Jesse and Hannah White Beard of North Carolina and Indiana

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Hannah White Beard Family

We are indebted to Ernie Grubb for sharing the research of Olive DeVore Grubb with us on this family. He had a web page up on his families which included interesting history on the Jesse, and other Beard families, but the page has since disappeared. Carole Vidales has furnished information on the Needhams who married into Jesse's family. Marilyn Ellis is a descendant of David and Surilda Beard McConnell and has furnished information on them. Information was also found in Johnson County Family Records by Bertha Sellers Johnson.

Jesse Beard was the ninth child and fifth son of John and Martha Beard of Ireland, South Carolina, and Randolph County, North Carolina.

Hannah White's parentage is unknown. There were many White families in North Carolina, originating in Chester County, Pennsylvania, but so far we have not found the connection for those in Randolph County, North Carolina, and later in Jefferson County, Tennessee.
Jesse Beard
born 6/29/1787 Randolph Co, NC
died 12/19/1856 Johnson Co, In
Hannah White
born 11/10/1788 NC
died 5/5/1870 Essex Co, NJ

  Married: January 18, 1810 in Randolph County, North Carolina. Jesse was dismissed 3/3/1810 from Springfield Monthly Meeting for his marriage out of unity (to a nonQuaker).

Mary Beard, born April 9, 1811, Randolph County, North Carolina; married William Needham
John W. Beard, born 1/16/1813, Wayne County, Indiana; married (1) Susan Draper (2) Rebecca Mauk (3) Rebecca Steel (4) Lucinda Jane Suiter(?) (5) Nancy Farmbrough
James Beard born 9/15/1815 Wayne County, Indiana; married widow Margaret Owens White
Patrick Beard born 9/15/1815 Wayne County, Indiana; married Susannah Lucinda Hunt
Jesse T. Beard born 7/25/1818 Wayne County, Indiana; no further record
William Beard born April 9, 1820, Wayne County, Indiana; married Mary Jane Tucker
Melinda Jane Beard born April 9, 1822, Wayne County, Indiana; married Noah Needham
Surilda Beard born 4/13/1826, Indiana; married David John McConnell.
Matilda Beard born 4/13/1826, Indiana; married (1)Frederick Hartman (2) Thomas Mills
Serena Beard born 10/26/1827, Indiana [Cynthia in her father's will]; married Isaac Duckworth
Martin Beard born 6/14/1832, Indiana; married Sally Ann Sandefur
Milton Beard born 6/14/1832, Indiana; married Margaret Dungan. Milton died 2/13/1852 without issue

North Carolina Records

Jesse Beard inherited his father's land in Randolph County, North Carolina, adjoining the land that Abraham Woodward had owned. In return Jesse was to care for his mother, Martha Beard. (see John�s will)

The Move to Indiana

Although he inherited in 1809, Jesse went to Indiana by 1812. The Wayne County, Indiana, History, 1872 tells us that during the winter and spring of 1812, Jesse Beard, and others settled in Harrison Township in Wayne County. We do not know where Martha Beard died in 1816, but since she was left in the care of Jesse, we might guess she accompanied him to Wayne County. Brothers Thomas, John, and Patrick were already in Wayne County by 1812. The History tells us that "On the breaking out of the Indian war in the spring of 1812, a number left, and some of them never returned. Those who remained built a fort, with a block-house in one corner, in which they gathered at night, and in the day returned to their homes. Most of the women and children were taken to the east part of the county, or to the border of Ohio, and stayed until the war was over. The fort was...a mile west of Jacksonburg...". Brother Thomas participated in the building of a similar fort in Washington Township that was afterwards used by the government to protect the settlers.

By 1850 Jesse and Hannah White Beard are found in Shelby County, Indiana, in Hendricks Township:#132 Jesse Beard, 64, farmer, farm valued $15000, born NC; Hannah, 61, born NC; Martin Beard, 17, farmer, farm valued $1500, born In; Milton, 17, farmer, $1500, Ind. The valuation for Jesse's farm is an enormous sum of money for that day and time, some two to three times the value of his neighbor�s farms. However, some of his sons did even better as mentioned in their information below. By 1850 many from his family were in Johnson County and he must have followed them. It should be noted however that Johnson County adjoined Shelby County and borderlines may have been fuzzy in the early days when population was very sparse.

Jesse Beard wrote his will in Johnson County, Indiana, on 11/23/1853. He named his wife Hannah [White] and the following sons and daughters: Mary Needham; John W. Beard; Patrick Beard; William Beard; Melinda Needham; Matilda Hartman; Serilda McConnell; Cynthia Duckworth; Martin Beard; and deceased son James Beard's daughter Hannah. (Son Milton had died in 1852.) (A note about "Cynthia" Duckworth. This was daughter Serena who married Isaac Duckworth. In one census record she is shown as Solena Duckworth and in another as Cyrena so the "Cynthia" in the will is evidently a mistranscription or misunderstanding of the name by the clerk who wrote the will.)

More on the children of Jesse and Hannah White Beard

The Family Records of Johnson County Indiana, Vol III gives much information on the children and grandchildren of Jesse and Hannah White Beard. There are also Bible records included in Johnson County, In Bible Records, Vol 2, Part 3 The Bible records give birth and some death dates, and some marriage records. What is not given is the publication date of the Bible. This is important as if the Bible is dated before the birth records we can assume entries were made as they occurred. If dated after, the entries were probably made via one or more person's memories and may not be accurate.

John W. Beard

We located marriages for son John W. Beard: Susan Draper 6/8/1841 Shelby Co, In; Rebecca Mauk 12/12/1846 in Shelby County, Indiana, Rebecca Steel 11/7/1852, and Lucinda Suiter(?) 17 Mar 1858. His marriage to Nancy Farmbrough was not found but she is wife in the 1860 census. Nancy and John had a child in 1859 so either Lucinda died very soon or perhaps the marriage did not take place as often the dates given are license dates if a marriage certificate was not returned by the marrying official.

John and wife Rebecca Mauk are found in the 1850 census in Johnson County, Indiana: John Beard, 39, farmer, farm valued $4000, born In; Rebecca, 24, In; Mary P., 6, In; Mary Mauk, 54, born Va. Child Mary is evidently Mary Prudence named in John's will below as "weak of mind." She was the daughter of Susan Draper Beard and there were probably birth complications causing the death of Susan and perhaps problems with Mary. In 1860 John and wife Nancy Farmbrough are found in Clark Twp, Johnson Co, In: #807 John Beard, 46, farmer, 19,000, 15,000, In; Nancy, 38, Ky; Serena, 4, In; John, 2, In. Daughter Mary is with her grandmother Hannah Beard: #859 Hannah Beard, 73, farmer, 2800, NC; Mary, 16, In. They are next door to John�s brother William. John had prospered greatly in that ten year period as did his brother William in Johnson County. Serena was the child of Rebecca Steel, and John was the child of Nancy Farmbrough as he is 11 and 21 in the 1870 and 1880 census indicating born 1859 and not 1858. He also gives his mother born Va (in the 1880 census) which applies to Nancy in those two census records.

In 1870 John and Nancy are still in Clark Twp, Johnson Co: #99 John W. Beard, 54, farmer, 41,300 13,000, born In; Nancy, 37, Va; Mary, 25, In, idiot; Serena, 14, In; and John J., 11, In.

In 1880 John and wife Nancy Farmbrough, are found in Clark Township, Johnson County:John W. Beard, 67, farmer, born In, parents born NC; Nancy, wife, 45, born Va, parents born Va; Mary P. Beard, dau, 36,born In, mother born Maine; Sarah E. Beard (actually Serena), dau, 23, born In, mother born Tn; John J. Beard, son, 21, born In, mother born Virginia. With the family is William Fugat, laborer, age 14, born In, parents born In, and Sarah Fugat, servant, age 10, born In, parents born In.

John W. Beard wrote his will in Johnson County, Indiana, on 3/14/1883. He named wife Nancy [Farmbrough] and children: John J. Beard and Serena Williams. He also named his daughter Mary Prudence Beard, providing for her care as she was "weak of mind." He mentioned land owned in Morgan, Marion, Brown and Shelby Counties.

John W. Beard's daughter Serena Williams is of interest to us. She was daughter of John W. and Rebecca Steel Beard, born April 2, 1855, and married Andrew Jackson Williams. Andrew Jackson Williams was son of James and Judea Wheeler Williams and grandson of Allen and Charity Nation Williams. Allen Williams' first wife was Jane Woodward, daughter of Abraham Woodward, and it is not exactly clear whether Andrew Williams was son of Jane or son of Charity (see Williams page for more on on this family including children of Andrew Jackson and Serena).

James and Margaret Owens White Beard

Son James Beard married widow Margaret Owens White on 10/7/1841 in Johnson County, Indiana. We do not know if there is any connection between Margaret's first husband and Hannah White. We have no further information on this family except that James was deceased by the time his father wrote his will in 1853 and by the 1850 census. James and Margaret had a daughter Hannah who was evidently their only surviving child. Margaret Beard, widow, is found in Johnson County, Indiana, in 1850: Margaret Beard, 30, born In; Sophia, 10, In; Hannah, 6, In. Sophia appears to be the daughter of Margaret Owens White and her first husband.

Patrick and Susannah Lucinda Hunt Beard

Son Patrick Beard married Susannah Lucinda Hunt on 3/5/1840 in Johnson County, Indiana. They are found in Johnson County, Indiana, in the 1850 census: Patrick Beard, 32, farmer, farm valued $1150, born In; Lucinda, 30, born In; Sarah J., 7, In; Francis (male), 5, In; Matilda, 3, In. In 1860: #864 Patrick Beard, 44, farmer, 4800, 1400, In; Susannah L., 41, Tn; Francis M., 15, In. In 1870: #89 Patrick Beard, 55, farmer, 2500, In; Susan, 52, Tn; Marion, 23, farmer, In; Henry, 19, In; Hannah, 14, In. We are not sure of the identity of Henry and Hannah but they are not children of Patrick and Susan per other census records.

We do not find Patrick in the 1880 census and he was probably deceased. His wife Lucinda is found in Clark Township, Johnson County: #276 Lucinda Beard, keeping house, age 60, born Tn; father born Va, mother born Tn; Francis M. Beard, son, 34, born In, father born In, mother born Tn.

Son Frances M. Beard d Mar 4, 1881 age 35 yrs, 7 mo, 24 dy and is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Johnson Co, Ind. Patrick Beard is buried there as well, died Sept 18, 1872 age 57 yrs 4 d.

William and Mary Jane Tucker Beard

Son William Beard and Mary Jane Tucker were married on 7/18/1839 in Shelby County, Indiana. They are found in the 1850 census in Johnson County: William Beard, 31, farmer, farm valued $2800, born In; Mary, 27, born Oh; John, 8, born In; Jesse, 6, In; Wm. O., 3, In; Mary A., 1, In. In 1860: #858 William Beard, 40, farmer, 28,500, 4000, In; Mary T, 37, Ohio; John, 18, In; Jesse, 16, In; Wm O., 12, In; Mary A, 10, In; Melinda, 8, In; James, 6, In; Emily 6/12, In. William had also been very successful in this ten year period. His mother Hannah Beard, 73, is living next door to him.

In 1880 William and son John are in Cherokee Township, Montgomery County, Kansas: William Beard, farmer, 60, born In, parents born Indiana. John Beard, son, 22, born Indiana, parents born Indiana. This census transcription contains many errors and we do not know if the age of John Beard has been mistranscribed or if the first son John died, and this is a second one. Wife Mary remained in Franklin Township, Johnson County with youngest daughter Martha: Mary J. Beard, age 57, born Ohio, keeping house, father born New Jersey, mother Virginia; Martha I. Beard, daughter, 14, born In, father born In, mother born Ohio. Son William Oliver Beard is found in Clark Township, Johnson County: William O. Beard, farmer, age 32, born In, parents born Ohio; Nancy J. Beard, 29, born In, parents born Tn; Otto Beard, son, 9, In; Harry Beard, son, 7, In; William Shelton, laborer, 17, born In; Sarina Hemphill, 22, servant, born In. Son Jesse M. Beard is also found in Clark Township: Jesse M. Beard, farmer, 36, born In, father born In, mother born Oh; Frances A. Beard, wife, 34, in, father born Ky and mother born Oh; Birdella A. Beard, 16, born In; Laura B. Beard, 14, In; Emma E. Beard, 10, In; Corrie O. Beard, dau, 8, In; Pearl Beard, 1, In.

William Beard wrote his will on 6/16/1887 in Johnson County. He named his wife, Mary Jane [Tucker], and sons: John, Jesse, William Oliver, and James Giford. He named daughters: Mary Angeline, Malinda Jane, Emily Ann, Idah May, and Martha Isabelle. He mentioned land owned in Johnson and Shelby Counties.

William and Mary Jane are buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Johnson Co, Indiana: William, Jan 25, 1820-July 15, 1887; Mary J, Dec 5, 1822-Sept 2, 1898. Son James is buried with them, June 3, 1854-Sept 24, 1871. There is a notation in the cemetery records that his mother was a daughter of Ephriam and Winniford Tucker.

Daughter Malinda Jane married Robert Fitzpatrick in Johnson County as first wife but there were no surviving children of this marriage. Robert Fitzpatrick married next to Millie Williams, a relative of Andrew J. Williams who married Serena Beard.

Martin and Sally Ann Sandefur Beard

Son Martin Beard married Sally Ann Sandefur on 7/20/1850 in Johnson County, Indiana. They are found in Franklin Township, Johnson County in 1860: #651 Martin Beard, 28, farmer, 3900, In.; Sally A, 27, In; Nancy A., 4, In; Elvina E., 2, In.

Milton and Margaret Dungan Beard

Son Milton Beard married Margaret Dungan 5 March 1851 in Johnson County, Indiana. Milton died in 1852 and no children are named in his father's will, so we assume there were none. That he was married to Margaret Dungan also comes from Johnson County Indiana Bible Records, Vol. 2, Part 3. We do not find a remarriage for Margaret.

Beard/Needham Families

Daughter Mary Beard married William Needham on 5/26/1831 in Shelby County, Indiana. Daughter Melinda Jane Beard married Noah Needham on 4/12/1838 in Shelby County, Indiana. William and Noah Needham were sons of Thomas and Winnie Lawrence Needham. We find Noah and Malinda in the 1850 census: Franklin Township, Johnson County #397 Noah Needham, 33, farmer, farm valued $2500, born In; Malinda, 28, In; William H, 10, In; John Ogle, 20, born In. William and Mary are also in Franklin Township: #420 William Needham, 39, farmer, 5800, NC; Mary, 39, In; Jesse T, 18, farmer, In; Hannah J, 8, In; John M, 5, In; Pleasant Cole, 23, farmer, Ky.

The town of Needham in Johnson County was laid out in 1866 and named Needham Station and William Needham was first postmaster. Carol Vidales has interesting information on the establishment of the town, an obituary for William H. Needman, and an abstract of a will for Melinda Jane Needham.

There is a detail of Beard and Needham land ownership in Clark Township in Johnson County in 1866. The town of Needham and the Needham land can be seen in the lower right corner. The map can be reached by going to the Indiana Map Page and then clicking on the detail of Williams and Beard settlements in Johnson County.

We were unable to locate any additional information on Noah and Malinda Needham. Mary Beard Needham died sometime before 1857 when William Needham married Jane Farquahr on 12 May 1856 in Johnson County. They had children Jesse T., age 18 in 1850; Hannah J, age 8 in 1850 and John M. age 5, in 1850. John M. Needham married Mary Heineken 19 May 1868 in Johnson County and Mary was deceased by 1880. In 1880 John M. Needham is living with his father William Needham and his fourth wife, Martha Abbott (m. 16 Oct 1879) in the City of Franklin in Johnson County: John Needham, son, age 35, born In; Frank, 10, grandson, born In, father In, mother unknown; Edith, 8, granddaughter.

Surilda Beard McConnell

Daughter Surilda Beard married David John McConnell on 6/24/1845 in Shelby County, Indiana. We have recently heard from Marilyn Ellis, a descendant of Surilda, who has much information on this family. According to Marilyn's information David and Surilda died in Davis County, Iowa.

The family is indeed found in Davis County, Iowa in 1880 in Fox River Township: D. J. McConnel, 58, farmer, born In, father born Pa, mother born In; Surelda McConnel, 54, born In, parents born NC; W. W. McConel, son, 28, born In; James H. McConnel, son, 25, born Iowa; John D. McConnel, son, 21, born Iowa; Mary A. McConnel, daughter, 8, born Iowa. So apparently the McConnells went to Iowa between 1852 and 1855.

Matilda Beard Hartman

Daughter Matilda Beard married Frederick Hartman on 9/28/1843 in Shelby County, Indiana. They are found in the 1850 census in Franklin Township, Johnson County: #296 Frederick Hartman, 27, farmer, farm valued $800, born unknown; Matilda, 22, born In; Serena, 5, In; Milton B., 1, Ind. They are next door to sister Malinda and Noah Needham. Frederick Hartman was apparently deceased by 1858. Frederick and Matilda went to Davis County, Iowa by 1854. Frederick Hartman, born 1820, died 31 August 1854 and is buried in Cammack Cemetery, Cleveland Twp, Davis Co, Iowa.

Matilda is found in Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa in 1860 with husband Thomas Mills: #252 Thomas Mills, 33, farmer, born Tn, 1200 personal property; Matilda, 32, 3200 real estate, born In; Nancy E, 12, born Va ; James B, 9, born Ia; Jesse W., 2, Ia; Malinda 3/12, born Iowa; Serena Hartman, 14, In; Milton Hartman, 12, In. The first two children apparently belong to Thomas Mills from a prior marriage.

Matilda divorced Thomas Mills by 1880. Matilda and family are found in Bloomfield Township, Davis County, Iowa: Matilda Mills, farmer, 53, divorced, born In, parents born Ky; Jesse W. Mills, son, 22, born Iowa; Malinda Mills, dau, 20, born Ia; Jane Mills, dau, 17, born Ia; Sarah Mills, dau, 15, born Ia. The Mills children give their father as born in Tennessee. Next door to Matilda is son Milton Hartman, farmer, 31,single, born Indiana, parents born Indiana. Son Milton Hartman was probably responsible for both farms since the children at home were all girls.

The 1900 census is interesting as Matilda styles herself as widowed: Cleveland Township, Davis Co, Iowa: #64 Matilda Mills Apr 1826, 74, widow, 8 children born, 5 living, In, NC, NC; Jesse W., son, March 1858, 42, Ia, Tn, In, single, farmer; Malinda F, Feb 1860, 40, Ia, Tn, In; Matilda J., Oct 1861, 38, Ia, Tn In; Sarah L, Aug 1864, 35, Ia, Tn, In; Milton L. Hartman, son, 51, In, In, In, farmer. Matilda died 25 June 1901 and is buried in Cammack Cemetery. Daughter M. Jane [Matilda] b 1861 died 30 Oct 1902; Malinda, b 1860 d 29 Sep 1930; Sarah Lucy, 1864 d 23 Jan 1938; Milton Hartman, b 1848 d 3 Nov 1929: all are buried in Cammack Cemetery.

Serena Beard Duckworth

Daughter Serena Beard married Isaac Duckworth on 8/27/1846 in Shelby County, Indiana. We did not find them in the 1850 census but did find the 1860 record: #652 Franklin Twp Johnson County, In: Isaac Duckworth, 39, farmer, 4200, Ky; Cyrena, 33, In; Mary E, 12, In; Jesse M, 10, In; James, 7, In; John, 5, In; Hannah M, 2, In. From the 1870 census we near that James middle name was Noah, Hannah�s was Malinda, and that there were additional children, Sarah, 9, and Samuel, 7. The odd spelling of Serena�s name probably accounts for the mistranscription or misunderstanding of her name as Cynthia in Jesse�s will.

They were still there in 1880: Franklin Township, Johnson County: Isaac Duckworth, farmer, 59, born Ky, parents born Va; Sarena Duckworth, 54, born In, parents born NC; I. S. [Samuel] Duckworth, son, laborer, 17, born In; Julia Duckworth, dau, 10, born In; William Alexander, laborer, 18, born In, parents born In.