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Welcome to my web page.  I have located many family pictures that I need your help to identify.  I've tried to catagorize them into like areas.  If you can help, email me below, referring to the file number, or row and column of the picture.
These photos are of Parisiens.

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Charles Parisien


Mary (Durocher) Parisien


Agustus, ?, Ed, ?, ? Parisien


Isabelle (Parisien) Dunn


? & Ed Parisien


More to Come


More to Come


More to Come


More to Come


More to Come

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Dunn's, Parisien's, McInerney & Unknowns
Little Current & Massey Unknowns
Woodstock, Brantford Unknowns
Unknowns & Different Locations - 1
Unknowns - 1
Dunn's, McElhone's & Unknowns
Dunn, Parisien, McElhone & Unknowns in Little Current
Norwich, Tillsonburg Unknowns
Unknowns & Different Locations - 2
Unknowns - 2
Dunn's, McElhone's, Volk & Unknowns
Massey Unknowns
Woodstock Unknowns
Unknowns & Different Locations - 3
Unknowns - 3
Dunn's, Parisien's, Durocher & Unknowns



Dussault's -1





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