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Family Surnames on My Family Branches

Family Trees
  • Ball Family of Virginia & Ohio
  • Bantock Family of England
  • Barnes Family
  • Baschnagel Family of Germany & New York
  • Begley Family of Kentucky
  • Bradt Family of New York
  • Bull Family of Suffolk England
  • Buurman Family of the Netherlands
  • Butler Family of Waterloo County Ontario
  • Campbell Family Ireland to Wisconsin
  • Chilver Family
  • Clemens Family, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ontario
  • Clendenning Family of NJ & Ontario
  • Criss Family of Germany & USA
  • Demeulenaere Family of Belgium and Ontario
  • Elgie Family of England and Ontario
  • Empie Family of New York & Ontario
  • Facey Family of Australia, England and Ontario
  • Fife Family of Oklahoma
  • Forsbach Family
  • Fox Family of New York and Ontario
  • Fuller Family of Ramsgate Kent England
  • Gainsborough Peter Charles, formerly Mellow, of England
  • Gardiner Family of New York
  • Garner Family of Pennsylvania
  • Gassner Family of Ohio, Pennsylvania New Jersey
  • Glassup Family. Associated surnames include Darley, Rees, Fairfield, Leishman
  • Gurganus Family of Martin County
  • Harrington Family of England and Australia
  • Heilbrun Family
  • Holden Family of Ireland and Ontario
  • Jerome Family
  • Jordan Family of New York
  • Kemball Family of England & USA
  • Kennedy Family of Prince Edward Island Canada
  • Kienzle Family of Germany and Waterloo Co. Ontario
  • Klein Family of Germany, Pennsylvania & Ohio
  • Kraus Family of NY and Ontario
  • Langdon Family of Wisconsin
  • Lawton Frank Chaplain Lawton
  • Leishman John LEISHMAN Scotland to New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan
  • McCann Family
  • Massey Family of Ireland and Ontario
  • Maynard & Gordineer Families of Peekskill, New York
  • Medcalf Family of England and Australia
  • Morehouse Family of New Brunswick
Family Trees
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