Richard and Charity Grubb Beeson of Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina

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Richard and Charity Grubb Beeson

It is not our intent to provide a comprehensive Beeson Family Genealogy on this page. There is a fine Beeson Web Site that does that very well. We will include only enough of our own research on this site to aid Woodward and Thornbrough descendants in finding the links to their families. Some of our information comes from Henry Hart Beeson's Beeson Genealogy . The Beeson Family Web Site is linked to information from this genealogy (use their search function) but be aware there are errors in that genealogy. We have also used some information from The Beason Family by Arline Beason-Peckham and Charles Wesley Peckham, Sr. and will reference it where used.

Richard Beeson was son of Edward and Rachel Pennington Beeson of Chester County, Pennsylvania (see Beeson Web Site for information including Edward's will.)

Charity Grubb was daughter of John and Frances Grubb of Chester County, Pennsylvania (more below).

Richard Beeson
born 10/1684 Chester Co, Pa
died 1/1/1777 Guilford Co, NC
Burial Centre MM
Charity Grubb
born 9/29/1687, Chester Co, Pa
died 11/22/1761 Guilford Co, NC
Burial Centre MM
  Married: 10/24/1706 Nottingham MM in Chester County, Pennsylvania (we could not prove this as available Nottingham marriage records start in 1730; however the meeting house was built as early as 1700 so it seems credible enough)

Richard Beeson, born about 1711 Chester Co, Pa; married Ann Brown
Benjamin Beeson, born 1/14/1714 Chester Co, Pa; married Elizabeth Hunter
Edward Beeson born Chester Co, Pa; married Martha Mendenhall
Phebe Beeson born Chester Co, Pa; married John Harris 3/5/1730 in Chester County
Rachel Beeson born Chester Co, Pa; married (1)Stephanus Haworth and (2) Anthony Chamness
John Beeson born Chester Co, Pa; married Mary Varman, died 1771, Guilford County, N.C.
Charity Beeson born about 1715 Chester Co, Pa; married Mordecai Mendenhall
William Beeson born 11/18/1721 Chester Co, Pa; married Mary Mills
Isaac Beeson born 3/1/1729 Chester Co, Pa; married Phoebe Stroud

Grubb Family

Charity Grubb Beeson's parents are mentioned a number of times in the minutes of Bradford Monthly Meeting in Chester County, Pennsylvania. This was the monthly meeting where Richard Woodward was elder so the families no doubt knew each other.

John Grubb's occupation is given as tanner in his will dated February 12, 1708. Children named are Charity, wife of Richard Beeson, Phebe, Emanuel, John, Joseph, Henry, Samuel, Nathaniel, and Peter. Executors of the will were son John and wife Frances.

John Grubb was one of over thirty petitioners receiving land in Pennsylvania on September 5, 1682, according to records of the court of New Castle. He received 200 acres of land. Later tax records indicate the land was located on the north side of Brandy Wine (sic) Creek. Whether this is the same land as that in Chichester Town we are not certain (see 1701 map of Chichester Town). John Grubb died in Marcus Hook which is another name for Chichester Town.

Beeson Family

Available Nottingham Monthly Meeting records do not go back to the time of the birth of the Beeson children listed above so we lack birthdates for some of them. Since some were of marriagable age by the time they left Chester County, we have assumed they were all born Chester County, Pa.

From William Wade Hinshaw Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, Vol VI, page 358 under Hopewell Monthly Meeting, Frederick County, Virginia: "About the year 1733 or soon after, Richard Beeson and divers others settled near a branch of Opeckon, called Tuscarora, where a meeting was held at said Beeson's house for some time, till the number of Friends being increased, land was purchased and a meeting-house built thereon, called Providence, where meetings are since held twice a week." (Permission was later asked of Chester Quarterly meeting in Pennsylvania to hold monthly meetings which then alternated between Hopewell and Cold Spring - "Hopewell and Providence make one monthly meeting and Fairfax another...")

Richard Beeson's family was received on certificate dated 11/20/1754,from Hopewell Monthly Meeting in Virginia, at New Garden Monthly Meeting in Rowan County, North Carolina. Unfortunately few Hopewell Meeting records exist so we have no information about the family from there.

Richard Woodward's will is appended at the bottom of the page which gives us more confirmation of names of the children.

Children of Richard and Charity Grubb Beeson

Richard Beeson, Jr. Family

Son Richard Beeson married Ann Brown 10/15/1730 at East Nottingham MM in Chester County, Pennsylvania. She was daughter of Mercer and Jane Richards Brown and was born 5/28/1711. Only "Messer Brown" signed the certificate as parent of Ann. They had children Charity Beeson, Messer [Mercer] Beeson; Richard Beeson and Hannah Beeson (perhaps more).

Richard and Ann's daughter Charity Beeson married Benjamin Thornbrough sometime before 1748 in Virginia. Richard Jr's will was written 3 August 1748 and probated 11/1/1748 and mentions daughter "Charity Thornbrough." To be already married by 1748 we believe Charity was the first child. Charity died about 1758, probably in Virginia. That both Richard and his daughter Charity were deceased long before Richard, Sr's will was written accounts for no mention in the will below.

In his will, Richard Beeson, Jr., left 9 acres of land to Hopewell Meeting House.

Benjamin Beeson Family

Son Benjamin Beeson married Elizabeth Hunter according to a tradition described in "The Bason-Beason-Beeson Mixup," by W. P. Johnson in North Carolina Genenalogy, Spring 1968. Two pewter platters that Elizabeth Hunter brought to America from England have been handed down in the Beeson family.

Benjamin & Elizabeth Beeson had twelve children recorded in New Garden Monthly Meeting records in North Carolina:Isaac Beeson (12/26/1739); Benjamin Beeson (2/9/1741); William Beeson (11/11/1743); Frances Beeson (12/20/1744); Richard Beeson (3/11/1747); Ann Beeson (5/30/1749); Betty Beeson (7/30/1754); Edward Beeson (1/1/1757); Rachel Beeson (2/14/1759); Jane Beeson (3/22/1760); Mary Beeson (9/21/1762).

Benjamin Beeson died 6/4/1794 in Randolph County, North Carolina, and is buried at Centre Monthly Meeting.

Edward Beeson Family

Son Edward Beeson transferred on certificate from Nottingham MM in Pennsylvania to Hopewell, Virginia on 1/18/1738. Richard and Charity leased him 300 acres of land in Virginia, as recorded on 13 January 1743. There is a small amount of information about this family at Hopewell. Children mentioned are Edward Beeson, born 1/4/1739; Charity Beeson, born 1/18/1741, married Richard Ridgeway; Mary Beeson, born 11/18/1743, married Abel Walker; Micajah Beeson, born 12/18/1745.

Edward Beeson died before October 1746 in Frederick County, Virginia. An inventory of Edward Beeson 3 October 1746 in Frederick Co Va gives Martha Richardson Beeson as administratrix (Source:Arline Beason-Peckham and Charles Wesley Peckham, Sr., The Beason Family,Dexter, Michigan: Thomson-Shore, Ind,p. 39.) He then is not listed in the will of Richard Beeson, Sr.

Henry Hart Beeson gives a marriage for Edward Beeson to Martha Mendenhall at Hopewell Meeting in Chester County, Pennsylvania 5 March 1737 which seems credible given the children's birthdates. It also seems credible since Edward's sister Charity married Martha's brother, Mordecai Mendenhall. We have also heard from Carlita Curtis who has the Estate Bond and Estate Inventory of Edward Beeson and the abstract of his will from "Abstracts of Frederick County, Va. Wills, Inventories & Accounts 1743-1816," by Dee Ann Buck. None of these mention Martha Richardson Beeson so we have to assume that there is some kind of error in the mention of Martha Richardson Beeson as administratrix and that Edward's wife was probablhy Martha Mendenhall. Henry Hart Beeson also says she is probable daughter of John and Susannah Pearson Mendenhall, but we have no proof.

Phebe Beeson Harris

Daughter Phebe Beeson married John Harris, son of William of West Nottingham Twp, Chester Co, on 5 day 3rd month 1731. Place not mentioned but record is at Nottingham MM.

Rachel Beeson Haworth Chamness

Daughter Rachel Beeson married first Stephanus Haworth, son of George and Sarah Scarbrough Haworth. Stephanus and Rachel Beeson Haworth had five children before Stephanus died. The grandson Stephanus Haworth named in Richard Beeson's will, below, was one of these children. For more on the family see Rachel's link under children above. John Beeson Family Son John Beeson married Mary Varmin who died in 1771 as recorded at New Garden Monthly Meeting. Names of children have not been proven.

Charity Beeson Mendenhall

Daughter Charity Beeson married Mordecai Mendenhall, son of John and Susannah Pearson Mendenhall, and brother of Martha Mendenhall, who married Charity's brother Edward. There is much more on Charity's family on the Mordecai Mendenhall page linked above with Charity under the children.

William Beeson Family

Son William Beeson married into the Mills family which is extensively covered on this Web Site (see link to Mary Mills with William under children of Richard listed above). The twelve children of William and Mary Mills Beeson are documented at New Garden Monthly Meeting: William Beeson (5/4/1841); Wellmet Beeson (10/30/1742); Rachel Beeson (7/8/1744); Charity Beeson (3/24/1746); Hannah Beeson (11/4/1748); Phebe Beeson (11/4/1749); Richard Beeson (8/24/1751); Thomas Beeson (11/9/1753); Mary Beeson (11/9/1753); John Beeson (1/9/1755); Amasa Beeson (11/10/1757); Joseph Beeson (9/9/1758).

Daughter Wellmet Beeson married Joseph Thornbrough on 6/23/1763 at New Garden Monthly Meeting.

Isaac Beeson Family

Son Isaac Beeson married Phebe Strode or Stroud about 1750, probably at Hopewell. We wonder if Phebe is a descendant of our Deborah Woodward Strode and will try to research this further.

Isaac and Phebe Stroud Beeson also had twelve children. Some are verified in Quaker records and some are given in The Beason Family: Richard Marion Beeson (4/1/1755); Mary Beeson (4/2/1757); Samuel Beeson (6/17/1759); Isaac Beeson (10/26/1760)); Charity Beeson (10/30/1762); Martha Beeson (1/30/1764 married Robert Stuart 11/21/1793 at Deep River); Edward Beeson (3/15/1766); Phebe Beeson (2/24/1769); William Beeson (2/28/1771).

Three of the children of Isaac and Phebe Stroud Beeson married children of David and Sarah Brooks: Samuel Beeson married Elizabeth Brooks 9/10/1783 at Muddy Creek Meeting House as recorded at Deep River Monthly Meeting; Charity Beeson married John Brooks 4/6/1787 at Deep River MM; and Edward Beeson married Mary Brooks on 3/16/1791 at Deep River MM (all North Carolina).

Curiously son Edward Beeson had a son, Isaac, who eventually migrated to Mercer County, Illinois, where descendants of other families on this Web Site migrated, including the Woodward ancestor of Jill Martin and web master Nadine Holder. We have added a Beeson page on Jill's Mercer County Web Site, continuing the story of Isaac Beeson the younger.

Will of Richard Beeson, Sr.

Richard Beeson wrote his will 29th of March 1775. It is filed in Book 1, Page 58 of Randolph County, North Carolina, although Richard lived in Guilford County.

Whereas I Richard Beeson of Deep River in Guilford County North Carolina being fair advanst in years and knowing the uncertainty of life and certainty of death do therefore (unreadable) fit to make this my last will and testament in manner and form as follows first I recommend my soul to the lord and my body to the earth to be berried in a Christian like manner at the discression of my executors hearafter to be named and as touching such worldly substances where withal that it hath pleased the lord to bless me with this life which I despose thereof in the following manner and form:
First of all I order all my just debts to be paid and funeral charges to be paid by my executors hearafter to be named
2d I give to my grandson Stephanus Haworth two hundred acres of the land I now live on including all improvement to him his heirs and assigns and no more
3dly I give to my two sons Benjamin Beeson and Isaac Beeson and to their heirs and assigns the remaining part of the said tract of land to each and equal and
4thly I give to my son Benjamin two fether beds and all the furniture belonging thereunto. I give to my son Isaac to have the feather bed I now ly upon and all the furniture belonging thereunto
5thly It is my will that the remaining part of my moveable estate shall be equally divided among all my children to wit Benjamin Isaac Pheby and Charity in the best and most suitable manner it can be done by my Executors
6thly And further I do give to all or any of my isue that doth or lay claim hearafter to any right of heirship by my Executors hearafter to be named
7thly I ordain and constitute and appoint my two sons Benjamin and Isaac to be and sole executors of this my last will and testament hearby utterly disallowing and revoking and making void all other and former wills testament and leageacies by me maid Retifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hear unto set my name and affixed my seal this 29th day of the month called march in the year 1775.
Signed Sealed pronounced to be the said Richard Beesons last will and testament in the presents of us
/s/ Jeremiah Reynolds, Joseph Lamb, Isaac Beeson, Jr.
/s/ Richard Beeson (seal)

According to the records of Centre Monthly Meeting Richard Beeson lived to be 93 years old.