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The Pritchard Family

Henry Thomas Pritchard

Henry Thomas Pritchard, was born 1620 in Wales, and died 2 April 1698, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

His wife Barbara was born 1654 in Wales.


  1. Ann Pritchard born about 1665

  2. Jane Pritchard born about 1670

  3. John Pritchard born about 1672

  4. Matthew Pritchard born about 1676 in Wales, and died 26 October 1726 in Pasquotank County, North Carolina; married 9 May 1699 to Sarah Mayo, born 1668 in Christ church, Barbados; On 17d 4m 1711 Mathew was recommended for overseer. Mathew was the 4/husband of Sarah (Mayo) Bird Culpeper Henley. (See Culpeper below) insert link On 3d 2m 1729, Mathew�s death was reported. Thomas Pritchard was his sole surviving heir. On 6d 5m 1732 Thomas was recommended for overseer
    1. Grandchildren:
      1. Thomas Pritchard, born 1702

  5. Martha Pritchard born about 1678 in Wales

  6. Mary Pritchard born 1680

  7. Benjamin Pritchard, born 1684 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

Benjamin Pritchard

Benjamin Pritchard, son of Henry Thomas and Barbara Pritchard was born 1684, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He and his older brother, Mathew Pritchard (Prechet) and wife, and family, presented certificates from Philadelphia (signed 18d 9m 1700) to the Pasquotank Monthly Meeting, in North Carolina.

Benjamin was given permission on 9d 2m 1704, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to marry Sarah Elizabeth Culpeper, who was born 1689 in Philadelphia, daughter of John Culpeper (See: Culpeper Family, Part IV) and Sarah Mayo. (See: Mayo Family, Part IV)

On 15d 10m 1720, Benjamin and Mathew were mentioned in the list of sufferings on account of church rated, or priests dues. On 11d 4m 1722, Benjamin was recommended to be overseer. Sarah died 25 December 1723, in North Carolina.

Benjamin was married for the second time on 7d 6m 1729, to Isabel Newby, daughter of Gabriel Newby and Mary Ann Toms, widow of John Henley Jr. of Pasquotank Monthly Meeting. (See Newby Family, Part II)

He died 21 July 1739. Isabel was given permission on 7d 4m 1744 to marry Thomas Pierce of Perquimans Monthly Meeting, North Carolina.


  1. Mary Sarah Pritchard, born 26 July 1707. She was married 20d 6m 1724, to Aaron Morris at public meeting. (See: Morris Family, Part IV) She died 10d 12m 1791

  2. Elizabeth Pritchard, born 19 March 1709/10 in Pasquatank County, North Carolina; married 2 October 1731, Pasquotank Monthly Meeting North Carolina, Joseph Morris, son of John Morris & Mary Elizabeth Symons, at least 6 children

  3. Martha Pritchard born 11 January 1711/12 in Pasquatank County, North Carolina, died 19 July 1788 Pasquotank County; married/12 May 1734 Pasquotank County, to Nehemiah White (born 25 February 1712/13 Pasquotank, died July 1751; married/2 on 1 March 1753 Pasquotank, Joseph Overman

  4. Joseph Pritchard, born 1 November 1715 in Pasquatank County, North Carolina; married/1 on 1754 Pasquotank, to Sarah Bundy, (born 23 January 1724); married/2 on 4 March 1740/41 to Elizabeth White; m/3 on 3 May 1749 Pasquotank, to Elizabeth Newby

  5. Benjamin Pritchard, born April 1719 in Pasquatank County, North Carolina

  6. Sarah Pritchard, born 10 December 1723, died 21 January 1794 Perquimans County, North Carolina; married 1 August 1747 Pasquotank County, North Carolina, to William Albertson (born 23 October 1724 Sutton Creek, Perquimans County, North Carolina, son of Nathaniel Albertson & Abigail Nicholson (See Albertson Family, Part II)

Other Pritchard

A Elizabeth Pritchard, married 16 February 1774 to Joshua Albertson, who was disowned for dealing in slaves; son John married Mary Bundy (3) (See Bundy family)

A Martha Pritchard was given permission on 10d 2m 1731 to marry Joseph Morris