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Anyone seriously interested in researching their family history must distinguish between primary and secondary sources in order to judge the quality of the information presented. A primary source is usually a record of something filed by the person himself or his representative, such as a will, a land deed, a birth record, etc. A secondary source may be composed of memories of family members but it may also include references to primary sources. The time frame makes all the difference in the world - people present at the time a document was made compared to people writing down family lore many years or even centuries later. An excellent book helps in making judgements about the quality of sources: Evidence! Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian by Elizabeth Shown Mills, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1997. There is also an excellent article online at Ancestry.Com "Beware of Secondary Sources!" http://www.ancestry.com/library/view/news/articles/1217.asp

August 2010: Your Web Master has just received a huge package of copies of original records from Jefferson County, Tennessee, from Woodward descendant Vance Woodward. We are just going through the documents now and will soon begin adding information from them.

Wills and Estates

The following three links no longer work - if anyone has new links for them would appreciate your sharing with us.

Jefferson Co, Tn;
Randolph Co, NC;
Chester Co, Pa;

Source for Randolph County, North Carolina wills: Randolph County, North Carolina, Record of Wills, Inventories and Settlements of Estates, Book 1: 1779-1793, Book 2: 1794-1804, Book 3: 1804-1812, Book 4: 1812-1820 filmed by Genealogical Society of Asheboro, NC, 8/12/1846, LDS Microfilm 0019642 (poor filming of original records - very difficult to read and not well indexed)

Joseph Baker will, August 27, 1731, Chester County, Pennsylvania
John Beard & Thomas Lytle wills, 1809 & 1794, Randolph County, North Carolina
Richard Beeson will, March 29, 1775, Guilford County, North Carolina
Ann Chamberlain will abstract, 1805, Chester Co, Pa
Cecily Chamberlain (Brinton) will abstract, 1775, Chester Co, Pa
Mary Chamberlain Mary Chamberlain, 1750, Chester Co, Pa
Robert Chamberlain (III) will abstract, 1786, Chester Co, Pa
Abraham Cook will abstract, 4/29/1792 Guilford County, North Carolina
John Davis will abstract, 1719, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Francis Dean will, 1801, Jefferson County, Tennessee
William Dean will abstract, 1816 Maury County, Tennessee
Thomas Elmore will, 1813, Jefferson County, Tennessee
James Hunt will, 3/1/1717, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Evan Jones will abstract, 1772, Chester County, Pa
Richard Jones will abstract, 1807, Chester County, Pa
Thomas Kendall will abstract, 1741, Chester Co, Pa
Roger Kirk will abstract, 1759, Chester Co, Pa
Samuel Kirk will abstract, 1763, Chester Co, Pa
John Larence will, 1800, Randolph County, North Carolina
Abraham Marshall will, 1760, Chester County, Pennsylvania
William Millikan estate, 1793, Randolph County, North Carolina
Lydia Mills Morgan will abstract 1854, Keokuk County, Iowa
James Morrison will abstract, 1766, Chester County, Pa
Nathaniel Newlin, Jr. will, 1731, Chester County, Pennsylvania (posted in Chester Co, Pa link above)
Nathaniel Newlin, III will, 1766, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Sarah Sharples Woodward Gilpin will abstract, 1793, Delaware County, Pennsylvania
John Shelley will abstract, 1788, Guilford County, North Carolina
James Starr, Jr. will abstract, 1781, Chester County, Pennsylvania
William Strode administration, 1758, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Edward Thornbrough will, 1734, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Edward Thornbrough will, 1791, Randolph County, North Carolina
Henry Thornbrough will, 1804, Jefferson County, Tennessee
Robert Thornbrough will abstract, 1818, Chester Co, Pa
Thomas Thornbrough will, 1742, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Thomas Thornbrough will, 1758, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Thomas Thornbrough administration, 1837, Randolph County, North Carolina
Walter Thornbrough administration, 1783, Guilford County, North Carolina
William Thornbrough will, 1784, Randolph County, North Carolina
Allen Williams probate, 1848, Johnson County, Indiana (includes probates of children in Johnson and Shelby Counties, Indiana)
Aaron Woodward estate, 1805, Jefferson County, Tennessee
Abraham Woodward will, 1814, Jefferson County, Tennessee
Abraham Woodward, Jr. probate, 1857, Jefferson County, Tennessee
Edward Woodward (son of Edward Woodward, Jr.) will abstract, 1805, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Eli Woodward estate, 1785, Randolph County, North Carolina
James Woodward will abstract, 1748, Chester Co, Pa.
Jesse Woodward will, 1887, Hendricks County, Indiana
John Woodward will, 1821, Wayne County, Indiana (also posted Jeff Co,Tn)
Joseph Woodward will abstract, 1715, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Richard Woodward, Sr. & Jr. wills, 1706 & 1748, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Richard Woodward (son of Robert) will, 1752, Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Richard Woodward (grandson of Robert) non-cupative [oral] will, 1815, Fayette Co, Pennsylvania
Samuel Woodward will, 1858 Hardin County, Iowa
Thomas Woodward will, 1821, Preble County, Ohio
William Woodward will, 1769, Chester County, Pennsylvania
William Woodward will, 1887, Hendricks County, Indiana
Jacob Yearsley administration abstract, 1761, Chester Co, Pa

Probate Ledger, Hardin County, Iowa Microfilm 1034942, LDS Library
Salt Lake City, Utah
Estate of Samuel Woodward

Quaker Meeting Records

FHL=Family History Library

Concord Monthly Meeting, Delaware County and Chester County, 1673-1934, Men's minutes 1795-1808, Deaths and burials 1758-1916, Births and marriages 1673-1808, Microfilm 20388, FHL, Salt Lake City, Utah

Concord Monthly Meeting 1684-1757, Record of Concord Monthly Meeting formerly called Chichester & Concord, Men's minutes 1684-1757 , Microfilm 20836, FHL, Salt Lake City, Utah

Beard, Alice, Births, Deaths and Marriages of the Nottingham Quakers 1680-1889, Willow Bend Books, Westminster, Maryland, 2001

Reamy, Martha, Early Church Records of Chester County, Pennsylvania, Volume 1, Quaker Records of Bradford Monthly Meeting (Westminster, Maryland: Family Line Publications, 1995)

Extracts from the minutes of Darby Monthly Meeting of Friends, copied by Minshall Painter June 1861, recopied by Gilbert Cope July 1861, Microfilm 389403, FHL, Salt Lake City, Utah

Genealogical Records: The Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, 1750-1930, Familytreemaker CD #192

Newark & Kennett Monthly Meeting, Abstracts of Women's Minutes 1698-1791, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Microfilm 389399, FHL, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Records of Bradford Monthly Meeting (Pennsylvania) 1737-1860, Microfilm 021676, FHL, Salt Lake City, Utah

Records of Darby, Sadbury, Nottingham, Pennsylvania, Quaker Meetings, Microfilm 3894403, FHL, Salt Lake City, Utah

Yearly Meeting of Friends for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware & East Maryland Record of Births, Deaths,etc., for Exeter Monthly Meeting (Bucks County, Pennsylvania), Microfilm 20459, LDS Library, Salt Lake City, Utah

Willard Heiss, Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol 7, Parts 1-5 (Indianapolis, Indiana: Indiana Historical Society, 1962-1974)

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