John and Martha Beard of Ireland and North Carolina

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John and Martha Beard Family

John Beard came from Ireland with his wife Martha and two oldest sons in the year 1770 on the ship Lord Dunluce, and landed the 18th day of the eighth month 1770 in Charlestown Province of South Carolina. By 1785 they are found on the Randolph County, North Carolina, tax list. The name is sometimes given as Baird.

!!!Care should be taken in researching Beards in this area of North Carolina. There was a John Lewis Beard in Rowan County as early as 1759 and several other Beard families arrived from Nantucket over the years.!!!
John Beard
born about 1745 in Ireland
died 9/9/1809 Randolph Co, NC
John Beard Will
Martha Beard
born probably Ireland
died 6/19/1816 place unknown

  Married: probably about 1767 in Ireland.

Thomas Carson Beard born 1/14/1768, Ireland; married Elizabeth Dicks
Patrick Beard born 12/29/1769, Ireland; married Hannah Woodward(?)
Jane Beard born 2/22/1772; married Samuel Frazier (more below)
Eseble & Martha Beard died when young
Sarah Beard born 7/2/1778; married Joshua Holladay (more below)
John Beard born 8/2/1780, Randolph County, NC; married Mary Wright (more below)
Isaac Beard born 1/28/1783 died 5/16/1799, Randolph Co, NC
Jesse Beard born 6/29/1787, Randolph County, NC; married Hannah White (out of unity)
William Beard born 4/7/1792, Randolph County, NC; married Sally Mullinex (out of unity) (more below)

Bible of John and Martha Beard

John Beard owned a Bible printed and published by Matthew Cary in Philadelphia on April 23, 1806, and his family record is found therein. We mention the publication date of the Bible as it means records were entered from memory and not as they occurred. There is a further notation in the Bible "this book belongs to Matthew Symons Junior bought of William Beard in the 11th month 1813." And below that is written "this book belongs to John W. Beard son of I. N. Beard and Great Grandson of John Beard the first owner who left Londery(sic) Ireland for America A. D. 1770."

The Bible contains the death records of John & Martha Beard and the birth and death records of their children, and of Isaac Noble Beard & Mathilda Swope Beard. Isaac Noble Beard was the son of the John Beard listed among the children above. This information is found in an LDS Film #0850415, Family Bible Records of Johnson County, Indiana by Bess Sellers Johnson (Franklin Indiana: 1930). In it she credits William Utterback, a Beard genealogist, Robert Beard, owner of the Bible, et al.

In the text it is difficult to sort out what might actually be inscribed in the Bible and what may have been added by others. Because of the publication date of the Bible, we know John & Martha obtained it near the end of their lives and thus entered information from memory (Your Web Master is of an age to understand why this is notoriously unreliable). The information on their children, however, agrees very well with Quaker records.

More on the Children of John and Martha Beard

Only the marriages of children Thomas and Sarah are found in the Quaker records. Son Thomas married Elizabeth Dicks, daughter of James & Rachel Beals Dicks, 3/31/1791 at Center Monthly Meeting in Guilford County, North Carolina. See Thomas Carson and Elizabeth Beard page linked under children above for more information. See more on daughter Sarah Beard Holladay below.)

There is no record of son Patrick Beard's marriage, either in Quaker records or civil records. There is no notation in the Quaker records of his being married out of unity, so it was likely a proper Quaker marriage. Until proof is found, we can only assume his wife was Hannah Woodward, although there are clues. See Patrick�s page linked under children above.

William and Sally Mullinex Beard

There are two William Beards at the same time and place and both were Quakers. One married Rachel Pierson on 9/15/1808. He was son of George and Mary Beard (not related to this family). William and Rachel and family were granted a certificate to Whitewater Monthly Meeting in Indiana on 8/6/1814. Our William Beard would have been only 16 years old at the time.

Our William Beard married Sally Mullinex on April 21, 1811, and was dismissed on 9/7/1811 from Springfield Monthly Meeting for this marriage out of unity. William & Sally Beard also went to Indiana, but to Rush County. The move was apparently made before 1820 according to the birth places of their children given in census records.

Ernie Grubb had a World Connect Web Site that seems to have disappeared. He lists Beard children for this family: Martha, Christina, Thomas, John, Greenberry, Lucinda, and William. We find a marriage for Lucinda Beard 10/17/1841 in Rush County, Indiana to Israel McCann and with children John, McCann, Sarah McCann and Mary McCann in the 1850 census.

Sarah Beard Holladay

Sarah Beard married Joshua Holladay, son of Samuel & Lydia Hadley Holladay, 10/16/1799, at Springfield Monthly Meeting. Sarah & Joshua had twelve children. Sarah was dismissed 11/25/1826 at Spring Monthly Meeting, probably because she left her husband. Descendants claim she left him and that he married again in North Carolina. Their children are listed at Springfield Monthly Meeting: Hannah; Martha; Lydia; Samuel; Jane; John; William; Benjamin; Joshua; Mary; Simon. Sarah and children from Lydia on down were given a certificate to Lick Creek Monthly Meeting in Indiana on 6/30/1827 indicating peace had been made with the Quakers. Daughter Martha who married James Carter 12/11/1822 at Spring MM in Chatham North Carolina were granted a certificate to Lick Creek on 8/28/1824 and the rest of the family followed in 1827. We have no further information on daughter Hannah.

Jane Beard Frazier

We have recently heard from Sunny who has access to a family bible wherein information is written by "Old Saml Frazier," the husband of Jane Beard. There was also a bit of information about Jane and Samuel Frazier on Ernie Grubb�s defunct web site. This site had the marriage of Jane to Samuel Frazier on 9/18/1792 in Greene County, Tennessee. We do know that brother, Patrick Beard, was at one time in Greene County so the place seems feasible. She is also named as Jane Frazier in John Beard's will, so there is no doubt of it being the correct Jane Beard. Samuel Frazier was son of John and Abigail Millikan Frazier, and grandson of William and Jane White Millikan.

Sunny gave us permission to post her bible information: Saml Frazier was born in Randolph County N.C. 24 March 1766; Jane Frazier (late Beard) was born 22 Feb 1772. Their children: Jesse born 19 March 1792; Abigail born 30 April 1794; John born 3 June 1796; Martha born 22 July 1798; Mourning(?) born 6 June 1802; Sarah born 11 Dec 1804; Saml born 3 April 1808; Jane born 24 March 1810.

The bible also contains information (apparently entered by someone other than Samuel) on daughter Abigail Frazier who married Stephen Sweet with a list of their children and deaths: Abigail Sweet, born Sept 30 1816 or 17 (hard to read), d Mar 7, 1893; Gardner Sweet born Sept 16, 1818; Jesse Sweet, 12/1820, d. Feb 15, 1821; Samuel Sweet, Jan 23, 1822, d. Feb 16, 1843; Gemima, Feb 11, 1824; Martha, Aug 26, 1826, d Dec 5, 1869; Jane, Apr 26, 1828; Margaret, Feb 25, 1831; Sarah, Mar 28, 1834; Frances July 4, 1837, d Oct 27, 1843; Elizabeth, Jul 12, 1839, d Oct 17, 1842.

Daughter of Stephen and Abigail Sweet, Abigail Sweet, married William Fults on 1/30/1836 in Marian County, Indiana; their daughter Martha Fults married Daniel Grove, and their daughter Louisa married Mannion Calway LeFleur (or Callaway Manning Flora). Manning and Louisa Flora are found in 1880 in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas: #405 Manning C. Flora, 33, buys hogs, born Ky, parents born Ky; Louisa, 23, In, parents born Indiana; Theresa, 6, born Tennessee; Charles, 3, born Ks; Marion Groves, 18, brother-in-law, printer, born In, parents born Indiana. Louisa's daughter, Teress Adra, has been memorialized by Sunny on a FindaGrave Web Site . Be sure to visit it as the photo is wonderful and Louisa's daughter certainly had an interesting life.

John and Mary Wright Beard

John Beard, Jr. was one of the earliest settlers in Wayne County, Indiana, and according to cemetery records of the Beard Cemetery in Economy, Indiana, his tombstone states he came to Indiana in 1806. This is born out by Andrew Young's 1872 Wayne County Indiana History which states he came first to Union County, Indiana, and then five years later in October 1811 moved to Wayne County. The History errs a little as Union County was part of Wayne County until it was set off in 1821 but at least it lets us know the areas where he lived. He married Mary Wright in Randolph County, North Carolina, and was dismissed from Springfield MM on 5/3/1806 for his marriage out of unity. Their marriage may have taken place as early as 1803.

John & Mary must have made their peace with the Quakers as their move to Indiana was formalized by a certificate to West Branch Monthly Meeting in Ohio on 3/5/1808. There were at that time no meetings in Indiana to receive the certificate. John & Mary were parents of Isaac Noble Beard whose descendants are chronicled in the Beard Bible (above). John & Mary also had a daughter Jane who died on 1/3/1808, age 2yrs 4mo 26dy. She was the first burial in Elkhorn Cemetery located south of Richmond in Wayne County, Indiana. Elkhorn Cemetery is the oldest organized cemetery in the county. (Yount, Tombstone Inscriptions)

Additional children of John and Mary were Mary W. Beard who married Jacob Sinks 12/22/1836 in Wayne County; and Melinda K. Beard who married Henry C. Justice 3/22/1844 in Wayne County.

John died 2/13/1859 and Mary died 10/16/1860 in Jackson Township, Wayne County, Indiana. There are portraits of John and Mary and of Isaac Noble Beard in the History of Wayne County, Indiana, 1872 (portrait of John W. Beard from the History. A reprint of the history is available from The Bookmark, Knightstown, Indiana).

More on John Beard Sr.�s Will

John Beard, Sr. owned a one third interest in five male slaves and their offspring in 1809 when he wrote his will. He had been willed the slaves jointly with William Bell and Samuel Millikan by Thomas Lytle (will). Thomas Lytle had included the two Quakers in the ownership as it was his wish that the slaves be set free. John Beard set his interest free in his own will, and since it was not legal to free slaves in North Carolina at that time, he directed the Humane Society of Pennsylvania to see that his wishes were carried out. Unfortunately he was not able to save the offspring of the slaves from the slave traders. We do not know what happened to the five male slave parents and, so far, have been unable to find information on the Humane Society of Pennsylvania. We have a clue that it might have been the Humane Society of Philadelphia which was helping rescue slaves.

Beard Contacts:

Marlene Pointer, descendant of Thomas Carson Beard
Ernie Grubb, descendant of Jesse Beard
Carol Vidales descendant of Jesse Beard
Barbara Frisby, descendant of Woodward Beard, son of Patrick
Jill Martin and Nadine Holder are also researching the Beard descendants in their site on the History of Mercer County, Illinois.