Inventory of estate of George Webb

Inventory of estate of George Webb, deceased.
Vol. F, Settlement and Bonds of Stewart County, Tennessee.
Sept. 1842

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Account Sale the property of George Webb deceasd

1 Sorrel Mare                     to   David Craig  25.00
1 Flax Wheel                    to   William Taylor    .50
1 Lot of Earthen Ware  to  William Taylor  .371/2
1 Lot of Earthen Ware        to  David Alley   .371/2
1  Smoothing Iron                   to   David Craig  1.00
1 Feather Bed                           to   David Alley  2.00
1  Looking Glass                         to   David Craig  .50
1  Musket                             to   William A. Cook  1.00
1  Axe                                       to   David Craig  .311/4
1  Gimlet & Sheepshears      to David Craig   .43.3/4
The forgoing is true list of the property of the said estate for which notes on a credit of nine months were taken.
David Craig
Admn of George Webb, Decd