Aaron and Rose Pearson Mendenhall of Chester County, Pa

Aaron & Rose Pearson Mendenhall Family
Includes John and Susanna Pearson Mendenhall

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Aaron Mendenhall was son of John & Elizabeth Maris Mendenhall, brother of John Mendenhall, Jr., and grandson of Thomas & Joan Strode Mendenhall. For more on the Mendenhall family see web sites such as The Mendenhall Family Association or the Mendenhall Family. Chad Nichols also has a Mendenhall section on his Nichols site.

Rose Pearson was daughter of Thomas & Rose Dixon Pearson, and sister of Susannah Pearson who married Aaron's brother John. (more on John and Susannah at bottom of page)

  Aaron Mendenhall
born 9/20/1690 Chester Co,Pa
died 4/30/1765 Chester Co,Pa
Rose Pearson
born 6/16/1693 Chester Co,Pa
died 1/29/1771 Chester Co,Pa
  Married : 4/16/1715 Concord Monthly Meeting, Chester County, Pennsylvania.

George Mendenhall born 3/24/1717 Chester County, Pa; married Sarah Pim
James Mendenhall born 9/26/1718 Chester County, Pa; married (1)Martha Griffith and (2) Hannah Thomas
John Mendenhall born 7/22/1721 Chester County, Pa; married (1) Elizabeth Coates and (2)Mary Martin
Elizabeth Mendenhall born 10/25/1723, Chester County, Pa; married (1) Samuel Coates and (2) Caleb Kirk
Note: Samuel Coates and Elizabeth Coates were brother and sister, children of Moses and Susanna Coates
Mary Mendenhall born 2/4/1726 Chester County, Pa
Aaron Mendenhall, Jr. born 5/13/1729 Chester Co, Pa; married Mary Woodward
Rose Mendenhall born 8/4/1733 Chester Co, Pa; married James Packer
Lydia Mendenhall born 1/14/1737 Chester Co, Pa; married Joshua Mendenhall
Elijah Mendenhall born about 1739 Chester County, Pa; married Mary Stanfield

Land Records in Chester County, Pennsylvania

John Mendenhall, Sr., (father of John and Aaron), purchased 300 acres of land in Chester County, Pennsylvania, on 17 June 1684. On 8 March 1691 he made over his lands to George Maris, father of his wife Elizabeth, in return for George Maris taking care of his son Aaron, a minor child. He retained the right to use the lands for life and provided that at his death it would be divided equally among his three sons [Aaron, John, George ?]. The three sons also had the right to settle & plant the land when they came of age as long as they did not disturb John, Sr. John Mendenhall, Sr., received another 300 acres of land through his second wife, Esther Maddock Dix, widow of Peter Dix; however Esther & John Sr. sold this land in 1713.

John Mendenhall, Jr. apparently acquired additional land as on 25 November 1730 he and his wife Susannah sold two tracts in East Caln containing 450 acres to William Pim (father of Sarah Pim who married Aaron's son George.)

On March 20, 1712, Aaron Mendenhall purchased 450 acres of land in Caln in Chester County. For a young man he was starting well. On 24 December 1712 Aaron Mendenhall, yeoman, of Concord, being age 21, sold 81 acres of land. In 1713 John, Sr., and his three sons sold 150 acres of the first 300 acre parcel above.

From a land deed dated 10 April 1736 it appears that Thomas Pearson and John Mendenhall were neighbors in Concord, Chester County, Pennsylvania, probably accounting for the marriage of two sons of John Mendenhall to two daughters of Thomas Pearson. Young men often married "the girl next door" in early days due to the proximity for courting.

On 24 March 1739/40 Aaron and Rose Pearson Mendenhall deeded 100 acres of their 450 acre tract to their eldest son George "for five shillings & the natural love & affection they bear to their son George Mendenhall & for his better maintenance, livelihood, & performance in the world..." George had married in 1737 (see Bradford Meeting Records below). Such deeds were not unusual as they represented an attempt to keep sons nearby and firmly in the Quaker faith.

Bradford Monthly Meeting Records

Son George Mendenhall married Sarah Pim, daughter of William Pim, 2 day 9th month 1737 "after declaring intentions" at Bradford Monthly Meeting. It was the first recorded marriage in the newly formed meeting. Only the names of the fathers are given in the record, but Rose Mendenhall and Ann Pim both signed as parents of the bride and groom. Both Aaron Mendenhall and William Pim are given as "of Caln."

Son James Mendenhall, of Caln, married Martha Griffith, daughter of John & Emmey Griffith of the parish of Nantmole in Radnorshire, Wales, on the 31st day of 11th month, 1739 at Bradford. Martha's parents did not attend but other Griffith relatives did. This was the fourth recorded marriage at Bradford Meeting. Notation at Bradford MM 18th of 6th mo 1743 James Mendenhall to m. with Hannah, d/o Richard Thomas of Goshen. The children of these marriages are listed at Bradford: Griffith, born 10th of 9th mo. 1740; Phineas, born 20th of 12th mo 1741/2; By 2nd wife, Hannah: Richard, born 28th of 7th mo 1744; Grace, born 14th of 11th mo 1746/7; Elijah, born 15th of 12th mo, 1748/9; George, born 21st of 5th mo, 1751; Marmaduke, born 23rd of 11th mo, 1754; Hannah born 24th of 4th mo 1757. 16th of 4th mo 1762 James Mendenhall, wife Hannah and six youngest children, Richard, Grace, Elijah, George, Marmaduke and Hannah to Newgarden, N. C.

Elizabeth Mendenhall, d/o Aaron Mendenhall of East Caln, married Samuel Coates, s/o Moses Coates of Charlestown, Chester County, on 11 day 3rd mo 1743. Both Rose Mendenhall and Susanna Coates signed as parents. Sanuel Coates was received from North Wales in order for marriage with Elizabeth Mendenhall, and settlement on the 22nd of 12th month 1742. Births of their children Aaron Coates (6th of 4th mo 1744 O.S.), Moses (4th of 12th month 1745 O. S.) and Isaac Coates (1st of 2nd mo 1748 O.S.) are recorded at Bradford. Son Aaron was placed as an apprentice to John Baldwin of Goshen MM on 25th of 7th mo. 1760 and returned to Bradford 7th mo. 1765. Elizabeth Coates, widow of Samuel Coates, and d/o Aaron Mendenhall of East Caln married Caleb Kirk, son of William Kirk of East Nantmeal Twp, Chester Co on 30th day, 9th mo 1756. William Kirk, and Aaron and Rose Mendenhall, signed as parents. Thomas Parke & Robert Miller were directed to see that the rights of her former husband's children is settled or secured for them. There should be orphan's court records for them as in that day a woman could not be guardian of the children. Children of Caleb and Elizabeth Kirk recorded at Bradford are: Elisha (25th of 12th mo 1757); Caleb (3rd of 8th mo 1759); Beulah (7th of 4th mo 1762); and Eli (13th of 4th mo 1764).

Aaron Mendenhall attended all the weddings for the first several years at Bradford including several Woodward weddings. This would have been part of his duties as Overseer of Bradford Monthly Meeting. Another example of his duties is reflected in a notation 19th of 4th month 1740 at Bradford "William Whitaker and family found likely to want bread soon if not relieved. Aaron Mendenhall to supply them with breadstuf." His duties included looking after physical as well as spiritual needs of the Bradford Quakers.

More Quaker Connections

An interesting example of the long term connectedness of Quaker families is found here. Aaron's Son James and wife Martha Griffith Mendenhall had two sons Griffith and Phineas Mendenhall. Phineas Mendenhall married Tamar Kirk, daughter of William Kirk, and sister of Caleb Kirk who married Elizabeth Mendenhall Coates, and they in turn had a son Joseph Mendenhall who went to North Carolina and married Rachel Gardner there. Then in 1804 Joseph and Rachel Gardner Mendenhall and family migrated to Indiana with children of Richard and Jane Thornbrough Mendenhall. Richard Mendenhall was son of Mordecai and Charity Beeson Mendenhall and grandson of John & Susannah Pearson Mendenhall (below).

John & Susannah Pearson Mendenhall Family

John Mendenhall was son of John & Elizabeth Maris Mendenhall, brother of Aaron Mendenhall, and grandson of Thomas & Joan Strode Mendenhall.

Susannah Pearson was daughter of Thomas & Rose Dixon Pearson and sister of Rose Pearson who married John's brother Aaron.

  John Mendenhall
born 4/3/1688 Chester Co, Pa
died Va
Susannah Pearson
born 10/1689 Chester Co, Pa
died unknown
  Married: 8/10/1709 At Concord Monthly Meeting, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Mordecai Mendenhall born 1713 Chester County, Pennsylvania; married Charity Beeson
Mary Mendenhall
John Mendenhall born 2/14/1712 Chester County, Pennsylvania; married Martha Wright
Moses Mendenhall
Martha Mendenhall married Edward Beeson
Note: Edward and Charity Beeson were brother and sister, children of Richard and Charity Grubb Beeson
Stephen Mendenhall born 12/19/1721; married Sarah
Sarah Mendenhall

See Land Records above under Aaron for more information on this family. More information is also found on the Mendenhall Web Sites linked above.

6/5/2005 Added Bradford Meeting Record for James Mendenhall to marry Hannah Thomas. Added children for James and Martha and James and Hannah under Bradford Meeting Records.
4/26/2007 Added Bradford Meeting Record for transfer of James and Hannah Thomas Mendenhall and six children to Newgarden MM, NC.