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Alice Woodward was the ninth child and fifth daughter of Abraham and Hannah Thornbrough Woodward of Chester County, Pennsylvania, Randolph County, North Carolina, and Jefferson County, Tennessee.

William Dean was the third child and third son of Francis and Elizabeth Dean, of Jefferson County Tennessee.

  Alice Woodward
born 7-14-1779 Guilford Co, NC
died After 1816
  William Dean
born Jefferson Co, Tn
died Betw 9&11/1816 Maury Co(?), Tn

  Married: 10-20-1799 in a civil ceremony in Jefferson County, Tennessee. William Moon was bondsman. Alice Deene (formerly Woodward) was dismissed at Lost Creek Monthly Meeting on 10-19-1799 for her marriage contrary to discipline (civil rather than Quaker ceremony).

Eliza Dean born 4/27/1799 Jefferson Co, Tn; married Mark Lyle Locke Andrews
John Dean born 8/7/1803 Jefferson Co, Tn; married Eliza Andrews
Hannah Dean
William Dean born about 1808 Tennessee; married Adeline Andrews(?)
Benjamin Dean
Alexander Dean born about 1810 Tennessee; married (1)Catherine Clarke (2)Minerva Hardy (?)
Matilda Dean born 12/5/1814 Tennessee; married James W. Stephenson

William Dean Wallace has information on the descendants of Mark & Eliza Dean Andrews, John & Eliza Andrews Dean, and Matilda Dean & James Stephenson. Jimmy Worley has information on John Dean and Eliza Andrews. We have heard from James Dean a descendant of Alexander Dean's son Liberty Monroe Dean in 2009. He furnished the surname of Alexander's first wife. We would very much like to hear from other Dean descendants, particularly of the other children. Email Web Master Nadine on the About Us Page.

More on Marriage of Alice Woodward and William Dean

It is curious and perhaps an error that William Wade Hinshaw in his Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, Vol 1 lists Alice Woodward Dean's dismissal from Quaker meeting as mcd (married contrary to discipline). We have found no evidence that the Dean family followed the Quaker faith and in that case she would have been listed as mou (married out of unity.) She is also listed as dismissed on 10/19/1799 when her marriage did not occur until 10/20/1799, according to a transcript of Jefferson County marriages. That is hardly likely as she would have been given quite a bit of time after the actual marriage in order to think about her transgression and to make peace with the Quakers, so the dismissal should be recorded sometime later. So there is definitely something "off" about the record or the marriage bond transcription date is wrong.

It is also curious that Alice Woodward Dean did not stay in Jefferson County or migrate north to Ohio and Indiana as her brothers and sisters did. No doubt there were Dean relatives and friends who migrated further into Tennessee with Alice and William Dean. The birth place for first daughter Eliza Dean is given in an Andrews geneology as April 1799 in Williamson County far in the interior of Tennessee. It is doubtful if Alice and William Dean went there and then returned to Jefferson County to marry. Since Francis Dean appointed son William Dean as coexecutor of his will in 1801 it is likely Alice and William Dean were still in Jefferson County at that time. The birthdate of Eliza Dean (from the Andrews genealogy) is curious. While many a good Quaker girl somehow became pregnant before her marriage the nuptials were usually accomplished well before the child was born. Coupled with the apparent error in the Quaker records or a possible error in the transcription of the marriage bond date, it is highly likely that daughter Eliza was actually born in Jefferson County.

More on Migration of Alice and William Dean

Alice and William Dean could have gone to Williamson County later as that is where both daughter Eliza & son John Dean's marriages are documented. Eliza was married in May 1816 so it was before that date. In trying to follow the migrations, be aware that Williamson, Maury, and Hickman Counties corner on each other; so marriage bonds might be in one county, William's will in another, depending on jurisdiction of filing, and they might not have moved an inch!

A History of Hickman County, Tennessee, states that John Dean arrived in Hickman County March 24, 1844 and soon thereafter commenced the manufacture of plug tobacco. "Dean Tobacco" was recognized as a high grade tobacco. This history gives the birth place of John Dean as East Tennessee while the Andrews genealogy gives Hickman County. The Hickman history continues that John's father William Dean married Alice Woodward of East Tennessee, from which place Dean came, in 1811, to Maury County, Tennessee. According to the History William Dean died in 1819 [actually 1816] on his return from Missouri, where he had been to locate land. This seems the most likely scenario with children Eliza and John Dean and probably others being born in Jefferson County, Tennessee and the family migrating to the interior of Tennessee in 1811.

Will of William Dean

An abstract of the will of William Dean is found in Maury County, Tennessee Wills & Settlements 1807-1844:

Will of William Dean, Allice, my wife; Eliza, bed and bedding when she marries; Hannah; Matilda, as much as the other girls; four sons: John, William, Alexander & Benjamine, land on Rutherford Creek, my sons & married daughter when all become of age. Mark L. Andres [Andrews] & John Blanton Executors 16 Sept 1816. Witnesses: John Dean & Eliz. Dean (Add: Eliz. property she now has). (Note: Mark Andrews was already the husband of Eliza Dean and yet the will says "when she marries." This no doubt was a confirmation of a dowry already given.)

A following page in the wills book gives the Inventory of William Dean, deceased November 1816, M. L. Andrews, Administrator.

A further later note gives Inventory of Wm Dean deceased. "Inventory of property not specifically named by the testator in his will and testament..." 17 Feb 1817. Mark L. Andrews Exec.

The full text of William Dean's will and his estate inventory are appended at the end of the page (courtesy William Wallace.)

More on Children of William and Alice Woodward Dean

William and Adeline (Andrews?) Dean

In 1830 son William Dean is next to brother John Dean in Maury County, Tennessee: William Dean 1 male 20-30, 1 female under 5, 1 female 20-30. The next clue we have about him is in 1850 in Marshall County, Mississippi where he is found next to brother Alexander Dean: #690 Wm Dean, 42, Tn; Adeline, 38, Tn; Jane, 20, Tn; Malissa, 16, Tn; Angeline, 14, Tn; Thomas, 12, Tn; Sophronia, 10, Tn; Robert, 9, Miss; Caroline, 6, Miss; John M, 5, Miss; Marcus L, 3, Miss. We speculate that Adeline might have been Adeline Andrews and daughter of Ephraim and Ann Hardaway Andrews because of the naming of a child Caroline and a child Marcus L (both names found in the Ephraim Andrews family).

William Dean was apparently deceased by 1860 as we find the following in Bolivar Township, Poinsett County, Arkansas (not too far from Randolph County where Alexander lived): Nancy A. Dean, 49, farmer, born NC; Robert, 17, farmer, Miss; Caroline, 15, domestic, Miss; John, 12, Tn; Allis, 9, Miss; Melissa A., 24, domestic, Tn; Thomas, 22, farmer, Tn.

Eliza Dean Andrews

Photo of Eliza Dean Andrews, courtesy William Wallace

Daughter Eliza Dean was born 27 Apr 1799 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. She married Mark L. Andrews in May 1816 probably in Williamson County, Tennessee. Mark Andrews was son of George and Sarah Pearson Locke Andrews and was named for his grandfather Mark Andrews. There is a well documented file on Ancestry.com which we would recommend as a credible source on the Andrews family. In 1810 George Andrews was living in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky: 5 males under 10, 1 male 10-15 (Mark), 1 male over 45; 2 females 10-15, 1 female 26-44; 3 slaves. In 1820 Mark Andrews is not found separately and he and Eliza are probably living with his father George in Franklin, Williamson County, Tennessee.

In 1830 Mark L. Andrews is found in Williamson County, Tennessee: 1 male under 5, 2 males 5-10, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 30-40; 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 30-40; slaves, 1 male under 10, 1 55-100, 2 females under 10, 1 female 10-24.

The 1850 census is the first to give us the names of their children: Williamson County, Tennessee #240 Mark L. Andrews Sr 53, Clerk C Court, born Ky; Eliza, 50, Tn; William D. 39(he was 31) tobacconist, Tn; Ephraim G, 21, farmer, Tn; John T, 17, farmer, Tn; Eliza P., 15, Tn; Arthusa, 14, Tn; B. B., 12, Tn; Mark L. Jr, 9, Tn. The 1850 slave schedule indicates 18 slaves though it may not be correct, as age, gender, and race is blank for some of them. Daughter Sarah and son Richard are found in 1850 in Williamson County, Tennessee: #517 E. R. Waddy, 36, wagon maker, born NC; Sarah, 33, Tn; Spencer, 13, Tn; Wm. C., 10, Tn; Mary E, 8, Tn; Mark L, 6, Tn; James, 4, Tn; Eliza,2, Tn; Richard Andrews, 21, wagon maker, Tn. Daughter Alice Jane is nearby: #523 Rufus A. McCall, 28, Sadler, born Tn; Alice J., 23, Tn; Wm. J., 4, Tn; Margaret F., 2, Tn; Mark L., 1/12, Tn. Daughter Elizabeth is also nearby: #531 N. J. Haynes, 30, farmer, Tn; Elizabeth H., 29, Tn; Thomas O., 8, Tn; Mark L., 4, Tn; N. J. Jr, 1, Tn. Son George S. is #480 in District 5, George S. Andrews,25, farmer, Tn; Frances, 19, Tn (second wife).

Mark Andrews died 1878 and Eliza Dean Andrews died in 1879, both in Williamson County, Tennessee.

John and Eliza Andrews Dean

Son John Dean was born 7 August 1803 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. He married Eliza Andrews 16 February 1825 in Williamson County, Tennessee. She was daughter of Ephraim and Ann Hardaway Andrews. Ephraim was brother of George Andrews above and thus Eliza Andrews was cousin of Mark Andrews who married John's sister Eliza Dean. John Dean died July 15, 1875 and is buried in Hickman County (tombstone photo courtesy William Wallace).

John and William Dean next to each other in Maury County in 1830 page 394: William Dean 1 male 20-30, 1 female under 5, 1 female 20-30 (no doubt John's brother William). John Dean 2 males under 5 (Wm&Robt) 1 male 20-30(John); 1 female under 5 (unknown), 1 female 15-20 (probably a sister of John or Eliza), 1 20-30 (Eliza).

John Dean is in Williamson County (next to Maury) in 1840: Male 1-5 (Ephraim) female 1-5 (Martha); Male 5-10 (Robert) female 5-10 (Valeria); Male 10-15 (William) female 10-15 (unknown born about 1828); Male 40-50 (John) female 40-50 (Eliza); 1 free colored person 36-55; slaves: 2 females under 10, 1 female 10-24, 1 female 24-36; 1 male under 10, 1 male 10-24, 1 male 36-55. Next door is mother-in-law Ann H. Andrews: Ann H. Andrews 1 male 5-10, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 40-50, 1 female 60-70; slaves 4 males under 10, 2 males 24-35; 1 female under 10, 1 female 10-24, 1 female 36-55. (Ann Hardaway Andrews was a tough lady - she is age 81 in 1860 in Williamson County, head of household, owning 24 slaves.)

A 1900 History of Hickman County, Tennessee, states that John Dean arrived in Hickman County March 24, 1844 and soon thereafter commenced the manufacture of plug tobacco. "The reputation of "Dean Tobacco" as a high grade tobacco is yet remembered by many." His arrival there and manufacture of tobacco by the Dean family is documented by census records.

John and Eliza Dean's children's names are first given in the 1850 census and further refined in the 1860 census in Hickman County. 1850 Hickman County, Tennessee: #279 47, Tn, farmer; Eliza, 47, Tn; Robert, 20, Tn; Delora (actually Valeria), 17, Tn; Ephraim, 12, Tn; Martha, 9, Tn; Marcus, 3, Tn; #280 William H. Dean, 24, tobaconist, Tn; Clarinda, 18, Tn. 1860 Hickman Tn: #1151 John Dean, 57, Tn, farmer; Eliza, 57, Tn; R. A., 30, tobaconist; Valeria E. A., 28, Tn; Martha M, 20, Tn; Mark L, 13, Tn.

Alexander Dean

Alexander Dean is found next to brother William Dean in 1850 in Northern Division, Marshall County, Mississippi: #689 Alexander Dean, 40, Tn; Catharine, 35, Tn; Wm, 20, Tn, blind; Joseph 16, Tn; Benj P, 14, Tn; Elisabeth, 12, Tn; John 9, Tn; Ellis J, 7, Miss, Susan, 5, Tn, Jeralda, 3, f, Tn. Catharine evidently died sometime before 1860.

We originally heard about a second marriage to Minerva Hardy from Maddy Dean, a descendant of Madison, but it appears that the information is correct even though there are some discrepancies in the census records.

By 1860 Alexander had moved on to Wiley Township, Randolph County, Arkansas and has new wife Minerva: #213 Alexander Dean, 50, farmer, Tn; Minerva A, 23 (actually 26), housekeeping, Tn; Wm, 25, farmer, Tn; Joseph, 23, farmer, Tn; Benjamin A, 22, farmer, Tn; Susan, 16, Miss, Parthena, 12, Miss, James M, 5, Ark, Thomas, 3, Ark; no slaves. James M. and Thomas were sons of Catharine. James M. is found in some later censuses as Liberty Monroe Dean (more below). Note also that the children's ages do not correlate well with the 1850 census and were probably given by Minerva. This however appears to be the correct Alexander as he is the only Alexander Dean, born Tennessee, found in the entire 1860 census. The path to Randolph County, Arkansas would lead directly from Maury county, Tennessee, via Marshall County, Mississippi as well. In addition later census records indicate this is the correct family. The family is not found in the 1870 census on Ancestry.

By 1880 Alexander Dean is deceased but wife Minerva is still in Wiley Township, Randolph County, Arkansas: #71 Manerva Dean, 46, widowed, broken arm, born Tn, parents born NC; Madison, 19, works on farm, born Ark, parents born Tn; Robert, 17; Adolphus, 14; James, 11; all born Ark, parents born Tn and all working on the farm. All four of these are children of Alexander and Minerva, as we learn from the 1900 census in Wiley Township that Minerva reports 4 children born and four living - she also gives her birthdate as May 1834 and age 66. She was living with her youngest son James A. Dean, born May 1869, who had been married to Evaline for 7 years and they had two children, James A. Dean, born Oct 1893 and Cora, born April 1898. Next door to Minerva in 1900 was Bartley A. (Adolphus) Dean born February 1866 with children Fannie, born Jan 1891; John H, born Nov 1892; and Sarah W, born August 1894. Bartlett (aka Dolph) later married Emma and had additional children Thersa M, Clarence A, Hall A, and Thelma Y ; There were also three step children Mary James, Della James and Manerva James. Robert Dean was nearby, born April 1863, with children Fannie, Nov 1886; Della, Oct 1890; and Alfred, March 1895. He later married Ida and had children Claud, Lillie, Lillian and Edward. Also nearby was Madison Dean, born December 1860, with a second wife Frona born Dec 1876, and children James R, March 1884; Henry Jan 1886; Charles 1888; and by Frona: Hannah, June 1897 and Wiley Jan 1898.

James Dean tells us that Alexander is buried at the Million Cemetery near O'Kean, AR. His stone is marked Hus. of M. A. April 1810-1860? (probably 1870). Manerva A. Dean is buried in the Sharum Cemetery near there: May 1833-April 1917 Wife of Alexander Mother of MC - RA - BA - JA.

In 1900 in Wiley Township, Randolph County there were also two black families with a surname of Dean who were possibly descendants of slaves mentioned in William's will.

In September 2008 we heard from Pauline Hartman, descendant of William's son Alexander. Her information prompted us to look further into the family of Alexander. Pauline's grandfather was Liberty Monroe Dean, born January 1855. This appears to be the James M. Dean listed as a son of Alexander in the 1860 census as five years old in 1860. He would thus have been son of Catharine Dean. We find him in 1900 in Wiley Township, Randolph Co, Ak: #246 Liberty M. Dean, Jan 1855, 45, married 14 years, born Miss, parents born Tn; Octavy Nov 1871, 28 married 14 years, 5 children born, 4 living; Magnolia, Oct 1889, 10, Ak; Myrtle, Aug 1893, 6, Ak; John N, Sep 1894, Ak; Lena, Aug 1898, 1, Ak. We do not know the origin of the name Liberty; perhaps a nickname, or perhaps an additional name not listed in the 1860 census. Also, though a Mississippi birthplace is given for Liberty, in the 1920 census it is listed as Arkansas. Pauline tells us that "Magnolia" was known as "Maggie Nola" and that "Octavia" was known as "Tave."

Matilda Dean Stephenson

Daughter Matilda Dean married James W. Stephenson on 9 February 1832 in Maury County, Tennessee. B. S. Hurst was the official for the marriage. James and Matilda had two children: Alice Elizabeth Stephenson and Ada Stephenson. Alice Elizabeth was born 20 September 1833 and Ada was born 23 May 1851. We find the family in the 1850 census in District 23, Maury County, Tennessee: #132 Jas W. Stephenson, 53, farmer, born South Carolina; Matilda, 36, born Tn; Alice, 16, born Tn. We could not locate them in the 1860 census in Tennessee.

Alice Elizabeth Stephenson married John Witherspoon Frierson, Jr. on 15 April 1852 and they had four children: Columbus Dean, John W., Stella, and Grace.

Ada Stephenson married Calvin Tate Buford, son of Edward Wall and Augusta Dirson Buford, on 23 December 1869 in Tennessee. They had nine children: Ada Stephenson, James E., Calvin Tate, Elizabeth Augusta, Edith Pearl, Martha Melinda, Harriet Viola, Stella May, and Grace Frierson.

Will and Inventory of William Dean

The Last Will and Testament of William Dean, deceased
Maury County, Tennessee Wills Vol 1 Book B pp 23 -24
Obtained from the WPA Records material in McClung Library, Knoxville, TN
Know all men by these present that I William Dean of the county of Maury of Tennessee, being in sound mind and memory and calling to mind the uncertainty of human life and knowing it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament in the manner and form that follows first of all I recommend my soul to God that gave it and my body to be buried after the discretion of my relations and friends and as touching such worthy estate as it has been pleasing to God to bless me with I shall dispose of as follows, in promises I give unto my wife the land we now live on the house we now live in and other out houses and premises (p24) there unto belonging as long as she remains my widow (sic) I also will that she have the use of all my personal property and three negroes Fan, Daniel and Dunk as long as she remains my widow (sic), I will that Eliza have a negro girl called Milley and a black man, bridle and saddle and other property she now is in possession of, I will that Elizabeth have a girl called Sheby and a sorrel mare, bridle and saddle, a cow bed and bedding &c when she marries I will that Hannah have a girl called Dilie, and as good horse bridle and saddle and cow and bed as she Elizabeth hath, I will that Matilda have either by increas (sic) of my negroes or bought with some of my property a negro girl worth as much as the rest of the girls and property equal to theirs and as I am about to start to Missouri with money to buy land I wish that the purchase I make be equally divided between my four sons Josiah (John?), William, Alexander, and Benjamin, or if I fail the money be put to the use of purchasing for them and at my widdows (sic) death or marriage my wish is for my land on Rutherford creek to be put to the use of educating & maintaining my children till they are able to maintain themselves as far as the rent of it and when my children are all of age I wish that the land be sold and equally divided between my four sons and my wish isif my widdow should marry that the three negroes be then hired out and my daughters together with herself have the hire of them until my children all become of age, Then for (sic) negroes with their increas to be equally divided among all my sons and daughters also at my widdows death or marriage for my personal property to be sold and the money put to interest until all of my children become of age then to be equally divided, I ratify and confirm this to be my last will and testament, authorize and appoint Mark Landres (should be Andrews) and John Blanton my two executor in witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this fifteenth of Sept. eighteen hundred and sixteen.
/s/William Dean (Seal)
John Dean
Elizabeth Dean Jurat

William Dean Estate Inventories
Maury County, Tennessee Wills Vol. 1, Bk B
Material from WPA Records McClung Library, Knoxville, Tennessee
p. 36
An Inventory of the estate of Wm Dean, Deceased. One bay mare and wagon, one set of cabinet tools, crop of cotton and tobacco a true copy of some property undivided by the testator in his last will and testament November 1816.
M. L. Andrews

p. 151
Inventory of William Dean, Decd. Two head of horses four calves, fifteen sheep, thirty five hogs, seven geese twenty ducks, one bureau, one cup cupboard, two tables, four wheels, nine chairs, one whip saw, one crosscut saw, four plains (sic), fourteen bud plains (sic), three augurs, one hand saw, two tenant saws, four chissels (sic), one gonge (sic), two basons (sic), two dishes, sixteen plates, two tin buckles, eight cups, one pair of kards (sic), two candlesticks, one coffee pot, one tea pott (sic), one crock, eight tea cups, eight saucers, six knives and forks, four bed post, three plows, three hoes, three axes, three pare (sic) of geese, one iron and wedge, one credle (sic), one knife, two tubs, one churn, four pails, one comb, one bible, one looking glass, two tumblers, one brace and bit, two bottles,
three bea (?) guns, one rifle, one note fifteen dollars, and fifty cents, Do. $23, and Do. $17 on Josiah Roberts, one Do 27 and 50 on Daniel Carter, three saddles, one bridle, one pott (sic), one kettle, one oven, one skillet, four sheets, four counterpins, four blankets, two drawing knives, one log chain, one pare (sic) stityards (sic), a true additional inventory of the property not specifically named by the testator in his last will & testament, February 17, 1817
Mark L. Andrews,

William Dean, Account of sales-
One Waggon (sic), 98.121/2
One mare 50.25
Tobacco 75.25
Cotton 26.871/2
The above is a true amount of the property sold by me on the 1st day of January last as the executor to the last will and testament of Wm. Dean, Decd, Feby 17, 1817
Mark L. Andrews, Extr.

9/13/2008 Thanks to Pauline Hartman, a descendant of William's son Alexander we have added quite a bit of information to the Alexander Dean family.
9/24/2005 Added full will and inventory of William Dean. Added photo of Eliza Dean Andrews
9/15/2005 We have heard from William Wallace who gave us a correction under the John and Eliza Andrews Dean paragraph where we had given Eliza Andrews' parents as "Dean." We have also removed the "other girls" reference under the list of children. William's will mentions Eliza, then Hannah, and then gives Matilda "as much as the other girls" which we think just refers to Eliza and Hannah. There really isn't room in the birth list for additional children. We have also added a photo of John Dean's tombstone which William had sent earlier. Added additional information under Alexander Dean and the name of his second wife furnished by Maddy Dean.
3/22/2009 William Dean Wallace sent us information on daughter Matilda Dean which we have added (generally we do not add information in the 1900's on our web sites due to the possibility of identity theft so not all may be included here.)

6/2009 Added Alexander Dean's first wife Catherine's surname, thanks to descendant James Dean. Also the cemetery records for Alexander and second wife Minerva Hardy.