Hitch, William S., corporal.
Lufkin, Charles H., corporal.
Ripley, John M., corporal.
Stewart, Rufus L., corporal.
Williams, Joseph C., corporal.
Bone, Charles, artificer.
Greiwer, Pius M., musician.
Perkins, Benjamin F., wagoner.
Adams, John F., private.
Adams, William J., private.
Beard, James C., private.
Bebout, Charles P., private.
Bonter, George A., private.
Brady, Thomas F., private.
Breedlove, William E., private.
Brown, Abraham L., private.
Brown, Orlin C., private.
Carwagey, Jet, private.
Chapin, Elba R., private.
Chapman, Joe E., private.
Cottingham, Lou W., private.
Crowell, Charles M., private.
Davis, John S., private.
Derrig, William E., private.
Dierolf, Henry J., private.
Durling, John V., private.
Elliott, Griffith, private.
Elliott, Thomas B., private.
Ewing, Silas R., private.
Ferguson, G. Walker, private.
Fessler, Frank A., private.
Freed, William J., private.
Fretz, Hazzard, private.
Harmon, Jake, private.
Harst, Walter W., jr., private.
Harvey, Charles, private.
Hedglin, Benjamin A., private.
Holmes, Wellington H., private.
Joiner, Daniel W., private.
Jones, Stanton A., private.
Kelley, James, private.
Kendall, Arthur E., private.
Kiespert, William S., private.
King, John G., private.
Klavitter, Jack, private.
Lewis, Ralph L., private.
Lovett, Thomas, private.
Loving, William V., private.
Lucas, Robert, private.
Lyon, George H., private.
Marshall, Claude R., private.
Martin, Larkin N., private.
Mason, Homer W., private.
Mathias, Chris., private.
Mayfield, Thomas J., private.
Metz, Ernest, private.
Miller, Ferris, private.
Mitchell, Jesse F., private.
Mitchell, Thomas N., private.
Morris, George E., private.
Mulhall, Patrick, private.
Mundis, Jess C., private.
Murry, Dan, private.
Norris, Millard B., private.
Ogborn, Arthur J., private.
Payne, George B., private.
Payton, George W., private.
Pearson, Ira B., private.
Peoples, Ernest E., private.
Phillips, Albert C., private.
Phillips, Art, private.
Phillips, John W., private.
Querry, Samuel R., private.
Ray, Burt A., private.
Reachy, Lewis, private.
Rice, Frederick H., private.
Ripley, Elmer E., private.
Robinett, Robert L., private.
Rodman, Will, private.
Rumford, Charley A., private.
Sanders, Chesley L., private.
Sherman, John, private.
Sturgis, Bert H., private.
Taylor, William A., private.
Tompson, George F., private.
Viers, David S., jr., private.
Whitley, Stephen, private.
Wilson, Elmer, private.
Witten, Edwin B., private.
Worline, Walter O., private.
Wright, Luther, private.

Hoffman, Roy V., captain.
O'Rourk, Jeremiah J., first lieutenant.
Finley, Gordon L., second lieutenant.
Barrett, Charles F., first sergeant.
Minton, Lawrence E., quartermaster-seargeant.
Beard, John W., sergeant.
Braselton, Samuel R., sergeant.
Palmer, John F., sergeant.
Ulam, Peter L., sergeant.
Bradshaw, Alie R., corporal.
Clark, Brent, corporal.
Cowling, James J., corporal.
Egbert, Harry, corporal.
Furber, James D., corporal.
Hamlin, James W., corporal.
Honeycutt, William L., corporal.
Johnston, Alphonso F., corporal.
Morton, Daniel J., corporal.
Poling, Frank, corporal.
Ridenour, Charles A., corporal.
Tomson, Robert R., corporal.
Ashton, Orin, musician.
Estes, William M., musician.
Zipf, Leopold, artificer.
Morris, Carl, wagoner.
Adams, John Q., private.
Affolder, Charles A., private.
Albin, Dudley, private.
Banks, Fred H., private.
Barker, James F., private.
Barnard, Clay, private.
Boyd, Howard, private.
Branderson, Andy H., private.
Braselton, Stephen O., private.
Bryan, Daniel F., private.
Buman, Leo L., private.
Bush, Ebb A., private.
Bush, John S., private.
Condon, George W., private.
Davis, William, private.
De Moss, George M., private.
Dorsey, William E., private.
Donoghue, Harry J., private.
Dustin, Timothy W., private.
Eboss, George W., private.
Fees, Emerson H., private.
Finney, Elwood C., private.
Foster, James B., private.
Fraley, Benjamin F., private.
Foster, Madison A., private.
Gallagher, Walter E., private.
Gardner, Jefferson M., private.
Geren, Sherman, private.
Glenn, Morgan R., private.
Gose, James F., private.
Hall, John B., private.
Heavner, William P., private.
Hinch, John A., private.
Johnson, John K., private.
Keeney, John H., private.
Kellison, William E., private.
King, Harlon E., private.
Knapp, Fred C., private.
Lancaster, Norton T., private.
Leach, Brice, private.
Long, James D., private.
Lumly, Eli M., private.
Mahler, Clarence J., private.
Martin, Lewis E., private.
McBride, James M., private.
McCamman, Willias J., private.
Merricks, Charles, private.
Mitchell, Andrew J., private.
Norris, Fred J., private.
Northen, Perry I., private.
Owens, Ben, private.
Payton, John C., private.
Perswell, Clayton H., private.
Pidcock, Odie, private.
Poling, Alonzo, private.
Pomeroy, Arthur W., private.
Pool, William T., private.
Pugh, Allen L., private.
Purnell, William T., private.
Quaiatta, Godlip A., private.
Reilly, Joe, private.
Riley, William C., private.
Ritchie, Charles T., private.
Rogers, George, private.
Rogers, George F., private.
Russell, James, private.
Scogin, John D., private.
Sevier, Edward C., private.
Sherman, Calvin, private.
Soper, Alfred, private.
Springer, Frank, private.
Stager, James W., private.
Stewart, Edgar A., private.
Tatum, William, private.
Thompson, William A., private.
Vermont, Edward, private.
Wakefield, Isaac N., private.
Warren, Thomas J., private.
Watkins, Lewis J., private.
Webb, John V., private.
Wightman, William M., private.
Wray, George D., private.
Ziegler, Edwin F., private.
Zimmerman, Sterling S., private.

Lowry, Robert A., captain.
Platt, Henry A., first lieutenant.
McFadyen, John A., second lieutenant
Workman, Jerome S., first sergeant.
Baldwin, Nathan O., quartermaster-sergeant.
Caswell, Henry U.,sergeant.
Halzer, Chris., sergeant.
Morris, John T., sergeant.
Taylor, Thomas J., jr., sergeant.
Arrendiell, Schuyler C., corporal.
Brixey, John T., corporal.
Dickman, George, corporal.
Edmondson, Howard, corporal.
Harrington, Albert, corporal.
Hasselton, Lerie G., corporal.
Hayford, Elbert E., corporal.
Northup, Frank D., corporal.
Overton, Charles A., corporal.
Slack, John O., corporal.
Spencer, Walter C., corporal.
Thomas, Roy W., corporal.
Hamlin, James E., musician.
Swallow,Marion S., musician.
Shrader, Charles M., artificer.
Hardesty, William M., wagoner.
Annis, Earnest G., private.
Arrendiell, Edward, private.
Baker, Monroe, private.
Barrett, Wilmer K., private.
Bell, Abner D., private.
Boone, Paul, private.
Brandon, William N., private.
Brewster, Charles C., private.
Bryan, Bert B., private.
Buck, Charles A., private.
Burnett, Clyde B., private.
Canfield, Ula G., private.
Casteel, Fred, private.
Crosby, Arthur, private.
Crosby, Ray, private.
Crusha, John F., private.
Darenport, Alma E., private.
David, Edward, private.
Davidson, Ernest B., private.
Dedrick, William H., private.
Dennis, Elijah J., private.
Devall, Henry C., private.
Devine, Hubert, private.
Dixon, Albert J., private.
Eckes, Frank B., private.
Etter, Charles, private.
Fesler, Robert, private.
Foreman, Ben F., private.
Frost, Earl, private.
Gamble, Jerome R., private.
Garault, Homer, private.
Gilbert, Marion A., private.
Goss, Clarence L., private.
Hancock, Everle W., private.
Haney, Henry, private.
Hannah, George W., private.
Hansbrough, Hubert J., private.
Harrell, Rallston G., private.
Harris, Ira, private.
Haviland, Joseph, private.
Houston, Clinton O., private.
Jenkins, Leander, private.
Johnson, William, private.
Knox, John W., private.
Korns, Robert L., private.
Lacy, Henry, private.
Landis, Allen J., private.
Lefever, Charles, private.
Lester, Rease L., private.
Lyon, Wesley, private.
Marin, George, private.
May, Jay V. D., private.
Minor, George W., private.
Morgan, James T., private.
Newton, William, private.
Noblet, George R., private.
Perrizo, Fred, private.
Pickard, Aleck C., private.
Quick, William H., private.
Rains, George W., private.
Ralls, William R., private.
Reynolds, Ira, private.
Ridgeway, William F., private.
Simmons, William, private.
Smith, Leon, private.
Stallard, William M., private.
Sullivan, John W., private.
Teel, Benjamin F., private.
Tucker, Edwin A., private.
Vario, Edward, private.
Waldo, Edward, private.
Walker, James W., private.
Wasson, George S., private.
Waters, George F., private.
Watkins, Elmer, private.
Williams, Albert D., private.
Williams, Clyde B., private.
Williams, James W., private.
Wilson, Virgil A., private.
Wilson, William A., private.
Witcher, Frank, private.
Witcher, Irmin R., private.
Yarbrough, Loyd D., private.

Boynton, Fred L., captain.
Wheeler, James M., first lieutenant
Switzer, Simon W., second lieutenant
Foose, Seymour, first sergeant.
Salter, Lewis A., quartermaster-sergeant.
Alley, John P., sergeant.
Douglass, Ernest G., sergeant.
Hunter, Fred W., sergeant.
Switzer, Earl. G., sergeant.
Baldwin, George A., corporal.
Craig, Dorris, corporal.
Hackett, John, corporal.
Hart, Grant A., corporal.
Holbrook, George W., corporal.
Myers, William P., corporal.
Oates, David C., corporal.
Sheetz, James L., corporal.
Smith, Horace G., corporal.
Stewart, Fred H., corporal.
Way, Ross R., corporal.
West, Charles J., corporal.
Bonnett, George P., musician.
Devin, Charles, musician.
Bastion, Charles H., artificer.
Higginbottham, Martin L., wagoner.
Adams, Rollie G., private.
Anderson, Edward E., private.
Arnold, John W., private.
Baker, James A., private.
Ballinger, Bert O., private.
Bass, Frank H., private.
Baxter, Louis J., private.
Benedick, Omer K., private.
Bienz, Abram W., private.
Bliss, George T., private.
Bradshaw, Albert E., private.
Bricker, Jacob W., private.
Brown, Charles C., jr., private.
Brown, Oscar H., private.
Burson, Homer T., private.
Conaway, James R., private.
Decker, Selby J., private.
Diefendorf, Floyd, private.
Durkett, Clarence S., private.
Farmer, James F., private.
Faughn, James W., private.
Freed, George W., private.
French, Albert N., private.
Garren, Frank T., private.
Gibbons, James F., private.
Gifford, Charles B., private.
Hall, Robert L., private.
Hally, Mark, private.
Hammer, Carl S., private.
Hicks, Joseph F., private.
Hobson, Seth C., private.
Homer, Edgar A., private.
Houghton, Elmer E., private.
Jackson, Edward C., private.
Jennings, Carson A., private.
Johnson, Oscar W., private.
Jolliff, Frank, private.
Kelley, Walter B., private.
Kesterson, Arthur, private.
Kugle, Giles C., private.
Lawrence, Edward, private.
Litteer, Earl J., private.
Long, Edward H., private.
McFaddin, Winfield S., private.
McIrvin, Arthur H., private.
Miller, Henry J., private.
Miller, Walter J., private.
Montgomery, John M., private.
Morris, Thomas B., private.
Mott, Eddie L., private.
Myers, Oliver J., private.
Paul, Alonzo S., private.
Paul, John W., private.
Petet, Louis A., private.
Pope, William E., private.
Poppelbaum, Thomas, private.
Power, Alvin W., private.
Proskey, John, private.
Reap, Edward A., private.
Rector, Benjamin F., private.
Ricketts, Mansfield O., private.
Roberts, Cleaborn, private.
Roberts, George W., private.
Robertson, Otis, private.
Rockwell, Fred J., private.
Rolan, Francis M., private.
Rose, John, private.
Ross, Ira V., private.
Ruckman, William C., private.
Russell, Claude W., private.
Sharp, Newton E., private.
Sims, James P., private.
Slemp, Charlie C., private.
Sloan, John A., private.
Smith, Jake, private.
Smith, James A., private.
Smith, Joseph F., private.
Snoddy, James C., private.
Sweet, Harry O., private.
Swink, Harry L., private.
Turner, Harry M., private.
Venker, George F., private.
Wilson, William D., private.
Wood, Lee V., private.

Morrison, Ira I., first lieutenant.
Morrison, Ralph E., hospital steward.

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