WEBB history


William T. Webb
ancestry report

Inventory of estate of
George WEBB, 1842

My WEBB line, as far as I can determine, started in Queen Anne County, Maryland with George Webb.  George was born in Maryland, settled in North Carolina and moved to Stewart County Tennessee around 1815.  He died prior to September 1842.   His son David (b.1806 NC) is my direct line.   David  had a land grant #15966 in what is now Humphreys County.  This line has been a lot of fun to research, mainly because my line loves the name George Morgan and David.  The original George (b.1760 MD) had a son named David (b.1806 NC), who then named his son George Morgan (b.1829 TN), who promptly, when able named his son David (b. 1858 TN), who named his son George Morgan (b. 1877 TN). The last, my great frandfather.  Throw in that the area they moved to has had many name changes.  The county originally was Stewart,   then Houston County was formed from part of it and finally, Humphreys County was formed from part of that.  I at first thought they were moving until I discovered it was the map changing under them!  Many of the descendants still live in West Tennessee.

I have attempted to provide online as much of this information as I can.   Use the content bar on the left and look till your heart is content.  Please let me know if you can correct or verify any of this.  I would love to have any documentation that is missing.


Milton Thomas Webb