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Abraham Woodward, Jr. was the tenth child and fifth son of Abraham and Hannah Thornbrough Woodward of Chester County, Pennsylvania, Randolph County, North Carolina, and Jefferson County, Tennessee.

Elizabeth Elmore was the fourth child and second daughter of Thomas and Ann Sanders Elmore of Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. (See will of Thomas Elmore at the bottom of this page.)

  Abraham Woodward, Jr.
born 3-25-1782 Randolph Co, NC
died before 6/1857 Jefferson Co, Tn
Elizabeth Elmore
born 3-9-1775 Guilford Co, NC
died after 1850 Jefferson Co, Tn(?)

  Married: We have not located a record of this marriage. Elizabeth Woodward, formerly Elmore, condemned her marriage contrary to discipline on 11/1/1802 so it occurred before that date. The condemnation accompanied a certificate for Elizabeth Woodward from Deep River MM, Guilford County, NC to Lost Creek MM, Jefferson County, Tn. This does not necessarily mean that the marriage took place in North Carolina.

Hannah Woodward born 1802? or 1807?. Added 8/2010 with the help of Vance Woodward. Married Ezekiel Inman, Jefferson Co, Tn. More below.
Ann Woodward, born about 1805, Jefferson Co, Tn; married 10/24/1827 Jonathan Larrance, Jefferson Co, Tn (photos)
Eliza Woodward, born about 1817, Jefferson Co, Tn; married (1)Luke Goin (2)William Hammond
Elizabeth Woodward, born about 1818, Jefferson Co, Tn; married George Washington Dice 8/16/1855 in Jefferson County, Tn

We need help locating additional children of Abraham and Elizabeth Elmore Woodward! According to the 1830 census of Jefferson County, Tennessee, there were two males 15-20, 2 females 5-10, 2 females 15-20 in the household in addition to Abraham and Elizabeth. The two females 15-20 are probably Eliza and Elizabeth. Ann was already married. This leaves four (now three) children unaccounted for (one male may have been servant James Guinn - see below). There are no other Woodwards left in Jefferson County in 1830. Email Web Master Nadine on the About Us Page.

Records in Tennessee

Abraham Woodward, Jr., followed the Quaker faith in his youth but on 5/23/1801 he was discharged from Lost Creek Monthly Meeting in Tennessee, just after his father was recommended an elder. No reason was given for the discharge which usually meant it was for nonattendance at meeting. Abraham Woodward was restored to membership on 4/29/1820 but he was discharged again on 7/30/1825 for attending a marriage out of discipline (outside the Quaker faith). Unfortunately, because of this lapse in membership, records of the births of his children are not found at Lost Creek.

Abraham, Sr. apparently harbored no hard feelings against his son for his first discharge as Abraham, Jr. is the first one mentioned in his father's will written in 1814: "my will and desire is that my son Abraham have all the land that I now possess where we now lives on Lost Creek, for his proper use for ever..."

On 17 September 1818, Abraham Woodward, Jr. took as a servant James Guinn, age 6, "starting January 20th next." The terms were that James would receive one year of schooling between age 10-12 and one year between age 14-17. At the termination of his servitude (age 21) James would receive a horse, saddle, and bridle worth 70 dollars, and one "descent" suit of clothes. Such placing of children as servants was usual if they were orphans or their parents were unable to take care of them. It avoided their becoming a ward of the county. James may have been one of the males found in the 1830 census with Abraham. Abraham's brother-in-law William Frazier took an 11 year old girl as servant within a few days of this. A web site describing the handling of orphans in North Carolina presents more information on the process.

"Jefferson County, Tennessee, Families and History 1792-1996" states: New Market, which is several miles west of Jefferson City, was originally called Tucker Town after its first-known resident James Tucker. The land upon which most of the town was built was owned by General William Brazelton, Abraham Woodward, and Abraham Frazier." Abraham Frazier was the son of Abraham Woodward's sister Susannah Woodward Frazier, so they were uncle and nephew. Abraham Woodward sold numerous small lots in the town site to various people as documented in Jefferson County land records.

Abraham and Elizabeth Elmore Woodward are found in the 1850 census, still in Jefferson County. Their daughter Elizabeth, unmarried, is living with them. There is also a Fidelion Frazier, age 17, in their household. Fidelion may have been a grandson of Abraham's sister Eliza Woodward Frazier, who lived nearby. Abraham is listed as unable to read and write and a column is checked indicating a medical problem, so perhaps he could not see well.

We have been unsuccessful in locating a will for Abraham Woodward, Jr. in Jefferson County. An unknown Shelley correspondent wrote to Samuel & Abigail Shelley Woodward on February 19, 1856, "I received a letter from an acquaintance in Newmarket last week saying that all of my acquaintances or most all were dead or moved from there but Uncle Abraham Woodward is alive and well." Samuel was the son of Abraham's brother William, so Abraham was indeed his uncle.

Abraham Woodward, Jr's Death

We did obtain copies of two documents indicating that Abraham was deceased sometime shortly before the first Monday of June 1857. One is a probate document and the other is a bond in connection with the probate. The bond was for $16,000 so Abraham Woodward Jr's estate must have been quite large. His son-in-law Jonathan Larrance was one of those posting the bond. We have recently learned that William Hammond, one of the executors, and also one of the persons posting bond, was also his son-in-law (more below).

"The Last Will and Testament & codicil of Abraham Woodward decd was presented in open court for probate, and thereupon came Isaac Jones and Jacob Beals two of the subscribing witnesses to said Will, who on affirmation depose and say that they were personally acquainted with Abraham Woodward the Testator and that they saw him sign, seal and execute and heard him acknowledge the same to be his last will and Testament for the purposes thereon expressed, and that at his request, and in his presence, and also in the presence of each other sign their names as witnesses thereto, and that at the time of Executing said Will and codicil thereto appeared he was of sound disposing mind and memory - It is therefore considered by the court that said Will and codicill be admitted to record, and thereupon came Ezekiel Inman and William Hammond two of the Executors named in said Will, and entered into bond with Isaac Alderson and Alex K. Bradford as their securities in the sum of sixteen thousand dollars for the faithful discharge of their duties as Executors, which Bond was received by the court; and thereupon the said Ezekiel Inman & Wm Hammond took the oath required by law as Executors; and thereupon the following letters testamentary issue &c."

"State of Tennessee Jefferson County:
To all Persons Greeting:
Whereas, at our county court held for the county of Jefferson, at the court house in Dandridge on the first Monday of June 1857, it appeared to the court that Abraham Woodward late of said county, had died, having first made his Last Will and Testament in which Ezekiel Inman and William Hammond are two of the Executors appointed in said Will, and the said Will having been proved and admitted to record, and the said Ezekiel Inman and Wm. Hammond qualified as Executors it was therefore ordered, that Letters Testamentary Issue &c. We therefore empower the said Ezekiel Inman and Wm. Hammond, to take into your possession all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits, of the said Testator, and the legacies specified in said Will, well and truly, to pay, so far as the said goods and chattels, rights and credits may extend, and in all things to administer said goods and chattels, rights and credits, according to the tenor of the said Will and the law of the land -
Witness James M. Nicholson Clerk of said court at office in dandridge the first Monday of June 1857. /s/James M. Nicholson, Clerk"

"Know all men by these presents that we Ezekiel Inman William Hammond Jonathan Larrance George W. Hill Isaac Alderson & Alex K. Bradford are held and firmly bound unto the State of Tennessee in the sum of sixteen thousand dollars for the payment of which we bind ourselves our heirs executors and administrators jointly and singly firmly by these presents.
Sealed and dated this 1st day of June 1857.
The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound Ezekiel Inman & Wm. Hammond Executors of the last Will & Testament of Abraham Woodward deceased do well and truly perform the duties enjoined on them, by the Will of the said Abraham Woodward deceased, and account therefore in such way and at such time as the said Will and the laws of the land may require then this obligation to be void. Otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.
Signed sealed and acknowledged in open court
/s/ Ezekiel Inman
/s/ William Hammond
/s/ Isaac Alderson
/s/ Alex K. Bradford
James M. Nicholson Clerk
Approved Thos I. Bradford County Judge"

It is truly a pity the will is missing, but it seems clear that Abraham Woodward had no living sons at this time or they would surely have been involved (unless they lived out of state!).

More on Children of Abraham and Elizabeth Elmore Woodward

Hannah Woodward Inman

We heard from Vance Woodward who found the graves of Hannah Woodward, wife of [unreadable] next to Ezekiel Inman, with no dates readable on either stone in the "Old Methodist Cemetery" in Jefferson County. Since Ezekiel Inman was one of the executors of Abraham Jr's will and Ezekiel Inman and Abraham Woodward, Jr. families lived side by side in one of the census records in Jefferson County it makes sense. There are also some Web sites that carry her as wife of Ezekiel Inman and her birthdate as 1802, though census records indicate her birthdate might instead have been about 1807. (Note that 2 and 7 are often confused in reading old records). On one Web site her birth date is given 11 Feb 1802 and death 11 July 1881 with Ezekiel's dates as 13 Nov 1806 and death 18 October 1877. The Web also says they married on 8/19/1830 and had one child John Blackburn Inman born 3/26/1833. Since Ezekiel and Hannah are shown with more children this might indicate either an earlier marriage for them or that Ezekiel had a first wife and some children before marrying Hannah.

Here is what we found in Jefferson County, Tennessee census records: 1830 Ezekiel, age 30-40 with a wife and several children. This would indicate that there was another wife before Hannah?

1840 Jefferson County Tennessee Northern Division: Ezekiel Inman, males under 5, 1, males 5-10, 2, male 30-40, 1; females under 5, 2, female 30-40, 1, total 7. The Ezekiel Inman family is next door to Abraham Woodward, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 50-60, 3 females 20-30, 1 female 60-70.

1850 District 13, Jefferson County, Tennessee: Ezekiel Jerman [indexed as Inman], 43; Hannah, 43; Charles W, 19; John B, 17; Abram T, 15; Sarah 3, 13; Mary Ann, 10; Martha, 8; William P, 5; Shadrach, 1. This would indicate the 1807 birth date for Hannah. Their son John Blackburn is age 17 but they had a number of other children attributed.

1860 Jefferson County, Tennessee; #1496 Ezekiel Inman, 52, farmer, H., 52; A. T., 24, laborer; N. F., 24; E. F., 17; Wm P., 15. Also indicating an approximate birth date of 1807-08 for Hannah.

We were unable to locate information in Jefferson County for 1870 or 1880.

Eliza Woodward Goins Hammond

We have heard from Pam Koppel who found a record in "Extract of the Rejected Applications of the Guion Miller Roll of the Eastern Cherokee" by Jo Ann Curls Page, page 82: #7111, Sallie Crumley, dau of William Hammond and Eliza Woodward, grdau of Moses and Dorcus Hammonds and Abraham & Betty Woodward... . Other applications are listed for more of the children of William Hammond and Eliza Woodward and grandchildren of Abraham and Betty Woodward. We know that this Eliza Woodward was not the same as Elizabeth Woodward, Jr., as Elizabeth,Jr., age 32, is found at home with Abraham and Elizabeth, Sr, in 1850, as a single woman. We find a marriage for Eliza Woodward (1) to Luke Goin on 7/22/1841 in Jefferson County, and (2) a marriage for Eliza Goan and William Hammond on 10/21/1847 in Jefferson County. William and Eliza Woodward Hammond are then found in the 1850 census in Jefferson County. Daughter Eliza was no doubt named for Abraham's sister Eliza and daughter Elizabeth was named for his wife Elizabeth. From census records and from the Guion Miller Rolls, Pam gives us children John Calvin Hammond; James A. Hammond; Hannah Jane Hammond (married Alfred Orin Brainard); Sarah Elizabeth Hammond (married Homer J. Crumley) and William Hammond, Jr.

Ann Woodward Larrance

From Barbara Brown and from census records we also have the children of Jonathan and Ann Woodward Larrance: William Andrew Larrance; Mary E. Larrance; Sarah E. Larrance; Frazier Larrance; Nancy Larrance; Richard Larrance, and Joseph S. Larrance. See photos of Ann and Jonathan linked under Ann Woodward under Children above. Also see more on the Larrance site linked there as well.

Elizabeth Woodward Dice

From Claudia Angel, a Treadway descendant (not of this family) we learned that Elizabeth Woodward married George Washington Dice. We found this marriage in Jefferson County marriage records on August 16, 1855. Curiously the bondsman was D. G. Thornburg, whom we have not yet identified. We found George and Elizabeth in the 1880 census, still in New Market, Jefferson County, Tennessee: George W. Dice, farmer, 53, born Va, parents born Va; Elizabeth J. Dice, keeping house, 62, born Tn, parents born NC; John B. F. Dice, son, physician, born Tn, father Va, mother Tn; William Treadway, son-in-law, clerk in store, 20, born Tn, parents born Tn; Jennie Treadway, daughter, keeping house, 18, born Tn, father Va, mother Tn; Sarah J. Pratt, Cook, 20, born Tn, parents born Tn; James H. Wall, other, 15, born Tn; parents born Tn. We therefore know Elizabeth died after 1880. George W. Dice wrote his will on 12/21/1897 in Jefferson County, so we know he died after that date. His will can be obtained, book 10, page 218 in Jefferson County. He may have had a second wife Margaret as there is a will for her dated 8/2/1911 in Jefferson County.

Claudia tells us that William Treadway was the son of Lillburn and Elizabeth Cameron Treadway. We find a will for Junie [Jennie] Treadway dated July 30, 1887 book 9 page 225 in Jefferson County. She includes minor child George Washington Treadway in the will according to Claudia.

Claudia's line is through Treadways. Hr 3rd gr grandfather had a daughter Rebecca, born 1835 in North Carolina who married Reverend Woodward William Ramsey, a son of Jobe Ramsey and Mary Woodward of Buncome, Madison County, North Carolina. As far as we know this Mary Woodward is not connected to the Woodwards of Randolph County, North Carolina, and Jefferson County, Tennessee.


Will of Thomas Elmore

I Thomas Elmore Senior of Jefferson County and State of Tennessee being of sound mind and memory do make and ordain this my last will and testament and first it is my will that all my just debts (if any there be) should be paid by my Executors as soon as can conveniently be done after my decease. Item I do give my Negro man named Peter his freedom at my decease, and it is my will that he should enjoy the same from thence forward during his life, the same as though he was born free. Item. I do give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Ann Elmore the whole and sole use of all my estate both real and personal of any Kind and nature whatsoever and wherever it may be during her life. Item. I do give unto the children of my son Joel Elmore deceased, to wit, Ann, Mordecai and Hannah five dollars each to be paid to them out of my estate at my wife's decease. Item. I do give unto son Thomas Elmore all my land with the buildings and the improvements thereon, at the decease of his mother, to him his heirs and assigns forever, provided he will pay the following legacies to wit, to pay to my son Archelus Elmore one hundred dollars and to my son John Elmore two hundred dollars. Item. I do give and bequeath unto my sons, Archelus, John and Thomas Elmore and my daughters Jane Reece, Elizabeth Woodward, Mary and Cicilia Haworth, all the remainder of my estate after the decease of my wife, to be equally divided among them, to them their heirs and assigns forever. And lastly, I appoint my beloved wife Ann Elmore, Executrix, and my son Thomas Elmore Executor to this my last Will and Testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this eighteenth day of fourth month eighteen hundred and thirteen.
Thomas Elmore (Seal)
In presence of Isaac Hammer, William Brazelton, William Haworth

8/25/2010 Added information on a possible additional child for Abraham Jr: Hannah Woodward married Ezekiel Inman?