Class of 1957 MCHS Album 5

Growing up in Muskogee, Oklahoma



Muskogee Central High School
 in early 1900s

—Courtesy of Jerry Oman,
 Class of 1953

Famous MCHS football players recruited
 by Bud Wilkenson (center)  to play for 
Oklahoma University. Left to right: 

Robert Burris (Class of 1952); 
Kurt Burris (Class of 1951); 
Wilkenson; Bo Bolinger (Class of 1952); 
and Max Boydston (Class of 1951)

—Courtesy of Sam Whitley

Muskogee City Hall
9 September 1999

—Courtesy of Sam Whitley

Neat 1951 Chevy

—Courtesy of Barbara Judkins Boyd
Class of 1957

Honor Heights Park today
This pond is just west of the
 rose garden

—Courtesy of Sam Whitley

Washington Elementary School
destroyed in a fire in ___(year)?

—Courtesy of Joe Wertz,
 Class of 1953



1957 Class Secretary

Sammye (Henderson) Rodden

MCHS Webmaster

Myra De (Vanderpool) Gormley

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