Class of 1957 MCHS


Pictorial Memories of Muskogee
 When Were Growing Up



A favorite hang-out for hot dogs and other culinary delights

Courtesy of Jerry Oman, Class of 1953

The library:
 Where we said we were going to study, but wound up across the street at Carnation Dairy slurping malts and soft drinks, and feasting  on sundaes.


Broadway Theatre (ca 1940):
 Where we watched shoot-em-ups and other cultural shows on the silver screen 

Courtesy of Wayne Pamplin, Class of 1954

Shopping near Calhoun's in 1939 
 Mary Jo Vanderpool, Class of 1952, and her mother



Courtesy of Myra Vanderpool, Class of 1957

Shoppers, ca 1946. Near the jewelry store and clock. Myra Vanderpool and her mother. 
 You probably have a similar picture. 

Courtesy of Myra Vanderpool,  Class of 1957


Hamilton Drug Store 
 ca 1945
 Employees: Doris (Fricks) Vanderpool is on the left.
 Others ???

Courtesy of Myra Vanderpool, Class of 1957

Charles Grant: MCHS math teacher 

Courtesy of Joe Wertz, Class of 1953





1957 Class Secretary

Sammye (Henderson) Rodden

MCHS Webmaster

Myra De (Vanderpool) Gormley

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